NXT UK Bytesize: 29th April 2021

It's Thursday, you know what that means... It's NXTUK time!

NXT UK Bytesize: 29th April 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another NXTUK Bytesized review! 

This week sees the debut of Rohn Raja as he takes on Teoman, plus what could be a fantastic matchup between the undefeated Aoife Valkyrie, and the “Best in the World”, Meiko Satomura! 

I’m amped up for this one so let's get into it! 

Raja debut spoiled by Teoman 

The show opens with Teoman taking on Rohan Raja (who kinda reminds me of an Indian Damien Sandow/Aron Stevens) Raja has been wresting for five years, and was trained by Lance Storm, so you know he comes from a good background. 

Teoman is no slouch though, and he takes control early and dominates the match. Each time Raja seems to get a foothold back into the match, Teoman cuts him off. Raja does get in some offence, and early in the match they trade disrespectful slaps. 

Raja looks pretty good, but the closest he gets to a win is when he hits a Pop Up Sit Out Powerbomb for a two count. 

Following this, Teoman locks in a crossface, and Raja almost makes it to the ropes, but Teoman kicks off of the ropes and rolls through to the middle, Raja is refusing to tap, so Teoman wrenches back hard and there is an audible pop. Raja screams in agony and says his shoulder popped out, so the referee calls for the bell. Teoman wins by referee stoppage. 

Teoman gets on the mic while Raja is being attended to and says he doesn’t know if Raja is brave or stupid, but that maybe now he realises that the eye is always watching... 

South Wales Subculture Lessons... 

Vignette time now, as Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, and Dani Luna talk about the way that Mod Subculture, Skating Subculture, and Punk Rock Subculture made them who they are. Looks like Dani Luna is part of SWS now... 

Following this, a short backstage promo shows where Dave Mastiff interrupts an interview with Ilja Dragunov and says seeing as he has struggled with his temper lately, he can relate to that. So why don’t they try and beat the temper out of each other next week? 

Dragunov accepts. 

The “Forever Champ” sees her competition... 

Sid Scala is in the ring (Hey, remember when he used to wrestle?) and he makes a little speech introducing Kay Le Ray, a champion whose 607-day reign has been like no other seen before on this brand (Uhhh, Sid? Pete Dunne’s 685-day reign as WWE UK Champion? WALTER’s CURRENT reign at 730+ days??...)  

Out comes Kay Lee Ray. She says it’s a good introduction, but could have been better. KLR says that she is the forever champion, and the longest reigning Women’s Champion of the modern era. She says that no one compares to her (chill out there Sinead O’Connor). 

But she says Sid is not out there to congratulate her, so what does Sid want? 

Sid Scala announces that there will be a 5-woman gauntlet match to determine the next Number 1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. 

The 5 competitors are: Jinny (Ugh), Isla Dawn (Looking creepy af...), Xia Brookside (my pick to win it), Dani Luna (a dark horse in the match) and Millie Emilia McKenzie. 

The five women stare down KLR as she says that none of them are good enough to beat the forever champion. She then stares down the competitors. 

I mean, I get it, she’s been champion for a long time, but the reign is kind of tainted by not being able to defend it for six months because of lockdown. That said, she has been a dominant champion. 

Pretty Deadly vignette follows this. They have been doing a lot of media interviews etc since winning the tag team titles, and they say “Yes boy!” a lot. Thrilling... 

Oh, another vignette! This time it’s the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, A-Kid! Still no belt... 

 He talks about how he turns the pressure on him as champion into motivation, and hypes up his match against Tyler Bate for the championship trophy. He says it's great that he now gets to see eye to eye with a man he looked up to (uh, they're the same age...) 

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to this one! Tyler has lost two straight matches to A-Kid, but I suspect he may just win this one... 

“The East End Butcher” takes down Levi Muir 

Sha Samuels in action now against the talented up and comer, Levi Muir. That said, in the immortal words of Michael Cole: 

The match begins, and bugger me, Levi Muir actually starts strong! He is getting in some good offence against Samuels, and even hits a nice scoop slam! Maybe I was wrong about it being squash time... 

Ah, wait. Muir makes a mistake which Samuels then capitalises on, and it’s all downhill from here. Samuels begins to dominate, and after gaining some momentum, tries to lock in the Butchers Hook. Muir escapes though and gets Samuels up in a Firemans Carry, but Samuels rakes his face while the referee’s view is blocked, then follows up with a Spinebuster for the win. 

Muir looked good in this match, he was able to get more offence in than you would normally expect, but Samuels was always going to win. 

