NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver Night Two

Pixc gives us the run down on all the events from Night Two of NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver!

NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver Night Two

So, back again for night two of Takeover Stand & Deliver. Night one was pretty good, Bronson will get his shot at Johnny Gargano for that North American title and we will see Karrion Kross face Finn Balor and the unsanctioned match takes place too, should be good!

I see we have have another pre-show match so let's get down to it.

Breezango vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick
Dain and Breeze start us off, a quick tag to Fandango but the double team fails and Dain tags in Drake, Drake blocks a Sunset Flip attempt then dances above Fandango. Fandango gets angry and Dain breaks them up.

Dain is distracted and Fandango attempts to get the advantage, Drake is tagged back in and Breezango are back in control. They keep Drake in their corner well, Maverick is hanging in there but it's not looking good. Breeze is back in and gets a near-fall off a double team. Maverick dodges Breeze in a weird but entertaining move and tags are made on both sides. Dain dominates both Breeze and Fandango with a Suplex but Breeze saves the match on the resulting pin.

A failed double team from the dynamic duo results in Dain being double teamed. Drake somehow ends up tagging back in, he gains the advantage then goes to celebrate with Dain who powerbombs him onto Fandango for the win. 

I really like this pairing of Dain and Maverick, it's comedic entertainment for sure. I just think the reason they are getting the title shot is because MSK need someone to beat before any potential serious challenges come their way. Good match though.

Winners: Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

We see a performance from Poppy to start the show, great stuff, an NXT favourite, particularly liked her attire, different.

Santos Escobar vs Jordan Devlin (NXT Cruiserweight Championship Unification Ladder Match)
They start off with a slugfest then Devlin downs Escobar off the ropes followed by an Armdrag Takedown. Escobar takes a breather on outside and Devlin comes to meet him with a Diving Moonsault crashing into the announce table.

Devlin uses the ladder first, lifting it up to let Escobar slide out before smacking him with it. Escobar whips Devlin into the ladder resting in the corner and he is propelled to the floor outside the ring. He follows this up with a Running Knee into the barricade.

A ladder is set up leaning against the barricade and the action continues in the ring with Escobar working Devlin over with the ladder. Escobar goes for the belts but he is stopped by Devlin so he returns down the ladder to add some extra punishment. He talks a little too much trash next and Devlin reverses making him eat a ladder.

Once Devlin has recovered though he explodes at him with a Dropkick. Devlin next somehow heads up the ladder but has to stop his ascent to hit a DDT. As he recovers on the outside again, Escobar dives into him and pushes him into the ladder setup earlier, which stays upright somehow. Escobar looks to set another ladder up for the climb but Devlin makes his way in to the ring and Escobar looks to increase the damage.

Devlin reverses and Escobar clearly feels the impact on the ladder as we hear "ay cabron" (please excuse my spelling on that.), Devlin then avoids a collision in the corner and grabs a ladder. Escobar pushes him into the corner and Devlin climbs the ladder looking to hit some high risk offense. He lands a Picture Perfect Moonsault, his ascent to the belts though is stopped by Legado del Fantasma as they run in to save the day for Escobar. He tells them to leave but the damage is done, I fear.

Devlin throws a ladder as he eyes up the belts, then sets up his own ladder next to Escobar's leading to a Spanish Fly from the top from Devlin. They then have a battle on top of the ladder and the slugfest results in Escobar shoving Devlin off the ladder, he ends up crashing through another ladder in the corner and we slowly wait for Escobar to grab the belts. Escobar is your undisputed NXT Cruiserweight champion.

WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver: Santos Escobar is the undisputed  Cruiserweight Champion | Wrestling News

Image courtesy of Wrestling News

Honestly, I wish I'd predicted Escobar, it makes a lot of sense now I think about it. He has been dominant and they could easily have Devlin come over and do some dates here, but also Escobar has Legado del Fantasma, they can do more with him I guess. Some great spots in this match.

Winner: Santos Escobar

MSK are backstage chatting to Mackenzie, they are keen to get started with their first defense after the pre-show match. They predict the main events both going with different competitors each time.

