NXT UK Bytesize: 26th August 2021

After a weeks holiday, the King is back with another royal run down of NXTUK!

NXT UK Bytesize: 26th August 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin”, Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

Big thanks to Adz for filling in for me while I was away last week, I am back now though and following the events of NXT Takeover 36, I am super hopeful we hear from the new NXTUK Champion tonight! 

Tonight’s matches sound great too! Aoife Valkyrie v Jinny in a no disqualification match, and Joe Coffey takes on Rampage Brown in a knockout or submission only match. 

So, let's not waste any more time, let's get into it! 

Joseph Shark do do do-do do do.... No, Jinny isn’t happy about it Aoife.... 

Kicking things off tonight is the No Disqualification match between these two warring women. As per the stipulation, Joseph Conners will be locked in a shark cage. 

As Aoife is making her entrance, she is jumped by Jinny, but Aoife quickly turns this to her advantage, and after downing Jinny, she attacks Conners and throws him into the cage before locking it. 

After a little more brawling around the ring, they end up in the ring and the bell rings. Aoife is on top of things for some time, hitting Jinny with some hard overhand shots. Jinny soon causes Aoife to spill to the outside after pulling the ropes down following a charge by Aoife, and follows up by grabbing a chair and slamming it over Aoife’s back. Following this, Aoife fights back and launches Jinny over the barricade and into the studio. 

Aoife throws Jinny into the tech area, and grabs a laptop, slamming it over Jinny’s back several times. Someone should really tell her that is not how you treat a laptop. There is no way they’ll get that fixed under the warranty now... 

Aoife follows up by tipping a trash can all over Jinny, who then tries to crawl away, whilst also performing a devastating attack by throwing a paper cup at Aoife. Honestly, no idea how she survived that onslaught! Aoife follows up with an axe handle smash to Jinny’s back. 

Joseph Conners is unhappy in his cage. Maybe he should tweet about it... 

Back to the action, and Aoife is picking Jinny apart as she launches Jinny into the ring steps, but the fashionista soon turns the tide, as Aoife sets up a table, by ramming Aoife into the barricade and slapping her. Back in the ring, Jinny mounts Aoife and delivers some hard shots. Jinny then throws Aoife over the top rope and tries to force her to fall through the table she set up, but settles for sliding out and pulling Aoife off the apron so that she lands on it face first. 

Jinny then tries to put Aoife through the table with a suplex, but Aoife counters it into one of her own, she then places Jinny on the table, and ascends the ropes, Jinny briefly tries to stop Aoife but fails, ending up back on the table, Aoife goes for her patented leg drop off the ropes, but Jinny moves last second and Aoife crashes through the table, seemingly injuring her knee. 

Back in the ring Jinny hits a rolling Liger kick, followed by three successive two counts. With Jinny seemingly in control, Aoife manages to fight back and hit an enzuigiri after Jinny grabs a second steel chair and tries to trap her leg in it. Valkyrie scramble to the top rope. But Jinny is right there with her. Jinny tries a suplex, but Aoife is able to turn it into a sunset bomb! It connects, but Aoife seems to twist her knee in the landing.  Jinny grabs the chair, and tries to hit Aoife with it, but Aoife is able to duck it and hit a spin kick, smashing the chair into Jinny, for a two count. Aoife then picks up the chair and begins walloping Jinny with it. With the chair on the ground and Jinny more out of it than Captain Crack Sparrow (google it), Aoife hits a pumphandle bomb onto the chair for the win! 

What a match! This was a fantastic opening to this week's show which I thoroughly enjoyed. I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I cannot stand Jinny, so I really enjoyed watching her get beaten convincingly by Aoife Valkyrie here. 

Talky time with Millie and Meiko... or not... 

Backstage in the locker room, Emilia “Not-Millie” McKenzie is asked how training is going with Meiko Satomura. She barely gets an answer out before she is interrupted by Amale, who comes in and demands another match with Meiko. McKenzie stares down Amale, who tells her that this is a grown woman conversation and to go and play somewhere else. McKenzie does not back down though, and Amale says if she has to go through McKenzie, Meiko’s “pet project",  to get to Meiko herself, so be it. 

The NEW NXT United Kingdom Champion speaks! 

Ilja Dragunov, the new NXT UK Champion, says he cannot describe how it feels to be the champion. He can't describe the countless sleepless nights all because of fear, or how it is when your belief and self-doubt are fighting inside your head, or the limitless amount of pain in your body transforming into pride and honour. All he needs are his fists to take down every single person who tries to take the title away from him. Long live the Tsar. 

