NXT UK: Bytesize 24th February 2022

James is back again with all the action from this weeks NXT UK

NXT UK: Bytesize 24th February 2022

What's up guys and girls, James here with another Bytesize edition of NXT UK!  
This week, we see the long-awaited match as the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain takes on Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, which is set to be an epic match-up, as well as the returns of NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura. This is sure to be an epic episode!  
So, with that being said, let’s dive right into the action! 
Amale vs Xia Brookside: 

A match that was spawned out of jealousy, these two female athletes settle their differences inside the squared circle! 
A good start to the match with some technical wrestling, Brookside decided to have a hissy fit as Amale gets the better of her by out-wrestling her. In control for the majority of the match, Brookside finally gets the advantage by taking it to Amale. The momentum shifts between the two and I have to admit, it’s a damn good match! Even with all the bravado from Brookside.  
Amale had enough, really taking it to Brookside, hitting the running boot followed by the Hopebreaker and picks up the win!  
Winner: Amale.  
We see the assistant general manager Sid Scala, with Joe and Mark Coffey, the Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar, and Sha Samuels. The Coffey brothers taunt Dar and Samuels stating that their Supernova show was the highest rated it’d ever been since they took over it. They would state that they will get their own talk show named Gallus Boys On Talk.  
Scala refuted this, but did make a huge announcement of his own by revealing that in two weeks' time Noam Dar defends the Heritage Cup Championship against Joe Coffey! That should be a cracker.  
Dave Mastiff sets Jack Starz another set of Challenges (I'm loving this if I'm honest, always good to have a chuckle at silly shenanigans) Pretty Deadly barge past them out of the dressing room, Mastiff tells Starz he knows what he has to do. 

Challenge 4. Bomber Initiative - Starz would have to ruin Pretty Deadly’s clothing by cutting holes in their shirts – I don’t blame Starz.. those shirts are hideous and belong in the 60’s!

Stoker and Howley obviously lose their minds at seeing this and spot Starz outside their dressing room. They are about to jump him when Dave Mastiff evens up the numbers. 

I guess they're not quite so deadly after all...

Danny Jones vs Rohan Raja w/Die Familie (Teoman and Charlie Dempsey)  

The match starts out as a hard-hitting affair, with Jones getting the early advantage. Very good showing, Jones is in full control at this point. Raja retreats to the outside with Jones giving chase, Raja sees an opening and takes the momentum. The action shifts back and forth between the two. Good match so far, Raja hits the Seek and Destroy and picks up the win!  
Winner: Rohan Raja.  
Poor Jones, if the defeat wasn’t enough, the attack continues with Die Familie laying the beating.  
T-Bone and Primate angered about how things haven’t been going their way as of late, then Eddie Dennis calms the two by stating that they have to go backwards to go forwards.  
it’s a creepy Voldemort style promo with all the whispering from Dennis, people whispering in general unnerves me!  
I don’t even know what this promo was... A trucker is driving along, eating a burger, when he notices a man running through the woods and finds hair on the road... that’s basically all it was... one thing I do know is, I want a McDonalds now!  
Sha Samuels is backstage reading the paper as you do on a rasslin’ show... then comes Mark Coffey, the two-share some witty banter, before Samuels takes his leave.  
A-Kid was giving an interview during the break when Die Familie walked past, after an awkward look between Teoman and A-kid, Kid pulls Dempsey to the side asking him what was that (attacking a defeated Jones earlier in the night)

A-Kid then tells him he thought he was better than that, with Dempsey simply replying, maybe he is... ooh this could lead to a very good match!  
Meiko Satomura accepts her celebration. 
Andy Shepherd is in the ring congratulating Meiko and thanks her for all she’s done for the NXT UK women’s division, and how she’s elevated the NXT UK Women’s championship.  A montage of her reign shows. Shepherd presents her with a lovely bouquet of flowers, aww what a gentleman! She then goes on to thank the NXT UK universe.  
The lights go out and Isla Dawn appears on the stage rather miffed that she wasn’t invited to this little party, I like the fact they used a cinematic view of her on stage, it reminds me of Goldust’s entrance.

The devil woman with evil on her mind thanks her for giving her a purpose and tells her she wants her final trophy, that being the NXT UK Women’s title!  
Satomura tells her if she wants a title match, all she has to do is ask. Dawn tells her that she takes what she wants, she then attacks Satomura and gets a little crazy, wait... Is she eating those flowers? Damn girl!  

Sam Gradwell is still incensed he’s now bald and tries to reassure himself it’s only hair, he issues a major threat to Kenny Williams, remind me never to anger a newly bald guy!  
NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov accepts Nathan Frazer’s challenge for the NXT UK Championship. Dragunov tells Frazer that he had to win a battle royal for the honour of challenging for the NXT UK gold, he goes on to say that it was a long journey to even hold it! That match takes place next week!  

NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith.  

Here we go, the match everyone was waiting for, after all the hype and the trash talk Smith and Carter get their chance to become NXT UK Tag Team Champions!  
A clinical technical start from both teams, a nice mixed style of high flying and mat based wrestling here, good to see.  
The champions get the early advantage using the technical prowess. Finally, the challengers gain some momentum and take the fight to the champions.  
it was short lived though, as miscommunication between Smith and Carter lose them the advantage.  
Nice moves from Tyler Bate, a standing shooting star press, most impressive. The match is hard hitting and very physical with both teams not wanting to relent. The Champions are in firm control now using their experience as a tag team; however, Smith manages to overcome that and takes control. The momentum shifts from pillar to post during the match with both team's executing offense. It’s frenzied with near falls and we almost had new champions with the closest 3 count I've seen in a while!  
Moustache Mountain manages to overcome the offense of their opposition and picks up the win with Bop and Bang! (Albeit with the assist from Seven by knocking Smith's foot off the ropes! But a win’s a win, right?)  

Good show this week, decent matches and a few stories developing which I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with them!  
A solid main event this week, although I do feel like it could have been a tad better, often felt like Smith and Carter didn’t really click this week, but otherwise a good match!  
Well, that concludes this week's episode, I’ve been James, as ever you’ve been awesome and I'll catch you all next week for the next exciting episode of NXT UK!