NXT UK Bytesize: 24th June 2021

It's Thursday, you know what that means...

NXT UK Bytesize: 24th June 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

To say I have been excited for this episode is an understatement. How can you not get excited to see three of the hardest hitters on the Red and Gold brand square off against each other?

I feel like Dragunov v Brown v Coffey is a low-key number one contenders match, so I’m expecting one hell of a battle.

But from one Coffey to another, it seems we’re kicking things off with Mark in action against the “East End Butcher” Sha Samuels!

Let’s dive straight in!

Quick! Sha needs a Coffey…

Given the complete shift in character of both Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in recent weeks, it seems logical to assume these two have gone through a face turn, and that was certainly drummed home in this match with Sha playing the loudmouthed, brash heel to perfection.

After some early back and forth, Sha would establish himself as the dominant party in this match. Although it seemed as though he botched a scoop slam at one point, this became something of a focal point of the match as Coffey sold the effects of being dropped on his hip rather than his back.

However, the tide soon turned in Coffey’s favour. After a barrage of offence including a top rope bulldog, Russian leg sweep and a side slam, Coffey gained a two count. Sha would counter with a spinebuster which gained a two count, but his follow up Butcher’s Hook attempt was quickly reversed into an enzuigiri and seated European uppercut by Coffey for the win.

Despite losing, Sha looked good in this match, questionable botch aside, and I think he’ll be in the Heritage Cup picture before long. Another character-building win for the Gallus boys will help them massively as well.

The Black Witch Project

Emilia “Not Millie” McKenzie is backstage being asked her thoughts on Meiko Satomura winning the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Emilia is full of praise for her mentor and friend and says she couldn’t be happier for her. As she is talking, the lights dim, and ominous music can be heard as Isla Dawn enters the picture. She stares down “Not Millie”, who say she doesn’t know where she came from, but they have unfinished business. Sawn just continues to stare at McKenzie, who calls her a weirdo and walks off as Dawn laughs manically.

I have to agree with “Not Millie” here, Dawn’s new character is pretty weird…

Continuing the backstage stuff UK Performance Centre trainee Mila Smidt is asked how her training is going. She begins to reply just as the lights go off in the PC. Suddenly Aoife Valkyrie runs in to the ring and going through the motions. Mila is watching her as Jinny walks past. Jinny calls her pathetic for watching someone train who prefers to watch people from a distance. Mila replies that she would actually like to face her. Jinny then scoffs at Mila and says she doesn’t care what she wants, and walks off…

Following Jinny’s declaration of indifference, we are shown footage of Subculture backstage after last week’s big win. They are celebrating their win when Pretty Deadly appear and start trash talking them. Mark Andrews tells them to put their money where their mouths are and challenges them for the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, Pretty Deadly walk off without saying a word.

Seems like a pretty clear “No Boy!” to me…

The future is here! Stevie Turner v Laura Di Matteo

Women’s action now, and unlike Raw/Smackdown reviewer Josh P, I’m not adverse to women’s action. Just something to think about…

Hang on, I’ve got a call coming through… One sec….

“Hello?” …

Good of him to call there!

And as ever, he is right on the money! Stevie practically destroys Di Matteo here, she is all over her for the majority of the match, aside from the opening where the two trade technical holds, Stevie dominates her opponent in a very heel like manner. Stevie hits several hard-hitting moves, including a devastating looking pump kick which gained a two count.

Following a strait jacket attempt, Di Matteo was able to fight out of it and hit a clothesline and drop kick combo, gaining a two count herself, but this was as good as it got for her, as Stevie then hit her with a rope assisted flatliner for the win.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I am a big Stevie Turner fan, so I am really pleased she got such a dominating win here.

Backstage Shenanigans!

After a short skit backstage with some Gallus banter (seriously, nothing more to report there than that really) we see Nathan Frazer working out in the ring with Johnny Moss. Nathan is asked how things are going and he says he is really enjoying working with legends such as Moss, at this point Kenny Williams walks in and says that maybe Nathan should focus more on winning matches than working with the old timers. Strange thing for Kenny to say given his own track record and the fact that Frazer has lost only one or two matches since arriving in NXTUK. Maybe Kenny should take his own advice? Maybe he should take a good long look in Amir-or…. (Get it? Amir? Amir Jordan? Because he…. Oh, alright!)

A vignette plays showing a mystery woman picking up a confidential NXTUK folder, pulling out what appears to be a contract, and signing it. The name on the contract reads “Blair Davenport”.

After a bit of digging, it seems that this is the new name for former AEW women’s division “star”, Bea Priestley.

Ugh. Couldn’t care less. Personally, I cannot stand her. I’d rather watch Eva Marie…

… Actually, no, that’s not fair, NOTHING IS WORSE THAN THAT!!!

We then get some hype for the upcoming NXT UK Heritage Cup match between the Champion, Tyler Bate, and his hand-picked challenger, Jack “No-longer-jobber-to-the” Starz.

Let’s check the counter:

Getting close to a year now everybody!

Jack says he initially declined Bate’s offer as he didn’t feel he had earned it, but then talks about his journey to NXTUK, how he came up on the summer camp circuit, and scratched and clawed his way up the ladder.

I’m almost certain he won’t win the Cup, but I hope he has a breakout match.

Oliver Carter’s Ghana get messed up by Teoman…

Match time again now, and out comes Oliver Carter to take on the sinister Teoman.

Pre-match, Carter tells us Ashton Smith has some family issues so is not here tonight.

