NXT UK Bytesize: 15th April 2021

Its the first NXT UK following Wrestlemania, and Paul is here with his bytesized review!

NXT UK Bytesize: 15th April 2021

What's up guys and girls! It's “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another NXT UK Bytesized review! 

Well, Wrestlemania is in the bag for another year and what a ride they took us on! Some good stuff, some bad, and some downright insanity (as I write this the latest round of “WWE Budget Cuts” have been announced and there are some RIDICULOUS names on the list...)  

After last week’s NXT UK Prelude, we are shifting it down a gear this week but the action was no less brilliant. Let's get to it shall we? 

Who needs Joe Frazier when you have Nathan Frazer?! 

NXT UK this week started with the mighty Saxon Huxley taking on the former Ben Carter, Nathan Frazer. 

Before I get into the match, I have to say that Huxley reminds me more and more of Captain Caveman every time I see him. Give the man a wooden club and a leopard print loin cloth and we’re good to go. 

Frazer, who has some of the coolest ring music I have heard in a while, was up against it, as the more powerful Huxley counters most of Frazer’s offence with his power game and explosive dynamic. 

Despite this, it turns out to be a pretty back and forth match. Frazer seems very heelish for someone who is supposed to be a face, but his ring style really makes him stand out. At one point he performed a pretty reckless looking suicide dive which looked like it hurt him more than it hurt Huxley.  

At one point Huxley almost won, but Frazer countered a suplex attempt into a moonsault off the ropes, into a final cut. 


 He then ascends the top rope and hits a huge Frog Splash for the win. 

A good opener to the show even though their styles didn’t really match too well, but I enjoyed it. Good job! 

Dar & Sha are backstage... Hurrah! 

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels are backstage talking about last week's match with Tyler Bate. Sha goes off on one about how unfair it all is (boo hoo), that they work hard for everything whereas, Bate and Seven get everything handed to them. Dar says the difference is Bate and Seven are playing Checkers, while they play Chess, and next week in their tag team match they’re going to prove it to them. 

Supernova Sessions with the Gallus boys! 

“Hear me now! Live from the moon!” says Dar before going off on a little tangent about Bate etc, then he introduces the Gallus boys. Gallus come out and make themselves comfortable on Dar’s sofa, much to Dar’s displeasure. Dar attempts to make himself comfortable on the steel chairs, and asks Gallus if they had a nice holiday? 

Gallus are looking like an 80’s hair metal band these days, albeit not a very good one! Think Motley Crue, but more Scottish. 

Mark Coffey says they haven't been on holiday, they’ve been training hard, sticking to a schedule and enjoying a few drinks when they can. 

Dar then moves on to Wolfgang and asks how he’s been? Wolfie says that he’s been focusing on himself and trying to control his temper. Dar then asks if Joe is ok as he seems distant. 

Joe Coffey sits forward and says all he can think about is going on a rampage (There is someone on the roster who may be able to help with that...) 

At this point Eddie Dennis appears and starts baiting Gallus, saying they were only tag team champions because they got involved in their business. Joe gets up and says if Eddie wants a fight it’ll have to be next week as he is not dressed to compete. Eddie Dennis says neither is he, but these two are: Primate and T-Bone attack Gallus! 

After a small brawl, Gallus fends off the attackers and stand strong to end the segment as Dar tells someone presumably to “Play that funky music”. 

Have Gallus turned face? When did that happen? Or was that supposed to be the turn? I’m so confused... 

Thunderstorm locked out 

Sam Gradwell is shown arriving at the UK PC and knocking on the door as it is locked. Dave Mastiff appears to open the door, and Gradwell insults him, so Mastiff locks him out again. Gradwell tries to get him to open the door as he is late, but Mastiff just walks off leaving him there. 

And that’s the end of another gripping segment. 

Oh, Moustache Mountain inform us they are back, hyping next week’s tag team match with Dar & Sha... Hurrah.... 

The Black Witch takes down Not Millie McKenzie... Oh, and Jinny says some stuff... 

Coming off her impressive re-debut at NXT UK Prelude, Emilia McKenzie took on Isla Dawn in a pretty good match. 

