NXTUK Bytesize : 18th March 2021

Paul here with a look at this weeks episode of NXT UK! Spoilers and strong/comedic opinions included!

NXTUK Bytesize : 18th March 2021

Whats up guys and girls! Its "The Belt Guy" Paul here with a bytesized look at this week’s NXTUK!

This will include spoilers and strong opinions!

Nathan Frazer stands tall

Ben Carter Nathan Frazer opens the show and tells us about his new start in NXTUK, and how his will be the name on people’s lips for decades to come. He then takes on Ricochet’s stunt double, Ashton Smith, in a pretty well fought out match with good offense from both. He eventually gets the win with the Frog Splash.

I like him, but I do not understand the name change after over a month on the show. I really don’t get it. Nice nod to Seth Rollins’ school on his trunks though with the “Black and Brave” logo. His entrance theme is also really good.

In any case, Frazer gets the win and we move on.

Dragunov lays the challenge to The Thunderstorm

Backstage, Ilja Dragunov tells us all he is sorry for his recent behaviour. He doesn’t know what has come over him. Enter Sam Gradwell, who tells Dragunov he lost his rag like a big ugly baboon. He says he beat him (did he?) and will continue to beat him in any kind of match. Custody papers on a pole, roubles in the bank, no DQ….

At this, Ilja is all like “Sure I’m up for a no DQ match!” and walks off while Sam Gradwell stands there questioning his life choices. Later in the show, it is confirmed the two will meet in a no DQ match. Can someone book a room at the local hospital for Gradwell now? Someone get him a straw for his meals….

The Prelude is coming…

Shortly after we get a little vignette of Isla Dawn being all witchy, an announcement is made that the next NXTUK live special comes our way April 8th in the form of Prelude. Johnny Saint then appears on the screen to inform us that Noam Dar has been pestering him for a match against A-Kid for the Heritage Cup. Saint says that after running his mouth and undermining his authority on his Supernova Sessions talk show, Noam Dar won’t be getting a title match, but he will face Tyler Bate in three weeks at Prelude for the #1 Contendership to the NXTUK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This needs a championship belt, not a huge awkward trophy. But I digress. Bate v Dar will be a quality match, so I look forward to that. I’m sure Noam Dar will have a thing or two to say about this on next weeks show too. Tyler Bate, being all Zen, will probably say something like “Wherever you are, it’s the place you need to be.”

If he actually says that now, you all owe me a beer!

The Final Boss strikes again!

Dani Luna is in the ring, she is prepared for her match. Out comes her opponent, Meiko Satomura!

I think it’s fair to say that at this point myself and everyone else watching knew exactly how this match was going to go down. No offense to Dani Luna, she is a quality talent and will no doubt be a future Women’s Champion, but come on, it’s Meiko Satomura! There’s no shame in losing to the best!

Ten minutes later and one Scorpio Rising and Luna is done. Impressive showing from her though, she gave Meiko a match! A short while after the match, Dani Luna is backstage talking about how she didn’t quite get the job done. As she’s walking off Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster walk up to her and they talk as they walk off, handing her jacket to her. I wonder what that’s all about?

Josie and Jin(ny) waffle on about…. Something

Jinny and Joseph Conners talk about how their loss to Jack Starz and Piper Niven doesn’t count because they “broke the rules”. Always love when heels talk about breaking the rules being wrong! Apparently Conners and Starz are going to fight next, and Conners promises his fifteen minutes of fame are over.

I’ll be honest, I mostly switched off as Jinny appeared on the screen as I can’t stand her, so there may have been more to this, but any time I see Jinny on screen I have to go to my Happy Place… In fact, I’m going to rename her “Headache” because every time I see her I get one….

WALTER gets his next challenger!

NXTUK Champion WALTER comes out to make his statement that was promised last week. He enters the ring and stands in the centre looking like a prized peacock. He states that he has been champion for 713 days, and he has dominated since joining NXTUK. He lists all the people he has beaten, but states he is still here for competition. He tells Johnny Saint to scour the world for his next opponent.

