NXTUK Bytesize: 16th September 2021

"The Belt Guy" (and longest reigning King of Real Rasslin!) Paul returns with another Bytesized NXTUK round up

NXTUK Bytesize: 16th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

We have some more Heritage Cup Championship Trophy action tonight as the number one contender tournament rolls on with the first semi final between the Champagne Supernova, Noam Dar, and the Scum of the Earth, Kenny Williams.

Plus, we also have the four-dimensional Stevie Turner taking on “Not-Millie” McKenzie as she tries to beat some respect into the futuristic Turner, and a huge NXTUK Tag Team Championship main event as the Gallus boys of Mark and Joe Coffey take on Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley of Pretty Deadly for the titles!

Looks like it’s a stacked show tonight, so let’s get straight to it.

Noam’s all by himself? What a Sha-m

We kick things off with the first semi final in the number one contender’s tournament. Noam Dar out first, and according to Nigel McGuinness (Who I have now found out isn’t staying away from NXTUK due to shielding, it’s because he’s still in America commentating 205 Live, who knew?!), Noam has never been more confident. So much so that he has told Sha Samuels to stay in the back. Kenny Williams then comes out, and I swear he looks younger each time he comes out. Bring back the beard Kenny, clean shaven doesn’t suit you!

The first round begins, and we get the usual Noam Dar mind games antics, as well as some dirty tactics from Kenny Williams. It’s a pretty even first round, with both men hitting a cheap shot as the bell rings. The second round sees Williams take control as the aggressor, laying down a savage beating to Dar. After slinging Dar into the ropes, Williams and Dar collide and Williams feigns a knee injury, which Dar sees through, but the referee does not, and he uses the advantage to roll up Dar and secure the first fall with a handful of tights on 2:23.

Round three begins with Williams trying to use the same tactics again, only this time Dar is able to take control. Williams rolls through a knee bar attempt into a small package, but Dar gets out and locks in the knee bar with ten second left of the round, Williams manages to ride it out. He must feel like Dustin Diamond, as he is Saved by the Bell…

Round four, and Dar strikes early, tying to secure a pin but the referee sees his feet on the ropes. Naughty Noam! Williams uses this to his advantage and removes a turnbuckle pad, distracting the referee. He then goes to grab his water bottle, hoping to use it the same way he did against Nathan Frazer, but it’s gone. Noam has it, and he throws it to Williams Eddie Guerrero style, in the ensuing madness, Dar locks in the Champagne super knee bar, and with nowhere to go, Williams taps at 1:27, tying the scores.

Round five was an all-out brawl with both men going for broke to secure the win, but Dar had the last laugh as after ending up outside, Williams went out and threw Dar back in, but as he tried to re-enter the ring himself, Sha Samuels popped out from underneath and grabbed Williams’ foot. Dar used the distraction to hit a huge kick to the chest followed by the Nova roller to secure the second fall and the match. Noam Dar is through to the final where he will face either Wolfgang or Teoman.

Next up we see Gallus warming up backstage. Jordan Devlin walks past and wishes them luck, and taunts Joe Coffey by saying something along the lines of “Don’t f**k up out there”.

Obviously, a feud incoming there…

Triple Threat Tantrums!

Back to the ring now, and we’re with our main man, Sid “Superstar” Scala, who once again wants to remind you all:

He says that at NXT Takeover 36, there was a monumental shift in the brands history, as he introduces the new NXTUK Champion, Ilja Dragunov LIVE…... via video link.

Ilja, who is still sporting the incredibly fetching square white bandage on his head, says that he is happy, and honoured to be the new NXTUK Champion. Throughout his journey we have witness his path, which was all struggles and pain, but he made the impossible, possible. He talks about his mentality of being “unbesiegbar” (invincible) and is looking forward to coming back to the UK, but he wants to know who will be next to try and take the title from him.

At this, Nathan Frazer comes out (accompanied by his absolutely banging entrance music!).

