NXT UK Bytesize: 14th April 2022

It's Thursday, you know what that means... It's time for James' NXTUK review!

NXT UK Bytesize: 14th April 2022

What's up guys and girls, James here with all the low down from this weeks NXT UK!  
This week, we will see A-kid taking on Teoman!  
So, with that said, let us dive straight to the action! 
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now back to your regular broadcast.  
First up, we have: Joe & Mark Coffey vs Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz 

Ah Jack Starz, reminds me of the little engine that things he could! Got to hand it to Mastiff, he is making a little bullet out of Starz!  
Mastiff starts with a test of brute force against Joe, of course Mastiff wins, hell even I would not be able to take on Mastiff! 
The power of Joe is impressive, managing to lift the colossus that is Mastiff, loving the tag prowess of the bomber man and the shooting Starz, really controlling the pace of the match.  
The Coffey brothers have been unable to gain any momentum, but finally Joe makes a tag and like a bat out of hell come the Glaswegian powerhouse.  
Wait, a miscommunication between Joe and Mark? As Joe makes a blind tag allowing Mastiff to dump Joe and Starz hits the power bomb and gets the win!  
Winners: Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz  
After the match, the Coffey brothers are in disarray arguing in the ring, as Wolfgang comes down to calm things down, could we be seeing a breakup of Gallus?  

Montage: A replay of the NXT UK Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong!  
Interview: after the match, Dragunov and Strong are backstage, and Strong states that they will see each other again and then comes in Jordan Devlin, he says that Dragunov might have the title, but he is the Irish Ace.  
Promo: The still angry Sam Gradwell and the still very overconfident Kenny Williams are ready for their back ally brawl match... hang on, is the UK’s version of a street fight? Better be like street fighter with a conveniently placed car in this match!  
Promo: NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura, still without her title after the devil woman with evil on her mind took her title three weeks ago, wants her title back and demands that she comes to the ring and give her title.  
Out comes Isla Dawn, what starts as a normal screen, suddenly goes all cinematic again, very clever. This slow-motion thing is making me nauseous; Dawn says she will give Satomura her title back, under the condition that she gets a rematch under her own rules.  
Laying the title in the ring, Satomura accepts the challenge... Dawn then spits Black misty goo in the face of the champion and the match will take place in the world of... darkness? God, I love freaky stuff!  

Interview: Amale states that people may have seen the nice side of her, but soon the French hope will show her mean side!  

Promo: Mark Andrews states that he and Wild Boar have been friends for over fifteen years and that Eddie Dennis tore them apart, Wild Boar then states that Dennis fears him and that he wants to rip him apart. Andrews then states that he is there to even the odds and holds up a chair... never seen that before... 
Next up we have: Eliza Alexander **cough Lizzy Evo Cough** w/Xia Brookside vs Angel Hayze.

Making her NXT UK debut, Lizzy Evo... oops I mean Eliza Alexander (if you have seen her in other promotions, then you will know she is an immense talent!) 
Hayze takes it right to Alexander in the early going, but inevitably Alexander soon takes control.  
Eliza is dominating the match-up so far, toying with Hayze I forgot that she had a hard-hitting style, Hayze mounts a brave comeback getting a two count. She is soon taken down by a powerful clothesline from Alexander following up with a hard knee to the head and gets the win!  
Winner: Eliza Alexander.  
Backstage: Emilia McKenzie talks about training with Meiko Satomura, until she is interrupted by Bobbi Tyler, who tells her that the only reason that Satomura took her on is because she does not see her as a threat, way to piss off a person eh.  
Main event: Teoman w/Die Familie vs A-kid.

Technical start to the match, catching Teoman off guard. I do love a good technical match, submissions, and quick pins. Seems to be a lost art these days, it is a shame that there is outside interference from Die Familie.  
Other than that, great match. A-kid could have tweaked his knee, he is masking the pain well.  
Very good and solid main event, see this is what NXT UK does so well, puts on a great main event every time! Vince, take notes... no wait don’t!  
A hard forearm takes A-kid down, but Teoman only gets the two-count, damn A-kid is quick, two quick submission attempts, I almost missed that! Really blink and you miss it stuff!  
The match spills to the outside, A-kid glides through the air to take out Die Famile, taking the momentum by throwing A-kid back in the ring, Teaman hits a weird looking neck breaker following up with the sliding elbow and gets the win!  
Winner: Teoman.  
Well, that concludes this week’s edition of NXT UK!  
Great show once again, goes to show that The UK and Europe really do have some great talent! I feel for A-kid though, but Teoman is a force that’s for sure!  
I want to see Gallus split! Who doesn’t love a feud between brothers!  
As always, I've been James, you’ve been awesome, and I'll catch you all next week for another edition of NXT UK!