NXT UK Bytesize March 3rd 2022

James is back with another NXT UK round up

NXT UK Bytesize March 3rd 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with another addition of NXT UK!  
This week see’s the return of NXT UK champion Ilja Dragunov as he will defend his title again Nathan Frazer!  
So, with that being said, let’s dive straight into the action.  
Mark Coffey vs Sha Samuels (with Gallus and Noam Dar banned from ringside)

This match has been building for weeks ever since Gallus took over the Supernova Sessions show.  
The match starts with Samuels taking control of the match early on, these two personalities are like if Peaky Blinders did wrestling....  
Samuels is in firm control; it’s been physical with some really hard hits and technical prowess.  
The majority of the match has been one sided, Coffey finally manages to find an opening after Samuels missed a flying elbow.  
Coffey now takes the advantage and lands a near perfect flying kick. Back and forth we go with near falls from both men, Coffey hits the Glass check and picks up the win!  
Winner: Mark Coffey  
A-Kid is training in the performance centre, Charlie Dempsey asks to speak with him and asks if he could show him the move he just performed, A-Kid refuses Dempsey, who goes on about how he’s not like he thinks he is and bam! Teoman and Rohan Raja attacking A-Kid from behind. After a little reluctance, Dempsey smiles and starts the attack again.  
The devil woman with evil on her mind Isla Dawn appears in an operatic style gothic scene clutching at flowers... this is giving me Sweeney Todd vibes... you know with the bad singing!  
Saying she’ll stand tall over the final boss and gain the NXT UK Women’s Championship. 
NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain are confronted by Aston Smith and Oliver Carter after they lost in controversial fashion last week.  
With Smith and Carter believing they deserve another chance at the gold the match is set! Smith and Carter vs Moustache Mountain for the Gold!  
Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz vs Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley)  

Well, this is a tag team that’s mismatched... Starz finally gets his bomber jacket off Mastiff upon entering the arena.  
Pretty Deadly remind me of this generations The Dicks...  
The match starts slow, but Mastiff uses his size and strength to overpower the former NXT UK tag champs.  
Mastiff and Starz are in control of the match with Pretty Deadly taking a massive amount of punishment from the big man Mastiff.  
Utilising their experience as a tag team, Pretty Deadly gain the momentum and take the fight to Starz, isolating Starz and not allowing him to make the tag.  
Starz manages to get the tag, Mastiff comes in like a wrecking ball, until Howley makes the tag, then the cocky and arrogant Pretty Deadly decide to don the bomber jacket... Village people called... they want their look back!  
Now they have to deal with a pissed off Mastiff and Starz who begs and pleads to be tagged in and here comes a shooting Starz.  
Starz hits a huge powerbomb and gets the win!  
Winners: Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz.  
Xia Brookside is seen leaving assistant general manager Sid Scala's office and she doesn’t look happy; she makes a call to daddy saying Scala says it’s her fault she lost another match.  
She asks daddy to help her.   
The weird promo with the trucker dude in the woods is back and he finds what looks to be bones of a jaw, with some narrative from the beast about how he had to lock himself away to survive and that his hunt has just begun...  

Joe Coffey and Noam Dar talk about their upcoming Heritage Cup match that should be a cracker of a match! It’s personal.  

NXT UK Championship match: Ilja Dragunov © vs Nathan Frazer.  

Here we go, Dragunov vs Frazer for the title! Dragunov in his first match since successfully defending again Jordan Devlin a few weeks ago in the empty arena no DQ match!  
Two contrasting styles in this match, a high flyer vs mat-based style!  
Very good start to the match here, Frazer utilizing his speed in taking the fight to Dragunov, however the stiff style of Dragunov overcomes his opponent.  
The champion is in firm control, Frazer momentarily gains some momentum but Dragunov hits back with a huge kick to the face!  
The match goes on and near falls after near falls, Dragunov attempts the trio of suplexes, he manages to hit them but Frazer won’t give up!  
Back and forth the action goes, what a hard-hitting affair this is!  
Frazer hits two superkicks and Dragunov still won’t give up, amazing match.  
These two men are laying it all on the line! Holy shit balls, so many near falls!  
What. A. Match, Dragunov hits the Torpedo Moscow and picks up the victory!  

Wow! What a main event that was! Frazer showing why he was deserving of a title shot. I was very impressed and I have to admit, this has been the best Championship match I've seen in WWE for a very long time.  
Well, that concludes this week's episode, I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome and I'll catch you next week for another episode of NXT UK!