Vignette time again, and this time it’s Trent Seven, at the UK Performance Centre, talking about what a wild ride it’s been so far, having been at NXTUK since day one. He is about to talk about being one of the founding fathers when “The Thunderstorm” Sam Gradwell interrupts.  

He says that he and Trent signed the same contract, on the same day, for the same money, and that he is a founding father too. Gradwell says he came back from a career ending injury and no one bats an eyelid, but Trent “drops a few dodgy pounds” for one match, and he’s a role model. Gradwell says that while everyone else has put Trent on a pedestal, he hasn’t, then walks off. 

Well, I think we all know where this is heading right?  

Meiko Satomura v Aoife Valkyrie 

Now we all know how these reviews work. Usually, I try to make some funny quips and inject some humour into things. 

But this match was so damn good, I’m not even going to try! 

I could sit here and go through some of the highlights, such as the solid technical base on show throughout the match from both women, how their transitions seemed effortless, or how Aoife rocked Meiko with an Enzuigiri so hard it knocked her out of the ring, but my words alone will not do it justice. Watch. This. Match! 

Honestly, in my opinion, one of the best women’s matches this year. I was gripped start to finish! 

Despite a strong showing, and hitting some seriously hard offence, Aoife did lose to the Scorpio Rising, resulting in her first loss on the brand. But Meiko did a superb job in making her look like a million bucks (or pounds, for us Brits...) 

Seriously, what a match! Loved it! 

Triple threat Vignettes! 

Ooh we are vignette heavy this week! 

First up, the newly christened stable of Primate, T-Bone and Eddie Dennis, calling themselves Symbiosis. 

Primate says he was shaped on the battlefield, and that his mask hides the scars of war. 

T-Bone says at one point he was an unstoppable force, but somewhere he lost his way. 

Eddie Dennis says that all soldiers need a leader, and some men just need a familiar face, to remind them who they are. His mind may be a machine, but these bodies, are his ammunition. They are symbiotic in nature, and symbiosis in name. 


Then, it’s Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan hype time! They talk trash about each other, Kenny saying he carried Amir for two years, saying he believed he could win the tag team titles. He’s always said he is a chancer, but Jordan supressed that. 

Jordan says he will not be the usual fun-loving guy in this match. He has worked hard for everything he has achieved, unlike Williams who has taken shortcuts. He says Williams is manipulative scum. 

He doesn’t know how far he is going to have to take it to save his career. 

Williams says he has no friends, while Jordan says he is going to end his career! 

Finally, a short promo vignette airs showing that Ben Carter Nathan Frazer will be on Supernova Sessions next week. I’m sure Noam Dar has some really hard-hitting questions ready for him... 

Symbiosis falls apart, Gallus Boys on Top! 

Main event time, as the newly christened Symbiosis take on Gallus in a six-man tag team match. 

First off, Symbiosis’ ring music is amazing! Absolutely loved that! 

As I mentioned in this week’s NWA Powerrr review, I find six-man tag team matches difficult to follow, as the action is usually very fast paced. This was no different. 

Both teams utilised quick tags and had spells of dominance, it was a very back and forth match. 

But the stand out guy in this match for me was Wolfgang. To me, he seemed to be the one in the thick of the action. It is nice to see T-Bone finally being used well though, he has been seriously underrated for some time in my opinion. 

At one point, Joe Coffey was being beaten down and kept away from his corner, leading to a hot tag spot when he brought in Wolfie, and from there it appeared to be all Gallus.  

Mark Coffey came in and hit a half nelson slam on Primate, then a bulldog. Eddie Dennis briefly turned the tide, getting a near fall. The match then broke down as all six men tried to get involved, Wolfgang gets tagged in, and immediately tags in Joe Coffey, Wolfie hits a drive by senton to Primate then hits an insane looking spear on T-Bone, who is on the ring apron, taking them both to the floor. 

Joe Coffey then does what he does best. Glasgow Send-off into the Best for the Bells Discus Lariat on Primate for the win! Gallus Boys on Top! 

It does seem as though Gallus are now the big face faction on NXTUK, with Symbiosis taking their heel spot. This was a pretty decent way to end this week's show. 

So that was NXTUK, and there was some great action this week! Again, you HAVE to watch the Satomura/Valkyrie match, it was so good, and it seems like we have a lot to look forward to next week with Mastiff v Dragunov, not to mention Williams v Jordan in a No DQ, Loser Leaves NXTUK match. 

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you all next week for another Bytesized review!