Out comes Rampage Brown! He says that they don’t need to scout the world to find his next opponent, he just needs to look in his own backyard. Rampage says WALTER may have been dominant, but he’s never faced him, so when he is ready, let him know. WALTER feints as if to walk away, but Rampage pulls him back and shoves him down, telling him his days as champion are numbered. WALTER walks off looking like a school bully who has never had someone stand up to him before, on the verge of tears. Perhaps he is going to set his big brother on Rampage?

I am very excited for this one! Rampage Brown is a top-quality talent, and would make a fantastic NXTUK Champion! With WALTER’s recent appearance on NXT, it seems fair to think Rampage will be the next champion.

Nina’s a good little servant

We’re treated to the latest video of Xia Brookside bossing Nina Samuels around and loving every minute of it, it seems. Xia is working out in the PC, and makes Nina remove weights, fetch kettle bells, chalk, and water. Nina talks back like a petulant child when Xia comments that her bottle is very wet, so Xia kicks over the bucket of chalk and tells her to clean it up! Nina looks on clearly wondering what led her to this low moment in her life, but starts to clear up the chalk.

Loving this side of Xia right now and I am wondering what direction this will take. Xia seemed almost heelish in nature during this segment but I could be wrong. Nina playing the comedy heel here is brilliant, there is real potential for this feud to develop into something much bigger.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan talk it out

Kenny Williams finds Amir Jordan and goes to talk to him. Jordan looks like he just opened the door at home to that one uncle no one looks forward to seeing, and seems unkeen to talk to him after his actions in last weeks match. Kenny says it was a knee jerk reaction and he has always been a bit of a chancer, but admits that recently he has taken it a bit too far, and he apologises, promising he will follow any rules Amir wants in two weeks when they challenge for the NXTUK Tag Team Titles. At this, Amir perks up and tells him they don’t need to cheat to win (Shout out to Eddie Guerrero!) and they can win fair and square. He tells Kenny to promise him he won’t cheat. Kenny agrees saying he can’t wrestle Pretty Deadly alone. The two then get in the ring to work out.

Expect the trigger to be pulled on this Kenny Williams heel turn next in two weeks’ time. Given that Pretty Deadly just won the titles it seems obvious to me that this is where Jordan and Williams will come to blows. I predict Kenny Williams will walk out on the match, leaving Jordan to be picked apart by Stoker and Howley. As I said last week, I look forward to seeing the more serious side of Amir Jordan again, his happy-go-lucky attitude is starting to get a bit stale in my opinion.

Main Event: Jordan Devlin v Trent Seven for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Throughout the show, vignettes were shown hyping this match. From Trent Seven’s official weigh in on The Bump, where he made weight at 204.25lbs, and recaps of what led to this point. Seven and Devlin make their way to the ring and after the usual title match introductions the match gets underway.

This match lived up to expectations! Trent started fast and strong, putting Devlin on the back foot. Throughout the match they went back and forth, with multiple near falls and close submission calls. Trent hits a seven-star lariat, but Devlin kicks out at 2 and 15/16ths, Devlin eventually hits the Devlin Side Suplex, but Trent also kicks out just before the three! Trent hits a huge top rope Suplex into the Burning Hammer, and again Devlin gets his foot under the ropes just before the three, although due to injuring his back early in the match Trent doesn’t capitalise on the pin right away. With the referee distracted, Devlin sticks a thumb in the eye of Trent who was trying to pull Devlin away from the ropes. Following this, Devlin hits the Devlin Side Suplex again, but somehow Trent still kicks out! Devlin goes up top and hits a 450 splash to Trent’s injured back, securing the three count and the win, retaining his title.

Jordan Devlin retaining here was the right call, given he showed up on Wednesday’s NXT, challenging the “Interim” Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar to a title unification match at NXT Stand and Deliver. Seven always makes his opponent look good, and this was just another example of that. Going into the match at Stand and Deliver, I’m expecting a Cruiserweight Classic match.

This brings to a close another episode of NXTUK. Overall, another decent showing from the UK brand, and gives us a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. It’s a shame that the Prelude show will be before restrictions are lifted here in the UK, as it would definitely benefit from having some fans in attendance, but no doubt all on the card will deliver some insane performances. Overall, Wrestlemania week is shaping up to be a fantastic festival of wrestling!

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Thanks again for reading, and I will see you at the matches!