NXT UK: Bytesize! 17th February 2022

James is back with a full rundown of this weeks NXT UK!

NXT UK: Bytesize! 17th February 2022

What’s up guys and girls, It’s Thursday and you know what that means!  

I’m James and this is another thrilling episode of NXT UK!  
Coming to you from the BT Sports studios in London, this week's episode is sure to be action packed! So, with that being said, let’s dive right in with the first match-up.  
Sam Gradwell vs Kenny Williams.  

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between these two athletes, it was sure to be a stonker of a match, however this wasn’t to be the case as Kenny Williams comes out with a pair of crutches and tells the much-annoyed Gradwell that he’d injured his knee (maybe he just lost his smile, who knows).

He explains he’s got a doctor's note and that he can’t wrestle tonight... 

However, NXT UK assistant general manager Sid Scala appeared on the titantron to inform everyone that the hospital had no record of Williams having an injury, but there were two missing crutches, and ordered the match be started.  
Well, Gradwell had no issues in taking the fight straight to Williams.  

Williams is dominated in the early going, he does manage to gain the advantage and uses a very familiar looking clothesline (what ever happened to Dean Ambrose anyway?)  

With Williams having the momentum momentarily, the match goes back-and-forth. Using a very innovative pin cover – Gradwell scores the upset and picks up the win!
Winner: Sam Gradwell.  
Not happy with the loss, Williams utilizes the crutch he brought out with his feigned injury and uses it as a weapon to knock out Gradwell while his back was turned and continues to beat down the knocked out Gradwell.

Williams then decides to get a pair of scissors from under the ring and cut Gradwell's Mohawk, and in a seeming moment of hysterics from Williams, Gradwell is left fuming. Well, at least he doesn’t look like a fork anymore I suppose...  
Backstage Segment:  
Gallus (Joe and Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) rewatch last week's episode of Supernova Sessions, with Joe and Mark in hysterics over what they were watching.

Wolfgang seems a little peeved off and tells the two to watch and see after they ask what he's going to do about it. 
Backstage Interview with Xia Brookside. 
She seems to be really happy and very self-positive... that is until she was asked if she considered herself to be a positive role model like Amale. Safe to say she doesn’t like her very much, and says how it’s not fair that she gets more attention than she does... I think Xia is a bit of a daddy's girl... 
Backstage Segment:  

Dave Mastiff sets Jack Starz a few challenges before he can get a bomber jacket of his own. He doesn’t just get one, he has to earn one. What follows is a hilarious montage of Starz doing these challenges.  

1. Bomber Physicality - Starz had to do 1-hour of squats with Mastiff seemingly forgetting where Starz was after 3 hours.
2. Bomber Appetite - Starz had to eat an entire sleeve of dry Weetabix (I had to skip this part as I physically can’t look at Weetabix). 
3. Bomber Guts - Starz had to streak in front of the entire PC. (I don’t blame Starz from chickening out and runs off while naked saying he isn’t doing it).  

Backstage segment:

A furious and now bald Gradwell searches for Williams, he’s definitely not a happy bunny.  

Angel Hayze vs Emilia McKenzie:  

The match starts out with chain wrestling and a couple of pin attempts, with Hayze showing what she can do by taking it to McKenzie. Some good submission offence by Hayze, but McKenzie gains the momentum.  

As you may know I'm a fan of the more extreme matches, but I do appreciate technical matches and this is a good showing on that. Hayze almost got the win after the slingblade but Emilia kicks out and soon gains the advantage once again. With frustration starting to build in McKenzie, Hayze still manages to get back in front. Hayze put up a good fight but Emilia hits a sit-down face plant bomb and picks up the win!   
Winner: Emilia McKenzie:  
Interview with Nathan Frazer:  
Frazer talks about his win over Teoman, and that he can hang with the guys in the main event and challenges the NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov! He asks NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint to make the match happen. That match should be a classic!  

Backstage segment:  
Die Familie in what appears to be a movie style mafia skit with Teoman saying he’s not ashamed of losing, he claims he’s not a loser, with Charlie Dempsey stating that maybe the loss will bring Die Familie closer together. Teoman claims that no one will stop them.  
Stevie Turner vs Myla Grace:  

The match starts out with the old collar and elbow, chain wrestling with some good grappling action, after a few back-and-forth hits, Turner takes it to Grace, dominating the majority of the match, utilising the knee to the back of the neck, keeping Grace grounded.  

Grace manages to break free and takes it back to Turner with a flurry of offence, again using the 619, that impresses the hell out of me I can’t lie.

Turner gets the momentum back with a high boot to the face rocking Grace, Tuner then hits the side effect and picks up the win!  
Winner: Stevie Turner.  
Backstage Segment:  

Sid Scala announces that he is inviting the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura back to thank her for everything she’s done for the NXT UK brand in the UK and in Japan.  

Backstage Segment:  
The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) talk about their upcoming title defence. With Smith and Carter saying it’s their time as they’re the hottest tag team around.  
Mustache Mountain say they’re addicted to winning, with Smith and Carter saying they’re the next NXT UK Tag Team Champions.  
Jordan Devlin vs Wolfgang w/Joe and Mark Coffey.  

A grudge match that started with Gallus embarrassing Devlin on last week’s episode.

The match starts slow with Wolfgang using his size to his advantage. Devlin tries to use his speed but Wolfgang's power outmatches his speed. The match spills to the outside, Devlin tries to escape back in the ring but Wolfgang wouldn’t allow it and continues to dominate. Devlin tries once again to mount a comeback but Wolfgang's too strong.

Pure dominance shown by Wolfgang here. Devlin finally manages to get the upper hand by shoving Wolfgang into the ring post, after attempting a springboard moonsault to the outside, Wolfgang caught him but Devlin used the ring post once again to neutralize his opponent. Wolfgang looked to have hurt his shoulder during the exchange.  

Devlin notices the injury and soon pounces on the weakness by utilising the arm bar. After a few minutes of a Devlin assault, Wolfgang manages to gain offence but the shoulder injury stops his momentum, allowing Devlin to go back on the assault. 
After a continuous shift in momentum, Wolfgang hits a huge spear but the move injured him more, Wolfgang goes to the top rope but a quick and aware Devlin hit an almighty Spanish Fly.

After a kick out, Devlin senses the urgency and hits the 450 splash and gets the win!  
Winner: Jordan Devlin.  

Well, that rounds up this week’s episode! Another great showing from NXT UK.  

Stellar matches and a great main event, really enjoyed this week.

Angel Hayze impressed me this week in showing what she could do.

The feud between Gradwell and Kenny Williams is certainly going to get spicier!  

That's all for this week, I’ve been James, as ever you’ve been awesome and I'll catch you all next week for the next exciting episode of NXT UK!