NXT UK Bytesize: 23rd September 2021

It's back to the BT Sport Studios for the latest instalment from the Black and Red brand!

NXT UK Bytesize: 23rd September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

And it looks like it’s going to be another good show tonight! Wolfgang faces off with Teoman to see who will face Noam Dar in the Heritage Cup tournament finals, and we have the big triple threat match to determine the number one contender to the NXTUK Championship!

So, with that said, lets dive straight in, shall we?

Teoman for two? I “Dar”n’t think so…

Unlike JP, my title game is strong. But what else would you expect from your resident Belt Guy?!

First round begins and these two aren’t messing around! Within twenty seconds the blows start landing! Wolfgang seems to be on top but Teoman is giving as good as he gets. A big slam from Wolfgang followed up by punches in the corner but Teoman reverses and counters with blows of his own before beginning to control Wolfgang. Wolfie fights out though and reasserts himself and after a Caber Toss, he gets the first fall after just two minutes!

Teoman looks shocked as round two begins with Wolfie stalking him around the ring. Again, Wolfie looks in control until Teoman is able to turn the tides. This is a hard-hitting match! Wolfie back in control, but Teoman manages to get him out of the ring by moving out of the way as Wolfie charged at him. Teoman is using his usual array of dirty tricks but Wolfie isn’t going down that easy! Back in the ring Wolfie starts to dominate again, knocking Teoman out of the ring with a lariat. Wolfie heads outside and Teoman traps him in the apron and lays down shots. Teoman with a missile dropkick for a two count, but he transitions into a crossface! Wolfie sees out the round,though.

Round three and Teoman flies out of the blocks but it does him no good as it quickly becomes very back and forth. Rohan Raja tries to interject which gives Teoman the advantage and he begins to dissect Wolfgang. Teoman lands a huge punch to the face, sealing the second fall in 1:12.

Wolfgang is definitely hurt as the fourth round begins, clutching his arm which has taken some damage during this match. Teoman works on the arm some more but Wolfie with a big punch knocks him down, but Teoman responds with a dropkick to the arm. Teoman tries a roll up and Wolfie tries to punch him with his bad arm, causing the Gallus boy to get rolled up for two.

We get some more back and forth here, with neither man seemingly on top, but Wolfie hits a big lariat from the top rope, Raja tries to get involved again but this time Joe and Mark Coffey stop him. This distraction proves costly as Teoman ends up getting speared out of his boots and Wolfgang picks up the third fall and the win at 2:15! It’s an all-Scottish final!

Quick shot of Rampage Brown warming up backstage for his match tonight.

Ooooh she’s Blair-ing out some threats!

Blair Davenport is on screen now (WHY?!) she says “Hi Sid, it’s me Blair Davenport. You know, the one you suspended?” (I think our man Sid the one-time wrestler knows who you are…)

She says he can punish her all he likes (whey!) but bad things will continue to happen, so think smart and reinstate her.

There’s only one man who can handle this… We need…

Backstage Shenanigans! Part One

Subculture are in the UKPC and are walking somewhere when they see Sam Gradwell walking past them laughing and holding a can of spray paint. They walk round the corner to see he has sprayed “YOG” over their wall mural. THE ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! THE PAIN! THE BLACK VOODOO! THE WET JIGSAW PUZZLE!!!...

Subculture set about covering up the immense and costly damage caused by the Thunderstorm. I sense there will be retribution for this…

No not you!!!

Gallus are celebrating in Jordan Devlin’s private locker room, drinking his coffee and generally being quite rowdy. Devlin comes in and asks them what they’re playing at as this is his locker room?!

Gallus, being Gallus, take his sunglasses and throw him out of the room. Devlin says he going to go and tell on them to Johnny Saint, and he walks off as Wolfgang appears at the window of the door wearing his sunglasses.

Brilliant stuff.

Now we get a quick shot of Nathan Frazer warming up ahead of tonight’s triple threat match. Bet we get an A-Kid one soon too…

It’s the Dawn of a new day (Yes, it is!)

Isla Dawn one on one with Jinny now after their… altercation?... last week.

As ever, Jinny has her little lapdog Joseph Conners in tow. Nigel and Andy on commentary discuss how Isla was trying to obtain a trinket of Jinny’s for her creepy box in the woods.

Dawn is laughing at Jinny as the match begins, which earns her a hard forearm blow from Jinny, this ends up kicking the match into gear as they both start trading blows. Dawn appears to have the upper hand in the early exchanges, but Jinny soon battles back and stomps Dawn into the corner.

This match has more twists and turns than a M Night Shyamalan movie as it continues to go back and forth. Jinny takes control of Dawn (who looks a lot like Merida from Brave these days…) and drops her across her knee for a two count. Jinny continues her assault, with Dawn crawling to and grabbing the ropes. Dawn uses the leverage to break free and go on the offensive, kicking Jinny around the ring. She delivers a hard kick in the corner before the two go out to the apron. Dawn sweeps the leg, taking Jinny down, and as she throws her back into the ring, Joseph Conners tried to interject. Dawn grabs his hands though and he backs off instantly like a child whose been caught doing something he shouldn’t. The distraction almost allows Jinny to take advantage, but Dawn quickly shuts her down.

Dawn goes to the top rope and again Conners runs interference. This time though, it works in Jinny’s favour as she is able to catch Dawn unawares with a second rope facebuster for the win. Dawn is still laughing as Jinny celebrates her win.

Oh look, a quick shot of A-Kid warming up backstage for the triple threat match, looks like I was right.

You all owe me a coke.

