NXTUK Bytesize: 21st October 2021

Another week, another bytesized NXTUK with your resident Belt Guy!

NXTUK Bytesize: 21st October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

Tonight, we see Joe Coffey take on the “Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin with the Gallus boys barred from ringside, as well as Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions with his special guest, the NXTUK Heritage Cup Champion, Tyler Bate. 

And that not all, as we will also see the team of Dave Mastiff and Jack “no more counting colours we’ll be counting” Starz take on the combined might of Symbiosis. 

But for now, we’re heading straight to ringside as we get our first match of the evening as Xia Brookside is set to take on Aleah James! 

More drama than an episode of... well, Brookside.... 

The two women circle each other to start the match. Xia takes early control, but it doesn’t last as the two begin to trade holds. James takes control with a headlock, then begins working over Xia’s arm, but Xia is once again able to counter and turn it into a ground headlock. 

After some more back and forth holds, Xia gets to her feet and turns on the aggression, laying in some hard kicks, then a submission hold. James is able to break free and begins the offensive, taking the fight to Xia with several strikes. Xia though shuts her down with a neckbreaker to reassert control. Xia hits Broken Wings on James, then tries for the Brooksey bomb, but James escapes, rolls through and gets the pin!  

Xia cannot believe it and looks close to breaking point. James offers the handshake but Xia slaps her hand away and leaves in frustration. A Xia Brookside heel turn is clearly on the horizon... 

Back in the performance centre, Meiko Satomura and “Not-Millie” McKenzie are training, when Meiko is asked about her title match with Jinny. She says it’s good timing for a title match. She says she knows Jinny is dangerous, but she’s not the final boss. 

I truly hope Meiko shuts Jinny up.  

Kenny the Cockroach! 

Vignette time now, and Kenny Williams tells us he thinks there has been a misunderstanding. When he said he was relentless, resilient and indestructible, that wasn’t him saying he is undefeatable. Everybody can be defeated, but what makes him indestructible is his mind. This brand is full of insecure little boys needing instant gratification from the NXTUK universe, but not him. He knows what those maggots that watch this show think of him, and he’s sorry, but you’re in for the shock of your life. If you thought he was bad before, you’re about to see how low this scum of the earth can go. 

Symbiosis Bomb out! 

Tag team action now as Starz and Mastiff take on Symbiosis. And from the start. Starz is taking the fight to T-Bone, with some nice dropkicks and a deep arm drag. It doesn’t last though as T-Bone recovers and scoops Starz up for a body slam. T-Bone keeps Starz under control and tags in Primate who continues the assault.  

Starz fires up though and fires back at Primate, and after a flurry of dropkicks culminates in Primate being kicked out of the ring, he gets the tag to Mastiff. The Bomber wastes no time, hitting a huge slam, followed by a senton, as Starz comes back in off a blind tag.  After a pin attempt, Starz lays in some European uppercuts, but after a backbreaker T-Bone is back in control, and the heels keep Starz separated from his partner. Starz is taking a bigger pounding than an Amsterdam streetwalker on two-for-one Tuesdays, with Symbiosis continuing to dominate the smaller Starz.  

Pretty Deadly are on commentary with Andy Shepherd, talking up how great they are, as this happens, Starz is able to hit a scoop slam on Primate on the outside, then hits a big crossbody on T-Bone before getting the hot tag. Mastiff throws T-Bone with a belly-to-belly suplex, then after making them collide with each other, hits a Death Valley Driver on T-Bone. Eddie Dennis runs distraction but it doesn’t help as Bomber hits a German suplex followed by his Into the Void corner bomb.  

Starz is about to wrap up the win when Eddie Dennis pulls him off the ropes and hits him with a steel chair, causing the DQ. Symbiosis then pick apart their opposition, before Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter run in to make the save. 

Interesting way to end the match, I wonder where this goes from here?

Talky Time with Amale! 

Amale informs us, again, that she is the first and only French female superstar in WWE. She carries the hopes of a nation on her shoulders, which is a responsibility she takes very seriously. Last time against Emilia McKenzie was a fluke and will never happen again. She is back in action next week and nothing is going to stop her. And thanks to some absolutely top quality subtitles, nothing can ever truly sum up what she says next quite like this... 

Poetic, is it not? 

Ayyy Charlie Charlie! 

Back to the UKPC now, and Charlie Dempsey is asked how he feels things have gone considering the pressure he put on himself? 

Son of Regal says he thinks it’s gone great so far, and thinks Josh Morrell was a great first opponent to test himself against, and he is really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the roster has to offer. He feels like this is the start of his legacy. Mark Coffey interrupts and says he should leave a legacy, just like the Gallus boys left on the NXTUK Tag Team Titles. Wolfgang tells him not to let his legacy get in their way as they walk off. Charlie then gets back to training as the camera pans round to see Teoman and Rohan Raja brawling with the Gallus boys, amid shouting. 

A lot of shouting. 

Also, it is very evident that Charlie Dempsey has spent considerable time in America, as his accent is a strange mix of British and American... 

Supernova Sessions. 

Here he is, live from the moon, with Sha Samuels in tow. And this time, Supernova Sessions is taking place in the ring. Since day one, he’s made it his mission to be everything they said he couldn’t be, and he will prove it next week when the takes the Heritage Cup from Tyler Bate. He says its class being class. Sha says they are class, then Naom Dar introduces Tyler Bate underwhelmingly (Overwhelmed, underwhelmed... Has anyone ever just been whelmed??). 

