NWA PowerrrSurge: Bytesize 19th October 2021

It's the first ever PowerrrSurge review, but was it worth it? Read on to find out...

NWA PowerrrSurge: Bytesize 19th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once more, only this time it is with my first ever NWA PowerrrSurge review!

Seeing as the last time PowerrrSurge was on, it turned out to be a show with a full card of matches, it seems I now need to review it more closely, so starting from now I will review each episode of PowerrrSurge!

Firstly though, apologies for missing last week’s show, as I was ill, and although plans were in place for someone to cover me, scheduling issues caused this not to happen. Fear not though, as I will outline last week’s results now:

  • Hawx Aerie defeated Big Strong Pals (Mims & Sal Rinauro) to advance to the tag team title tournament final.
  • Chelsea Green, Melina and Kylie Rae all made cases for being next in line for a shot at the NWA World Women’s Championship.
  • Thom Latimer informed everyone the reason why he turned on Nick Aldis. Essentially, he doesn’t want to be in his shadow anymore.
  • James Storm is set on regaining the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.
  • Tyrus defeated Jordan Clearwater for his 2nd successful NWA World Television Championship defence. He then cut a promo aimed at Cyon.
  • Kiera Hogan confronted Mickie James and challenged her to a match.
  • The End (Odinson and Parrow) defeated Aron Stevens and Kratos to advance to the tag team title tournament final.

With that out of the way, lets move on to this week’s PowerrrSurge!

The Heart throb gets ker-Plunked!

First up is a match between NWA newcomer, Heart Throb Jaden against upcoming Real Rasslin Podcast guest, Jeremiah Plunkett!

Plunkett starts the match with a headlock takedown, but Jaden fires back with a takedown of his own, followed by a headlock, then a shoulder tackle.

Jaden showboats a little too long, giving Plunkett time to recover and counter his attack with an arm drag, followed by a brutal looking gutbuster, gaining a two count.

Plunkett controls the pace of the match for a spell but is hung up in the ropes after attempting to bring Jaden back into the ring after he slid outside. Jaden hits a nasty looking discus clothesline, but Plunkett surprises everyone by kicking out at one!

Jaden keeps up his assault on Plunkett, hitting a body slam followed by an elbow drop, gaining a two count. Jaden nails Plunkett with a backbreaker, and controls the pace for a spell, until Plunkett gets his second wind. Plunkett then nails his opponent with a bottom rope DDT for the win.

Winner: Jeremiah Plunkett

I’m a big fan of Plunkett, have been since I started reviewing NWA, and this is one of the few times I remember him getting a win, so hopefully this is the start of a push for the Tater Peeler native. Decent match, Jaden gave a good account of himself, and could be a good addition to the NWA roster.

After a recap of Crimson’s appearance on the This is NWA Podcast, where he talks about his issues with Jax Dane, we are informed that next up will be highlights of Nick Aldis’ first match since the attack by Strictly Business a couple of weeks ago.

Adonis aggravates Aldis abroad!

I’m proud of that one!

Joe Galli informs us that Aldis had a match in Europe for Polish promotion, Prime Time Wrestling, in which he took on one of the promotions top talents, Gracjan Korpo. From the highlights it seemed like a good match, both men getting in some good offence on each other.

The end came as Chris Adonis charged down to ringside, distracting Nick Aldis and the referee. Korpo used this distraction to grab a briefcase (it looks like he is running some kind of businessman gimmick as he wrestles in a suit…) and attempted to hit Aldis with it, but Aldis ducked it, grabbed the briefcase himself, and smashed Korpo with it just as the referee was turning around, meaning that Aldis would lose the match by disqualification.

It seems his issues with Strictly Business are far from over…

Latimer’s perfect Storm…

Back to in ring action now as the new leader of Strictly Business, Thom Latimer, takes on former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm.

The early exchanges favour Storm, who lays a beating on Latimer sending him into retreat, but Latimer is soon able to turn the tides after dodging an attack and hitting a spinning heel kick.

From here it was all Latimer for the majority of the match, as he stayed on top of his opponent, using mounted punches, body slams and an elbow drop to get the first two count.

Storm was able to get a two count of his own with a surprise roll up, but Latimer would reassert himself with a flying tackle. Following this, Latimer wore down Storm with a snapmare and a reverse chinlock, before nailing him with a picture perfect gutwrench suplex for a two count.

Back to wearing Storm down, Latimer grounded him with a headlock, but Storm was able to fight his way to a vertical base and hits a jawbreaker, followed by several stiff shots and a big boot.

Storm gained some momentum and hit a neckbreaker, followed by a suplex, but as he was setting up Latimer for his Perfect Storm finisher, Latimer raked his eyes, freed himself, then nailed Storm with a piledriver for the win.

Winner: Thom Latimer

A good showing here from these two. There’s been a simmering feud between these two for a while, and whilst I don’t expect it to become a bigger issue, as Storm doesn’t seem to wrestle as often these days, I can certainly see a mini program developing in order to help establish Latimer as a dominant heel all of his own.

Corgan Conversation

We are now shown a conversation (via zoom it seems) between Joe Galli, and NWA Owner and CEO, Billy Corgan.

First, they discuss the upcoming “By Any Means Necessary” event being hosted by Crimson’s “Tried and True” wrestling school, and Corgan informs us that the event will be shown across two episodes of NWA Powerrr in November. He also states that NWA are hoping to do more TV specials such as this.

Discussing some of the matches for the event, Corgan tells us about how he came to decide on Kenzie Paige as Kamille’s challenger for the women’s title, and how the match will be a two-out-of-three falls match to give her a fighting chance against the dominant champion.

They then discuss the situation with Strictly Business, before Corgan announces that Nick Aldis will be teaming with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, to take on Thom Latimer and the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Chris Adonis.

Finally, they discuss the ongoing feud between Crimson and Jax Dane, with Corgan mentioning that Dane has changed now he has his Champions Series title shot. He informs us all that Crimson v Jax Dane will take place in a steel cage.

Joe Galli brings the conversation to an end following this, and it seems we won’t miss any of the action from the special event happening in a few days’ time.

Total Recall

The final part of the show is a full rerun of Kamille’s NWA World Women’s Championship defence against “Legit” Leyla Hirsch from NWA Empowerrr.

Personally, I’m not a fan of rerun matches on TV shows, but as this was a decent match between two very good competitors, I didn’t mind it as much as others.

If you haven’t seen Empowerrr, I would recommend watching it as it was a good show and highlighted a lot of potential in women’s wrestling.

It was a really good back and forth match, and on several occasions, Hirsch seemed to have the champions number, but Kamille doesn’t give in that easily, and eventually she was able to secure the win and successfully retain her championship.

The show closes with Joe Galli informing us that next week is a special episode, NWA Empowerrred, as the show will be focused solely on the womens division.

So that brings us to the end of this episode of PowerrrSurge. Overall an ok episode, personally enjoyed seeing Jeremiah Plunkett pick up a win, and Thom Latimer seems to be establishing himself as the new leader of Strictly Business, but for me there was not enough in ring action, and PowerrrSurge seems more like a recap show with a couple of matches thrown in for good measure. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for me I don’t get fully invested in these kinds of shows.

Thanks for joining me on this review of NWA, and I will be back Friday with NXTUK!