NXT UK Bytesize: 3rd June 2021

Paul gives us all the happenings from this weeks NXT UK!

NXT UK Bytesize: 3rd June 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXT UK review!

Last week gave us the promise of some really good match ups, and they follow through with that promise tonight!

Noam Dar faces what will surely be his own demise when he takes on the unstable Ilja Dragunov, Jack Starz faces Pretty Deadly in what could be an NXT UK Tag Team Championship match so long as he can find a partner, and in the main event, Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey clash once again!

I’m excited for this one, let’s get into it!

Dragunov is Noam-ateur…

I’m amazed that this one is kicking off the show as I thought it might be later but I’m super pumped for it!

By the end of this match, Dar might need one of James’ bodybags…

The match starts with the usual back and forth, although at one point, with Dar down on the mat, Dragunov looked like he was about to lay down some elbow strikes but pulled up at the last second. The story of the match seems to be Dragunov trying to keep his anger in check while the middle school bully antics of Dar push him to the edge.

Midway through the match after attempting the Constantine special, Dragunov’s left knee gave out, and he spent the rest of the match selling this superbly. Dar of course would target the knee, using all manner of heel tactics. Dar would lock in the Umaplata, which Dragunov fought out of, and then landed three consecutive German Suplexes, despite Dar trying his best to avoid them. After trading some vicious looking shots, Dragunov hit the Constantine special, but then missed a knee drop from the top rope.

Sensing this like a shark sensing blood in the water, Dar would capitalise on this right away, locking in the Champagne Super Knee Bar. Dragunov eventually fought his way out, and that’s when Dar made the mistake of antagonising Dragunov just that little bit too much.

Ilja’s bad thoughts surfaced quickly and he began throwing bombs like a man possessed, landing a huge Gutwrench Suplex. Dar would elbow his way out of it, and attempt a Nova Roller, but Dragunov countered this with the Torpedo Moscow for the win.

Fantastic match to start the show!

Afterwards, as Dar left the ring, Dragunov was shouting at Dar incoherently. I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, but if I had to guess, I would say it was something to do with getting him some Beef Stroganoff… (I know, cheap Russian food joke, but I had to get something in, didn’t I?!)

Next up, a short vignette on Aoife Valkyrie, talking about how she has grown since her defeat to Meiko Satomura.

There will be no training in this Dojo for the Irish Ace!

In an “Earlier today” backstage clip, we see Sid Scala (anyone remember when he used to wrestle?) eagerly waiting at the entrance to the UK PC like he is some sort of giddy pre-teen schoolgirl because Jordan Devlin has just arrived back.

Devlin cuts him off and asks if he got his email regarding his list of demands to commit to NXT UK. Sid says he did not, so Devlin reels them off for him.

  • His own private dressing room
  • A brand-new car
  • A guest slot on Supernova Sessions
  • A Hello Kitty backpack
  • £500 of Primark vouchers
  • An all you can eat Ice Cream buffet

Ok, those last three might have been made up by me….

Scala says he will speak with Johnny Saint, but in the meantime, there’s a bunch of people in the PC waiting to welcome him back. Devlin says the PC is for people training, and as he’s the finished article, he doesn’t need to train, so he will see them at the BT Sport Studios. Devlin then slams the door and leaves.

Really good segment this. NXT UK are nailing it so far tonight!

Starz and ???? are Pretty un-Deadly

Well it seems Jack Starz found a partner as it’s been announced that this match is for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships!

Out come Pretty Deadly first, who head to the ring with their trademark swagger, and “Sideplate Check”. I’m still not a big fan of these two but it cannot be denied they’re good heels.

Jack Starz comes out next and waits on the stage, building suspense for who his tag team partner is.

Who could it be? Maybe he got Seth Rollins! Or maybe Finn Balor! Or it could be the biggest swerve in pro wrestling history, and he’s got Jon Moxley!

Ok, it’s none of those. But he has got the man formerly known as Ben Carter, Nathan Frazer! This is a great pick. Frazer is top quality, and has awesome ring music, so it gets a thumbs up from me. Side note, Stoker threw his shirt at Frazer at the start of the match which Frazer caught, then dropped to the mat and elbow dropped it, great stuff!

Stoker starts off against Starz, and initially dominates. Starz manages to turn the tide briefly with a dropkick and arm drag combo, but Stoker tags Howley in. After Howley throws Starz around for a bit, Frazer is tagged in and cleans house. It’s clear they see big things for Frazer as he dominated.