McKenzie has a solid technical base and has great adaptability, but at one point used a fairly week looking spear coming out of the corner. Isla Dawn controlled the match early on until McKenzie gained a foothold and was able to start getting in some offence. 

To be honest though, Isla Dawn looked very strong in this match and it is no surprise she picked up the win, albeit with the help of some #shenanigans. 

With Dawn in the corner, McKenzie tried to attack, but had to get around the referee, Dawn used this slight distraction to deliver a strong kick to the head followed up with a Half Nelson Suplex for the win. 

Somewhat surprising as I had assumed they would have McKenzie have some form of undefeated streak but apparently not. I am interested to see where this leads for both women though. 

After this match Jinny appears in a backstage promo and calls out Dani Luna, basically calling her trash or something. I wonder if this means we’ll see those two face off soon? Hmmmm...... 

And in what is hopefully the final short segment of this week’s episode, Meiko Satomura finds Aoife Valkyrie backstage and hands her the feather she left on the ramp. She says she knows what this means, and she accepts. 

actually think this will be a very interesting match! 

Ashton Smith is seeing Starz....Jack Starz! 

Back to some in ring action now and Ashton Smith is taking on Jack Starz, who comes to the ring with Piper Niven giving him encouragement. 

It’s clear from the outset that while Jack Starz is more intense than usual, Smith still has a clear size advantage which he puts to good use, and boy is he hitting some hard strikes! 

After a little back and forth, smith is dominating with some stiff looking uppercuts, and Piper is trying to encourage Starz. After getting thrown out of the ring, Starz re-enters after a Piper pep talk, but Smith continues to dominate for a spell.  

Starz though is eventually able to fight back, and after hitting Smith with a big shoulder tackle and a an even bigger back body drop, he is able to roll up Smith and get the win! Jack is jobber to the Starz no more! 

This is a big win for Jack Starz who it seems will no longer be treated as an enhancement guy, but then again things change very quickly in WWE. In any case, huge win for Jack, hopefully they build on it. 

The Lucky Yin v The Bhangra Bad Boy 

The final twenty minutes of this week’s episode are dedicated to the events of two weeks ago when Kenny Williams (predictably) turned on Amir Jordan, costing them the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. 

In a recap video, Kenny says that Jordan is incompetent, soft, and he had to do all the work to get them their opportunities. 

Jordan says they were so close to winning gold, but Kenny threw it all away. 

The main event match this week is of course Williams v Jordan, and right from the start, there is no love lost between these two. Seriously, Amir Jordan is pissed! 

Jordan takes control early on, avoiding a lot of Kenny’s underhanded tactics to gain a foothold in the match. Outside the ring, Jordan is throwing Kenny around like a rag doll, launching him into the ring steps. This is the side of Amir Jordan I have been talking about! He is much better when he is like this! 

Kenny does eventually turn the tide in his favour after Jordan misses a shoulder tackle through the ropes and Kenny is able to counter with a kick to the chest. The match then becomes back and forth with each man getting in some hard offence. Jordan at one point hits a very had looking senton on Kenny from the top rope, which Kenny is just able to kick out of. 

But of course, it was only a matter of time before Kenny tried to use some #shenanigans to gain the upper hand. He starts removing a turnbuckle pad, and after being backed into a corner by Jordan, and with the ref trapped, he attempts to hit Jordan in his rupees with a mule kick while the referee is distracted. Jordan is wise to this though and backs off to avoid, before hitting a superkick. 

It was not to be for the Bhangra Bad Boy though, as that exposed turnbuckle was used to good effect by the Lucky Yin, who threw Jordan into it, bad shoulder first (You know, the one Jordan has had taped up for about a year now...) Kenny follows this up with a hard DDT and gets the win! 

This is exactly the kind of match I was hoping for between these two and I hope we get to see more between them. Jordan looks so much better now he is not playing some sort of comedy character, and Kenny has always suited being a heel more. 

So, that brings us to the end of this week’s NXT UK, and next week we have Moustache Mountain v Dar & Sha to look forward to, as well as so much more, I am sure. 

Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!