NXT UK Bytesize: 15th July 2021

Thursdays mean NXT UK, and Paul gives us a run down of all the action!

NXT UK Bytesize: 15th July 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

Tonight should be good as we have two big matches, Meiko Satomura makes defence number one of her newly won NXTUK Women’s Championship against the “French Hope” Amale, and in the main event Tyler Bate puts the NXTUK Heritage Cup on the line against Gallus’ Mark Coffey.

But first up, as the show begins, Triple H is on the screen!

Let’s dive in…

God Save the King (The King of Kings…)

“On October 29th, 2020, NXTUK brought you a match that the WWE Universe STILL speaks about. A match that was so intense, that it defined the brand, and redefined brutality. Next week, we will finally see the long-awaited rematch between NXTUK Champion WALTER, and Ilja Dragunov.

WALTER, the longest reigning champion in modern WWE, has dominated this brand for over 800 days defending that title, both in the UK, and in the United States. Ilja Dragunov is an enigma. One of the most dedicated and intense individuals to ever enter the squared circle. Next week, the world will be watching NXTUK, and we are proud to bring you WALTER v Dragunov two!”

Amazing speech from Triple H there, and it really lends gravitas to the match and makes it a bigger match than anticipated. Phenomenal start to the show!

A press conference that DIDN’T devolve into anarchy? In WWE? Surely not…

Continuing the big fight feel, a large desk has been set up in the ring, with WALTER on one side, Dragunov on the other, and Sid Scala in the middle hosting. I have it on good authority that Sid used to be a wrestler, who knew? Sid says there will be no physicality tonight.

Sid introduces both men and then throws it over to the gathered press for questions.

First up is Alex McCarthy from TalkSport, who asks WALTER: “Over 800 days as NXTUK Champion, do you believe your historic Championship reign is under threat?”

WALTER replies: “No.” He goes on to say that the difference between him and Ilja is he is in this for the reputation and tradition of wrestling. Its an honour for him to represent professional wrestling the way he, and the rest of Imperium, believes it should be done. He says that Ilja is a fantastic athlete, no one else like him, but he doesn’t have the mental ability to step up to his level.

Ace from BBC Radio 1 Xtra asks Ilja: “What have you learnt since your defeat to WALTER in October of last year?”

Ilja says its been very dark days, rough times. As a fighter you step into some matches that you lose, but you learn and come back better. But in this one, failures like this, they hurt you mentally, it haunts you, and he lost control. But he found himself again, and he is now prepared.

Alistair McGeorge from Metro.co.uk asks both men: “The last match is still spoken about so highly, so what can we expect from the rematch next week?”

Ilja starts off by answering “You can expect brutality, violence, intensity. This match redefined violence, but this time people will forget the meaning of the word as WALTER v Dragunov will replace the word, just with a slight difference. The ending will be different, and WALTER should not be too arrogant.

WALTER then cuts in and launches a tirade at Ilja, calling him a fraud, and that he realised last time he isn’t good enough. All his displays of intensity and motivation is for show. He just wants the attention. WALTER then gets angry, stands up and shouts at Ilja in German.

Ilja says he thought it was enough last time, but he was wrong. All his will, strength, and stamina, he thought it was enough. He had big respect for WALTER, but after what WALTER did to him on purpose, that respect is gone, and all that is left is hate. Ilja says he will walk out with the NXTUK Championship or he won’t walk out at all. The two then stand head to head as the press conference ends.

Kids, THAT is how you build a big match! Great stuff!

De ja vu with Subculture

Subculture are backstage, with Dani Luna sat on a ladder holding a can of spray paint next to a Subculture mural. Mark Andrews says he has a really familiar feeling. Morgan says that’s because two years ago he defeated the NXTUK Tag Team Champions in singles matches to earn the opportunity at the tag team titles at Takeover Cardiff (which I was there for!) and what happened? They smashed it. Last week, he beat Lewis Howley to get this opportunity. History is going to repeat itself next week. Dani Luna then says the only difference will be that this time, they will become the first ever two-time NXTUK Tag Team Champions. She sprays “2X” on the wall to signify this, and the vignette ends.

Usually, I try and get some little quips in, but this has been a solid start and I am fully invested right now!

The Family wipes out Smith and Carter

First match now as Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter take on Rohan Raja and Teoman in tag team action.

And Smith is wasting no time going straight for Teoman from the bell! Ashton Smith has been vocal about England’s Euro’s loss on Twitter so maybe this was his way of releasing some anger…?

It ended up being quite a back and forth contest and was more a of a brawl than an actual wrestling match, with very few wrestling moves in it. It was just a fight! Given everything that Smith and Carter had been put through by these two it’s not surprising.

But despite a good showing from Smith and Carter, they were not able to get the win as after some hard hitting offence, including a sweet looking inverted zig zag from Raja, Teoman locked in the crossface on Carter, having worked his arm over for the length of the match, and forced him to tap.

Scala checks on his kid… sorry… A-Kid…

Back with former wrestler Sid Scala now and he is being asked if there is any update on A-Kid’s injury after last weeks match with Jordan Devlin. Scala says, as yet, there have been no updates, but, as if by magic, just as he says that A-Kid appears from the doctor’s room. Isn’t it amazing how they are always in the right place at the right time for this?!

