NXT UK Bytesize : 20th May 2021

Paul is back with these weeks Bytesized look at NXT UK!

NXT UK Bytesize : 20th May 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another Bytesized NXT UK review! 

We got a stacked card tonight! Rampage Brown v Wolfgang, Amale v Xia Brookside, and the huge Heritage Cup Championship Trophy match between the current holder A-Kid and a certain “Big Strong Boi”, Tyler Bate. 

Throw in some Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar and Ilja Dragunov and we have ourselves a show! 

Let’s dive in! 

Rampage is hungry like the wolf(gang)… 

Andy Shepherd starts by telling us this is Wolfgang’s first singles match in over two years, but he shows no sign of any issues by dominating early. Rampage does turn the tides which takes the both outside to the floor, but by this point they’ve been having their own miniature Brawl for All for about five minutes. 

Also, I noticed that Wolfgang has a Unicorn on his wrestling gear. Surely it should be a wolf? Has anyone told him?? 

Getting back to the match, Rampage seemed up against it once he injured his ribs, and it looked even worse for him after he got speared for a two count. But this is Rampage Brown we’re talking about, and he was able to rally back and hit the Doctor Bomb for the win. 

Backstage Banter Brigade! 

Well, we’ve had our opening match, which means it's time to head backstage! We're treated to a ten second clip of Tyler Bate warming up to hype the upcoming Heritage Cup match. As one Mojo Rawley would have said; “Get Hyped!” 

Next up, Ashton Smith is asked how he is finding juggling being a new father with being an NXT UK Superstar. Before Ashton can get much more than a couple of words in, Teoman appears. He congratulates Ashton on becoming a father, and says that family is the most important thing in the world. He tells Ashton to enjoy his time with his family. He also asks where Oliver is, before grinning creepily and walking away... 

After Teoman gives us a glimpse into his.... uh.... mind? We are then given a vignette of Aoife Valkyrie running through the woods, talking about how failure is a part of success, and how she is now ready to move forward and fly. Good for her. 

The final part of this edition of the Backstage Banter Brigade shows Rampage backstage as he runs into Gallus. Joe Coffey shows him respect and says when he is ready, he’ll be waiting. 

But enough backstage bullsh#tlet’s head back to ringside! 

France wins a fight (No, really...) 

Xia Brookside is all business as she comes to the ring for this match against Amale and dominates from the start until Amale tosses her out of the ring. From here it’s a fairly even fight. Xia does get a nice neckbreaker for a near fall, but Amale put her away with a Short Spinebuster Slam for the win. 

Afterwards, Amale is shouting in French to just about anyone who will listen. Once again, my amazing French translations come into play; 

“I beat the little girl, and no I don’t mean Sid Scala! Speaking of that little turd burglar, does anyone remember when he used to wrestle and wasn’t attached to Johnny Saint’s hip? Honestly Sid, grow a pair and get back in the ring, it’s embarrassing!  

Once again, I may have paraphrased it slightly... 

In all seriousness, big win for Amale. Looks like they have plans for her. 

Another hype video for the Heritage Cup match, and this time it’s A-Kid warming up. Woah, didn’t see that coming... 

Sha sounds off! 

Backstage in the UKPC kitchen, Sha Samuels is asked a question by an interviewer, to which he replies he couldn’t care less about their questions. In walks Ben Carter Nathan Frazer and tries to get in Sha’s face. Sha says he’s as intimidating as a bit of salmon, and to bring a grown up if he wants to see him fight. Frazer knocks the newspaper Sha was reading out of his hand, and from that Sha instantly accepts his challenge.  

Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Never knock a newspaper out of an EastEnders's hand. The consequences could be Dyer... 

Get it? Cos Danny Dyer’s in Eas.... 

Oh, ok! I’ll move on... 

Next is a short recap of the Women’s gauntlet match from last week. Meiko Satomura says Kay Lee Ray won’t be forgiven for kicking her in the jaw. 

I fully expect Meiko to kick seven shades of sh*t out of Kay Lee Ray when this match happens. 

