NXTUK: Bytesize 16th December 2021

Nathan Frazer and A-Kid battle it out this week for the number one contenders spot for the Heritage Cup, who wins? Read on to find out...

NXTUK: Bytesize 16th December 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another slice of NXTUK action for you all to enjoy! 

This week sees three matches as Joe Coffey takes on Charlie Dempsey, Kenny Williams faces off against Welshman Danny Jones, and in the main event, Nathan Frazer and A-Kid go one on one in Heritage Cup action to determine the number one contender for the NXTUK Heritage Cup. 

As always, we have a lot to get through, so let’s go! 

A Coffey or some Charlie? Boy, that’s a tough one... 

Strong start to the wordplay today! 

The two start with the usual lock up, and this actually continues for a few minutes with neither man getting the upper hand until Dempsey is able to take Coffey down with a headlock takedown. Dempsey quickly locks in a Bow and Arrow submission, but Coffey escapes it, and after a brief exchange of blows, Coffey hits a crossbody. He then throws Dempsey into the corners, finishing with a sidewalk slam, gaining a two count. 

The two trade blows again, and Dempsey is in a hold, so brings Coffey down with a hip toss, but Coffey rolls through. The next exchanges are spent on the mat grappling, until Dempsey locks in a leg lock. Coffey gets himself free and stands on Dempsey’s split legs, then stomps the knees. Dempsey gets to the corner, and is able to avoid a shot from Coffey, who ends up punching the turnbuckle. Dempsey flips Coffey into the corner, hits a European uppercut, then a nice gutwrench suplex. Coffey hits back with a suplex of his own. Dempsey locks in a hammerlock on Coffey and lays in some blows. 

Coffey is able to turn it into a backslide, but Dempsey blocks, Coffey gets Dempsey up in a Firemans carry, but then Dempsey rakes the nose of Coffey which was injured previously in the match. Dempsey with a suplex, then a wraparound submission. Coffey is able to transition into a suplex, but Dempsey escapes, and the two end up headbutting each other. 

They get to their feet and trade blows, Coffey comes off the ropes with a springboard crossbody, then a discus lariat. Dempsey is stunned, and Coffey hits a Glasgow Send-off. At this point the rest of Die Familia come down and drag Dempsey out of the ring. Gallus come down to even up the numbers, and the two factions fight while Dempsey takes advantage and slams Coffey into the ring steps. Dempsey gets Coffey in a Dragon Sleeper, and he passes out, giving Dempsey the win. 

Winner: Charlie Dempsey 

I really enjoyed this match. I’ve become a big fan of Charlie Dempsey, and I think him getting the win here was the right result. Gallus are a strong unit and can take this loss without any impact to their position, and this gives Die Familia a big boost. 

We get a recap of last week’s main event where Moustache Mountain won the NXTUK Tag Team Championships. After this, Sid Scala comes on screen and congratulates Moustache Mountain on their win. He then announces that there will be two elimination matches. In three weeks, Symbiosis will take on Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, and in four weeks, Teoman and Rohan Raja of Die Familia will face Jack “Seeing” Starz and Dave Mastiff. The winners of each match will then face each other to determine the number one contenders to the NXTUK Tag Team Championships.

Devlin in Dublin 

A promo vignette is shown of Jordan Devlin next. 

“In the morning if my face is puffy, I’ll put on an ice mask while I do my crunches. I can do a thousand now. My penthouse overlooks Dublin city, my city, and all the little people below. I drive fast with the top down; I like the way the wind plays in my hair. I look amazing. 

Ah, the little people, they adore me, they worship me. Why wouldn’t they? I’m more than a hero, more than just an ace. I am more than Ilja Dragunov could ever be. He fights for his family, for his fans. He’s pathetic, he needs their love, he needs their approval.  

But all I need, is me.” 

Great stuff from Devlin here. 

Let’s all take a cable car to the top of Moustache Mountain! 

Moustache Mountain are introduced and the new Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring.  

After taking in the chants of “You Deserve It” (which they totally do), Trent takes a mic and says “What a night that was! What a moment in time!” 

Trent says he needed that, because the last 18 months have been strange, but they're back, and they are the Champions! 

Trent says that there were times when they fell short, such as against the Grizzled Young Veterans, and Pretty Deadly themselves, and part of him thought “What if we don’t win the titles? What do I do if we lose?” 

Trent says he doesn’t know how long he has left, and if he doesn’t have this, he doesn’t know what he will do. But he does have this, and he will keep fighting for as long as it is necessary to keep them! 

Tyler says that is music to his ears. It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a long trek up the mountain, but with patience, hard work, and the energy of the fans, they are now the first team to have won the NXT and NXTUK Tag Team Championships. 

Seven then says to Tyler: “Were you the first NXTUK Champion?" Tyler replies Correct. "Were you not the NXTUK Heritage Cup Champion?" Tyler says correct. Trent says "And now we have these!”

Seven tells the crowd that Tyler Bate is the first NXTUK Grand Slam winner! The fans chant “Grand Slam Boy!” at him. Seven then thanks everyone for sticking with them and supporting them throughout difficult times, and from here it is onwards and upwards. He ends the segment by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter come on screen and say that it might be a new year, but it’s the same goal, they want the Tag Team Titles. Oliver Carter says he’s already got ice around his neck and wrist, pointing to his jewellery, so why not add some gold. Smith says he doesn’t know what Carter is on about, but it’s no longer if, it’s their time now, and it’s time to move forward. 

