NXT UK Bytesize 28th April 2022

James is back with all this weeks NXT UK action

NXT UK Bytesize 28th April 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with another edition of NXTUK!  
This week’s episode, we see a contract signing between NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin.  
so, with that being said, let’s dive right into the action!  
First up we have Mark Andrews vs Symbiosis w/Eddie Dennis.  

Wild Boar reminds me of Rhyno from his early days, a lot of ferocity but with less teeth... The match already starts out wild. Not wasting any time in the early going.  
Is it just me or have NXT UK have better camera angles this week, I like it. Andrews and Boar showing good tag team prowess here. Pretty decent tag match if I am honest, both teams putting on a good match.  
Wild Boar makes the tag to Andrews, Andrews hits a graceful shooting star press and picks up the win!  
After the match Wild Boar goes after Eddie Dennis, that is one match I need to see!  
Winners: Wild Boar and Mark Andrews. 
Promo: Von Wagner looks dead set to take on Saxon Huxley.  
Promo:  NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain talk about their successful defence last week and state that it is not cheating unless you get caught and that assistant general manager Sid Scala and Johnny Saint find them reputable challengers for their Championships.  

Promo: Sid Scala is backstage hyping up the contact signing for the NXT UK championship, until he is interrupted by Eddie Dennis, who let’s face it is scared shitless of Wild Boar, Scala informs him that he will have to face Wild Boar in a dog collar match with Symbiosis barred from ringside. Oooh good match ahead!  


Match two: Xia Brookside w/Eliza Alexander vs Angel Hayze.  

The blonde daddy's girl takes the early advantage. Hayze manages to fight back momentarily but Bratty one manages to regain control.  
back and forth match-up, it looked for all the world that Hayze was going to win, until Alexander got involved allowing Brookside to get a surprise roll up win.  
After the match Brookside and Alexander attack Hayze until Amale comes and makes the save!  
Winner: Xia Brookside.  
Promo: A-kid challenges Charlie Dempsey to a rematch and says he has something to make him say yes.  
Backstage: Assistant general manager Sid Scala announces the new Addition to NXT UK Damon Kemp as he meets NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint.  
Match Three:  Saxon Huxley vs Von Wagner.  

Von Wagner is a big dude! Huxley’s no spring chicken either. Nice start to the match here, hard hitting right from the off!  
Very solid match, Huxley showing an exceptionally good showing in taking the fight directly to Von Wagner, but in the end, it was Von Wagner who scored the win by hitting a fireman’s carry slam.  
Winner: Von Wagner. 
Backstage: Gallus hold a press conference and puts the record straight and state that Gallus are together, and they are all on the same page. Joe and Mark state that they argue like most brothers do and that Gallus are on top.  
Promo: A video hyping up the debut of Tiger Turan, dude looks like a mix of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara... I’ll reserve judgement until I see him in action. 
Promo:  NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and the devil woman with evil on her mind Isla Dawn discuss their upcoming Championship match, I cannot wait to see that!  
NXT UK Championship Contract Signing.

In a brand new in a never-before-seen thing in wrestling a contact signing for the NXT UK Championship between champion Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin.  
NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint and Assistant general manager Sid Scala are in the ring.  
Devlin starts to say that the winds of change are upon NXT UK. The war of words in on already, Dragunov suggests they up the stakes for their match, as Ilja Dragunov suggests that the loser leaves NXT UK... well someone is getting called up to the main roster or at least NXT 2.0.  
The contracts signed; the match is set this should be a doozy! Devlin tries a cheap shot, but Dragunov had it well scouted, I mean did anyone really think this would go smoothly? These things never really got to plan do they. The end picture shows Devlin holding the title up high as he leaves NXT UK champion in a broken heap.  
Well folks, that rounds up this week’s edition of NXT UK! Fairly good show, have to say the ending was predictable as it always is with contract signing, aside from the tag match in the opener this. This week was a little flat I feel, maybe it’s just me.  
I’ve been James, as ever you’ve been awesome, and I'll catch you all next week for the 200th episode of NXT UK!