Supernova Sessions with Ilja Dragunov 

Someone must have put 50p in the dickhead, because Noam Dar goes full dickhead in this segment. 

He starts by bringing out Ilja straight away as he’s too excited, then says he is concerned for Ilja, and wanted to give him a safe space to work through his issues. He’s turned the SNS set into a “Supernova Spa” ... 

Dar then puts on a robe, and hands a kid's dinosaur one to Ilja. He even calls him a Rageasaurus Rex (I won't lie, I laughed at that...) 

Noam then asks where all this anger started? Was it when he lost that brutal match to Walter for the NXT UK Title? 

Ilja says he may be right, he lost something in that match, but he says he has worked through it and he is not that person anymore. Noam decides this is fake news and goads Ilja, reminding him how he broke Dave Mastiff’s nose. Ilja says he is well aware there are consequences for his actions. Noam then says he has a gift for Ilja, and hands him a stuffed toy “Therapy Dog”. 

Ilja leans forward and says that Noam is some sort of funny clown, and that that is his position. But while he is not that violent man anymore, his position is violence, and he can still hurt him. Noam then sounds off a bit as the segment comes to an end. Ilja comes back a few seconds later and snatches the “Therapy Dog”. Noam then throws the robe towards Ilja like a three-year-old having a tantrum because you won't let them eat dog sh*t. 

Supernova Sessions never disappoints! 

Brief Backstage Bants! 

Can you hear that rumble brewing? There’s a Thunderstorm about! 

Sam Gradwell runs into Sid Scala’s office and tells him that he is working in an unsafe working environment, owing to Trent Seven slapping the taste out of his mouth last week. He wants to face Trent Seven as he wants to “Rattle his jowlswobble his kidneys, and singe off his moustache” 

Honestly such bad language... 

Sid says he will speak to Mr Saint. Gradwell says “you do that”, before walking off shouting something about yoghurts. 

Seriously, Muller must be paying him an absolute fortune... 

After an advert for the RVD documentary, Sid Scala (Anyone remember when he used to wrestle?) announces that in two weeks, Noam Dar will face Ilja Dragunov, and Rampage Brown will take on Joe Coffey. 

Two matches I look forward to seeing! I’m fairly certain Noam is going to have his head kicked off... 

Tyler Bate v A-Kid for the NXT UK Heritage Cup 

Now, before I watched NXT UK tonight, I saw a tweet from Eddie Dennis saying that you “had to go out of your way to watch NXT UK tonight, as the main event is a contender for best match of the year so far.” 

So, as you can imagine I went into this with my expectations raised high. 

It totally delivered. 

First off, A-Kid still carries a huge trophy... 

This match had a little of everything. Submission holds, hard strikes, amazing offence, epic near falls and counter upon counter. 

A-Kid was dominating the submission holds, softening Tyler up and trying to get him to submit. In the fifth round, he locked in the Omoplata, but Tyler toughed it out to see out the round. Prior to this, Tyler had come close himself with a huge Tyler Driver 97 earning him an incredibly close two count. 

With round six about to start, and no falls as of yet, it all came down to this last round. Tyler made Trent Seven promise he would not throw in the towel, as he suffered the effects of the Omoplata. The bell rang and the two flew at each other, but one minute later, Tyler Bate reversed a pin attempt by A-Kid into one of his own and got the fall, and with it, the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy 

A-Kid was stunned, but recovered enough to present the cup to Tyler, who becomes the first person to hold both the NXT UK Title and the Heritage Cup, making history again. 

Not bad for a kid from Dudley huh? 

Of course, a new Champion Trophy Holder means a new image is needed... 

That’s better! 

So that brings us to the end of this week’s NXT UK, and this Bytesized review. One of the most enjoyable episodes in recent times, though I am now growing concerned for WALTER, where is he?  

Not to worry though, I’ve got it covered... 

Thanks for reading this week’s review, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with the final NWA Powerrr before the Pay-Per-View on June 6th! 

Until then, stay safe, and I’ll see you at the matches!