Carter is visibly focused for this one, and he proves this by dominating Teoman from the off. Teoman tries all manner of underhanded shortcuts, but Carter is wise to them all. Carter pushes Teoman to the corner, and shouts at him to hit him. The referee tells Carter to come out of the corner, Teoman sees half a chance and moves towards Carter, but again he is wise to it and hits a huge superkick! Pretty sure Carter will get a Cease and Desist from the Young Bucks for using their move…

Carter continues to dominate the match; he is on fire in this one! He knocks Teoman out of the ring, but this backfires as Teoman then whips Carter into the ring steps. Teoman then hits a kidney shot, which takes the wind out of Carter’s sails. Carter gets back in the ring and he fights back with forearms and chops, but Teoman then gets back on top with a crossface, which he transitions into an armbar. Carter reaches the ropes, so the old is broken, but Teoman continues to target the arm.

Carter fights back again, hitting a springboard moonsault, which he got some incredible height on, followed by two hard clotheslines, then another huge superkick! After a two count, Carter hits a devastating looking book end scissor kick, but somehow Teoman kicks out at two!

This proves to be the beginning of the end for Carter, as a missed Hurricanrana leads to a swinging DDT into a crossface from Teoman. Despite a valiant battle, Carter has no choice but to tap out.

Following the match, Teoman continues his assault on Carter. Fortunately, Rohan Raja comes out for the save… Or so it seems.

Predictably, he turns and continues to assault Carter after Teoman points to his eye, leaving the Ghanaian down in the ring. He leaves with Teoman.

I have to say, I saw this coming as soon as Raja came out, but I am intrigued as to where this goes.

A kid has an Ace in the hole…

In a movie style vignette, A-Kid talks about how life is all about experiences. Everyone loses matches, and he is trying to learn from that to better himself, but ever since losing the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, Jordan Devlin has been deluded. He says he is going to beat him next week, and he will teach him to respect defeat.

Following this, we get the announcement that A-Kid will indeed face “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin next week, as well as Jack Starz getting his shot at the NXT UK Heritage Cup against current champion Tyler Bate.

Finally, Meiko Satomura will make her first appearance as NXT UK Women’s Champion next week. Can’t wait to see Kay Lee Ray interrupt this and invoke her rematch clause…

From Leeds to Moscow via Glasgow…

Triple threat time! And boy have I been looking forward to this one!

And wow, this match delivered!

This match was every bit as hard hitting and intense as I imagined it would be. All three men were tearing strips off each other, the momentum moved from man to man so quickly is was almost impossible to follow. But I loved it!

Rampage looked great in this match, as several times he would hit double moves on both Dragunov and Coffey, such as clotheslines and suplexes.

Coffey looked a threat throughout, with his hard-hitting offence and his general attitude, and as for Dragunov, the resilience and stamina of the man is incredible, his wife must be thrilled…

As the match began to reach its conclusion, Coffey would hit a Glasgow Send-off to Dragunov, who then clashed with Rampage who was seated in the corner. Dragunov recovered and hit an enzuigiri, but this was met with a devastating reply from Coffey in the form of a LARIATOOOOO!!!!!!

After Rampage then knocked Coffey out of the ring and hit a powerslam, Dragunov rallied back with a flurry of offence on Rampage, leading to two big German suplexes. The third never came for Dragunov, despite Coffey’s assistance, as Rampage was able to break free and hit a double German suplex of his own! Coffey was then able to hit an electric chair drop on Rampage for a two count.

Dragunov then clashed with Coffey, but this only allowed Rampage to recover enough to hit the Doctor Bomb for a two count. Following this, Dragunov was able to ascend to the top rope and hit a huge Torpedo Moscow, pinning Rampage for the win! What a match!!

As Dragunov celebrates his win, the NXT UK Champion, WALTER, appears. He gets into the ring and gestures towards Dragunov. He is speaking to him in what I assume is German. Fortunately, as we all know I am multilingual, so I was able to translate;

“Ilja, ya wee daftie! Well, you’ve put me in quite the pickle now haven’t ya? See, I kicked your arse so bad last time that you went all bat shit crazy and started having more temper tantrums than a fat kid whose just been told he can’t have ice cream! I mean, you broke big Bomber Dave’s nose for f*ck sake, how’s he supposed to smell his Yorkshire pudding an' gravy now ya mug?

But now, you’ve gone and beaten up Broseph over there and Rampage might have brown pants after that, so you’ve gone and put yourself in my sights again! See this big shiny thing in my hand? Well it’s mine and you can’t have it, unless you trade it for a bag of pork scratchings an' a belly rub, but you’d rather fight eh? Well, there’s only one way that’s gonna end…”

Following his incredibly hurtful verbal tirade, WALTER beats down Dragunov and chokes him out. WALTER, looking like every high school bully ever, stands tall as the show goes off air.

Well, tonight’s NXTUK was certainly eventful. There was a lot of good stuff to see on tonight’s show and every match delivered what it needed to.

Major props to the NXTUK Creative team for the fantastic long-term booking of Dragunov! Following his loss to WALTER for the NXT UK Title some months back he has been on a low-key redemption story, and it looks like it is about to come to fruition. I have a feeling that WALTER’s days as NXT UK Champion are finally numbered, as Moscow’s favourite son looks like he is primed and ready to take the gold.

And that brings us to then end of this weeks bytesized review! I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave your comments below!

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Until next week, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on Wednesday for NWA Powerrr!