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart(c) vs The Way (NXT Womens Tag Team Championship Match)
I have to say, I'm loving the matching attire for The Way. Candice looked to be in trouble early on but Indi comes in and turns the momentum in favour of The Way. They keep Shotzi isolated for some time but Shotzi keeps kicking out, though, she doesn't seem able to mount any offense.

Shotzi does eventually get the tag and Ember comes in hot, she hits some jabs and does the robot before the DX chops, a lovely move, if a little bizzare. We get a four person pile up in the corner resulting in Indi getting a pinfall, but Ember kicks out.

Indi manages to drag Ember to her corner but Ember fights back and is able to get the tag after shoving them into each other. Shotzi quickly tags back out, however, and follows up with an assisted dive to the outside. Moon gets Candice back in the ring but she kicks out when pinned by Shotzi. Candice gets a roll up but Shotzi kicks out and Indi comes in off the tag with Ember knocked from the apron, she barely makes it in time for the save following this.

Ember gets the tag in and hits the Eclipse on both of her opponents, but Shotzi had made the tag and hits a top rope Senton on Indi, it's over. The champs retain.

I was glad they went with the champs here. I have to say the double eclipse has to be the highlight but I strongly suspect Indi and Candice will eventually hold those belts. I loved their attire and Indi is getting better with each show.

Winners: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

We get some backstage footage of Finn and Kross warming up. followed by a recap of Bronson Reed winning on night one. 

Next Gable Stevenson is with Stephanie McMahon at ringside. She is clapping and smiling away like a cheshire cat, I'm sure P-Nut will be pleased!

Bronson Reed vs Johnny Gargano (c) (North American Championship Match)
Bronson starts off well, a little cartwheel and eventually downs Gargano before hitting a Fallaway Slam. He then works him over in the corner before Gargano is able to get some offense in. Bronson, however, remains on his feet and gets back in the drivers seat. Gargano ends up chopping him down at the knee, following up with kicks and a baseball slide which ends with Bronson getting shoved into the announce desk.

The action returns to the ring and Gargano capitalises on a missed Banzai Drop with a Diving Splash from the top, he looks to work more on the ribs keeping Bronson grounded. Reed manages to back him into the corner to break the hold and Powerslams Gargano to buy himself some time to recover. He follows up by hitting a couple of Clotheslines and a corner Splash before Chokeslamming him.

The referee checks on Gargano who then almost reverses a Suplex with some kicks but Reed is too strong, finishing the move after a brief pause. Gargano turns it around in the corner hitting a Backstabber but only gets a near fall.

Gargano hits a superkick after faking one but Bronson answers with a Suplex. Gargano rolls out of reach for the Tsunami and avoids the attempted Running Senton that follows. Gargano ends up locking in the Gargano Escape but Bronson manages to drag himself to the ropes.

The action ends up on the outside of the ring, but after Bronson hits a Razor's Edge type move dumping Gargano back in the ring he again misses the Tsunami and the match is turned on it's head.

Gargano attempts a Superkick but gets caught and he again looks for the win, Austin Theory is able to distract him and Gargano looks to attack. Bronson doesn't allow the Hurricanrana to connect, and ends up coming down from his perch to hit a Powerbomb.

A pinfall from Bronson is broken when Theory puts Gargano's foot on the ropes, casually walking past as if it never happened. Bronson comes out to attack him but he has to adjust catch Gargano and dumps him into Theory's waiting arms. He then dives out and downs Theory. Gargano capitalises on this looking for the One Final Beat DDT but Bronson reverses it into an Air Raid Crash. He gets no luck on the pinfall that follows and Bronson looks again for the finish with a Moonsault which misses the mark. Gargano capitalizes on the miss and hit's the One Final Beat DDT but feels it's maybe not enough so he doubles down, hitting it again, leading to a pinfall and victory for Johnny Gargano, ending in a successful defense.

I was sceptical about Bronson being a good opponent for Gargano here as his size makes me think it would be hard to make a defense look realistic, as skilled as Gargano is. It was ok though, not the best match, but it worked and I liked how Gargano had to double down for the finish. Austin was great with his interference and it was well put together in fairness. 

