NXTUK Bytesize : 1st April 2021

Its the go home show before NXT UK Prelude, and back with all the action in bytesized form once again, is the "The Belt Guy".

NXTUK Bytesize : 1st April 2021

What's up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back with another Bytesized round up of NXT UK! 

There was a lot of action this week so let's get straight to it! 

Stevie Turner debuts! 

The show kicked off with Aoife Valkyrie facing off against NXT UK newcomer, and one of my personal favourites, Bobbi Tyler Stevie Turner! 

The newly renamed Stevie is a well-travelled young wrestler, having been IPW:UK Women’s Champion and was part of the Tokyo Cyber Squad over in Japan for Stardom. She’s no slouch in the ring that’s for sure. 

Stevie seems to be keeping the futuristic vibe she used in Japan as she mentions in her debut promo vignette that while NXT UK is good, it's very 2D, and Stevie Turner is 4D. 

It’s a decent back and forth match, Turner looking like a credible threat to Aoife’s undefeated streak, but eventually, despite her best efforts, Turner did fall to Valkyrie’s Pelly.... Perri pat....... split leg drop, giving Aoife the win over the debuting superstar. Great showing from Stevie here though, no doubt she will be a huge addition to NXT UK! 

A-Kid is THE Kid! 

Next up we get a video segment of A-Kid taking us round all the best holiday hotspots in Spain. He shows us the nightclubs of Ibiza, the majestic views of Madrid, and the class and wonder that is Barcelona.... 

Alright maybe not, but he did talk about his rise to the NXT Heritage Cup Championship Trophy, and how he will be watching with interest next week when Tyler Bate takes on Noam Dar for the number one contender's spot to his title trophy.

I might actually start a count for how long this "championship" remains without a belt.... 

Yep, that’s a winner... 

Starz in their eyes... 

We are now treated to a vignette with Piper Niven and her tag team partner, Jack Starz. He has been at the PC for hours setting up a huge fitness circuit for them. Piper takes one look at that and basically says “Nah mate, I’m good.” Can’t say I blame her; I was tired just listening to it! 

She tells him he needs to get out of his head, and as we fade to them in the ring, she tells Jack to unleash all his rage on “this bag.” 

It looks like a punching bag/stuffed holdall, but to be fair Jack dominates it. Throwing it around like no one’s business, laying in punches, elbows, kicks (stop it, that bag has a family...) he finishes it off with a huge slam! Never mind a bag for life, that’s a bag of death now, and I am not paying 20p for that! 

He finishes off by saying “That felt good” ... 

Perhaps a more aggressive Jack Starz coming? We can but hope... 

Teoman dominates Morrell 

After his dominating debut win a few weeks back, Teoman is back and this time he is facing Josh Morrell. 

I expected this to be a glorified squash match, and it duly delivered. Morrell did get some offence and some decent spots in, but in the end, he tapped out to the crossface after Teoman targeted his back and wore him down. Another impressive showing from Teoman, who continues to climb the ranks in NXT UK. 

WALTER weathers the Rampage... 

Sid Scala (Anyone remember when he used to wrestle...?) is in a dark room/curtained area in a sit-down face to face with the NXT UK Champion, WALTER, and the number one contender (if we’re not counting Tomasso Ciampa’s challenge at Stand and Deliver) Rampage Brown. 

Sid asks WALTER if he believes he is the best NXT UK Champion in history (Well, he’s definitely in the top three...) WALTER runs through the list; Longest reigning UK Champion, longest reigning Champion in modern day WWE history, therefore he is the best NXT UK Champion in history.  

Rampage says this has been his job for 20 years, but WALTER says it's been his life. Every time he steps in the ring it is to restore honour to the sport. He says he doesn’t respect Rampage, as he’s just like everybody else. 

Rampage interjects and says the first time WALTER came to the UK; he beat him. WALTER says he did, but what has he done since? (Well, he WAS the World of Sport Champion...) WALTER says he can tell him what he did. Rampage says he doesn’t need to tell him, because he’s been watching, but he did it all way before WALTER came along. 