Short and sweet from Dragunov, but no less than was needed. Great stuff! 

Oliver Carter bottles it!... Or rather, Kenny Williams bottles him... 

Heritage cup action now as the number one contender tournament continues. Oliver Carter is out first, followed by the “Scum of the Earth” Kenny Williams. 

Round one is the standard equal footing, back and forth battle we have come to expect from these matches, Williams was on top for a time before Carter would rally back. 

Round two is where it got interesting, as Kenny Williams would control the round, hitting several moves on Carter and getting the first pin at 2:14 of the second round. Carter came flying out of the blocks in round three following this, and equalled the score at one fall each after just 1:34. 

The fourth round would prove to be decisive, as Kenny Williams would distract the referee by removing the turnbuckle pad, and use the distraction to his advantage by waffling Carter with his water bottle, giving him the pin at 1:42.  

Standard stuff from Kenny Williams here, as he moves on to the next round.  

Scala serves up a special someone for Samuels 

Nina Samuels s backstage and she is about to go into Sid Scala’s office as she says NXTUK need more Nina. 

Huh? What's that Sid? 

Oh, did you? I never knew that... 

Scala says if Nina wants a match, then next week, she will face Blair Davenport. Nina thanks Sid and leaves, and can be heard screaming behind the now closed door, much like I was over this segment... 

But oh wait, here comes something even more scream inducing! 

Isla Dawn, in a black and white vignette, is seen going back to her special ruins from a couple of weeks ago, and gets her special box from its “not-so-special" hiding place. She opens it and we see the watch in there as usual, and she adds the tuft of Dani Luna’s hair she yanked out in their match, before she closes the box and “re-buries” it. 

Just wonderful! 

Lastly, some hype for Teoman v Nathan Frazer which it seems will be coming next week. They both talk up their chances of winning the Heritage Cup number one contender tournament. Teoman says his entire purpose is his family, while Nathan Frazer says he does everything for his family too. 

Excellent. Dominic Toretto would be so proud... 

Rampage serves some Coffey! 

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and it did not disappoint! 

This was less a wrestling match, more a straight up fight between two of the hardest hitters in NXTUK, and to a wider extent, British Wrestling as a whole! 

As it could only end via knockout of submission, this fight spilled out of the ring as both men pulled out all the stops to ensure victory. Coffey would utilise his usual hard-hitting style, while Rampage would target the hands of Joe Coffey to take away his striking prowess. Both men also showed their athletic ability by hitting the other while jumping over the barricade. 

There were occasional wrestling moves worked into the match, such as Coffey’s series of German suplexes, and an electric chair drop after he had removed the corner padding and thrown a stunned Rampage into the now bare corner, but Rampage would always find a way back, and at one point rammed Coffey’s injured hand into the ring post several times. 

After a period of trading blows, Coffey hit a nice belly to belly suplex on Rampage, which Rampage follows up with a powerslam. The dick swinging then continues with Coffey hitting a moonsault, which Rampage answers with a shoulder tackle off the top ropes. 

With them both on the mat, they sit back-to-back, and Coffey can be heard telling Rampage that he won’t give in. They trade yet more blows, and this time Coffey comes out on top as he hits the Glasgow Send-off followed by all the best for the bells, his signature lariat.  

This doesn’t finish off Rampage though, who is able to fight back with a spinebuster, then a clothesline of his own, before he picks up Coffey for the Doctor Bomb. Coffey is not finished though, so Rampage nails him with a second Doctor Bomb. This time, it seems Coffey is out, and Rampage mounts him, delivering forearm blows to the head. The referee lifts Coffey’s arm, which drops to the mat, and the referee declares a knockout. Rampage wins! 

As the show ends, Rampage celebrates his win and offers Coffey a fist bump, which he accepts. This caps what has been a brilliantly worked series of matches and respect-based feud between these two heavyweight warriors. Great, simple storytelling throughout which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

And that brings us to the end of another episode of NXTUK! This one felt kind of like a mini takeover to me, the opening and closing matches delivered something special and made me come away from it feeling satisfied at what I had seen. For me personally, NXTUK rarely has a bad show, but then I am a sucker for British/European Wrestling, so maybe I’m just biased? 

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I will be back on Tuesday (hopefully) with a new episode of NWA Powerrr!