NXT UK: Bytesize 31st March 2022

James is back with all the latest goings on from NXT UK

NXT UK: Bytesize 31st March 2022

What’s up guys and girls! James here with another edition of NXT UK! It is WRESTLEMANIA week!
The final NXT UK before we head to the showcase of the immortals and I am here to give you all the lowdown from this week’s episode!

in tonight’s show, we will see Noam Dar defend his Heritage Cup Championship as he takes on Mark Coffey.
So, with said, let us dive straight into the action!

Match 1:  Amale vs Xia Brookside.

Not happy with the loss she suffered the first time, Brookside made a little call to daddy and managed to get a rematch against Amale.
Nice start to the match, both women putting on a good show, Brookside takes control quick, dominating the match in the early going.
Amale manages to battle back, spilling to the outside, Amale hits the inspiration.

After an attack from an unknown female, I’m sure I have seen her before! She looks so familiar.
Back in the ring Brookside takes full advantage of a weakened Amale and hit the broken wing and gets the win!

Winner: Xia Brookside.

The Devil Woman with evil on her mind Isla Dawn taunts the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura, stating that she has something she wants from her and if she wants her championship back, she must do whatever she asks…
Creepy, cool, I say team Isla dawn with Alexa Bliss and bang cool, dark, and fun tag team!

Multiple superstars share their thoughts on the upcoming match for the NXT UK Championship between Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong! I cannot wait for that match; it is going to be a cracker!

Match 2:

One half of the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Trent Seven w/Tyler Bate vs Ashton Smith w/Oliver Cater.

Collar and elbow tie up start, well this soon turned into a fast-paced match!
it might just be me, but whenever I see Moustache Mountain, I always get the old NWA rassler vibes…

Both men showing grit with stiff shots, back and forth we go. The strength of Ashton Smith is quite impressive, catching a man coming off the top rope and turning it into a vertical suplex is amazing to see! This is a really good match, neither wanting to give the other the advantage. Near fall after near fall. After the pin attempts from both men, it was Trent Seven who picked up the win.

Albeit a tainted win as he had a hand full tights, the look on Tyler Bate’s face showed he wasn’t impressed with how the match ended.

Winner: Trent Seven – with this win, both teams now have one win each.

A-kid wants to get his hands on Teoman, this is getting personal, I love it!

Wild Boar Vows to get his revenge on Eddie Dennis, he states that if he keeps on throwing his puppets at him, he will knock them down, and when he goes to bed and goes to sleep, he will see BOAR BOAR BOOOOOOAR! (Don’t lie, you read that in Paul Heymans voice didn’t you, because I did)

Not happy with how their match ended, an angry and disgruntled Smith and Carter confront Moustache Mountain, with Seven stating that the win was veteran work,
Assistant General Manger Sid Scala then intervenes and states that all 5 of them will discuss the matter next week in his office!

with Seven still stating that a win is a win!

Match 3:  Kenny Williams vs Tate Mayfairs.

A debuting Tate Mayfair, let us see what he can do in the ring.
Williams taking the fight right to Mayfair, he dominates the early going. Mayfair manages to fight back but Williams takes him down by going after the leg.
Now the match is in the firm grasp of Williams, going on the attack, Mayfair manages to break the submission hold and now Williams is back in control. Spilling to the outside area, Williams shows his dominance.
Going for the pin, Williams’s ego gets the better of him by breaking the pin. Tossing Mayfair to the outside he unusually tries to hide under the ring with Williams in pursuit.

Sam f’n Gradwell appears from under the ring with a scared and stunned Williams running away from the angry bald man! Gradwell throws Mayfairs back into the ring thus allowing him the win via a count out!

Not a bad way to win on your debut!

Winner: Tate Mayfairs!

Wolfgang is asked if Mark Coffey is ready for his Heritage Cup Championship match, he states that the championship is going home with Gallus tonight!
He is then interrupted by Die Familie (Teoman, Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey) Dempsey asks why Gallus always gets to represent UK heritage.

Good question really.

NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov comes face to face with Roderick strong ahead of their coming clash for the championship!
Ilja is asked about his feeling towards Strong and states that his works speaks for itself and that his style inspires him.
the same question is asked of Roderick Strong, and he states that Ilja reminds him of himself and that he wants to push him to the next level and that he wants the NXT UK Champion.

Ilja says that the fans, his supporters give him the power to be better, Roderick then says that he has not experienced the losses, and that he has been a multiple champion within the WWE.
Things then get serious as Ilja proclaims that he will be standing tall!

I cannot wait for that match!

Main Event: Heritage Cup Championship match Noam Dar w/Sha Samuels vs Mark Coffey w/Joe Coffey.
(Heritage Cup rules in effect)

Here we are, main Event time!

Noam Dar will take on the final member of Gallus.
Dar showing cockiness at the start, showing off his technical abilities, some nice mat-based grappling here, smart tactics from Dar here.

After having a quick swig from Samuels’s flask, Dar applying a smart submission move with the last ten seconds of round one.
Round two starts much like the first round with Dar being in control, the old catch-as-catch-catch style here, but Dar soon picks up a pinfall win which surprises Coffey and myself, I did not expect that if I am honest.

Seems the pinfall has annoyed Coffey as he starts to unleash his fury on Dar in the start of round three.
Sensing the urgency in the match up, Coffey takes it to Dar and hits a kick and gets the pin fall! We are now at one a piece heading into round four!

The match has now taken a turn into a more hard-hitting affair. Both men showing fatigue 30 seconds left! Dar smells blood as Coffey injures his leg, Dar soon adds a submission, but Coffey does not give up! Round five starts with the same urgency as previous round.

Excellent quality match this is, thoroughly enjoying it!
Samuels provides a distraction which breaks the submission hold Joe Coffey the gets involved leaving Mark to calm things down, Dar was about to give up and we would have had a new Heritage Cup Champion! In the midst of all the chaos on the outside Dar sees his opportunity and hits the Novaroller to get the win!

Wow, what an episode this week was! An excellent main event!
I really enjoyed this week, the match between Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong will be a firecracker!
I really enjoyed this week, who is Xia Brooksides new friend? I swear I have seen her somewhere before. From what I saw of Tate Mayfair I was impressed by him.

Overall, another good show this week!

As ever I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome and I’ll catch you all again next week for NXT UK!