NXT UK Bytesize: 22nd April 2021

NXT UK Bytesize: 22nd April 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It's “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another NXT UK Bytesized review! 

And right off the bat tonight we kick things off with a Scottish versus Welsh battle! 

Dennis cops a lot of Coffey 

Once again Joe Coffey comes out looking like a lost Gallagher brother. Seriously he would fit right in on Wonderwall... 

No messing around between the ropes though as both men go at it from the start. Eddie Dennis immediately gets pounced by Coffey, and after a brief scuffle outside the ring, they’re back in and Dennis is shying away from Coffey’s punches. Dennis loudly shouts “This is wrestling, not Boxing!”  

Astute observation there Eddie... 

Dennis soon takes control of Coffey on the ground (Ground Coffey?) but the Iron King gets himself back into it after a few minutes with a belly to back suplex. 

Coffey ascends the ropes though which gives Dennis the opportunity to hit the Severn Bridge, he goes for the pin but Coffey kicks out just before three. Dennis tries to go for the Neck Stop Driver, but Coffey counters this into a Boston Crab. At this point, Dennis calls in his bitches' lackeys, T-Bone and Primate who try to distract Coffey, but the resultant roll up only gets a two count. The other Gallus boys, Markus and Wolfie, then come down to even the odds, as Coffey hits Dennis with a deadlift German suplex, which was actually super cool to see. 

Another brief fightback from Eddie but it doesn’t last as Coffey then hits a flying crossbody, Glasgow send-off and finishes it with a lariat so big Dennis’ head could easily have flown off. Pretty great opening match. 

Primate and T-Bone attach Coffey after the match, prompting the Gallus boys to make the save once again. I wonder where this is leading... 

Irate Ilja Indicates Issues (See what I did there?) 

We get a small video package now focusing on Ilja Dragunov watching footage of his previous matches. Then the footage starts to show him losing his shit every time he is chopped in the back, and each time it shows Ilja pulling another weird face. 

Is this going to be his new gimmick now? Ilja the rubber faced man? I dunno, it could work! * 

(*this is a lie) 

A brief clip shows Gallus running into Rampage Brown backstage after Joe Coffey’s match. Joe says he saw his match again WALTER for the UK Title, and he’s been in his position. But Rampage did promise him a rematch. Joe says when he’s ready, give him a call, and Rampage walks off. 

I really feel like they have quietly turned Gallus face. I’m not opposed to it, but I’ll reserve judgment until more conclusive proof is shown. 

Bomber Beaten by Blackpool Boy! (Damn, I am KILLING IT on alliteration tonight...) 

Second match now, and it’s the “Bomber”, Dave Mastiff (Or Black Country Beef, as commentator Andy Shepherd calls him...) versus the “Thunderstorm” Sam Gradwell, after their little bit of (Black Country) beef last week. 

There were a lot of yoghurt references in this match, so much so that I am almost certain Muller had sponsored the match on the quiet. 

In any case, it was a decent match, mostly back and forth, but the story of the match was Gradwell injuring Mastiff’s back by getting his knees up during a senton attempt by the Bomber. 

Mastiff never recovered from this and, following an aborted corner senton attempt due to his troublesome back, Gradwell was able to get the win after pulling Mastiff down into the ropes and then hitting a Cradle Shock for the somewhat surprising win. 

Hopefully, this is the start of a few more wins coming Gradwell’s way. For me, he is one of the better performers they have had in recent weeks. Hopefully this will Skyr him in the right direction (Get it? Cos Skyr is a yoghu-  Oh ok I’ll move on!) 

Valkyrie and McKenzie get some video love 

Couple of short vignettes now. And I am going to challenge myself to sum them both up in one sentence each. Here we go: 

Aoife Valkyrie – Basically hypes up her match with Meiko Satomura next week, saying she got what she wanted. 

Emilia “not Millie” McKenzie – Tells us she is here to prove and make a name for herself, and has been lucky to learn from the best. 

Nailed it. 

Jinny must be a Luna-tic to take her on... 

Back to the ring, and Dani Luna is about to take on Jinny. EurghCan’t stand Jinny. Everything about her winds me up. 

