NXT In Your House 2022

NXT In Your House 2022

It’s time for another NXT “premium live event” or as we faithful know them Takeover! This time it is In Your House, let’s see what went down.  

Legado del Fantasma vs Tony D’Angelo, Two Dimes and Stacks 

For me this seems the most bizarre direction to go in, can’t see either team accepting the defeat in this one. Both teams send the referee scouting for weapons in the corners. A crowbar is removed from one corner.  

Legado seem to get the early advantage but after a slip by Del Toro, Stacks gets a little momentum before the two leaders go head-to-head. It descends into chaos following this then D’Angelo takes Escobar’s knee out with a chop block. Legado then get back in the driver's seat with some quick tags and running attacks in the corner. 

Del Toro is then isolated in the wrong side of town as D’Angelo barks orders at his henchmen. The crowd chanting for Legado del Fantasma, it’s clear who they want to win! Legado eventually take control with all of them diving on opponents at ringside. A weird spot where Stacks sends Escobar falling comically from the top rope ends their momentum and a slug fest ensues between Del Toro and Two Dimes. A brutal clothesline from Two Dimes sends Del Toro spinning to the mat. Legado get back in with a double team though and the pinfall attempt is broken up. This is a great fast paced match, they all brawl in the ring, the sequence finished with a double clothesline between the two leaders. 

Next the hidden objects come in to play, Elektra passes Escobar the brass knuckles but in the the other corner a crowbar is brought into play. Wylde saw the crowbar, stopping Tony D’Angelo before cracking Stacks with it, the henchman taking a bullet for his boss. D’Angelo then manages to get the brass knucks and drop Wylde with them. Stacks is pushed into the cover even though he is out cold? It’s over, this is very odd, I’m intrigued what happens next as it doesn’t make sense.  

Winner Tony D’Angelo, Two Dimes and Stacks 

Before we get cracking with the rest of the show Lash Legend is told to challenge Alba Fyre before Tatum Paxley does as the latter walks off.  

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs Toxic Attraction ( c ) (NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match) 

First time these titles are being defended at In Your House, interesting. The challengers start off really well with some quick tags and double team offense. Gigi tags in blindly though and it turns the momentum right around. Toxic Attraction isolate Chance well with their heelish tactics. Eventually Carter gets the tag and takes on both members of Toxic Attraction. We get some creative, innovative offense. Chance completes an assisted hurricanrana, dropping Gigi onto Jacy Jayne in the ring. 

Chance brings some high-risk offense and it doesn’t look like it was quite spot on but entertaining as ever. Toxic Attraction pick up the win though when Gigi pushes Carter into the ropes off a roll up, Jacy Jayne gets a cheap shot in and Gigi finishes it with the pinfall. 

This was a great match but I’m wondering where they go from here, not a lot of options if you ask me. A solid match, I’m bored of Toxic Attraction as champs but nobody is being built quick enough to challenge them, wouldn’t have been a problem if the belts were unified with the womens tag team belts in WWE. Give them better exposure too across all brands! 

Winners and STILL champions Toxic Attraction 

Carmelo Hayes vs Cameron Grimes ( c ) (North American Title Match) 

The two seem evenly matched in the early going with both getting plenty of reversals in. Grimes almost hits the Cave In and lets Carmelo know with a few fingers. With Grimes on the apron Carmelo looks to knock him off sliding through, Grimes jumps it and he is forced to drag Grimes from the apron. Carmelo blocks a penalty kick attempt on the apron once again sending Grimes into the hardest part of the ring but the that wasn’t it, for the third time Grimes is sent into the ring apron with a DDT, reminiscent of Johnny Gargano that one! 

Grimes attempt to fight back is foiled by a hair pull but Carmelo can’t quite get the pinfall yet. Carmelo seems is stopping Grimes at every turn, he just isn’t able to build any momentum but equally Carmelo can’t quite finish Grimes off either. Trick gets involved next tying Grimes to the ring ropes with a bit of ribbon, it fails though as Grimes breaks free with ease. Carmelo looks to springboard into action but Grimes follows him and hits some sort of reverse Spanish fly, brilliant move!  

