NXT UK Bytesize: 10th June 2021

It's time once again for NXT UK! This week, the "King of Real Rasslin", Paul, could not be more excited for the main event.

NXT UK Bytesize: 10th June 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Crown Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXT UK review!

To say I have been looking forward to this week’s episode is an understatement. The Women’s Title match is going to knock it out of the park, so I cannot wait for that! Plus, Big Daddy WALTER returns! Clearly, he saw our posters…

Well, let’s not hang around, let’s dive in!

WALTER RETURNS!!!......briefly….

WALTER opens the show as he comes out to the ring, microphone in hand. He says that recently, he defended the NXT UK Title twice in one week on two different continents. He is the longest reigning Champion in the modern WWE era, and his mission since arriving in NXT UK has not changed. He says he is going to restore the honour to this great sport, and he will forever be the NXT UK Champion (Kay Lee Ray v WALTER confirmed for the Forever Championship…)

And that’s it. WALTER’s part is done. We waited two months and put out a poster campaign at great expense (well, maybe not) for this?! Great! See you again in two months WALTER…

We then get a brief clip of Jordan Devlin arriving backstage and walking into his private dressing room. How sweet it must be to be the Irish Ace.

We are then treated to a short promo vignette from Subculture. They talk trash about Jinny and Joseph and inform us all that next week they will be taking them on in a mixed tag team match.

It’s Saxy time for the Irish Ace!

First match of the night honours goes to Jordan Devlin as he takes on Saxon Huxley.

Can anyone hear Michael Cole?...

The match begins, and after the opening exchanges, it appears I couldn’t have been anymore wrong. Huxley is dominating Devlin!

Huxley is literally hitting Devlin with everything he’s got! Body Slams, Suplexes, throwing him into the guardwalls outside the ring, drive by kicks and a sweet looking Thesz Press, Huxley is looking very good right now!

Sadly though, we all know where this is heading. After an eye rake, Devlin takes over and after a rope assisted cutter, he controls the match, and hits Huxley with a headbutt to the back of the neck. Huxley briefly responds with a huge sit out slam, but it’s not enough as Devlin is able to rally back and hit the Devlin Inside for the win.

Despite losing, Huxley looked fantastic in this match, and seemed to have new entrance music too, so maybe they’re finally planning on doing something with him?

Pretty Deadly are apparently coming out to join Andy Shepherd on commentary for the next match. Oh, the joys!

G.B.B.S (Gallus Boys Back Stage…)

As the title suggests, Gallus are backstage. I know, I don’t know how I do it either.

They’re in Sid Scala’s office, with Sid Scala himself no less! (Also, didn’t he used to be a wrestler?)

Well anyway, the Gallus boys of Mark Coffey and everyone’s favourite wolf lover, Wolfgang, are talking incoherently (or coherently if you’re Scottish) about something or other. They then turn their attentions to Sid, but there appears to be an issue with Sid’s audio as I can barely hear him. I did manage to pick up that he is giving them both opportunities as singles competitors. At this point Sam Gradwell walks in and wants to talk to Sid, but he says he is sorry to interrupt this pointless natter about nothing, and he’ll come back later. Those were his actual words.

Wolfgang says he wants to take him on first. This confirms for me that at some point, Gallus turned face, but for the life of me I cannot figure out where and when…

Symbiosis feeds on their prey

Back to action in the ring now, as the Symbiosis pairing of Primate and Tyson T-Bone prepare to take on Andy Wild and Dan Moloney. Some may remember that Dan Moloney was part of the original UK Title tournament, and since then the dude has got hench!

Sadly, this didn’t really help him or his tag team partner, Andy Wild, in this match, as Symbiosis manhandled them throughout.

With Eddie Dennis at ringside calling the shots, Primate and T-Bone tore through their opponents. Moloney and Wild did get some brief moments to shine, and at one point Moloney made the hot tag to Wild who then proceeded to clean house, but ultimately, this match was only ever going one way, and after a suplex and a spear from Primate, he tagged in T-Bone and they hit their double team finish for the win.