Frazer says he knows he is not supposed to be here, but he is taking the initiative. Dragunov needs a challenger to the NXTUK Title, so why not him?

Rampage Brown the comes out and says he must be kidding. They all saw what he did to Joe Coffey, and they all know that Ilja will be violent, which suits him fine, so it should be him next in line.

Out next is A-Kid, who apologises for interrupting, but he says that after everything he has done, he deserves a chance. The last time he fought Ilja, he pushed him to his limits, making him realise he has none, and that if he has to fight both Frazer and Rampage to get his shot he will.

Sid then says that he will discuss with Johnny Saint, but he is sure he will agree with his suggestion of a triple threat match with the winner taking on Ilja Dragunov for the NXTUK Title. Ilja, who is still on the big screen, says that’s a great idea. A three-way brawl then ensues which Rampage comes out on top of.

We cut backstage to where a camera crew is trying to get a word with Jinny and Joseph, but they say no and are heading to her dressing room. As they walk in, Isla Dawn is sat there creepily going through Jinny’s things. Jinny sends her packing and then has a bitch fit about someone being in her dressing room. Standard Jinny stuff here…

Next up, moustache mountain, who say that NXTUK is on fire, they have a new champion in Ilja Dragunov, and Tyler is keeping a close eye on the Heritage Cup tournament for his next challenger. They talk about spinning plates, which reminds them of the Tag Team Title match later tonight, they say its time to go and find their sideplates.

Might just be me, but I would love them to win the Tag Team Titles.

2D or not 2D, that is the question…

Women’s action now as the former Tokyo Cyber Squad member, Stevie Turner, takes on Suplex Millie!

The match begins with a lock up and each woman pushing the other into the corner. Turner takes control with a headlock takedown, keeping McKenzie grounded for a spell until she fights her way back to a vertical base and takes Turner down with a dropkick.

Turner counteracts this by hitting two successive knee lifts, then continues her assault before hitting another knee lift while McKenzie is hanging in the ropes. Turner locks in a ground submission hold, but McKenzie eventually fights her way out and drops turner with two clotheslines, followed by a vicious looking spear.

Turner once again takes the momentum, hitting a side effect, and then goes for her finishing move, the rope assisted flatliner, but McKenzie moves aside, hits Turner with a German suplex and follows up with the double knees to the head for the victory.

All aboard the hype train!

As Mojo Rawley used to say, it’s time to GET HYPED!

Wolfgang talks about his upcoming match with Teoman in the Heritage Cup tournament semi-finals.

Teoman says he learnt one thing on the streets of Berlin. You have to find the best, the biggest and the strongest to become the babo (No, I don’t know what that means either…Apparently it means “Boss”… WHY NOT JUST SAY BOSS?!)

Wolfgang says Teoman has made quite the name for himself in NXTUK, and says he has his eye on Teoman, mocking his signature eye pose. Teoman demands respect. Wolfgang say that Teoman does what he does for the family, but he does what he does for his brothers, Joe, and Markus.

Teoman says he talks about his brothers and makes jokes about the eye, but he’s the babo of this brand.

Wolfgang says “You keep your family backstage, I’ll keep mine backstage, and they’ll have a fair one on one contest.

Teoman says that Wolfie thinks he can beat him, but he sees everything. Wolfie ends it by saying “Aye-aye”

Following this, we get another hype vignette, in an old sepia film style, this time from newcomer Charlie Dempsey (Dempsey is Bailey Matthews, the son of NXT GM and all-around legend, William Regal).

“An inspiration of mine used to say that the body is like a ladder, you have to move up and down it with every move you do. Hearing that made something click in my head. I’ve actually gone out to seek out the British competitors of the past, to train with them, to learn this style that I’ve come to adapt. I’m not going to do any flips in the ring, treat this like an acrobat contest. I’m going to take my opponent down and grind them down to a paste, and I’m going to show you something you’ve never seen before.”

