NWA When Our Shadows Fall Bytesize: 6th June 2021

It's finally time for the NWA PPV, When Our Shadows Fall, and Paul has rounded up all the action right here just for you!

NWA When Our Shadows Fall Bytesize: 6th June 2021

What's up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, here with a Bytesized round up of all the action from last night's NWA When Our Shadows Fall Pay-Per-View. 

NWA have been building up to this show for weeks, and despite the questionable nature of the build-up, the show itself was actually very good! 

So, let's get into it and give you all a slice of the action! 

This match opened the show and as fatal four ways go; it was pretty good. Some of the action was a little hard to follow at times, but it was a fast paced, energetic start. The End of Mike Parrow and Odinson looked impressive as always, and Sal Rinauro was obviously in there to provide comedic relief, which he did to great effect when he attempted to chokeslam Parrow, not to mention trying to shake everyone’s hand, even his own tag partner Rudo, who just used it as a way to go to the top rope and hit a moonsault to the sprawling mass of people outside the ring. 

Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 were an interesting addition to the match, as the match was contested under NWA AAA Lucha Libre rules. This basically meant that there were no tags, as soon as your partners feet hit the floor, you became the legal man. 

Another interesting moment was when Slice Boogie was attempting to chop Parrow and Odinson, which they completely no sold and then put Boogie down like he was Ol’ Yeller. 

The close of the match saw Marshe Rockett attempt to go up top, but this was countered by Bestia 666 as he hit an enzuigiri, which led to them hitting their double team finisher, Total Rebellion, for the win. 

Really good opening match! 

I’ll be honest, I was looking forward to this match the least. Not because I didn’t think Pope and Tyrus could put on an entertaining match, but more because I knew it meant Austin Idol would be there. In the pre match promos, Tyrus attempted to get under the skin of Pope by saying he was taking over the charity that Pope runs. 

That aside, what followed was a pretty competitive match. Pope was actually able to dominate Tyrus for large spells. Tyrus would turn the tides though, employing such devastating heel tactics as pulling Pope against the ropes, sitting on him, and telling him Santa isn't real (ok, that last one is made up). 

Tyrus used a very slow, methodical style, which surprisingly complimented Pope’s faster, more athletic style in this match. 

Tyrus hit a big overhead suplex on Pope, and it was here that the tides seemed to fully turn. Pope did get some offence in and even hit the Elijah Express, but Tyrus got the win after, with the referee distracted, Austin Idol gave him a foreign object which Tyrus then hit a Heart Punch on Pope, leading to the three count. 

We had a little Real Rasslin watch along for this PPV, and Josh P almost started crying when he realised there was a women’s tag team match! 

Fortunately, this one turned out to be better than what he has seen on Raw/Smackdown lately. 

Terrell came out wearing big, shiny wings (Dalton Castle will sue for gimmick infringement). 

Melina started the match against Terrell, but Terrell quickly tagged in Kylie Rae. With this being Rae’s first match since coming out of retirement, you could be forgiven for thinking there would be some ring rust. But Kylie looked like she had never been away. She dominated Melina, but that all changed when Thunder Rosa was tagged in, as Rosa took control of the match. 

Melina tagged back in, and Terrell took a shot from outside, turning the tide back in Rae’s favour. Kyle Rae would get more and more heel as the match wore on, taunting Rosa while she used a series of nasty looking submission moves on Melina, almost breaking her arm. But again, once Rosa came in, the tides turned again. Terrell tried to attack Rosa, but it just ended with her in the corner and Rosa running back and forth dropkicking Terrell and Rae in opposite corners. 

Rosa would continue the assault on Rae, completely dominating her, and tagging Melina back in. They hit a double flapjack, with the resulting pin attempt broken up by Terrell, who was then thrown out of the ring by Melina. Rosa would then beat her down and carry her backstage, which left Melina to handle Kylie Rae, but Rae would hit the most devastating move in allllllll of professional wrestling; The surprise Roll Up! Rae had so much of Melina’s pants in her hand she practically took them off, but she secured the three count for the win. 

