NXTUK: Bytesize 14th October 2021

The fans are back! And so is The Belt Guy!

NXTUK: Bytesize 14th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

Before we start, I want to give a shout out to Adz for covering NWA for me this week (coming soon!), as I struggled with illness early on this week, but I am back now, and ready to cover the first NXTUK with fans in attendance in 80 weeks! (I know it’s 80 weeks, as Andy Shepherd mentioned it about a thousand times during the course of the show!) 

So, what do we have to look forward to tonight? Blair Davenport returns from her “indefinite” suspension as she takes on Stevie Turner, Flash Morgan Webster is up against the big East End Butcher, Sha Samuels, and in our main event, the NXTUK Championship is on the line as the new Champion Ilja Dragunov makes his first defence against the Spanish Sensation, A-Kid. 

Well with all that to get through, we best get started, eh? 

The future is looking bright for Blair 

The show begins (with new intro music... I don’t like it) with Andy Shepherd welcoming the NXTUK Universe back for the first time in 80 weeks, and we begin with Blair Davenport taking on the futuristic Stevie Turner.  

Davenport attacks Turner before the bell rings but Turner hits back with a Thesz Press, she then hits a barrage of kicks and a knee to the mid-section for a two count. Davenport fights back and lands a bunch of strikes in the corner to Turner, following up with a dropkick to the back of the head. 

Turner re-asserts herself with a clothesline, then hits a trio of neckbreakers. Davenport hits back with a big boot for a two count. Some more back and forth between the two before Turner catches Davenport with a Mass Effect (basically a slightly modified version of Matt Hardy’s Side Effect), but Davenport then hits an enziguiri.  

Turner tries to fight back but Davenport hits a V-Trigger, then a Falcon Arrow for the win. 

Following the match, Davenport takes a mic and says that Sid Scala was right to reinstate her, and that she wants to make it clear to all the ladies in the back that Blair Davenport is back. 

Backstage Shenanigans! 

We go to Sha Samuels backstage who has Noam Dar with him and says he has a surprise for him. 

They go into a room and Sha shouts surprise, but is dismayed to see the party he planned is a complete shambles. It looks like the world’s worst kids' birthday party. 

Sha is upset and says its ruined, but Dar says it's not, and that they can treat it like the practice celebration for when he beats Tyler Bate for the Heritage Cup in two weeks' time. Sha then says he is going to beat Flash Morgan Webster later, and Dar says that's what happens when they’re at the top. 

A video package then airs with Teoman pouring wine. Rohan Raja says the Heritage Cup didn’t go to plan, but they were outnumbered. Teoman says Rohan is a good man, but he is the Babo of this family, and it is his responsibility to look after this family. He promises that their family will grow very soon. 

Then we cut back to the office of the main man, Mr Sid Scala, who once again wants to remind us all: 

Fascinating stuff there Sid! 

He gets off the phone and is about to tell us what he was talking about when Jinny and Joseph Conners walk in. 

He informs Jinny that the NXTUK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura, has accepted her challenge and the match will take place in three weeks' time. 

Jinny says great, because the Final Boss is the final piece of the puzzle in her destiny to become the new Women’s Champion. She also tells Sid to burn all his clothes.  

Standard Jinny stuff there really... 

Webster gets Butchered! 

Back to the ring now as Subculture’s Flash Morgan Webster is set to take on the East End Butcher, Sha Samuels. And I’ll tell you now, Sha is looking in phenomenal shape! The man has clearly been putting in the hours in the gym. 

Webster starts strong and dominates the early proceedings with a flurry of strikes in the corner, but Sha hits back with a massive chop to stop Webster’s momentum in its tracks. Sha hits a nasty looking back elbow and then controls the match for a spell.  

Somehow, Flash ends up outside the ring (I didn’t see how as I was taking notes. Curse my professionalism!) and Sha follows him out, dropping him across the ring apron and the ring area wall. Sha gets back in the ring as the referee continues the count, with Webster just making it in before ten. 

Not that it does him much good as he ends up getting a clothesline and a suplex for his troubles, but he suddenly fires up and starts hitting a flurry of offence ending in a moonsault. Sha charges at Webster who pulls the second rope down, and he tumbles out, with Webster hitting a suicide dive shortly after. Webster climbs to the top, and hits a crossbody, but Sha rolls through for a two count. 

Webster dropkicks Sha to the outside, then hits a big senton to the outside! He gets Sha back into the ring at nine and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. 