Jinny mostly controls the opening stages, but Luna is able to take control mid match with a couple of impressive gut wrench suplexes. She keeps the momentum going for a little while before Jinny attempts to reassert her dominance with a slap, but this only enrages Luna who slaps her back then hits a devastating clothesline. 

At this point, of course, Joseph Conners intervenes and distracts Luna long enough for Jinny to cause some damage to Luna’s leg before hitting her with a rolling Liger kick for the win. 

This wasn’t enough for Jinny though as she and Conners preceded to beat down Luna, which prompted Andrews and Webster to run out to make the save.  

Struggling to see where they are going with this? Unless Jinny is bringing a second guy into her little alliance I don’t see where the payoff is coming from currently. I suppose time will tell. 

Williams v Jordan: The Final Battle 

Backstage in his office, Sid Scala (Hey, remember when he used to wrestle?) is saying... something... before Amir Jordan bursts in demanding a rematch against Kenny Williams after last week’s #shenanigans. 

Sid tells Amir that Kenny has agreed to a rematch, under No Disqualification rules, but only on one condition; 

The loser must leave NXT UK. 

Amir thinks about this for a second, then signs the contract. It’s official now! 

Seems to me that they have really hot-shotted this angle. It could have easily played out for a few more weeks. Ah well... 

Next up, a video plays informing us that Rohan Raja will be debuting against Teoman next week! I can’t say that I know too much about this guy, so I will be looking forward to seeing this match. Teoman replies in typical Teoman fashion, hyping himself up and saying he will do anything to protect his family. Nice simple stuff here. 

Oh, but there’s more! Remember earlier when I said I wonder where the Primate/T-Bone run in was leading? Well, another short announcement tells us that next week, Eddie Dennis, Primate and T-Bone will take on Gallus in a six-man tag team match. 

It’s almost like I know, isn't it?! 

Oh well, at least there no “Austin Idol Universal Wrestling College” ads! 

(What's that? AN NXTUK/NWA review crossover?! Surely not!) 

Seven and Bate take us to the top of the Mountain! 

It’s main event time, and this week Dar & Sha take on Moustache Mountain, and it’s the first time that Moustache Mountain have teamed up in the BT Sport Studios (I know, wow, right?) 

You know what? Noam Dar and and Trent Seven ought to team up,they could call themselves "Convenience Store". Think about it... Trent Seven and Supernova 11..... 7-11...? Alright, alright! I'll carry on....

Bate and Dar start it off, with Bate in control and trying to stop the tag to Sha Samuels. He is unsuccessful, and this prompts Trent Sevent to tag in, once Sha has topped calling him Grandad that is. 

For the next few minutes, it is mostly back and forth, with some quick tags, but eventually, Dar & Sha are able to dominate Seven and prevent him from tagging Bate into the match. This continues for around five minutes, with Seven almost making the tag several times. They are actually able to keep Seven away from Bate for a reasonably long time, but eventually a mistake is made and Seven is able to fight his way free and make the hot tag to Bate. 

This is where the match picks up, as both teams step on the gas and shift into a higher gear (car wordplay!) leading to some double team moves from both sides which get close near falls. 

The end comes though when Seven manages to get Dar & Sha outside, and dives out onto them. Bate follows this up with a suicide dive of his own, and goes up top. Seven gets Samuels in position for the Burning Hammer, and as he hits it, Bate “assists” by delivering a stomp to the head. Bate, as the legal man, gets the pin and picks up the victory for his team. 

It is mentioned during the course of the match how Dar and Bate faced off against each other for the right to face the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, A-Kid, with Bate coming out on top. 

Seeing as A-Kid hasn’t been on TV in a couple of weeks now, I had almost forgotten this; 

The show closes with Moustache Mountain celebrating their win. 

And there we have it. Another thrilling NXT UK episode is in the history books. They packed a lot in to this episode without skimping on overall quality so kudos to them for that. Next week should be interesting given tonight's events, so you won't want to miss that. 

Thanks for reading, and as ever, please leave your comments and feedback below! 

As always, I am “the Belt Guy”, and I will catch you all next week!