NXT UK Bytesize: 17th June 2021

It's Thursday, which means its NXT UK time!

NXT UK Bytesize: 17th June 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXT UK review! 

Last week’s episode is still fresh in the memory after we saw a new NXT UK Women’s Champion crowned in the form of the “Final Boss”, Meiko Satomura, and this week sees the good times continue as we will see Subculture take on Jinny and Joseph Conners, Jordan Devlin will be appearing on Noam Dar’s Supernova sessions, and “The Thunderstorm” Sam Gradwell will be taking on Gallus member, Wolfgang. 

This is looking like it will be a packed show so let's get straight to it! 

Gradwell is thunderstruck 

It seems that this match is opening the show. Gradwell comes out after Wolfie, mic in hand and says “Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not this little piggy!”. 

He runs Wolfie down some more and ends it by calling him a yoghurt, which as we all know is the most incredibly hurtful thing you can say to a person, and the match gets underway. 

Gradwell gets the better of the early exchanges, controlling Wolfie with a headlock, Wolfie gets a couple of clotheslines in before being thrown to the outside and Gradwell hitting a flying forearm off the apron. 

Back in the ring, Gradwell takes Wolfie to the ground and puts him in a headlock once again, but Wolfie fights out and hits a body drop, followed by an axe handle smash off the top rope, then an inverted suplex, gaining a two count. 

Shortly after, Gradwell hits Wolfie with an STO, but when he strikes Wolfie in the face and then mocks his wolf call, Wolfie sees red and chases Gradwell all around the ring area! 

Despite a Discuss forearm TO THE FACE!!! Wolfie manages to hang Gradwell in the ropes, then hits a big spear for the win. 

Decent opening match this. 

Promos and vignettes aplenty! - Part One 

First up, Kenny Williams tells us all that we have already seen what he did to someone he used to like, so imagine what he’ll do to someone he doesn’t.  

“The best part of everyone thinking you’re a scumbag, is you can stop pretending that you aren’t one.” Not going to make any friends that way, is he? 

Next, we get a video package of some of NXT’s best female talents discussing Satomura’s title win. Raquel Gonzalez, Xia Brookside, Dakota Kai, Ember Moon, Amale, and Beth Phoenix all chime in with their thoughts. It’s mostly praise, but Amale says that Meiko stole her opportunity the same way that Eva Marie steals a living from the wrestling business (I may have added that last part myself...) 

The final vignette of this part of the show sees Dani Luna and "Flash" Morgan Webster warming up backstage when Jinny and Joseph walk into shot and the trash talk ensues. Pretty Deadly walk by and say they can't wait to be on commentary for this one. I have nothing to say about this. Well, nothing good anyway... 

Bad luck for the boy from Wales 

Perennial jobber to the stars, Danny Jones, is in action now against the “Lucky Yin” Kenny Williams. 

And here is our good friend, Michael Cole, to summarise what’s about to happen... 

And a true squash match it is. Jones gets in a little offence but it's mostly Kenny Williams dishing out the hurts in this one.  

Despite a brief flurry near the end of the match from Jones, where he landed an enzuigiri, big boot and then a clothesline for a two count, Kenny ultimately got the win after a chop block then the “Bad Luck” front facing DDT for the win. 

Kenny’s tactics throughout this match were to give Jones a bigger pounding than Josh P gives himself when he thinks about Aleister Black. 

If you know, you know... 

Promos and vignettes aplenty! - Part Two 

First up, it’s a “Table for 3” scenario as Joe Coffey, Ilja Dragunov, and Rampage Brown calmly discuss their upcoming triple threat match which has been announced for next week. 

There was a lot of subtle digs, macho posturing and just out and out dick swinging in this segment. AND I LOVED IT! 

I can’t wait for this match, it promises to be one hell of a hard-hitting match, for sure. 

Next up, Mark Coffey is being interviewed backstage. He stops the interviewer and says “I know what you’re going to say. Wolfie is one up, so I need to find a fight.” 

He beckons the camera to follow him as he walks over to Sha Samuels, who is sat, newspaper in hand, going through the horses like every person I used to know from my days as a bookie. 

Coffey then proceeds to wind up Sha by mocking his “Eeeaasssttt!” catchphrase, as well as other things. It took just thirty seconds for Sha to challenge him to a match before storming off. How easy was that?! 

Time to go straight to the moon! (With Noam Dar, not Cameron Grimes...) 

Supernova Sessions time now, and these segments truly are the gift that keeps on giving. 

It starts with Noam Dar, who thankfully has had a haircut and no longer looks like some failed primary school music teacher, plugging his first official WWE T-Shirt, just five years after he signed with them. (The T-Shirt is framed, and at the bottom a sticker reads “WWE Suuperstar, Noam Dar”. Yep, someone couldn’t even get that right!). 

He then brings out “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin, and the two hug it out. Noam compliments Jordan’s fashion sense, which it has to be said he does look good, and they talk about their clothes briefly. Naom then gives him his own Noam Dar T-shirt. 

Noam says he owes Devlin an apology. He’s been trying to get him on Supernova Sessions for ages but his schedule made it impossible. He says he has been tearing it up in the US, and asks how it's been? 

Jordan says Noam doesn’t need him to tell him, they’ve both been there and done that, and they’re now both back in the UK because America sucks! 

