NWA PowerrrSurge: Bytesize 16th November 2021

It's that special time between TV tapings where NWA gives us PowerrrSurge! Read on to see if it was a good one...

NWA PowerrrSurge: Bytesize 16th November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back with another bytesized NWA Powerrrsurge review! 

Well, it’s PowerrrSurge, so I have no idea what to expect, let's just get into it shall we? 

Joe Galli introduces us to this weeks show and informs us we will see some great in ring action as well as a major announcment later in the show. 

That’s intriguing, I wonder what that will be? 

He then throws us straight into our first match of the night. 

JTG V Slice Boogie 

I’m a fan of both of these guys, JTG has come into his own as a singles guy, and Slice Boogie has a lot of potential. 

Drop toe hold from JTG into a front chancery puts Boogie on the back foot. Boogie gets to his feet and looks to free himself using the ropes. JTG breaks the hold and we get back to trading blows in the middle of the ring. Boogie uses the referee to shield himself, then cheap shots JTG. Boogie now in control of the match. 

JTG isn't down for long though as he soon uses his speed to reassert himself with a dropkick and a slingblade, gaining a two count. JTG with some heavy shots on Boogie, but Boogie turns the tide after pulling JTG out of the corner, then hitting an elbow drop off the top rope. 

Boogie back in control, as he hits some big shots on JTG in the corner. After a pin attempt, Boogie hits a snap suplex following some traded blows, and keeps on top of JTG with a head crank. JTG gets free and back to his feet, and hits a knee slide uppercut, followed by a clothesline. JTG hits a beautiful neckbreaker, and follows it up with a drop across the knee, then a facebuster variant for a two count. 

JTG puts Boogie on the top rope, but Boogie is able to counter and plant him. Colby Corino comes out and taunts Boogie, giving JTG the opportunity for a two count. Boogie battle back with an axe kick for a two count. Sal Rinauro neutralises Colby, and JTG launches Sal off the top rope into the middle of the ring. It then becomes a four-way brawl, and the referee declares it a James Special; A no contest! 

The beat down continues post-match, with Colby Corino and JTG taking out their opponents. 

Kenzie Paige v Kiera Hogan 

Joe Galli immediately introduces us to this next match between to rising hopefuls in the women's division. 

They lock up in the middle and Kiera gets the initial advantage with a wristlock. Kenzie reverses, and we get some more back and forth around the ring. Shoulder tackle from Kenzie takes down Kiera, followed by an arm drag. Kiera tries to battle out of a hammerlock but Kenzie drops her into the ropes, then hits double knees to the back for a two count. Kiera gets back in front though after avoiding a corner strike by hitting a drive by kick for a two count. 

Kiera is in control suddenly, throwing Kenzie into the corner, then delivering a hard kick to the mid-section, followed by a neckbreaker, gaining a two count. Kiera applies a headlock, which Kenzie tries to fight out of but Kiera is able to stop her in her tracks. Kiera attempts a German suplex, but Kenzie counters with a superkick, leaving both women down. 

Big clotheslines from Kenzie to a charging Kiera followed by forearms and a step up enziguiri for a two count. Kenzie applies a full nelson, which Kiera escapes, only to be taken down with a German suplex. Kiera avoids a knee strike and hits a roundhouse kick, followed by a twisting Fishermans suplex for the win. 

Following the match, a new weekly NWA TV show is announced, with the initial TV tapings taking place December 3rd. No more information is given than that.  

Looks like I will have more NWA to review... After a short break, Our man with the plan, Mr Joe Galli, almost immediately throws us into this next match... 

Melina v Skye Blue 

The two lock up, and a stalemate ensues. Another lock up and Melina applies a waistlock which Skye reverses into one of her own. Melina applies a headlock, then hits a shoulder tackle after coming off the ropes. Arm drag from Melina takes down Skye followed by a Japanese arm drag for a one count. 

Melina turns up the heat after Skye hits a forearm, nailing Skye with a leglock DDT for a two count. Melina stalks Skye in the corner, but Skye hits a couple of shots to get free. Skye charges Melina in the corner, but Melina leaps up and lands sat on Skye’s black. She looks like she is going to attempt some sort of roll through, but Skye drops to the mat and causes Melina’s head to collide with the turnbuckle. 

Skye with a suplex attempt but Melina blocks, and turns it into a leg sweep. Melina then locks in the California Nightmare, Melina transitions to her front and leaves Skye Blue with no choice but to tap. 

BLK Jeez v Captain YUMA 

Joe Galli is not getting paid by the hour tonight it seems, as once again we are almost immediately thrown into his match! 

Tyrus and Jordan Clearwater are at ringside with BLK Jeez. Jeez starts with a wristlock, but YUMA gets himself free and applies a side headlock. The two are trading holds, then Jeez comes off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. YUMA hits a back elbow followed by a snapmare, then a hip attack to the face of Jeez. YUMA tries for a monkey flip but takes a European uppercut for his troubles. 