Xia wants to fight Dani?! Is she a Luna-tic?!

Dani Luna is shown working out in the UKPC (they got done covering up the HORRENDOUS vandalism by Sam Gradwell pretty quick!) Mark Andrews is asked if he believes that Luna is one of the strongest women on the roster, to which he replies yes, and that she may even be the strongest in the whole of WWE.

Xia Brookside walks into shot behind her as she is lifting weights and say that the amount she is lifting is pretty impressive. Xia says to Luna the obviously she has heard what NXTUK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura, has said about taking your shots, well they have never locked up in the ring, so how about it? Dani says she’s game if Xia is.

Xia says of course she is, Luna may have the strength, but does she have the speed? Xia chuckles as she walks off, with Dani Luna watching her go looking a little concerned. Andrews and Webster then add some more weight to her barbell.

Personally, I can’t wait for that match! Two of my favourite women in NXTUK locking up should be a good match!

Whose down for a bit of Charlie?

No, not that kind, come on! We’re a clean bunch around here…

Charlie Dempsey vignette time now.

“People step in the ring with me, they can expect to be broken down, me to grind away at them, to do proper damage to their joints. Make them hurt. And make them suffer. I’m going to accomplish that with proper holds, just like the old school competitors of the past. Despite being inspired by the past, this is going to be new to a lot of you, and I’m going to show you something that you’ve never seen before.”

Charlie Dempsey arrives, next week!

Back in the UKPC (they’re really getting their moneys worth out of it!) Trent Seven, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter are arguing over what’s better, the Rock Bottom or the Book End? Clearly, we have some Rock/Booker T fans up in here! Ashton and Trent are of the opinion that the Rock Bottom is better, but Carter is unconvinced. Trent says it’s like comparing Smith and Carter to Moustache Mountain. At this point Smith and Carter get on the same page, as Trent says since the tag team division is hotting up, why don’t they have a match? Smith and Carter agree but say Trent should check with Tyler first. Trent says not to worry about that, and they’ll see them next week.

Carter than says they’re the hottest tag team under the sun. And that the Book End clearly wins.

To be fair, they’re both wrong. We all know the most devastating move in alllll of sports entertainment is the surprise roll up…

A Rampaging Kid takes out Frazer

Main event time, and we are going to find out who Ilja Dragunov’s first title defence will be against now out of A-Kid, Rampage Brown, and Nathan Frazer.

Kid and Frazer gang up on Brown after the bell rings but Brown snuffs that out with two back elbow smashes. Brown kicks Frazer in the face, then after a brief exchange, stomps on Frazer’s back. Kid applies a Cross-Arm-Breaker while Frazer heads outside to recover a little, then comes back in and kicks Brown in the face, hitting a step up enzuigiri to send Brown out of the ring. Frazer hits Kid with a Shotgun dropkick, but he follows that with a running enzuigiri. A double dropkick then sends Brown back to the floor. Some great back and forth exchanges from the two lighter men in this contest now, Brown tries to get back into the match, but Frazer takes him out with a back elbow. Frazer dives over Brown and tries to avoid Brown again but takes a back body drop for his troubles before Brown refocuses on Kid.

Kid with some kicks but Brown blocks a boot and launches Kid to the corner. Kid side steps Brown as he charges him and ends up going into the turnbuckles. Kid with a step up enzuigiri. Kid goes on the offensive again before Brown drops him with the Pounce. Frazer then dropkicks the left knee of Brown, but Brown comes back with a sickening chop, then another pounce into Kid. Brown dominates them both before dropping Frazer with the Uranage slam for a two count.

Brown knocks Kid off the ring apron, and shoves Frazer into the turnbuckles. Brown unloads two knife edge chops. Brown tries a superplex with a top rope prone Frazer but is unable to before Kid hits two step up enzuigiri’s. Kid applies a Triangle choke to Brown, but he just powerbombs Kid on top of Frazer to break up the attempt.

Brown goes for The Doctor Bomb but is countered by Frazer’s spin out elbow drop. Kid punches Frazer in the back, and Frazer retaliates with two back elbow smashes. This starts a nice chain sequence of high impact moves from the two highflyers which ends with Frazer hitting a DDT/reverse DDT combo for a two count. Another back-and-forth brawl breaks out, and Brown blocks a superkick attempt. Brown then lays them both out with a Double Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Brown with a forearm smash across the back of Kid. Who responds with a step up enzuigiri. Kid then hits a springboard arm-drag/headscissors, then kips back up.

This match has been insane, and we are now approaching the final stretch it seems. As each man breaks out their big moves to try and take the win. Brown with some seriously heavy shots, but Kid has a sleeper hold applied. Brown transitions into a suplex attempt, but Frazer hits a superkick for a near fall! Frazer heads up top and tries a crossbody but Brown counters into a powerslam and nearly gets the win after a Doctor Bomb on Frazer, but Kid reapplies the sleeper hold! Brown fights out and tries to hit Kid with a Doctor Bomb, but Kid lands on his feet and superkicks Brown out of the ring! Kid instantly hits a release German suplex on Frazer and follows up with his patented flying superkick for the win. What a match!!!

I don’t usually like to do a full blow for blow match write up, but this match needed it, because there were so many great moments! Probably the right winner too for now as I personally think we are going to see a heel Rampage Brown very soon, and at that point Rampage Brown v Ilja Dragunov becomes a must-see match.

But that brings us to the end of this weeks NXTUK. Another great show from the black and red brand, and again some great stuff to look forward to.

Thanks for joining me again this week, and I’ll see you next time!