Noam tells Devlin that he was robbed of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and runs down Santos Escobar (calling him “Santa Claus Escobum”, which personally I thought was genius!) before giving Devlin the floor to make an exclusive statement. 

Devlin sends a message to the entire NXT UK roster. He says he felt the relief they all showed when they thought he was gone to America for good, but now he’s back, and he’s not a hard man to find. He’ll be in the biggest dressing room with a gold star on it, and if you have the guts, come and test yourself against the ace. 

Noam then plugs his T-shirt again as the segment ends. Great stuff from the Supernova Sessions once again! 

We are then told then Oliver Carter will face Teoman next week in a bid to get revenge for his fallen team mate, Ashton Smith. 

Dave Mastiff is seeing Starz! 

In a pre-recorded vignette at the UKPC, Dave Mastiff is asked how his training is going. He says he is feeling good, but is then distracted by Jack Starz and the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Trophy holder, Tyler Bate, sparring in the ring. Nice to see Starz has made a new friend now that Piper Niven has gone stateside. 

Hang on, Tyler is on screen, which means it's time to check the counter... 

Yep, still no title belt. 

He briefly goes back to discussing his training before deciding to speak to Bate and Starz about what they’re doing. 

Bate says to Starz that he has really impressed him lately, and he wants to offer him a shot at the NXT UK Heritage Cup. Starz says as much as he appreciates the offer, he wants to earn it. Bate says he respects that, but the offer is still there. 

Mastiff then berates Starz for declining the offer, saying he has earned it, opportunities like this don’t come along often, so he should go for it. 

On a sidenote, it looks like Mastiff has recovered from the nasty broken nose he suffered against Dragunov some weeks back, which is good to see. 

The Prodigy of Pro Wrestling takes down Raja! 

In ring action again now as Nathan “Not-Ben-Carter" Frazer takes on Rohan Raja. 

This was a pretty good back and forth match with both men afforded the opportunity to get some offence in. Raja looked impressive and built off of his solid showing against Teoman some weeks back. 

After the opening exchanges Frazer got the first blow in with a slingblade, which Raja followed up with a swinging slam. Raja then took control by whipping Frazer into the corner and hitting some hard blows. 

Out of desperation, Frazer was able to DDT Raja into the corner, and then hit a crossbody, followed by a clothesline then a neckbreaker. He then heads to the top for a moonsault, but Raja rolls out of the way. Seeing this, Frazer lands the moonsault, then hits a standing moonsault. 

Raja locks in a triangle choke which he transitions into an armbar, before following up with a pop up powerbomb for a two count. Raja looks like he’s going to pick up the win, but Frazer is able to hit a twisting suplex, followed by a final cut. 

Frazer heads up top, and twice has to knock Raja back down to the mat before landing a frog splash at the third attempt for the three count. 

As the two men are still in the ring at the end of the match, Teoman’s eye appears on the tron. Both men look confused by this, but Raja looks a little more concerned. Maybe he’s worried about what that eye has seen... 

Hold up! There’s a kid in my locker room! 

Backstage, Jordan Devlin is heading back to his locker room. As he walks in, he sees A-Kid there. Devlin asks him what he’s doing. A-Kid says he’s getting a coffee. Devlin says this is his locker room, and his coffee machine, so he tells him to take his bag, and his little cup, and get out. He then says “Oh sorry, you don’t have the little cup anymore, do you?”  

A-Kid says no, he lost the cup, but he’s not the only one here who lost something. He tells Devlin if he wants him to leave then make him.  

Devlin then goes running off to find Sid Scala (who I am reliably informed was once a wrestler, who knew?) to tell on A-Kid. 

That’s the kind of behaviour that’ll have him losing his lunch money... 

Subculture stands tall 

Main event time as Dani Luna and “Flash” Morgan Webster take on the team of Jinny and Joseph Conners. 

Webster and Conners start the match, and some back-and-forth exchanges ensue. Webster tags in Luna, which means that Jinny comes in too as this is a mixed tag team match, and Luna dominates Jinny for a good while. 

In truth, until near the end of the match, this was all subculture. Luna looked really impressive as she threw Jinny around like she was Jack Starz duffel bag from a few weeks back (I hope that bag is ok...). 

Jinny was eventually able to hit a DDT on Luna, and after a two-count tagged in Conners, who would hit a sit out suplex on Webster. As the tide started to turn in Webster’s favour, Jinny would deliver a kick to his back while the referee was distracted, leading to a roll up attempt by Conners, but Webster kicked out at two. 

Seeing this, Luna gave chase to Jinny, who slid into the ring, and as the referee was dealing with her, she took advantage of Conners being on the ropes trying to take down Webster by delivering a powerbomb, then boots Jinny IN THE FACE!!! Webster followed up with a 630 splash for the win. 

During this match, Pretty Deadly were at commentary talking trash about Subculture, so it seems likely there will be a feud develop there. 

And that brings us to the end of this week’s episode of NXT UK and the end of this bytesize review. All in all, a pretty good show, some good in ring action and some interesting promos and vignettes.  

I’m really looking forward to next week’s triple threat, which I believe is a low-key number one contender's match. Fingers crossed WALTER’s reign as NXT UK Champion will soon be coming to an end. 

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday for NWA Powerrr!