NXT UK Bytesize: 6th May 2021

Its the first NXT UK of May, and Paul is here with a new bytesized review!

NXT UK Bytesize: 6th May 2021

What’s up boys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another Bytesized NXT UK review! 

For those wondering, there was no NWA review this week as it was “Powerrrsurge,” a half hour recap show which I don’t see any point in covering. NXT UK however, did not disappoint this week with the promise of a clash between Ilja Dragunov and Dave Mastiff, and the huge “Loser Leaves NXT UK” No DQ match between former tag team partners, Kenny Williams, and Amir Jordan. 

So, let's get into it! 

Dragunov v Mastiff stopped due to injury. 

The opening match between Ilja Dragunov and Dave Mastiff had barely got started when the match was called off due to a legitimate injury to Dave Mastiff. 

From the opening bell, Dragunov was attempting to control the Bomber, and attempted to German Suplex his much bigger opponent, after the attempt failed, Dragunov threw a forearm, but something went wrong with it as his elbow connected full force with Mastiff’s nose. 

Instantly Mastiff’s entire demeanour changed. Although both tried to carry on, with Dragunov again attempting a German Suplex before jumping on Mastiff’s back, and Mastiff subsequently hitting a back drop on Dragunov, the referee took one look at Mastiff with blood pissing out of his face and called for the bell. 

Replays showed that Dragunov has unintentionally (or not) delivered a full force elbow right to the bridge of the nose, and later updates confirmed Mastiff had sustained a broken nose. 

It looked like the story of the match was going to be Ilja losing control and hitting a German Suplex on the Bomber, with the control issue being referenced in a later backstage promo where he stated his lack of control has consequences, but this was not to be. 

I wish Dave Mastiff a speedy recovery. 

Promos and Vignettes aplenty! (Part one) 

Following the premature end to the opening match, it seemed as though they scrambled to put something together to fill the time, as we had no less than twelve vignettes and promos throughout the show after this! I will try to sum them up in short bullet points; 

  • Xia Brookside Vignette – Talks up her chances of winning the gauntlet match and how Kay Lee Ray is not a champion to be proud of. 
  • Sid Scala backstage making Kenny Williams aware there is no backing out of tonight's match. Kenny says he knows, he asked for it. After tonight, Amir Jordan will be gone from NXT UK. 
  • Stevie Turner Vignette – I’m a huge fan of Stevie. She talks about being 4-Dimensional in a 2-Dimensional world, and that she is going straight to the top. She has a bad habit of taking things to the next level. 
  • Ilja Dragunov backstage promo – Says Mastiff wanted to help him, but he lost control against someone he respects, and his lack of control has consequences. 
  • Gallus backstage kicking a ball around, says it proves when they drop the ball, Gallus boys get back on top. Rampage appears looking for Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey says “Give me the ball back and I’ll tell you where he is.” Rampage throws the ball away. Wolfie says Joe isn't here, but he is. Rampage accepts the challenge. 
  • Isla Dawn Vignette – Talks about her chances in the upcoming gauntlet match, and how Kay Lee Ray used her. She’s going to take KLR down, and it only cost her her soul... (creepy...) 

Supernova Sessions with Ben Carter Nathan Frazer 

Breaking up the vignettes and promo’s a little, Noam Dar is here with another Supernova Sessions. He has Sha Samuels with him, and he’s got a look on his face like he’s just found out someone pissed on his chips. 

Noam gives his usual “Live from the Moon” speech, before saying they have a new guest today, Nathan Frazer! 

Out comes the former Ben Carter, and Noam looks confused, saying “You’re not Nathan!” And shouting to a producer presumably; “We don’t do reruns!” 

All the while Frazer makes himself comfortable while Dar and Sha figure out what to do. Noam is not prepared at all for this, but he asks “What’s different?” (Stellar journalism right there). 

Frazer says the name “Ben Carter” was something he came up with to use so his parents wouldn’t know he was training and wrestling, and he used the same name while playing football at college in the US ("Soccer for all you stateside fans!" he says, while cheesily breaking the fourth wall...), but now that he is in the WWE, he doesn’t need to hide anything. 

Noam follows this up with “What have you learned so far in NXT UK?” (Again, great questioning...) 

Frazer says it’s been great so far, getting to mix it up with Johnny Moss etc and learning the British Style. It’s been fun! 

At this point, Sha Samuels pipes up with a question; “Who do you think you are?” (Why am I suddenly picturing him in a Union Jack dress and ginger wig...??) 

He harps on about how Frazer is not a true British Wrestler, and when Frazer retorts he was born in the UK, Samuels shouts “Oh shut up you tart!” (Classic). 

Noam then gets in on the act, saying that Frazer wouldn’t last a minute in a match with him, or rather, six, three-minute rounds. He says that he is a young legend, whereas Frazer is just a rookie. Frazer says is that a challenge? Noam tries to get out of it but Samuels accepts for him. Frazer then says if it’s a challenge then you know he’s going to accept. But wouldn’t it be something if this “Rookie” beat the Grandmaster of British Wrestling at his own game? 

Jokes aside, I’m loving the development of Frazer, hopefully he becomes a big deal for NXT UK. 

