NXTUK Bytesize : 11th March 2021

Paul here with a look at this weeks episode of NXT UK! Spoilers and strong/comedic opinions included!

NXTUK Bytesize : 11th March 2021

Whats up guys and girls! Its "The Belt Guy" Paul here with a bytesized look at this weeks NXTUK!

This will include spoilers and strong opinions!

Tyler Bate beats Dave Mastiff in a Heritage Cup Rules match

Tyler Bate was up first tonight in a very competitive match against the Bomber, Dave Mastiff. The two went back and forth in the first round with neither gaining the advantage, but Tyler pulled out the pin in the second round to go one up. Mastiff came back after dominating round three and secured a pin after he countered a slam attempt by Bate to tie things up. Going into the fourth round Mastiff continued to dominate, but this match was all about Tyler showing just how much of a Big Strong Boi he is as he was able to pick up the Bomber and disorientate him with an airplane spin, before hitting a corkscrew body press from the top rope for the decisive pinfall.

I love Tyler Bate, the dude is hench as f**k, and Dave Mastiff is a great big guy wrestler. Mastiff came across very heelish in this match, but was respectful to Tyler at the end. I think the Heritage Cup division is going to be a big advantage for NXTUK. I love the concept, and the slow methodical style building to a fast paced ending is a joy to watch unfold. It really shines a light on how great the British style of wrestling can be. But one thing that does bug me is why on Earth is the Championship represented by a huge, bulky trophy instead of a title belt?! Just seems like its ridiculously awkward. Surely it would be better if the trophy was an annual tournament and the winner got a shot at the Heritage Championship? Just a thought...

Teoman debuts in dominant fashion

We've seen hype videos for Teoman for a few weeks now, and he debuted tonight with a dub step inspired theme song, which I kinda liked. He won a glorified squash match against Danny Jones.

Teoman seems like a decent wrestler. He's been around the block a few times by all accounts so I am interested to see where this goes. Given his German nationality and his career background it seems obvious to me that at some point he will tangle up with WALTER and Dragunov as they all worked for WXW together. Time will tell I guess.

Nina Samuels does some cleaning

Xia Brookside tells Nina Samuels to clean her room. As Nina is her Personal Assistant for one month she has no choice but to do it. We see a montage of Nina cleaning and doing washing up before realising there is a dishwasher....

Now, I have a soft spot for Xia Brookside, so I am personally loving this storyline. To quote our Quizmaster, "I never claimed to be unbiased". I'll be interested to see what happens after the month is up.

Like a Wild Boar to the slaughter

A vignette plays of a "locked up" (read: behind a wire fence) Wild Boar being admonished by Eddie Dennis for his actions leading to himself and Primate having their asses handed to them by Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews in the street fight a couple of weeks back. Eddie Dennis says that since he and Primate suffered the consequences of his actions, he must now suffer. Tyson T-Bone and Primate then appear and drag him off to Parts Unknown, presumably to be Kane's next meal.

If this leads to more air time for Tyson T-Bone then I'm all for it. He has been massively underutilised for some time.

Gallus Boys on Top

The Gallus boys are shown playing Pool and talking about getting back on top. Thats it. That's LITERALLY it. Moving on...

Ben Carter becomes Nathan Frazer

In what, to me, appears to be a largely inexplicable move, Ben Carter stated that coming to NXTUK was like a brand new start, and as such has changed his name to Nathan Frazer.

Really don't get this. He debuted as Ben Carter, he has been on the show for at least a month as Ben Carter, why change his name now?! Unless there are some legal wranglings we dont know about? In any case, Nathan Frazer is now his name and we should all just get used to it I guess.

The Lucky Yin cheats again!

In a fantastic back and forth match with Andrews and Webster, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan came away with the win after Kenny Williams mule kicked Webster in the mummy/daddy button while the referee was distracted. Amir Jordan was unhappy about this as he wants to win fair and square. Earlier in the match, Kenny stood frustrated in the ring for a few seconds when Jordan tagged himself in, and we all know what that means...

There is, without a doubt, a Kenny Williams heel turn coming, and its been coming for weeks. After Amir Jordan had a brief singles run while Kenny was on the shelf, and was doing pretty well, it seems obvious to me that they are going to be fighting each other at some point soon. Good thing too, as the serious, more competitive Amir Jordan was, in my opinion, much more interesting to watch than the almost comical version we are currently being subjected to. Amir Jordan is a hell of a talent, and a feud with Kenny Williams would allow us to see more of his serious side.

Niven lays the Pipe(r) and leaves Conners seeing (Jack) Starz

The main event this week saw the much hyped first ever mixed tag team match in NXTUK history as the team of Jinny and Joseph Conners took on Viper Piper Niven and perennial jobber, Jack Starz.

The match mostly involved Conners and Starz as Jinny did her best to stay out of the match as much as possible, but her and Niven did mix it up a few times. Conners dominated Starz for much of the match, before Starz sparked a fight back and was able to tag Piper Niven in. At this, Jinny legged it around the ring trying to escape Niven but to no avail, as Piper cut her off in the ring and threw her around like she had stolen her bag of chips. Jinny staged a brief fight back but Piper was soon back on top. Jinny fell into her corner and Conners tagged himself in. He then started berating Piper Niven which earned him a slap to the chops before Starz hit a high angle suplex on him. Double sentons to corner stricken Conners and Jinny followed before Piper hit Conners with a Piper Driver (essentially breaking the rules of the match but ssshhhhhhhh) then basically dropped Jack Starz on top for the pinfall and the victory.

I am not a fan of Jinny. I dislike her. And it goes back to a small show I once saw her at with Rob (Fellow RR columnist) in our hometwon some years back. Since then I have disliked her with a passion I can only compare with how much MJF hates...... well, everyone.

So that being said, I of course loved seeing her lose this match to Piper "Dont-call-me-viper" Niven and Jack "Jobber to the" Starz.

In all seriousness, I do believe that Jack Starz is ready to be further up the card than his current position. I get that they need enhancement talents, but Starz has paid his dues now and should be considered at least good enough to compete in the Heritage Cup Championship Trophy division. As for Piper, well, her search for gold continues, which surprises me as I thought she would have been a champion by now. All good things come to those who wait I guess....

Well, that about wraps up this installment of NXTUK! Come back next week where I will round up all the actio...... oh wait, I forgot to mention; WALTER will "make a statement" next week and Trent Seven's official weigh in for the Cruiserweight Championship will happen on "The Bump". So yeah, look forward to that.

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Quick Results

  • Tyler Bate bt Dave Mastiff 2-1 in a Heritage Cup Rules match
  • Teoman bt Danny Jones
  • Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan bt Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster
  • Piper Niven & Jack Starz bt Jinny & Joseph Conners