NXT UK: Bytesize! 28th July 2022

NXT UK: Bytesize! 28th July 2022

I’m back! And I'm better than ever....

What’s up guys and girls! James here with another addition of NXT UK! So, I've been away for a while and it seems that a lot has happened! So, sit back and relax as I take you through this week's thrilling episode!  
Match 1:  NXT UK Tag Team Championship match - Wild Boar & Mark Andrews vs (c) Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs.  

The match starts off with Wild Boar taking it to Jensen, some very good tag team cohesion from both teams. Why do Briggs and Jesen remind me of Billy and Rocky from the Power Rangers film it’s those shirts, real vibes right there!  
The champions take control with very good teamwork, isolating Andrews. A mistake from the champions allows Andrews to make a tag to Wild Boar, who comes in like a little cannon ball and takes it to the champs like a one-man little gang!  
The action is thick and fast with near falls and great teamwork, amazing match if I do say!  
a missed shooting star press from Andrews gives way to Jensen and Briggs hitting the high-low combo and retain the gold!  
Love the show of respect after the match between the two teams!  
Winners – and still NXT UK champions – Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs  
Backstage: - Tyler Bate wants to get his hands on his former tag partner Trent Seven – this is personal as former friends turn bitter enemies.  
Promo: Meiko Satomura & Sarray’s press conference.  
 Both Champion and challenger talk about their upcoming Campionship match.

Match 2:  The French hope - Amale vs Blair Davenport.  

Quick start to the match here, Amale taking it straight to her opponent.  
Amale takes full control, but the ever-wily Davenport manages to gain some momentum and starts an assault of her own.   
It’s certainly a hard-hitting match, Davenport goes for a double stomp, but misses and looks as if she may have tweaked her foot but it doesn’t seem to be affecting her movements.  
Must admit this is a great contest with near falls and hard hits. The match concludes with Davenport hitting the Falcon arrow to get the win!  
Winner: Blair Davenport.  
Promo: Oliver Carter has a message for Die Famile.  
He states that their beef is still on and that he will run through all of them. I don’t know why but every time I see a promo including Die Familie I get real Goodfella’s vibes... Must admit I like the whole camera angles, but the whole Hollywood style just makes me cringe.  
Promo: - Poor Sha Samuels, he isn’t having any luck lately is he, he’s having to give away all of his clothes, poor sod. No money, no heritage cup, no nothing... as much as I hate comedy skits in rasslin’ this one actually made me laugh like hell.  
Main event: NXT UK Championship – IIja Dragunov (c) vs Wolfgang 

This should be a hard hitting and competitive match!  
A collar and elbow tie up to start the match off, Wolfgang has a clear size and weight advantage.  
Pretty subdue start to the match, slow and methodical. The pace is slow but you can feel it’s going to pick up quickly. Dragunov tried to pick up Wolfgang but it seems that the champions back gave way, leaving an opening for Wolfgang to go on the attack.  
Ever the professional Dragunov continues with the match. The back of the champion is clearly affecting him, Wolfgang seems to be reluctant to go on a full-scale attack, is it out of respect or stupidity, I don’t know.  
It’s been a great match so far! The screams from Dragunov are heard all throughout the BT sports arena as his back in in pain. I’m getting Shawn Michaels vibes here.  
Near falls after near falls, false finishes and signature moves... what a match this is, even with a bad back and the pain, Dragunov picks up Wolfgang and slams him to the mat followed by a torpedo headbutt!  
what a match! What brutality, this, this right here is what a championship match should be!  
Winner: And still NXT UK Champion IIja Dragunov!

A handshake from champ and challenger after the match is always great to see!  
Another great episode this week, great matches that genuinley were hard to call, this is what a wrestling show should be like! 
This concludes the week's episode of NXT UK!  what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! 

As ever, I've been James and you’ve been awesome and I'll see you next week for another NXT UK!  
 (On a personal note, I want to thank those who’ve supported me during my time of personal healing while I've been away, the struggles and the fight within my personal life. I love you all and once again I thank you .... and now off I fuck!)