Throughout this match, Pretty Deadly were exactly as you would expect them to be on commentary. Derogatory to Andy Shepherd, giving some props to the tag team division, but ultimately stating that they are better than everyone. Some things in Pro Wrestling never change!

Teoman, the Family Guy

In a video vignette, Teoman is sat at a fancy table, and says he won’t let Oliver Carter interfere in his business again, but he is in a good mood as his family is happy, so he is happy.

He says he can put any member of the NXT UK roster in hospital. He asks if Oliver’s family would be upset to see him in hospital? And would Ashton Smith even visit him in hospital? He says, “he’s your tag team partner, not your family, so the answer is no”. Teoman says that’s Oliver’s weakness, and that “The eye sees everything”

I’m liking this direction for Teoman’s character. And anything that gives Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith more TV time is ok by me. Good job!

Next, we get the announcement that Sam Gradwell will be taking on Wolfgang next week, as the Scottish warrior gets his wish, and also confirmation of Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster taking on Jinny and Joseph Conners.

The Forever Champion versus the Final Boss!

It’s finally time for the match I have been waiting for! Kay Lee Ray v Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship!

Going into this match, Kay Lee Ray has been Champion for 649 days. Even if you take out the six months or so that everything was locked down and we had no action, that is still an incredible achievement.

The match began with Satomura just laying into KLR with kicks. KLR in frustration slides out of the ring, but Satomura follows her and continues kicking the sh*t out of her. She throws KLR back into the ring, and as she is getting back in herself, KLR hits her with a Superkick. KLR then locks in a Koji Clutch, which Satomura transitions into an STF, but KLR gets to the ropes.

At this point, I became fully engrossed in the match and stopped taking notes, so I couldn’t tell you what happened in great detail from here on out, but this match is so worth going out of your way to watch, that I may just watch it again!

It eventually kicked into high gear and the two started bringing out the big guns. They both hit the others finisher on each other. KLR with a Death Valley Bomb, Satomura with a Gory Bomb, followed by KLR hitting three consecutive Superkicks, which Satomura smiled through, adding a layer of intrigue to the match as it seemed she was ENJOYING the pain!

KLR then hit a Gory Bomb and a top rope senton, but Satomura kicked out just before the three! KLR got so frustrated she got out of the ring, grabbed her title, and tried to leave, but Satomura was having none of that and stopped her by hitting a Death Valley Bomb on to the arena floor!

KLR got up from this and hit a Gory Bomb on Satomura to the apron, which as we all know is the hardest part of the ring, and tried to pin her, but again the Best In The World kicked out at two!

Satomura re-established control after this and went to the top rope, KLR followed looking to counter, but this just ended up with Satomura hitting a sweet Sunset Bomb, followed by a sleeper hold, but KLR managed to just get to the ropes again. Satomura then hit a devastating Pele Kick, and KLR looked completely out of it, but somehow managed to transition the pin attempt into the Koji Clutch! Satomura fought out of it and tried a pin, which got a two count. Satomura hit a spin kick on a grounded KLR, then picked her up for the Death Valley Bomb!

That turned out to be the death knell for KLR, as following this, Satomura hit the devastating Scorpio Rising for the 1-2-3! WE HAVE A NEW NXT UK WOMEN’S CHAMPION!! THE FINAL BOSS, MEIKO SATOMURA!!!

What. A. Match!!! This match had everything it needed! The energetic start from the hungry challenger, the wily champion pulling out all the stops to try and retain her title, and the way it kicked into high gear with around ten minutes to go all came together to make this one of the best matches I have seen in recent weeks.

Recently I have seen people in groups on social media saying that NXT UK is a waste of time, but on the strength of this match and many more we have seen over the last few weeks, I emphatically disagree. NXT UK provides a platform for all UK and European Talents, and indeed many other countries from around the world, the platform to be seen on television globally and to perfect their craft, and allows them to live the dream of, I would say, at least 90% of all wrestlers who want to perform for the WWE.

If they continue to give us quality like this, I for one will be one very happy fan!

And that brings us to the end of another bytesized NXT UK review. Thank you for reading, and seriously, go back and watch this match! It was so worth it!

I will see you all on Tuesday for NWA Powerrr!