Debut v Destiny. Mentor v Student.  Cryme Tyme v Prime Time! Despite this match feeling like it was nothing more than a filler when it was announced, I’ve always been a fan of JTG and Shad Gaspard (may he rest in peace) so I was excited for this one. 

And JTG. Looks. JACKED! Seriously, the man looks better than he ever did in WWE! He looks like a star now, and if he has signed with the NWA, he has the potential to be a major player for them. 

Getting back to the match though, they begin with a drawn-out handshake. JTG now stands for Jay The God apparently. 

What followed was a real technical match, both men putting on a great display of hold for hold wrestling. That being said, at one point it seemed that JTG botched a headlock takedown, but Rosser recovered well. 

So well, in fact, that he took control of the match, and began to wear down JTG. Rosser locked in a sleeper hold (which is Fantasy Match Columnist Rob’s favourite wrestling move!) but JTG was able to fight his way out. 

Rosser would again take control, telling JTG “This is my house” (Now Paige will sue for gimmick infringement). JTG landed on his feet after a suplex attempt and took down Rosser with a hard lariat, which led to JTG hitting a flurry of offence, culminating in a Swing Out Side Slam, but Rosser kicked out at two.  

Rosser fought back, but ended up on the turnbuckle taking shots to the back. JTG attempted the Razor’s Edge but Rosser countered and a backslide battle ensued. JTG turned this into an inside cradle though and picked up the win on his NWA debut. Again, a really good match! 

I learnt two things during the course of this match; 

  1. You cannot apply logic to the booking decisions of NWA Creative 
  1. You REALLY cannot apply logic to the booking decisions of NWA Creative! 

I figured that was such an important point I would mention it twice! 

With the tag team titles on the line and with all the goings on over the last few weeks on Powerrr, it seemed to me like there would definitely be a title change in this match. It started with Jax Dane, Thom Latimer and Kratos in the ring, beating on each other until Adonis is tagged in. 

Dane tags in Crimson but the ref didn’t see it, and while he is distracted, Latimer puts Kratos’ leg between the steps and the ring and kicks the steps, injuring his leg. 

From here it became a real powerhouse tag team match. Kratos was dominated for a spell, but he fought back and dumped Crimson outside. He tags Stevens in who cleans house, and almost hits his own partner. 

In the confusion, Adonis locks in the Masterlock, but Crimson breaks it up. The beatdown on Stevens continued, before Adonis beat down Dane and tagged in Latimer. As the match continued on, Stevens was still being beaten harder than a government mule, which was becoming the story of the match.  Kratos was trying to get back in the match, and at one point Stevens almost got to his corner, but he was dragged back by Dane. 

Latimer and Dane then double team Stevens, but he fights back and again nearly gets the tag, but Latimer tries a roll up for two. Once again, Stevens is taking a beat down, this time from Adonis. Eventually after some more punishment, Stevens is able to rally back a little but is cut down to size by Crimson. Kratos then slides into the ring with a belt, which the ref sees, but as the referee takes the belt and turns his back, Kratos kicks Crimson in the mummy/daddy button and Stevens, who did not see it, was able to pin Crimson to retain the titles. 

Looking forward to seeing the repercussions of that on Powerrr. 

This match left in a tricky situation. My final part of the NWA World Women’s Championship series goes live shortly after this is posted. I was not sure whether I should include a part about Kamille or not, despite the fact I was certain Kamille would win the title. 

Ultimately, I should have, as Kamille did indeed walk away with the World Women’s Championship. 

Serena put up a great fight, and she definitely made Kamille work for it.  

Serena would work over Kamille, targeting her head and neck initially, using a combination of hard uppercuts and headlocks. She would then target Kamille’s leg. Kamille wasn’t down for long though, as she would fight back against Serena’s offence and assert herself in the match. 

Kamille would hit a hard backbreaker on Serena. She was intent on causing as much damage as possible as she targeted every part of Serena’s body, rather than just one area. After one big bearhug, Kamille would suplex Serena down to the mat hard. 