Matthews had a pretty good showing against Tyler Bate some weeks back, so I am interested to see how he does as a full-time roster member.

We are then show what happened during the break. As Stevie Turner left the ring area, she was blindsided by the suspended Blair Davenport. Blair speaks to Sid via the camera crew and says that bad things will continue to happen until she is reinstated. Don’t back down Sid, or no one will take you seriously anymore…

Confirmation now that there will be a triple threat match between Nathan Frazer, Rampage Brown, and A-Kid to determine a new number one contender next week!

Turns out the dandy highwaymen are, in fact, Pretty Deadly…

Main event time now, and the NXTUK Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Gallus out first and they look confident! Pretty Deadly come out wearing shoulder shirts (only way I can describe them, they look ridiculous!) and do their customary “Sideplate check!”

The match begins with Howley playing some mind games, but Mark Coffey soon puts a stop to that.

Howley is outside the ring, he comes back into tag in Stoker, who uses some unique offense to keep Mark down. Mark eventually tags in Joe, who hits a wicked crossbody on Stoker before tagging Mark back in.

Howley is back in now, but not before Stoker gets an arm drag takedown, and then one for Howley as well from Mark. Howley then pushes Mark out of the ring while Stoker holds the ropes open with the referee distracted.

Mark gets back in and after an exchange with Howley he tags Joe in who hits a big shoulder tackle on Howley. He follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex on Stoker, but once again a distraction allows Stoker to take control, throwing Joe down to the mat by his hair. Howley comes in and hits a big dropkick, but Joe responds with a suplex.

From here though, things take a turn for Joe as he is dominated by Pretty Deadly, who use all manner of tactics to keep him away from his corner. With a big whip into the corner, Joe is down for a two count, but explodes out of the corner with a big lariat!

Joe makes it to his corner to get the hot tag to his brother Mark, who clears the ring! As Mauro Ranallo might say, “Mark is en Fuego!”

Howley comes back in but gets a bulldog for his troubles, followed by a backdrop. Another tag sees Stoker come back in and more shenanigans means he is able to hit a big DDT on Mark. Pretty Deadly then attempt their finisher but it fails as Mark hits and enzuigiri on Stoker.

Joe comes back in and is selling the effects of the beating he took before the hot tag and is nearly pinned with a roll up after he hits a big crossbody, but he gets out at two. Outside the ring, Mark trips Stoker into the ring post, and then all four men end up down outside the ring after taking various hits.

Joe gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick followed by a Glasgow Send off, the Gallus boys then hit the high and low lariats, and it looks like they’re about to get the win, but Stoker just breaks up the count in time!

Stoker then dodges a kick from Joe and throws him into the ring post, sending him to the outside. After a couple of back and forth two counts, Mark throws Howley into the ropes intending to hit an enzuigiri, but Stoker catches him. Mark hits the deck and Pretty Deadly quickly follow up with the Spilt Milk to get the three count and retain their titles.

What a match!

Pretty Deadly close out the show by celebrating with their titles as Galls console each other, and I have to say this was a great end to this week’s show. A really great Championship match.

I’ve not been the biggest fan of Pretty Deadly, but when they put on matches like this it’s hard to dislike them. They talk a lot of sh*t, but when it comes down to it, they can back it up, and their reign atop the tag team division continues.

 Also really enjoyed the dynamic between Noam Dar and Kenny Williams as they both tried to out heel each other, with the ultimate winner being Dar. He is my pick to face Tyler Bate next for the Heritage Cup after this performance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won it.

The Women’s match was also great, although maybe some bias on my part as I am a big fan of both women.

Overall, this felt like a return to form after the disappointment of last weeks show, and fingers crossed that we could get some fans back into NXTUK very soon to bring back some energy to the show which, while they are still putting on quality matches, the fans are sorely missed.

Thanks for reading this weeks NXTUK review, and I will see you again next Thursday once more for NXTUK!