NXT UK Bytesize 19th August 2022

James is back with one of the final NXTUK reviews ever.

NXT UK Bytesize 19th August 2022

What's up guys and girls, James here with another edition of NXT UK! 
This week, we see the start of the tournament for the vacant NXT UK Championship! Coming to you from the BT sports arena!  
So, sit back and relax as I take you through all the action!  
Match 1: Joe Coffey vs Mark Andrews.  

 Nice start to the match, speed against power. Coffey gives me Buddy Mathews vibes with his look.  
Coffey is in firm control throughout the match, utilising his weight advantage. Pretty decent showing if I'm honest. After a mid-match test of strength, Andrews manages to gain some momentum.  
Really good match so far, a real back and forth affair. A mistake from Andrews allows Coffey to capitalise and pick up the win!  
Winner: Joe Coffey.  
Backstage: After winning the match Joe Coffey states that after the tournament, there’s only going to be one man standing and that will be him!  
Match 2: Amale vs Nina Samuels.  

From the off Amale dominates the match, using mat based rasslin’ to keep Samuels at bay. Samuels unable to mount any offence, well... that is until Amale gets a little over ought allowing Samuels to take advantage. I do love the UK fans; they’re never afraid to show how they real feel...  
I feel kind of bad for Samuels, having not won a match since last year, she’s alright in the ring I suppose but, I just don’t see here being any more that mid card to be honest.  
The match Concludes with Amale hitting the Hope breaker and picks up the win! 
Winner: Amale.  
Backstage: Oliver Carter begins talking about his knee injury, Trent Seven interrupts and things get heated, Seven ends it with a stern warning to Carter that the real Trent Seven is going to break his leg! Oooh. 
Promo: Former champion IIja Dragunov issues a statement to all the competitors that once he’s fully healed, he’ll be back and he’ll be more determined than ever to regain the title!  
Match 3: Chase and Hayward vs Saxon Huxley and Eddie Dennis.  

So, another basic comedy gimmick match up, great now Haywards giving me WCW Lex Luger vibes this week...  
Okay, so surprisingly I'm enjoying this match, the antics, comedy and basic stupidity of the gimmicks behind it. After being outsmarted by Chase U, Dennis makes a tag to the seemingly unteachable Huxley who comes in like a neanderthal and dominates that match.  
Both Chase and Huxley make the tag, Heyward comes in like some sort of weird bullet, Huxley and Dennis have some communication issues, leaving Huxley to leave Dennis alone making it a handicap match!  
hitting the flatliner Chase U picks up the win!  
Tempers flare after the match as Dennis and Huxley has it out, but Dennis feels the wrath after being hit with a chokeslam powerbomb!  
Winners: Chase U.  
Backstage: Mark Coffey will take on Noam Dar for the Heritage cup championship next week! That I am looking forward to!  
Main Event: Tyler Bate vs Kenny Williams.  

Very quick start to the match here, the disrespect from Williams showing strong here. The strength from Tyler Bate is incredible!  
Really enjoying this main event, class match between these two. Such good technical rasslin’ being shown. Hard hits, hard offence and some amazing moves on display! I have to give it to Kenny Wiliams because he keeps taking the hits and refuses to stay down.  
Just watching the whole spin has made me dizzy!  
Such a good match so far, who will progress to the next round!  
The match concludes with Bate hitting the Tyler Driver 97 and picks up the win! 
Winner: Tyler Bate!  
Holy Hell that was an amazing main event! Great match and really enjoyable.  
Another great show this week, I enjoyed it a lot.  
Great matches and some good showing in the ring! 
Well, that wraps up this week's episode, did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below!  
As ever, I’ve been James and you’ve been awesome and I'll catch you all next week for another edition of NXT UK!