NXT UK Bytesize 4th August 2022

NXT UK Bytesize 4th August 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with another edition of NXT UK!  

This week’s episode certainly provided some shocks and upsets!  
so, sit back and relax as I give you all the lowdown from this week’s episode.  
We start off with NXT UK Champion IIja Dragunov coming to the ring.  
The smiles turn to tears as the Champion announces he has no choice but to relinquish the NXT UK Championship due to suffering an ankle injury during last week’s championship match against Wolfgang. I mean fair play to Dragunov, he managed to finish the match like a champ!  
Safe to say the fans didn’t want him to, so glad we didn’t get the whole I fought my whole life for this... God, I hate that shtick.  
Dragunov gives one last hurrah as he leaves the NXT UK title in the middle of the ring as the fans drown the BT sports arena with chants of undefeated! The respect shown from the fans is amazing, have to say, British fans can be amazing at times.  
Promo: The Chase University gets a guided tour of the capital city of London, another cringy moment... is it just me or does Bodhi Hayward give you real Jay vibes from Jay and Silent Bob? … no, just me then, okay!  
They see a down beaten Sha Samuels, and tell him that with hard work and determination, he himself could become a student at Chase University, safe to say that Samuels still has some dignity left...  
Backstage: NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint and Assistant General Manager, Sid Scala announce an 8-man tournament for the newly vacant NXT UK Championship which will take place on next week’s episode!  

Match 1: Oliver Carter vs Rohan Raja w/Die Familie 

Fast start by Carter as he takes it right to Raja, Carter is relentless as he takes down Raja to the outside, but as ever with the distraction from Die Familie with an attack, allowing Raja to take control. Raja dominates the match since the gang attack. Carter shows some innovative offence as he fights his way back into the match and now, we’re back on even terms. Have to admit, great match so far, we go back and forth between the two athletes. Carter uses more innovation to take out Die Familie at ring side allowing him the opportunity to gain momentum.  
The match now in Carters corner and nails Raja with a corner spin kick picking up the win!  
Carter makes it 2 for 2 against Die Familie!  
As ever, after picking up the win, he’s subject to a 3 on 1 gang assault as they haven’t taken kindly to yet another loss... sometimes I think this thing is overplayed but hey ho, it is what it is.  
Winner: Oliver Carter  

Backstage: Eliza Alexander confronts Thea Hail.  
A war of words between the two, Alexander states that she’s tired of the Americans coming over and taking her opportunities, Thea then states that Chase U is the most amazing thing ever.... erm okay! Bit weird love, but whatever floats your boat.  
Backstage: Die Familie are happy and celebrate their attack on Carter as Teoman states that the eye always has a plan, then Sam Gradwell comes and says that the eye doesn’t have a plan for him.  
I do love a random appearance that gives screen time to stars.  
Match 2: Bodhi Hayward with Chase U vs Sha Samuels 

Ah another comedic team and match, I do love the Samuels story at the moment, it does make me chuckle.  
Speaking of chuckles, Hayward is now giving me Billy Gunn vibes from his Billy and Chuck days, this is just weird! Good start to the match, some comedic stuff thrown in. Samuels looks like the Brooklyn Brawler but smellier and less clean...  
Samuels is in firm control of the match here, but Hayward shows some testicular fortitude and starts to mount a hard offence, however, Hayward gets a little over zealous and allows Samuels to hit the scoop slam and pick up the victory!  
Winner: Sha Samuels  
Backstage: Oliver Carter is informed by Sid Scala will be in the 8-man tournament for the NXT UK 
The 8 men participating in the tournament are announced for the vacant NXT UK Championship  
in round one we’ll see Oliver Carter vs Charlie Dempsey next week and in two weeks we’ll see Mark Andrews vs a returning Joe Coffey. Kenny Williams vs Tyler Bate and finally Wolfgang will take on Trent Seven. Oooh this should be an amazing tournament!  

Match 3: Main event time!

Wait, what’s this? Blair Davenport comes down to the ring and derails the planned title match between Meiko Satomura and Sarray.  
She states that there’s been a change of plans, okay I'm really confused now, she says that if it wasn’t for her breaking her ankle this match wouldn’t be taking place... now Amale comes down to the ring and says she isn’t the only one who’s had to fight for a shot and now Eliza Alexander comes down to the ring and agrees that Blair has a point and states that she deserves a shot.  
Now the Devil woman with evil on her mind appears in the ring and says that Davenport has never beaten her, Sid Scala who’s in the ring announces an impromptu match between Isla Dawn and Davenport with the winner becoming the number one contender for the NXT UK Women’s Championship! I cannot keep up with this!  
A fiery start to the match here... okay who do I choose here? I can’t lie, I like them both, sue me!  
Both women want this so badly and it’s certainly a physical affair. The devil woman with evil on her mind takes it to Davenport, Dawn in full control but frustration is seeping in, back and forth we go again, Dawn hits a double knee takedown and goes for a pin, but Eliza Alexander interferes and the referee has no choice but to call for a DQ.  
Complete Chaos ensues as Amale gets some retribution on Davenport and a full-scale riot follows, I'm sensing there’s going to be an elimination match taking place real soon with the fans chanting let them fight! I agree let them gooooo.  
Well, that wraps up this episode and damn what an episode it was!  
it had everything, relinquishes, wars, comedy and a riot! Great show, even though I did think Davenport’s promo was really weak but hey, the match made it up it!  
As ever, I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome and I'll see you all next week for NXT UK!