NXT UK Bytesize: 10th March 2022

James is back again with another edition of NXT UK!

NXT UK Bytesize: 10th March 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with another edition of NXT UK!
This week we’ll see Noam Dar defend his Heritage Cup against Joe Coffey and A-Kid looks to silence Charlie Dempsey.

So, let’s dive into all the action as I take you through NXT UK!

Before we get underway, Charlie Dempsey where the rest of Die Familie were, Dempsey stated he didn’t need them for this as he made his way to the ring.

A-Kid vs Charlie Dempsey.

A match with weeks of build-up, this is sure to be a cracker!
With both men feeling out the tone of the match, a good showing of mat based grappling. Dempsey has a lot of his father’s style! Well, I guess he’s also a real man’s man!
We’re seeing a lot of good technical rasslin’ in this match, I love it.

It’s not a one-sided affair but a slugfest! Both men are both showing exactly what they’re made of.
fantastic match so far!
There’s no clear-cut winner that I can see so far, you could say this is textbook wrestling at its best.
Dempsey begins to get the momentum by working on the knees of A-Kid with multiple submission attempts, but A-kid manages to fight him off.
as good old’ JR would say ‘’WHAT A SLOBBERKNOCKER’’

With an assist from Rohan Raja, Dempsey locked in a bow and arrow submission and gets the win!

Winner: Charlie Dempsey.



Assistant general manager Sid Scala announces a special guest all the way from the USA for next week… before he gets interrupted by Wolfgang and is told by Scala that next week, he will take on Roderick Strong!


Aleah James is backstage as she asked who should be next inline for an NXT UK Women's title shot, before she could answer, Stevie Turner interrupts her and well, that went well… I think…

Symbiosis w/Eddie Dennis vs Danny Jones and Josh Morrell

Quick start to the match, power versus speed in this one, soon grinds down to a hard-hitting match.
Good tag team action and well-timed tags so far from the outset.
Morrell being isolated from his teammate, being completely punished by the terrible two that is Symbiosis.
Unable to make the tag, Jones is left defenseless, but he manages to break free and makes the tag!
Then comes in Jones like a bat out of hell and manages to fend off both Primate and T-bone.
This match is brutal and ends with a flying headbutt from Primate and Symbiosis picks up the win!

Winners: Symbiosis

After the match Wild Boar attacks the victors with a vicious assault! We haven’t seen Wild Boar in over a year! Retribution seems to be on his mind!


Here we see Ricky Lake… oops I mean Nina Samuels who gave the viewers an exclusive of the performance centre and encounters Emilia McKenzie who doesn’t take kindly to Samuels words and basically calls her a human Flamingo…. Okay she has a valid point there!


NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain make an offer to Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith by offering both men singles matches against the champions, and if they collectively win, they’ll gain a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. 

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Match. Noam Dar w/Sha Samuels vs Joe Coffey w/Mark Coffey.

With Heritage Cup rules in play here, six three-minute rounds each men looking to gain the advantage and get a pin fall in order to win the match.
With both men starting out slow, the match picks up pace, it’s almost like both men are subdue.
Reminds me of UFC rules here, I dig it… mind you anything’s better than the god-awful Brawl for All…

A surprising technical affair this match, with Joe having a smash mouth style, the second round starts with Coffey dominating and picks up a pinfall by hitting a suplex following it up with a Glasgow Send Off!

Dar is rocked by the tactics of Coffey, Coffey is in firm control of this match with Dar unable to gain any offence, but a distracted Coffey slips up and allows Dar to get some offence in and with a roll up manages to get a pinfall! One point each.

Dar now having the momentum, the match turns around with Dar having control.
He now begins to work on the legs of Coffey taking the big man down, back and forth we go in this championship match, the match spills out to the outside, all four men are embroiled with Samuels and Mark Coffey separating the two men.

The 5th round starts quick with Dar going in for the kill, but hitting another Glasgow send off, Dar kicks out! Quickly going for the pin once again, Dar refuses to quit!
what a match!

Hard hits from both men with neither relenting, Coffey lands a discus clothesline and gores for the pin. However,  Sha Samuels puts Dar’s leg on the bottom rope breaking the pin attempted, Mark see’s this and chases an escaping Samuels and lands a strike for interfering in the match!

Amid all that, Dar finally manages to get the upper hand and hits the Nova Roller and picks up the win!

What a show it was this week! Best match personally for me was A-Kid against Charlie Dempsey in my honest opinion, that was a wrestling masterclass!

Well, that rounds up this week’s pulsating episode,I’ve been James, as ever you’ve been awesome, and I’ll catch you all again on Thursday for NXT UK!