NXT Has A New Head Of The Table.

Things may start to look the same?

NXT Has A New Head Of The Table.

Following the layoffs of backstage employees last week, reports have surfaced about what WWE NXT's structure now looks like. 

NXT will adopt a power structure similar to WWE RAW and SmackDown, according to PWInsider, with NXT Creative reporting directly to Bruce Prichard and Christine Lubrano. This appears to put NXT in line with the rest of WWE, a long cry from the days when the 'black and gold' brand felt nearly autonomous from the rest of the company.

Most people will recognise Prichard's name, but Lubrano may not be known to the casual fan. Lubrano, who currently serves as WWE's SVP of Creative Writing Operations, joined the company in February 2021 after previously working for IFC, where he produced shows like Portlandia, Maron, and The Onion News Network. 

Johnny Russo (no relation to Vince Russo) will now lead the NXT writing staff, which will be overseen by Prichard and Lubrano. Russo has been with WWE since 2011, and with NXT since 2019, where he is now the lead writer.

Dewey Foley and Anthony Golden Jr. are still part of NXT Creative, according to PWInsider.