Following this is more of the same standard hype for an upcoming title match. Meiko Satomura talks trash about Blair Davenport, and vice versa. Meiko is the Final Boss; Blair is the Top Gaijin... You know the drill... The match for the Women's Championship takes place in three weeks! 

Oh my God! Kenny killed Danny! (He didn’t, but I needed some form of witty title...) 

Danny Jones is taking on Kenny Williams now... *knock knock* hold up, who's that... 

Cole! We haven’t seen you in months! 

Williams comes out and takes a mic, telling Jones that he’s got the night off, because he doesn’t want him, he wants Mark Andrews. He tells Jones to go and find Mark. Jones just stares him down, so Williams says if he wants to do it the hard way, that’s fine by him. 

Despite the fact that it was obvious this would be a win for Kenny Williams, it wasn’t a standard squash match. Jones got some good offense in and a couple of near falls, but Williams always has a dirty trick or six up his sleeve, and naturally he is more than happy to use them. 

Despite fighting the good fight, Jones eventually would succumb to Williams dirty tactics, and after taking two Bad Luck DDT’s, Williams pins him for the win. 

Winner: Kenny Williams

Standard enhancement match here. Nothing offensive, but nothing spectacular either. Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling.

Talky Time with Symbiosis... Wait, this isn’t NWA... 

Got a bit confused with my reviews there! 

Symbiosis are behind a mesh fence, and the talking begins: 

“Last year's words belong to last year’s language. But next year's words await another voice. This is a new year, this is a new beginning, and things are going to change! You can throw us to the wolves, and eventually we will return, leading the pack! That voice is Symbiosis.” 

Creepy stuff from Eddie Dennis, T-Bone and Primate there! 

A camera crew backstage hears a lot of commotion coming from a dressing room, as they rush over, Kenny Williams comes out and says in a mocking voice “Oh help there’s been an accident!” 

Williams says he found Mark Andrews, and he walks off. The camera crew enters the room and sees Mark Andrews clutching his arm and asking for a doctor. The plot thickens! 

We then get an advert for a “Holiday Special” episode of NXTUK next week. Sounds like a recap show to me. An unexpected week off for me perhaps...? 

Heritage Cup Action! Nathan Frazer v A-Kid 

Time to find out who the next number one contender to the Heritage Cup! 

As both men come out to the ring, A-Kid has taped up ribs owing to his injuries sustained in his match with Sam Gradwell. 

The match begins and round one is all about A-Kid. He controls the round and gets almost all the offence in; Frazer is lucky to survive the round in some respects. Round two was much more even as both men hit some big moves, with A-Kid hitting two consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes, but Frazer comes back with a hard dropkick. The two then trade pin attempts, and Frazer gets the first fall after 1:50. 

Round three starts and A-Kid comes flying out of the corner and aims some kicks at Frazer, who dodges them, and the two trade some hard hitting moves as they attempt to get the next pin. A-Kid spends the round trying to get a submission on Frazer, but he is able to continually slip out. Frazer gets in a belly-to-belly suplex, then a final cut, but A-Kid is able to lock in a sleeper hold and transition to a Fujiwara arm bar, but Frazer sees out the round without tapping. 

Round four starts and A-Kid instantly goes for the sleeper again, which Frazer escapes and hits a dropkick. Frazer heads up top, and goes for a stomp which misses, but follows it up with a slingblade. Frazer hits a devastating twisting neckbreaker, but somehow only gets a two. A-Kid locks in the sleeper again, but again Frazer escapes and transitions it into the Boston Crab. A-Kid rolls through and gets a two count. Frazer is stood on the middle rope, and A-Kid slides through the top and middle rope and hits the most inventive German suplex I’ve ever seen. A-Kid follows up with a flying superkick and ties the score at one fall each at 1:49. 

Round five would be the final round, as both men brought out their top moves to try and seal the win. Frazer with a sick looking superkick to A-Kid after a Fishermans suplex. A-Kid clearly thought “Anything you can do I can do better” as he then hit a sick enziguiri to Frazer who was on the top rope. Somehow, Frazer got the upper hand on the top rope and hit a moonsault slam from the top rope for a two count. A-Kid is trying desperately to lock in a submission hold, and eventually he does, locking in the Uma Plata on Frazer, leaving him with no choice but to submit. 

Winner and Number One Contender to the NXTUK Heritage Cup: A-Kid 

It’s rare that something NXTUK does disappoints me, but this is the second time in three weeks, and although the Rampage Brown situation was not necessarily their fault, this one was. 

This, for me, was the wrong result. Frazer looked a star in this match, and he should have been the winner in my opinion. A-Kid has been the Heritage Cup Champion, and in all honesty should be in the NXTUK Title picture, not chasing the cup. Frazer would have been a terrific challenge for Noam Dar, and the match would have been fantastic. I have no doubt A-Kid will provide a quality match as well, but I just would have preferred to see Frazer get the big match. 

The show ends as A-Kid celebrates his win. 

Only three matches this week, but the in-ring content was fantastic. The opener and main event were brilliant matches, and Williams v Jones was good for what it was.  

The stories are all rumbling along, and I am very interested in seeing Jordan Devlin continue his feud with Ilja Dragunov for the NXTUK Title. But for all the good, the result of the main event match did disappoint me, and that did take a bit of the shine off of it for me. 

I loved the Moustache Mountain segment, I feel that was a well-deserved moment for them, especially Trent Seven, for him to finally get his first taste of NXTUK gold. I hope he and Tyler have a long reign as Champions, but something tells me it won’t be... 

That’s all from me. Thanks for reading, and if next week is two unreviewable shows, I would like to wish you all a happy holiday season, and I’ll see you next time!