Winner: Johnny Gargano

We see Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly preparing for their unsanctioned match later. Kyle shadow boxing with security around him. Then a recap of Walter vs Ciampa.

Finn Balor (c) vs Karrion Kross (NXT Championship Match)
They stare each other down, then lock up, Kross coming out on top in this test of strength. Balor looks to reassess the situation heading straight for Kross' previous injury. Kross is strong though and manages to fend him off, Balor smiles, either not phased or who knows, maybe playing mind games.

Kross again gets the best of him with rope work, downing the champion. Finn strikes Kross but it fires him up and he tosses Balor, who again smiles before striking again. Kross snaps and it looks like Kross will make quick work of him. Balor, however, dodges and he collides with the ring post giving Balor the opening to attack the shoulder. Kross, however, fires up again and enters a spell of dominance with Scarlett looking on as he paces around wasting time.

Balor recovers and manages to lock in a Submission, Kross attempts an escape, excellent work, but Balor drives his arm down as he does, a great counter. Balor works on Kross in the corner using the full count. Balor kicks Kross in the gut and it clearly winds Kross and he looks in agony as Balor tries to stay on top of him.

Balor reverses what looked like a Powerslam and both end up down in the ring. Kross grabs the ankle of Balor looking like he's had enough, ruthless aggression springs to mind. The Powerbomb results in a near fall and Kross taunts motioning for the end. Balor reverses hitting a Double Stomp followed by a Penalty Kick.

The Abdominal Stretch he locks in is countered by Kross, but Balor gets back at him before Kross blocks the traditional Drop Kick with a Clothesline. He looks for the Final Elbow but Balor counters with a kick and follows with a Coup de Grace which suprisingly is countered into a Straight Jacket Submission by Kross.

Balor rolls through into a Double Stomp, really smooth, followed by another kick to the midsection from Balor and a Submission once again. Kross breaks free and pummels Balor with elbows to the back of the head and drops him with a Suplex. With Balor facing away another brutal elbow from Kross. He then hits one Final Elbow, dropping Balor who at this point looks out of it, he seals the win with a pinfall, we have a new NXT champion, Karrion Kross.

NXT's Karrion Kross Defeats Finn Balor and Becomes NXT Champion at  TakeOver: Stand And Deliver

Image courtesy of ComicBook.com

Karrion Kross just had his best match, I believe. I won't mince my words, I am not a fan, but it was inevitable. Kross doesn't do it for me but I thought this match was OK. I'm keen to see what happens going forward, who will challenge him, will we see Finn get another shot?

Winner: Karrion Kross

A little dog scampers to the feet of Franky Monet, coming Tuesday!

Santos Escobar is talking about his big win, he actually credits Jordan Devlin and comments on Legado being family. Then we get a shot of Raquel Gonzalez, your new Women's NXT Champion. 
Then a bit of a build-up next for our co-main event.

Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole (Unsanctioned Match)
Strap in guys, because two of the best are going to bring it here! Not going to lie guys, these new entrance tunes are a bit poor in my opinion.

The security disperse and the two stare across the ring, they run in and slug it out, O'Reilly setting off an exchange of boots, before sending Cole to the outside. Cole comes back throwing him into the barricades.

We get a bit of ground and pound from O'Reilly, then he returns the favour throwing Cole into the barricade. It remains pretty even.

Cole dumps Kyle from the top dangerously onto the apron, then to the floor. Cole gets an undisputed era chair using it on Kyle before throwing him into a pillar at ringside.

Back in the ring, he focuses on the neck with a strong Irish Whip. Eventually we get another slugfest in the ring with O'Reilly coming out on top. Cole escapes a hold from O'Reilly, then the chair setup earlier is used with Cole taking a seat so to speak, a Leaping Dropkick, nice touch.

O'Reilly punches the chair and gets a near fall on Cole in the ring. Kyle goes under the ring to get some chains, but Cole meets him at the ropes and drops him right on the chains with a Neckbreaker. Kyle begins his use of the chains next wrapping them round his foot for some kicks, Cole however, ends up locking in a Figure Four Submission. Kyle reverses it then the two engage in a sit up slugfest, which breaks the hold nicely.