Serena would rally and lock in a Guillotine choke in the ropes, turning into a neckbreaker. Serena would then follow this with a Lariat, gaining a two count. 

Serena began to target the leg again, and would hit a Dragon Screw to Kamille’s leg, then attempted to lock in the Octopus stretch, but Kamille fought out, and hit the Steamroller. Kamille attempted the spear but Serena countered it and attempted a powerbomb, but Kamille fought out and attempted a spear again. But again, Serena countered this into a single leg crab. Kamille would get to the ropes, and then lock in her own single leg crab on Serena.  

Serena would get to the ropes, and nearly secured a pin after a roll up, but from hit, Kamille hit the steamroller and then the spear to secure the win and capture her first NWA World Women’s Championship! 

This was the match we had all been waiting for. This match had the biggest prize on the line. We all waited with bated breath to see who would emerge victorious. Who would walk away as the winner? Who would etch their name into the history books? Who would walk out of NWA When Our Shadows Fall as the King of Real Rasslin?! 

Oh yeah, and the NWA World Title was on the line too... 

Setting aside our own crown challenge for the moment, Nick Aldis has been the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion for 960 days! Just put that into perspective; He’s been champion longer than AEW Dynamite has existed. 

Murdoch was hyped up for this one, and Aldis exuded confidence from the off. The energy of the match was intense from the beginning, Murdoch got the best of the early exchanges, and this angered Aldis as he pushed the referee, who then shoved him back. Aldis rolled out of the ring and was followed by Murdoch, who slammed him into anything that was nailed down. 

Murdoch, now back in the ring, attempted to go to the top rope, but Aldis hit the ropes, knocking Murdoch down. From here, Aldis took control. For the next few minutes, it was all Aldis, eventually locking in a Camel Clutch, which Murdoch broke out of by getting to his feet and falling backwards. 

Aldis wasted no time going back on the offensive, continuing to beat down Murdoch and disrespecting him with a slap to the face. Murdoch responded with a couple of clotheslines, getting a two count. He again went up top, and this time hit a bulldog, but again Aldis kicked out at two. 

Aldis then rolled out of the ring and sat on the apron, which we’re told is the hardest part of the ring, and Aldis would hit a neckbreaker on the ropes to Murdoch. Thom Latimer then came out and distracted the referee with a chair, giving Aldis the opportunity to grab a chair himself.  

But, instead of hitting Murdoch with it, he smashed it into the back of the referee! As the ref tumbled to the outside, Aldis would then use the chair on Murdoch, then hits two consecutive top rope elbow drops, but the second one missed as Murdoch rolled to his feet and grabbed the chair, smashing Aldis with it. Murdoch then locks in the Indian Death Lock, and as the referee gets back into the ring, he calls for the bell. Initially, everyone thinks Aldis has tapped and Murdoch is the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, but the referee states that he has disqualified Murdoch for use of the chair! When he got back into the ring, he saw the chair and saw Murdoch on top, and put two and two together to make five. A major Dusty Finish! 

Now, no doubt, this sucks for Trevor Murdoch, who has been massively hard done by. But what’s important to remember here people, is that I WON THE KING OF REAL RASSLIN CROWN! 

If you follow our YouTube channel, you’ll know we do a one-on-one predictions challenge for the crown, which Kyle was the current holder of, but after last night, now it is I, “The Crown Guy”! 

Anyway, getting back to the show, Murdoch then gets on the mic and talks about how he’s been shafter, and what more does her have to do to win the big one? 

The commentators are not happy about this either. Velvet Sky is crying, Tim Storm looks angry, but they have nothing on the anger shown by Joe Galli! 

But that is where the show ended. And I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable Pay-Per-Views I’ve seen in a long time! They just got on with it, there were no big promo/vignette breaks between matches, just one match after the other, and everyone put on a great show. If they can carry that energy into the Powerrr shows, then NWA will make big advances, very quickly. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you Tuesday for the next Bytesize NWA Powerrr review, and don’t forget to check out the final part of our look back at the NWA World Women’s Championship when it goes live in just a few hours' time! 

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