NXTUK: Bytesize 11th November 2021

Whats that you say? You want more NXTUK? Well. why didn't you say so?!

NXTUK: Bytesize 11th November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

Whilst there are no title matches on the show tonight, we do have a match with title implications as the fatal four-way tag team match to crown new number one contenders to the NXTUK Tag Team Championships takes place in the main event. 

Aside from that, it’s a big night for Subculture as they are involved in two matches, as Dani Luna takes on the futuristic Stevie Turner, and in our opening contest, Mark Andrews faces off against the Jersey highflyer, Nathan Frazer. 

An action-packed episode for sure, so I’d say it's high time we got into it, wouldn’t you? 

Frazer crash lands while Andrews soars 

This match came about after Nathan Frazer challenged Mark Andrews prior to last week's main event. 

The early match was controlled by Andrews, who kept his opponent under control with a simple wristlock. Frazer tried to get himself out of it but Andrews was ready for it and took him down with a headlock takedown. Frazer would get free and the two would perform a series of fast paced moves that Will Ospreay and Ricochet would be proud of. 

Frazer would get a dropkick in, but Andrews would then dominate for a spell, ending with an overhead suplex followed by the iron octopus stretch hold. Frazer would get free, and after Andrews attempted another slam, Frazer would counter it into a sunset flip, and from here he would go on the offensive, hitting a twisting neckbreaker, then a slingblade, followed by the final cut, making Goldust proud. Frazer would hit a running moonsault for a two count. 

As Frazer ascended the ropes, Andrews took him down with a tiger feint kick. Andrews followed up with an enziguiri, then flipped Frazer into a front slam after he caught his leg from a kick. Frazer would fire back with a sick looking lawn dart which ended up with them both outside the ring, where Andrews would hit a moonsault off the ringsteps. As Andrews went to slingshot himself back into the ring, Frazer quickly caught him with a Spanish fly! Frazer hit a superkick for two, but this would be his final offence of the match as shortly after, Andrews would attempt the Fall to Pieces shooting star press, Frazer attempted a roll up, but Andrews pressed his weight on Frazer to secure the win. 

I’m a fan of both of these guys so this was a top opening match for me personally, and their styles meshed well.  

Backstage Shenanigans 

After a recap of last week’s events surrounding the NXTUK Champion, Ilja Dragunov, and his next challenger Rampage Brown, we see Sam Gradwell enter the UKPC.  

He states he is on strike from interviews, and when asked what his plans are, he says a thunderstorm doesn’t make plans, he changes them. A-Kid pops up and says he has heard everything Gradwell had to say about him, and its unacceptable. A-Kid says if he wants to talk to him, speak to him in his language. Gradwell hilariously deadpans “What, Spanish?” before A-Kid looks him in the eye and says “Fighting”. 

We get a little trip to the theatre next as Pretty Deadly have gone to train with the cast of Magic Mike. They talk about how they are going to be just as good at this as they are as the Tag Team Champions. 

And to be fair, from what they show, they did pretty well. They continue to big themselves up, but also put over the Magic Mike cast. Nice promotion for the Magic Mike production whilst also furthering Pretty Deadly’s characters. 

To close out the segment, Kenny Williams is writing something on the wall (Sha Samuels is a... is as far as he got) before being interrupted by a cameraman. He starts trying to say if he wants to tell the NXTUK Universe something he will, but he gets angry over the noise behind him. Saxon Huxley is being, well, Saxon Huxley, throwing stuff around and shouting incoherently. Williams says he didnt realise it was Saxon, so he's going to put it in a language he can understand. Even if he finds the missing piece of the puzzle, it won't help him in the ring with someone as smart as him. Kenny throws his jacket at Huxley before running off, with Huxley giving chase shouting “KENNY COCKROACH!” 

Dani Luna makes it two from two! 

Subculture Appreciation Night continues with Dani Luna taking on Stevie Turner. This match also came about after their confrontation last week. 

They begin by locking up and pushing each other around the ring. Turner tries a shove but ends up on the receiving end of one herself, then offers a test of strength. Luna takes it, and Turner stomps her foot to take control. It doesn't last long though as Luna quickly scoops her up and slams her to the mat for a two count. 

After a suplex from Luna, Turner counters her off the ropes with a Thesz Press, followed by a knee lift into the mid-section, and her patented “Three Amigos” neckbreakers for a two count. 

Luna from here takes control of the match, and aside from a side effect mid-way through her comeback, Turner would get no more offense in before Luna would hit a pump kick, snap suplex, and then a sit out powerbomb for the win. 

Good win for Luna here, and a good night for Subculture overall. I’d like to see Dani Luna in the Womens Title picture sometime soon. 