Grimes finally builds some momentum, he gets the penalty kick from the apron and slams Carmelo down in the ring for a near fall. A super kick from Grimes gets him yet another near fall, Carmelo grabbing the ropes. Carmelo hits back with knees to the face but Grimes answers with a running Spanish fly that always impresses me. Grimes signals for the end but walks into a counter, I mean literally you knew he wasn’t hitting it before the counter arrived. Trick stops Grimes again at the apron, which allows Carmelo to gather himself. Carmelo hits his weak ass leg drop finisher from the top to put Grimes away.   

Round in circles we go Carmelo hot potatoes the belt back into his possession and Solo Sikoa is once again in doubt with his challenge or any potential of him winning. Carmelo should really have been moving up to the NXT title if you ask me and Grimes deserved better than dropping it back to him. A solid match though, saturated with interference a bit, I guess. 

Winner and NEW North American Champion Carmelo Hayes 

Joe Gacy hypes up his match with Bron Breakker, it’s all about them seconds, tick tock Bron! 

Wendy Choo vs Mandy Rose ( c ) (NXT Womens Title Match) 

Rose starts things off early forcing Wendy into the corner before the bell! Wendy comes back fighting but Rose seems to have her well scouted and is soon back on top. Wendy attempts a pinfall by reversing a leg scissors before she fights her way up, only to get clotheslined back down. She stays in the match though kicking out of a pinfall attempt. Rose is forced to kick out again after a roll up.  

Rose plays to the crowd as she feels she has Wendy Choo right where she wants her. Wendy fights her way out of an abdominal stretch before building a little momentum, hitting her sleepy elbow and a nice baseball slide when Rose escapes to the outside. She then suffers a brutal spinebuster on the ramp. Rose heads to the ring to pose with her title, thinking it’s over. 

Wendy barely makes it back in before the ten count, the spinebuster is hit again but Wendy still kicks out! Rose gets frustrated next destroying Wendy’s pillow in the ring. Wendy fires up raining punches down on Rose. She unzips the onesie and looks to send Rose to sleep but the champ rolls to the ropes and keeps the match going. Wendy looks to go to the top tying her onesie round her waist but Rose stops her and hits her signature knee to pick up the win! 

Predictable but for a Mandy Rose match this was alright. I just don’t feel we should be getting that as women’s title match, Wendy is growing in popularity but she isn’t quite ready to hold the belt. Mandy however needs to drop the belt. Ah well, maybe next time? 

Winner AND STLL champion Mandy Rose 

The Creed Brothers vs Pretty Deadly ( c ) (NXT Tag Team Title Match) 

Barrett calling Pretty Deadly pieces of smoking hot British beef seems a bit weird not going to lie. I am not feeling the attire of the Creed Brothers though. A sly move to start as Pretty Deadly sucker Brutus in to a double team. Brutus turns things around though before Julius comes in and it’s Pretty Deadly who look to take control. Julius doesn’t take long before he has the upper hand though and I sense a pattern here. All four men end up in the ring and the Creed Brothers hit double German suplexes before locking in double submissions.  

We see Brutus and Julius’s dad in the crowd hopefully giving us some sign they might pick up this win. They continue to dominate, until Pretty Deadly draw the referee in and manage to sneakily get a tag with the distraction. Their momentum is short lived as the Creed Brothers get some quick tags to get back on top. The champs get a little offense in but once again the Creed Brothers aren’t fazed and the advantage remains with them. Julius is drawn outside by Pretty Deadly who end up hitting a spinebuster to him on the steel steps, brutal spot. Thus begins the injury angle. Pretty Deadly finally have the advantage and Brutus is pacing well aware of this fact. 