With Kyle running, Cole cuts him off with the chains, a great move which he follows with using them to hit a Backstabber, creative stuff. Cole looked to drop Kyle onto chairs he setup but O'Reilly reversed it, only to end up taking his own seat and getting a favour returned as Cole hits a Shining Wizard, this only gets a near fall and Cole heads for the steps. Cole looks to drop him on them but O'Reilly locks in a Guillotine Choke, he breaks it and kicks Cole down.

They end up on the announce table, where O'Reilly reverses the attempt to drop him through the table Suplexing Cole who bounces off the table. Cole smashes O'Reilly in the face with a TV monitor, nice.

Cole puts O'Reily in the ring and fetches a toolbox, he gets what looks like pliers or something similar looking for something sadistic, but O'Reilly blocks it and Cole ends up kicking it from the ring casually, as if it was a throw away spot.

Kyle then returns to the drivers seat, he has a Triangle Choke on Cole who is barely hanging on, he uses the tire iron to break the hold, attacking the ribs of O'Reilly, who writhes around in agony.
Two chairs are in the ring and they sit opposite each other. The crowd shhhhh is heard expecting the chops to follow but it was just another slugfest, but then Cole resorts to a low blow! He follows up with a Superkick but only gets a near fall with commentary exclaiming O'Reilly is not dead, what?

Cole goes for the chair round the neck, but the referee gets in his face trying to stop him. This results in Cole knocking him out. honestly I liked this. Cole is right just observe and count the fall ref!

After hitting the Panama Sunrise, Cole is seemingly a few marbles short when he expects the cover to be counted, he goes to try and wake the ref up, buying Kyle time to recover. He sees O'Reilly rolling from the ring and follows. The two battle at the side of the stage with O'Reilly locking in a Guillotine before getting slammed into the barricade. He then is put back on the stage and Cole looks to continue the offense, but another Guillotine is locked in. Cole then drops to the stage which falls out beneath them, they go crashing through, oh my god!

Cole then goes to the side of the stage breaking it open to pull Kyle out, this is mental! The action returns to ringside and Cole ends up dropping Kyle on the steps, reminiscent of the build up, Barrett sounds to be struggling to watch and Cole gets a near fall with a weird kick out, he literally pops his shoulder up, literally a tiny tiny bit, I honestly thought Cole helped him do it.

O'Reilly dodges the Last Shot, brilliant, this is followed by a Double Leg Lock by Kyle O'Reilly which Cole breaks with a shot from the chains. He goes for the Panama Sunrise but Kyle blocks and fires back, he lowers his knee pad and hits his own Last Shot, I love it when they steal each others moves!

Kyle ascends to the top. Cole comes over with a chair shot. He again sets up for a brutal chair move, Kyle however has other ideas, answering the earlier low blow with his own, beautiful call back. He then wraps the chains round his knee, then drops through the chair in a brutal strike, as Cole shakes on the ring floor, Kyle gets the pinfall victory! Now that was a match of the year candidate!

So, wow guys, just wow. I think it is safe to say that this match has put both of these guys firmly on the map for awards this year. Kyle deserves this win so much and I particularly loved the call backs with the seated moves, low blows and Kyle's use of the chains wrapped around his leg. I think Adam is taking some well earned time off with that result and I hope Kyle gets a little break too, this was a solid match and if you haven't seen it, Go watch it, now! 

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

Well they did it again guys, another cracking Takeover. I have to say, I didn't expect the awesome match we got from Karrion Kross vs Finn Balor, yes Balor is always great but Kross has yet to impress me, this was his best match yet in my opinion. I have to say I'm gutted i didn't pick Escobar as thinking on it now it makes perfect sense he would win. I was pleased to see Maverick & Dain getting some love and hopefully The Way will eventually get their chance at holding the tag titles but their time isn't quite yet. What were your thoughts on this Takeover. Did it deliver??

I'm Pixc and I will be back next week, remember we move to Tuesday nights for NXT.