Promos and Vignettes aplenty! (Part two) 

Back to the constant stream of promos and vignettes now, so back to the bullet points; 

  • Next up is a profile on Jinny... Full disclosure, I barely paid attention here, she has real “Go Away!” heart with me, but I assume she prattled on about winning the gauntlet match or something? Whatever, I don’t care... 
  • Sid Scala now makes Amir Jordan aware there is no backing out of tonight's match. Jordan says he’s going nowhere. 
  • Subculture Promo Vignette – They talk about how they came together as a perfect fit, and that after being part of subculture, now they are Subculture. This one seems to have come out of nowhere in a way, so I am interested to see where they go with it... 
  • Now we get a hype video of Tyler Bate and A-Kid re-watching their previous NXT UK encounters. A-Kid says in the first match, Tyler was clearly better and he had no chance, but by the second match he was a different person. Tyler pinpoints the exact moment he lost the second match, when A-Kid could see self-doubt in him. They then talk up the match next week for the Heritage Cup. Hang on... 

  • Dani Luna Vignette – Talks about her love of fish and chips... Ok’ not really, but how great would that have been? She talks about her time in NXT UK and how she is ready for Kay Lee Ray. 

Seven sees off Saxon and suffers Sam’s slandering! 

Boy, I had to work for that one! 

Saxon Huxley takes on Trent Seven next, in the first in ring action for nearly twenty minutes! 

I’m expecting some Sam Gradwell #shenanigans in this match. 

Saxon Huxley put in a remarkably good performance in this match, often dominating the action. Seven did turn the tables mid match with what I can only describe as a delayed crossbody. Yes, I know how that sounds. He followed this with a scoop slam, then a leg drop, for a two count. 

Huxley reasserted himself after this and countered a seven-star lariat, he then hit a drive by kick on Seven on the outside where the action continued for a couple of minutes. A scoop slam and an elbow drop later, Huxley got a two count.  

Following this, Seven fought back and hit his trademark DDT. At this point, yep, you guessed it. Sam Gradwell appears on the tron, and says even though Seven is a “Founding Father” od NXT UK, and despite everything he has achieved, how does it feel to know he still can't get the job done? He stopped short of calling him a yoghurt though. Clearly Muller aren't paying him this week. 

Huxley nearly beats Seven following the distraction, but Seven turns it around with a full nelson suplex and then the seven-star lariat for the win. 

I’m a little bit disappointed there was no proper appearance from “The Thunderstorm” this week. Ironically, he’s the only Thunderstorm I like, as I’ve been afraid of actual thunder since I was little... 

Moving on... 

Promos and Vignettes aplenty! (Part three) 

Last couple of vignettes now! 

  • Emilia “Not Millie” McKenzie Vignette – She says while she may be the youngest woman in the division, she’s also the toughest, and she is going to prove she is the best women’s wrestler in the UK by beating Kay Lee Ray. You go girl. 
  • Finally, a “Moments ago” video plays that shows referees dragging Amale (I legit forgot she was part of the roster) away from a beaten Xia Brookside (No! Not Xia! She’s my pick to win!) Apparently, she was not happy that she didn’t get a spot in the gauntlet match and so decided to beat up poor Xia. She’s now 50/50 to make the gauntlet match next week. 

Fair play though, she’s made a mockery of the stereotype that all French people carry a white flag... 

The Lucky Yin versus the Bhangra Bad Boy! 

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. So much happened in this near twenty-minute match, that I cannot possibly go through it all and keep this “Byte sized.” 

When you think of a “No DQ” match, instantly a dozen things spring to mind, and this match had nearly all of it. The only thing missing were some insane high spots! 

Williams and Jordan battered the piss out of each other with chairs, steel turnbuckle couplings, tables, the barricade and at one point after “going into the crowd,” a fire extinguisher! 

At one point, after Williams had pulled up the ringside mats, Jordan hit a suplex on the concrete, then rolled Williams into the ring, hitting a senton for a close near fall. He then repeatedly rammed Williams’ head into a steel chair before going to the top rope. Williams stood up and threw the chair at Jordan, but he caught it and threw it back. This resulted in Williams staggering into the ropes, which of course caused Jordan to lose balance and crotch himself. 

From there, Williams was able to hit a Bulldog on Jordan onto a chair, and pin him for the win. As a result, Amir Jordan is now gone from NXT UK. I have to admit I find this a little confusing. I would have thought Kenny Williams would fit in well in the Cruiserweight Division on NXT USA (I wonder why they don’t call it that?) so I would have thought that it made more sense for him to lose and go there? 

In any case, Williams celebrated his win and mocked his fallen foe, while Jordan then wept in the ring before leaving the arena, possibly for the last time. But probably not. 

And that ends another action-packed NXT UK. I think the injury to Mastiff derailed this week's show a little, but they recovered pretty well and gave us a lot to look forward to for next week. 

Having said that, where is WALTER? He is still the NXT UK Champion, so surely he should be appearing on the show more regularly? Is he now an Austrian version of Brock Lesnar?!  And what about Pretty Deadly? The Tag Champs have been MIA for a couple of weeks now.

As ever, thanks for reading, and join me again next week as break down another edition of NXT UK!