Julius fights back but still Pretty Deadly keep him away from the tag. He continues to fight getting to the ropes whilst in a Boston crab. He is close to the tag as he’s held back, he throws Prince into his own corner and manages to cross the ring for the tag. Brutus comes in on fire, taking both the champs on. He drops Prince with German suplex then hits his Brutus bomb but Wilson flies in out of nowhere to save the titles!  

As Pretty Deadly slide the belts in Julius has a moment before passing the title to the referee. Wilson looks to attack but Julius dodges and Brutus slams him down, Julius hits a shooting star press and finishes him off with a traditional creed ground strike! They did it, a tear was definitely shed I'm so pleased they managed to get the titles, they deserve it, these guys are destined for greatness, yes boy! 

Winners AND NEW the Creed Brothers! 

Bron Breakker ( c ) vs Joe Gacy (NXT Title Match) 

Bron comes out first, commentary makes sure to mention it as something that doesn’t normally happen, challengers usually come out first. I’m sure Mandy Rose has done it a few times though. Joe Gacy is accompanied to the ring by his two hooded followers. 

Bron is looking pretty angry as the match starts, Gacy tries to goad him with a slap. Bron pushes the count to the limit selling the anger. Bron catches Gacy while they run the ropes hitting him with a punchy spinebuster, at ringside a hooded figure passes Bron a chair and this distraction allows Gacy to cause damage sending him colliding with the ring post and chair. He follows up with a nice neckbreaker combo, but Bron is not done yet.  

Innovative offense next from Gacy as he runs and hits senton on Bron while he rests on the hardest part of the ring, you guessed it, the apron. Gacy eventually locks in a submission on the ground, looking to put down Bron. He reverses it into a pinfall however and Gacy has to relinquish the hold. Gacy copycats Bray Wyatt hanging upside down in the corner, drawing Bron in and following it up with a DDT. Bron topples the challenger as he climbs the turnbuckle, it’s a nasty landing with Bron fetching him from ringside to continue the match. Gacy quickly strikes Bron down and after a failed pinfall attempt locks in a submission to wear the big man down.  

On their knees they enter a short slug fest, Gacy coming out on top. Bron picks himself back up, finishing off the sequence with a spinebuster. Bron then follows Gacy outside with a big dive. He then has to fight off a hooded figure which provides Gacy the distraction to get a chair. He smashes it on the mat before making like Eddie Guerrero and chucking it Bron and feigning a chair shot to the face. The referee turns and sees it, he is about to call it when another referee dives to stop him screaming that he didn’t do it, rescuing this match thank God!  

After a cheeky roll up attempt by Gacy, Bron drops the straps and sends Gacy out of the ring and through the announce table, Barrett selling it saying he almost landed in his lap! Gacy hangs in a little longer, Bron clearly getting frustrated. Gacy passes him a chair again, offering his eye up. Gacy hits a low blow while the referee disposes of the chair. Bron still kicks out of the roll up but his anger is at its peak, he grabs the chair and looks like he is going to snap but he spies a hooded figure behind the referee and spins to smash the chair into him. Crisis averted Bron hits a brutal looking spear on a spring boarding Gacy and hits his gorilla press powerslam for the win!  

Bron retains like we all knew he would as soon as the stipulation was added, though I know Kyle had a good theory that it might be time for Bron to move up, not the case it seems. Is that game over Gacy? Have to say that spear was brutal and one of the favourite innovations in recent memory! 

Winner AND STILL champion, Bron Breakker! 

I watched this live with Kyle and I can say I rather enjoyed it, a few blunders in my view. Carmelo regaining the North American title feels stupid as he has done everything he can with that belt, here’s hoping Solo Sikoa beats him in his first defence. I’m not sure Legado del Fantasma vs Tony D and his boys was a smart booking decision, neither suit working for the other in my eyes and I hope it develops into something good, I have little faith at this point. 

I’ll be back before you know it with some more NXT, but for now thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out!