Tyler Bate heads down to the ring, giant cumbersome trophy in hand, and Trent Seven in support, which means it must be time to consult our counter again: 

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels try to antagonise them, and say Trent was not invited, but as ever he is here riding Tyler’s coat tails. 

Noam says there is this idea that he doesn’t like him, and whilst that may be true (Sha doesn’t like him) he has an ounce of respect for Tyler. That’s why as his elder he is extending a courtesy to him by giving him the opportunity to relinquish the Heritage Cup to him right now to save him the embarrassment of beating him next week if he shows up. 

Tyler and Trent mockingly make it seem like he is about to surrender the Trophy to Noam Dar, then tell him to sit down, shut up and get a grip.  

Noam says Tyler has got lazy and doesn’t learn from his mistakes, especially carrying around that “dead weight weird uncle”. He says he is too focused on tag team endeavours and "doing whatever you two dafties do on Moustache Mountain".  

Trent stands up and lays into Noam, saying the NXTUK Tag Team Titles mean the world to him. Tyler says while that is true, tonight is about the Heritage Cup. Tyler says he has no idea what planet Noam thinks he is on or what is in his flask. Whenever they meet, the result is always the same, and when they meet for the Heritage Cup, once again, Tyler will win, and his music will play.  

Noam and Sha try to insinuate that Tyler is scared, but Tyler says when Noam fails next week, he’s going to the back of the line. Noam then takes a pot shot at Tyler and bails from the ring before Tyler even knows what is going on. Dar and Sha continue to taunt Tyler as the segment ends. 

Supernova Sessions always delivers! 

Jordan Devlin is shown warming up backstage as Gallus sneak up behind him and steal his jacket. Devlin turns round to grab his jacket and is confused to see that it is gone. Nigel McGuinness on commentary proclaims that Gallus are “taking the piss!” 

He’s not wrong, and it’s bloody brilliant! 

Confirmation next that Rohan Raja will take on Mark Coffey next week, as well as Tyler Bate defending the Heritage Cup against Noam Dar. Two interesting match ups to look forward to. 

Iron King v Irish Ace 

Joe Coffey comes out first, wearing Jordan Devlin’s ring jacket, but Devlin blindsides him from behind and beats him around the ring area. Coffey fights back and the two continue their brawl around the outside. 

Coffey is rolled into the ring by Devlin who hits a corkscrew over the ropes on Coffey, and the referee then looks to break them up to properly start the match. 

After some initial shots from Coffey, Devlin gets him in a headlock and uses this to control the early stages. Coffey manages to get free and after running the ropes, sends Devlin on a trip to the EU.  

By that I mean, he trips him up, then hits a European uppercut. (I know, I’m hilarious...) 

Coffey follows this up with a big crossbody, then two sidewalk slams for a two count. Coffey controls the pace for a spell before Devlin turns the tides, throwing Coffey into the ringpost. 

From here it is all Devlin for a while, as he uses the ringpost to inflict more damage to Coffey’s ribs, as well as further hard shots to the midsection. He lands some hard kicks and strikes to Coffey who is on the ropes before locking in an Abdominal stretch. 

Coffey hiptosses his way out and attempts a belly-to-belly suplex, but the damage done to his ribs stops him. Devlin jumps on his back, forcing Coffey to run him into the corner, but this backfires and Devlin locks in a body scissors to a standing Coffey, who again backs him into the corner, only this time Devlin comes flying out with a return trip to the EU for Coffey. 

Coffey takes back momentum again with a flying tackle, gaining a two count, followed by a body slam, but the comeback is short-lived as Devlin hits a Urunage slam/standing moonsault combo. Devlin heads up top, but Coffey springs to his feet, forcing Devlin to dismount the ropes, but this gives Coffey the opportunity to hit a springboard crossbody for a two count.  

Devlin though doesn’t miss a beat as he hits a springboard cutter on Coffey, and as Coffey rolls to the outside, Devlin jumps to the apron and delivers a penalty kick to the Iron King, followed by a perfect springboard moonsault. Nigel McGuinness once again informs us this is the kind of action the fans have been missing for 80 weeks. Thanks for the reminder, Nigel! 

The two competitors then trade body shots, before Devlin takes control and heads to the top rope, only this time Coffey is able to hit a huge top rope belly-to-belly suplex. Coffey follows up with a Glasgow Send-off, and attempts to hit his finisher, All the best for the Bells, but Devlin stops him with a headbutt. Devlin heads up top and hits a 450 splash, and thinking he has the win, nonchalantly goes for the pin, but Coffey kicks out at two. Devlin is visibly frustrated by this, so gets to his feet and hits the Devlin Inside for the win! 

The show ends with Devlin standing tall, celebrating his victory, as Nigel McGuinness quite rightly says; "When the odds are even, Jordan Devlin has proven that you should never bet against the ace!"

A really good end to an overall decent show. I felt it was a little light on match action this week, but the build-up to some high-profile matches was solid. Very much looking forward to the Heritage Cup match next week, and there’s also Meiko Satomura v Jinny coming up to look forward to as well. 

I’m sensing some dissension beginning to brew between Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, and then of course there is the incredibly blatant incoming heel turn for Xia Brookside. All in all, some good stuff coming up for the Black and Red brand in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for joining me for NXTUK once again, and I will be back on Wednesday as ever with NWA Empowerrred!