After a spell of dominance from Frazer, Stoker, who had tagged back in, threw Frazer at the ropes and Howley pulled them down, sending Frazer tumbling out of the ring. The champions then took turns beating down Frazer. Howley would tag back in and throw Frazer out of the ring again, but Frazer would rally and tag Starz in. Starz then went on the usual hot tag run of basically hitting everything in sight, and cam very close to securing the win after Frazer pulled the ropes down sending Howley tumbling out of the ring. Starz would hit a variation of a belly to belly suplex, gaining a close near fall. But ultimately, this was only going to go one way, as shortly after Pretty Deadly would hit Spilt Milk for the win.

Lessons in Zen with Master Bate… Oh, wait….

Sometimes, they just occur naturally don’t they?!

Ok, so first of all...

It seems they’re really playing into the whole Zen thing with Tyler now. Tyler is sat in a Zen garden of sorts, and says that the mind is like water, when its turbulent, its difficult to see. But when its calm everything becomes clear..

He then says he’s open to all challengers for his Heritage Cup championship trophy, and attached to no results, just enjoying the process. He continues talking in riddles, ending the segment by saying “I am the Heritage Cup Champion, I am….

Throughout this Tyler is practicing with nunchuks, and to be fair, he’s pretty good! As odd as this character shift may seem, it works for him. And let’s face it, stranger things have got over in the past. No Way Jose anyone?

Beaten in a Flash…

Back in the ring, Subculture’s Flash Morgan Webster is set to take on Joseph Conners, who has Jinny by his side as ever.

After an initial back and forth, and then brief flurry of offence by Webster, Conners takes control of the match and lays waste to Webster with a nasty looking backbreaker.

Following this though, Webster takes control and hits a standing moonsault, followed by a dropkick that sends Conners to the outside. Webster then tries a suicide dive, but the referee stops him, so Webster dives over the referee and the top rope, taking out Conners.

After a little more offence from Webster, Jinny grabs his helmet (I know what you’re thinking, and no, not that one!) and throws it to Conners. He then tries to use it but of course, the referee stops him, and with his back turned, Jinny pushes Webster off the top rope. This leads to Conners hitting the Hanging Neckbreaker for the win.

Short match to further the feud between them. I’m looking forward to when Dani Luna inevitably smashes Jinny though the floor. Have I mentioned I seriously dislike Jinny?

OH MY GOD! It worked! Guys, we did it! Our missing posters have had the desired effect! WALTER returns next week!

He hasn’t been seen on NXT UK since April 8th. So much for the 30-day title defence rule eh? WALTER is the NXT UK version of Brock Lesnar it seems…

A hype video plays now for next weeks NXT UK Women’s Title match. Standard stuff really. Kay Lee Ray says Meiko will not beat her, Meiko says she is taking the title from her. Seriously, the usual stuff. Can’t wait for the match though, it’ll be epic!

Rampage gets ribbed a latte by Coffey…

I know, that was terrible, but I’m trying!

Main event time now, Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey finally get their rematch after their barnburner of a match a few weeks back.

After some initial back and forth, Coffey hits a crossbody on Rampage, who replies with a dropkick.

The match turns when Rampage, attempting a boot to Coffey, ends up kicking the ring post after Coffey ducks it. Coffey then drops Rampage across the ropes, and this is where the match really turned as Rampage ended up with injured ribs (segment title makes sense now huh?)

From here it was all Coffey, as he controlled the match and continued to wear down Rampage’s upper body, targeting the ribs. As the match wore on, Rampage did manage to mount a brief comeback, hitting a Samoan drop.

This was about as good as it got for Rampage, as Coffey then reasserted himself, and after they both ended up out of the ring. Coffey gits the Glasgow Sendoff on Rampage into the ring steps and hits it twice more back in the ring, followed by the Discus Lariat to seal the win.

The two shake hands at the end of the match, and hint at a third and final match. Just as the show is ending, Ilja Dragunov comes out and stares down both Coffey and Rampage. It seems he has his eyes set on the two of the biggest guys in the division now.

That brings to an end this week’s NXT UK, and another Bytesized review! For me this was a great episode! NXT UK seems to have really hit a stride recently and are showing a level of consistency sorely missing from a lot of companies.

The opening match and the main event were great to watch, and even the tag team title match was really good. Overall, I am loving NXT UK at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the current product? Let me know in the comments or in our Facebook group.

That’s all from me this week, next week we get the Women’s title match, plus the return of WALTER, so I hope you will all join me then.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!