More Backstage Shenanigans! 

It’s everyones favourite backstage interviewer now as Nina Samuels goes off in search of another exclusive story. She tries to stop Isla Dawn but she just walks past her cackling like a witch. Nina complains that no one around here has a modicum of professionalism, especially not Aleah James, going around milking her first win last week, which took her a whole year. 

Now of course, this is pro wrestling sports entertainment, and as a result, Aleah James was, of course, directly behind Nina and heard every word. She would get in Nina’s face, and ask what her problem was? 

Nina of course, stated she had no problem, so Aleah said she can prove it in a match next week. Nina hastily agreed as Aleah walked off, bringing this segment to a merciful end. 

Ah, Pro Wrestling Sports Entertainment! Proud sponsors of recycling since 1993... 

Next up, a vignette of Gallus driving somewhere, talking about Teoman and Rohan Raja. Mark Coffey asks who they think they are, while Wolfgang talks about how they call themselves a family, but they’ve only been there about a minute. Gallus has been here since day one, travelling around the country making a name for themselves. Mark says that they seem to forget that Gallus is a family, and all about business. Joe Coffey says that Teoman and Rohan are a couple of fly-by night baby crew posers, and if they want to get personal that’s fine, as they will remind them why it’s Gallus Boys On Top. Sirens can now be heard, and Joe tells mark to put his foot down as the segment ends. 

Back to the backstage area, Subculture celebrate a successful night, with Flash Morgan Webster talking about how they are all about starting at the bottom and working their way to the top. 

Blair Davenport cuts in and says why don’t they stay at the bottom? Because the closer they get to the top, she will send them all the way back down. She walks off and Subculture shrug it off and continue their celebrations. 

Confirmation then follows that Gallus will take on Teoman and Rohan Raja next week, as well as Sam Gradwell facing the Spanish sensation, A-Kid. 

Oh, the Grand old Duke of Trent, he had 10,000 Bate’s! They marched to the top of Moustache Mountain and they won the match again! 

Yep. It’s official. I have finally lost my damn mind with that one... 

Fatal four-way action now, and I won’t lie, I didn’t even get remotely close to getting the highlights from this match! 

Writing about a four-way match is difficult enough as it is, but making it a tag team one makes it almost impossible! 

That said, as fatal four-way tag matches go (And I’ve seen at least three...) this was pretty good. 

Whether it was the quickness of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, the Pace and Power approach of Dave Mastiff and Jack” Reach for the” Starz, the strength and underhanded tactics of Symbiosis or the general level of work you expect from Moustache Mountain, each team had moments to shine in this match. 

Jack Starz at one point was dropkicking everyone in sight, which ended with Eddie Dennis being ejected from ringside due to tripping Starz, Mastiff was using his raw power to muscle around practically everyone, while the intensity of Symbiosis would keep things going. Moustache Mountain for their part played their roles perfectly, switching things up and transitioning to the next phase of the match with barely any noticeable awkwardness.  

As the match got down to the final moments, with a group of the competitors outside the ring, Trent Seven was thrown into them. In the ring and with Ashton Smith on the top rope, T-Bone would hit a superplex, followed by Primate diving onto the group of men outside.  

Primate would try a crossbody from the top rope on Tyler Bate, but he rolled through and got Primate up on his shoulders for the airplane spin. Jack Starz would then try a dropkick on Bate, but he caught his foot, took him down, and in what was a clear homage to Cesaro, began to swing Starz at the same time! Mastiff would break it up, drag Primate back to his corner then tag in, cleaning house. Starz would hit a powerbomb on Seven but then get dragged out and thrown into the ring steps by Primate. Smith and Carter would then hit a top rope cutter on Mastiff, with Mastiff on Smith’s shoulders, but the pin was broken up at two. 

T-Bone tagged in and went after Tyler Bate, Primate’s diving headbutt missed, so Tyler tagged in Seven then dived on the mass of people outside. Trent hit the seven-star lariat for a two count, then tagged in Tyler Bate. Moustache Mountain hit the assisted Burning Hammer for the win and are now the number one contenders to the NXTUK Tag Team Championships! 

Pretty Deadly would make their way out after the match and mockingly congratulate Moustache Mountain, while Bate and Seven motioned at them that their time as champions is coming to an end, much like this episode of NXTUK... 

A fairly decent show this week, certainly not on par with some of the others we have had in recent weeks, but still some good action and the advancement of storylines and characters. 

Subculture of course came out of this great tonight, and we have some good matches to look forward to next week. As ever, NXTUK continues to deliver the goods. 

That’s all from me this week! Thanks for reading, and come back next week for more NWA and NXTUK action!