Jeez tries a superplex, but YUMA pushes him off and hits a cross body. Jeez ducks through the ropes, and with the referee distracted holding back YUMA, pokes him in the eyes. Jeez now in control as Velvet Sky and Austin Idol argue on commentary. Jeez takes YUMA down with a back elbow for two, then applies a head crank, which he is forced to break after raking the face.  

YUMA fights back, but Jeez attempts a heart punch, which only serves to hurt himself, then YUMA rolls him up for two. A tilt a whirl backbreaker from Jeez to YUMA gets him a two count, then locks YUMA in a strait jacket variant. YUMA gets free, and starts laying in punches. YUMA bounces Jeez off the corner, then hits a hip attack, then a flying kick for a two. 

YUMA goes up top, but Jeez knocks him down. They both flip off the top rope, and YUMA misses a corner leg lariat. Jeez hits the Conversion Brainbuster, then heads up top, landing a frog splash, which he calls “In Jeez We Trust”. Jeez then hits the heart punch for the win. 

The World Champ gets Knox’ed the f*** out! 

After a quick break (which is sorely needed in order for me to get my breath back following the intense pace of the show so far!) we are shown the events that transpired following the end of the NWA TV special, “By Any Means Necessary”.  

As the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, was joined in the ring by fans for photos, he was ambushed after the last fans left by former WWECW wrestler Mike Knox. The two got into a brawl, with Knox hitting two massive lariats. He then closed the cage door, relocked it and continued the assault on Murdoch, beating him down in the corner. Using a steel chair, Knox then continued to hit Murdoch with it over and over, with other wrestlers trying to get into the cage. 

Knox took his shirt and wrapped it around Murdoch’s throat, choking him as he screamed at the men outside the ring. With Murdoch out for the count, Knox picked up the NWA World Title and held it high before leaving the ring, threatening the other roster members with a chair as he left. Murdoch was then swamped by trainers, referees and other wrestlers checking on his condition. It seems we now know who will be Trevor Murdoch’s opponent at Hard Times 2. 

Hawx Aerie v The End 

Main event time now, and in truth, I had completely forgotten about this tag team tournament, that’s how long it's been since they mentioned it... Billy Corgan is on commentary for this one it seems. 

Luke and Parrow start off. Luke with a waistlock, before trying a shoulder tackle on the bigger Parrow. Parrow challenges him to do it again, but Luje stomps his foot and drags back to his corner. PJ tags in, and after initially being on the back foot, hits a dropkick. Odinson is tagged in, and the two circle. 

Odinson muscles PJ around, but PJ comes right back and tried to lift Odinson, but again he just gets thrown around. Odinson begins to assert himself, but PJ lays in some shots before being planted into the mat after a tilt a whirl attempt. Parrow is tagged in and The End double team PJ, ending in a splash from Parrow for a two count. 

Parrow has PJ on the mat with a choke hold locked in, but PJ gets to his feet and lays in some shots, but they don’t phase Parrow as he hits a chokeslam. Parrow nonchalantly tries a pin with a single foot, getting a two count, then begins pummelling PJ in front of his father in an obvious taunt. Odinson is tagged in, and The End are going for a Doomsday Device, but PJ fights out and tags his father Luke in. 

Luke is taking the fight to The End, but gets caught off the ropes, and in the blink of an eye, Parrow and Odinson hit their patented top rope Doomsday Device for the win. 

Parrow takes a mic and tells La Rebelion there is no more running or hiding, they are coming for their titles, because the end is nigh... 

And that ends this week's NWA, and wow, that truly was a PowerrrSurge! The action was thick and fast, and at times it was difficult to keep up! I didn’t even have time to come up with my witty sub headings! But the in-ring action we saw, whilst no match seemed to go longer than five minutes, there was plenty to see. 

JTG and Slice Boogie wrestling to a no contest seems to me like there will be some follow up, and it is nice to finally have the Tag Team Title Tournament come to a close. I’m a little disappointed Hawx Aerie didn’t win, but then up against the colossal Parrow and Odinson of The End, they really stood little chance. 

I would prefer to see Skye Blue getting some wins instead of being on the losing end every time she’s on TV, but she’s young and her time will most definitely come. As for Mike Knox, I’ll be honest, I had completely forgotten he existed, but he always had talent I felt, and a match against Trevor Murdoch for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, whilst it may have come out of nowhere, is certainly one I would like to see! 

And then of course there is this new weekly NWA TV show! Despite the fact they have announced zero details for it, I find myself looking forward to it. Will it be another show full of in ring action to complement what we already have with Powerrr? Or will it be a targeted show such as women only or tag teams only? Will it be on FITE TV? YouTube? Pornhub?! WE NEED MORE DETAILS MR CORGAN!!! 

At this point, we can only speculate, but there is no doubt all will become clear in the coming weeks! 

Thanks for joining me for this weeks NWA review, I’ll be back on Friday with more from the Red and Black brand of NXTUK!