A-Kid is in a huge leg brace. Sid asks if there is any update? A-Kid says yes, he is sick and tired of Jordan Devlin, and he wants Sid to speak to Johnny Saint. He needs to wrestle Jordan again as soon as he is recovered. Sid says he will get that arranged for him, then A-Kid throws down his crutch, and says he needs more than that, he needs thirty minutes in the ring with Devlin to teach him a lesson, to punish him. He wants an iron man match.

Sid says, “Leave it with me” and walks off, as A-Kid smoulders to the camera…

More great stuff! NXTUK is killing it tonight!

Now we get a vignette from Aoife Valkyrie. Aoife says that she has watched and learned all she needs to know about Jinny. Jinny watched her lose to Meiko Satomura, Jinny may not understand is that the best have short memories when it comes to failure. To get to the top she’s prepared to climb, but she doesn’t think Jinny is prepared to take off her high heels. Aoife says Jinny only ever picks a fight with people if she thinks the odds are in her favour, but this time she’s declared war on the wrong person!

Kick her ass Aoife!!!

Promo Time with Pretty Deadly

Every time these two shout “Side plate check” I die a little inside…

Sam Stoker says last week Lewis Howley had Mark Andrews beat, but the social outcasts of Subculture attacked him, distracting Howley and giving Mark the opportunity to win. Daylight Robbery, according to Stoker.

Howley says he took Andrews lightly, and that was his mistake, but getting his little reject pals involved was Mark Andrews' mistake. Howley says they are the best tag team in NXTUK and run the division. Everyone wants to come and see Pretty Deadly. Subculture are the champions of the past for a reason, because now it’s Pretty Deadly’s time.

I hope Amale has levelled up enough because she’s facing the Final Boss…

It’s been a somewhat meteoric rise for Amale. After beating Xia Brookside, she has essentially forced her way into a title match. No white flags from her!

And to be fair, this match went down a scream. No, I literally mean that, Amale practically screamed through the whole thing!

Every forearm, every kick, every pin attempt, she screamed. By the end of the match I was fairly sure I was at least partially deaf.

To be fair to Amale, despite the screaming (oh my God, the screaming…) she put on a great effort, getting in a lot of offence, and making Meiko work for it. At one point, she hit Meiko with a knee TO THE FACE!!! Following up with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. However, Meiko would rally back, hitting the Pele kick and then returning the favour with a kick TO THE FACE!!!

Amale responded with a pump kick then a powerbomb variant, but after the two count, Meiko fought back hard, hitting a DDT, then her signature cartwheel knee strike before delivering a devastating Scorpio Rising. Count to 50 everybody, Amale is done.

That marks Meiko Satomura’s first successful title defence, here’s hoping to many more.

Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness then inform us that there has been a backstage altercation between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov (No footage by the way…), resulting in WALTER sustaining a severe hand injury, and that next week’s big NXTUK Title match is OFF!!!


… Ok, I’m calm again now.

So, the match is off. Great. But we are told that Jinny and Joseph will be on Supernova Sessions next week, so that’s some consolation. Hopefully Noam Dar winds Jinny up so much that she just gets up and leaves…

Tyler took the Bate, now Mark is gonna fill his Cup with Coffey!

Yes, awful I know, but I stand by it!

Heritage Cup Championship Trophy time now, let’s check the counter…

Yep, still going strong!

Round one was the usual feeling out process, as the two combatants eased into the match, no one really gaining the upper hand.

Round two began in much the same way, but at the 1:35 mark, Tyler countered a submission attempt by Mark and stacked him up for the three count, securing the first fall!

Round three, and with Mark Coffey now irate at losing the first fall he came back with a vengeance. Some nice back and forth counters before Coffey took control with a body drop. About midway through, Tyler launched at Coffey, but got hit with a mid-air enzuigiri, with Tyler planted on the mat, Coffey took advantage and hit a big forearm smash to take the second fall in 1:43, tying the match up at one fall each.

Round four, and both men could sense victory. After some back and forth grappling, Tyler managed to hit an exploder suplex, followed by his patented airplane spin, but Coffey fought out and picked Tyler up for a slam. Following this, the two men collided and headbutted each other, taking them both down to see out the round.

Round five, and this where it all went wrong for Mark Coffey. Despite throwing Tyler into the ring post and getting a two count, Tyler came flying back, hitting Bop & Bang, the rebound lariat and his signature flip kick, before securing the victory in 58 seconds of the fifth round with the Tyler Driver 97.

Tyler Bate retains, and Mark Coffey, though visibly upset, shakes Tyler’s hand, and leaves the ring peacefully with Wolfgang. Tyler celebrates his win with Trent Seven in the ring as the show ends.

Well, what a rollercoaster that was tonight! NXTUK hardly ever puts a foot wrong, and although I am not thrilled at the big title match being cancelled next week, I am starting to see something emerge.

With A-Kid wanting an iron man match and with WALTER v Dragunov “postponed”, could this be leading to an impromptu NXTUK Takeover event? Let’s not forget NXTUK Takeover Dublin ended up being cancelled so it could happen. If we get some shenanigans in the Tag Team Title match next week that helps Pretty Deadly retain that could be the big indicator, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Well, that brings us to the end of another bytesized NXTUK review! Thanks for reading, and I will see you all Wednesday for NWA Powerrr where I will also give you the updates on this week’s episode of NWA PowerrrSurge!