Webster tries for a Tiger driver, but Sha reverses it into a body drop. Webster tries a quick roll up, gaining a two count. Webster hits a headbutt, then tries to launch off the ropes, but Sha catches him and hits a massive spinebuster, securing the win! 

Good fight from Webster, but Sha needed the win here, so for me this was the right result. 

The Nina Samuels Show 

Next up, Nina Samuels is at the UKPC, with a microphone saying it’s the next episode of the Nina Samuels Show, and her guest is Xia Brookside. She walks up to Xia who is working out on one of the machines, and asks her what it’s like to have lost to Amale, Blair Davenport and Dani Luna. Xia deadpans her saying that she lost to all of those women too. 

Nina says at least she has her own show, then says that Xia couldn’t even beat Aleah James. Xia calls Aleah over and challenges her to a match, which Aleah accepts. They then walk off to train together while Nina wraps up this episode of her show. 

We then get a recap of Symbiosis trying to interrupt the match between Moustache Mountain and Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith from two weeks ago, but Dave Mastiff and Jack “Reach for the” Starz stop them. We are then informed that Symbiosis will face Mastiff and Starz next week. 

The Iron King and The Irish Ace 

Gallus walk into Sid Scala’s office, and Jordan Devlin gets to his feet defensively. Joe Coffey tells him to calm down as this is not his private dressing room, he also calls him Donna McGregor, which I thought was fantastic! 

Jordan Devlin then says that he has just had Sid Scala and Johnny Saint agree to a rematch between himself and Joe, and that Mark and Wolfgang are barred from ringside. 

Joe says he has no problem having a square go at Jordan, and Jordan says that Coffey has had two shots at the title, and two takeover main events, and walked away with nothing, but he got one shot at gold and now he’s in the history books. He says that an Ace will always beat a King.  

NXTUK Championship match: Ilja Dragunov v A-Kid 

Main event time, as Ilja Dragunov puts the NXTUK Title on the line against the Spanish Sensation A-Kid. 

From the off, the two competitors traded blows back and forth, kicking it into high gear with more savage blows. After a German suplex, A-Kid attempted some more kicks, but Dragunov blocked one, causing A-Kid to injure his shin. Dragunov would take advantage of this by targeting the leg with a dragon screw, and followed up with a Constantin Special. 

Dragunov continues to dominate and target the leg, and after A-Kid was pulled off the ropes with his knee slamming into the mat, Dragunov looked to be on course for an easy victory.  

However, A-Kid then managed to injure Dragunov’s arm, as he attempted the Umaplata several times during the match, which led to his injury. A-Kid took advantage, targeting the arm before hitting Dragunov with a knee TO THE FACE!!! 

A-Kid hits a German suplex, followed by some hard kicks to the chest. Dragunov briefly fights back but A-Kid shuts him down by kicking his injured arm. A-Kid follows up with an enziguiri, then a Fisherman’s suplex for a two count. 

The two begin trading blows again, with Dragunov taking A-Kid down again with a modified wristlock, and following up with a knee to the gut, then a German suplex. A-Kid locks in a double wristlock, but Dragunov gets free and hits some clubbing blows to A-Kid. Dragunov hits a high angle slam on A-Kid, then attempts a senton from the top rope, but A-Kid rolls clear, meaning Dragunov crashes into the mat. 

A-Kid hits a Penalty Kick, then attempts an armbar, but when that fails he switches to a sleeper hold. Dragunov briefly frees himself before A-Kid hits another hard kick for a two count. A-Kid then re-applies the hold, but this time Dragunov backs him into the corner. A-Kid drops over the ropes with an armbar on Dragunov, and then climbs to the top rope. But Dragunov recovers and hits a huge Fisherman’s suplex from the top rope. 

Dragunov lines up the Torpedo Moscow, but A-Kid counters with a devastating Superkick gaining a two count. More chops and blows follow from the two, and after an enziguiri, A-Kid tries to lock in the Umaplata again, but due to his injured leg he can’t do it. He locks in a triangle hold instead, but Dragunov is able to lift him for two consecutive powerbombs. 

Dragunov senses victory and hits a Torpedo Moscow to A-Kid's injured knee, followed by another Torpedo Moscow for the victory. Dragunov celebrates his win, and as A-Kid gets to his feet they shake hands as the show ends. 

That was a fantastic main event match. It was a slow burner, as they were given time to build it up, as it went a good twenty minutes. Overall, it was a really good show for the fans to witness on their return to NXTUK for the first time in 80 weeks (thanks again Andy Shepherd) and there are a lot of good matches coming up in the next few weeks, so we have a lot to look forward to. 

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back next week with NWA Powerrr!