WALTER says he has been waiting for Rampage to step up and challenge him, and says he’s nothing special. Rampage says he won't bully him, and that he is full of himself, WALTER retorts that he is the most selfless person on this brand, and that’s why he will never respect him, as he will never understand what it means to be a champion, to be in his shoes, and to be NXT UK Champion. 

Surely it would’ve been easier if they’d just flopped them out and measured whose was bigger? 

Gallus boys do some fightin 

Short vignette showing Wolfgang winning a fight in under a minute. Cue David Brent’s “Oooh, you’re hard.” quotes. 

Gallus Boys On Top! 

Kay Lee Ray Speaks! 

NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray, says she asked for the best of the best, and NXT UK delivered with Meiko Satomura. And not only did she go toe to toe with her, but she beat the Final Boss. Everyone said she would lose, but they were wrong. She is still the NXT UK Women’s Champion, the Forever Champion, and she hopes we’re all ready for it, because forever is a long time... 

Enter Millie Emilia McKenzie! She makes her return to the UK brand for the first time in two years. She says it's been a while since she was in NXT UK, but she’s been travelling, training and waiting for the perfect time to return, and now she’s back because she wants to beat the best, and sometime soon their paths are going to cross (ooooooooh). 

Kay Lee Ray says there is no reason their paths can’t cross right now. Just as she says this, the newly evil Isla Dawn appears outta nowhere and blindsides Millie Emilia! The two bad bitches beat down on McKenzie, until The Final Boss appears! His name is Necron, NO ONE HAS HEARD OF HIM YET HERE HE F*CKING IS!!!.... Ahem.... Sorry about that.... Old Final Fantasy frustrations coming out there... If you know, you know... 

Meiko Satomura runs down and makes the save, as her and Millie Emilia clean house and send the heels running. A short while later, Sid Scala (Again, remember when he used to wrestle?) catches up with them backstage and informs them that next week on NXT UK Prelude, they will face Meiko Satomura and Millie Emilia McKenzie in a tag team match. Kay Lee Ray seems unhappy about this, but Isla Dawn looks kind of happyIt’s hard to tell with this new evil persona. 

Noam Dar and Tyler Bate do some talkin 

Noam Dar and Tyler Bate talk up their big match at next week’s Prelude show. They will both have friends in their corners (Sha Samuels for Noam Dar, Trent Seven for Tyler Bate), and both of them say that it will be them that takes on A-Kid for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy. 

I feel like this is necessary again...

There we go!

Tyler Bate is all Zen in this, calling himself a tidal wave, while Noam Dar talks his usual brand of waffle. 

Good stuff from the two of them to be fair! 

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams v Pretty Deadly 

*ring ring, ring ring...* 

Hey, can someone answer that phone? BECAUSE I F*CKING CALLED IT!!! 

As I have predicted for the last few weeks now (and I am sure many of us have, because it was more obvious than our AEW Reviewer, James, saying something utterly ridiculous...) Kenny Williams turned on Amir Jordan at the close of the match. 

After a hotly contested back and forth match between the two teams, it came down to one moment. Kenny Williams, after coming back off the ropes, attempted to clothesline Sam Stoker, but Lewis Howley pushed him out of the way and took the shot himself. Stoker clattered into the referee, knocking him out. Kenny Williams took this opportunity and grabbed the NXT UK Tag Team Titles and threw one to Amir Jordan, telling him to hit Stoker with it. Jordan refused, saying they do not need to cheat to win (Eddie Guerrero would disagree...) Kenny Williams seems to accept this and starts to leave the ring, but then grabs the second title belt and hits Jordan in the back with it an walks out on him. This leads to Pretty Deadly hitting their Spilt Milk finisher for the win and retaining their titles. 

As much as I dislike Pretty Deadly (and I really dislike them!) I am pleased they retained because it would have made no sense for them to lose here. We can now look forward to a feud between Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan, which will hopefully bring the best out of them both. 

This concludes another episode of NXT UK. This episode definitely had some high spots, like the debut of Stevie Turner, and the face-off between WALTER and Rampage Brown. I am really looking forward to Prelude next week, and I hope you all are too! 

Thanks for joining me for another Bytesized NXT UK Review, and I’ll see you all next week for Prelude!