NXT UK: Bytesize 17th March 2022

When he's not making bodybags and pretending he's the Ultimate Warrior, James likes to give his thoughts on NXT UK... So, here he is again!

NXT UK: Bytesize 17th March 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with all the lowdown from this week’s NXT UK!
This week we see Roderick Strong venturing over to the UK brand to take on Wolfgang of Gallus!
So, with that said, let’s get straight to the action!

Ahh it’s so good to see fans back in the arena! No more of that awful fan plug in, pure chants, that’s what I like to see!

First up, one half of the NXT UK Tag Team champions;
Tyler Bate w/Trent Seven vs Oliver Carter w/Ashton Smith.

Good start with some sportsmanship, that’s what I like to see before a match.
Having fans back in attendanceis fantastic, the two men seem to relish in it.  
Interesting start to the match, both men matching each other. Carter has the momentum in the early going, going for the pin attempt rocking Bate.  The match spills to the outside allowing Bate to take full advantage, wearing down Carter here.

Carter manages to regain control, taking Bate down with a Booker T style scissor kick to the back of the head, the momentum was short lived as Bate takes control, very impressed with the match so far.
Bate locks in an arm bar octopus but a resilient Carter makes it to the ropes. You can hear the hits! Even I felt that kick from Carter.  Holy moly this match is good, I’m pleasantly surprised.

On the outside things get heated between Trent Seven and Ashton Smith with a shoving contest, leaving Bate distracted by the commotion allowing Cater to get the pin!

Winner: Oliver Carter

A-Kid is searching for a tag partner for his upcoming match against Die Familie, and he asks none other than…. Saxon Huxley. Well, he accepted… in his barbarian way…

Wild Boar Seeks revenge on Eddie Dennis and won’t stop as he holds him responsible for all the hell and torture that he went through last year.

Human Flamingo Nina Samuels vs Emilia McKenzie:

I hope I don’t have to endure another Sally Jesse Raphael; I mean Nina Samuels show…

This match came about after Samuels had some unflattering words to say about McKenzie, McKenzie hit back and that’s why I now refer to Samuels as a human flamingo…

Collar and elbow tie up to start the match, more of a mat based grappling start, I dig it.
Nice hurricanrana take-down from McKenzie there, most impressive!
I’m liking the methodical pace of Emilia here, however Samuels regains control. McKenzie fights back, but to no avail as Samuels asserts her authority.
Samuels now grinds down her opponent, nothing flashy, but using her strength to her advantage. McKenzie manages to back body drop Samuels, trying to gain momentum but Samuels always seems to outsmart her. Back and forth as Samuels rolls to the outside, thinking she could get a breather but nope, out comes a flying McKenzie with a picture perfect Tope Suicida.
Back in the ring, the action continues as Samuels attempts a moonsault but misses and like a bullet McKenzie lands a spear and picks up the win!

Winner: Emilia McKenzie.

Mark Coffey reveals he’s managed to gain a Heritage Cup Championship match! Another match to look forward to for sure!

Kenny Williams seems to have made a lot of enemies to which he responds with of course he has, he puts people in hospital.
(Probably because when he laughs, he makes ears bleed)

Eddie Dennis with Primate and T-Bone was told by assistant general manager, Sid Scala, that Wild Boar has requested a match against him, but Dennis doesn’t seem to like that idea very much and suggests he takes on either Primate or T-Bone.

Aleah James vs Stevie Turner:

Quick start to the match with James quick on the offensive, after some impressive showing, Turner manages to gain the momentum taking the battle straight to James.
Both women putting on a good match here, I must admit I’m impressed with Aleah James in this match as she manages to outwit Turner with an innovative and effective pin to get the win!

Turner seemed to have all the momentum and control during the match, but James’ quickness paid off!

Winner: Aleah James.

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels react to Mark Coffey being the next contender for the Heritage Cup Championship, he states he beat Wolfgang and Joe Coffey Easy (Sorry Noam, you almost lost that one fella)
He goes on to say that Mark’s just the driver and Samuels places bets on their match. I wonder, what year does Samuels live in? I had that phone he has when I was 12…

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and Isla Dawn comment on their upcoming match for the NXT Women’s Championship next week!
She’s just a devil woman with evil on her mind... she’s gonna getcha! Should be an epic match!

Wolfgang vs Roderick Strong.

You have to say this is a huge main event! Arguably Wolfgang’s biggest match of his NXT UK career.

Strong started with the mind games before the bell even rang, now he’s setting the pace by playing on the momentum from the crowd.
Classic size vs speed in this match, Strong using all his experience in trying to stall and rile up Wolfgang. Working so far, I’d say.

Very good match, I’m thoroughly enjoying this one! Hard hitting and very physical.
Wolfgang certainly showed his worth in this match, back and forth we went with near falls, a great battle between two tremendous athletes! but, in the end, it was Strong who came out victorious!

Winner: Roderick Strong.

After the match, Strong issued a challenge to the NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov for the championship! Now that could and should be an absolute firecracker!

Well, that rounds up this week’s episode! Been a decent one this week, but after that challenge from Strong, I’m excited about the possible upcoming match between the two!
However, saying that I have a funny feeling some things are gonna change…

I’ve been James, as ever you’ve been amazing and I’ll catch you all next week for another lowdown edition of NXT UK!