NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 7th September 2021

The King is back again with this week's NWA Powerrr review

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 7th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA review!

After last weeks chaotic episode, I am really hoping for a more chilled out episode tonight, last week was absolute carnage and so difficult to follow!

That said, it did make it more interesting. Tonight, we will get two more tag team qualifying matches, and Nick Aldis will address his future in the NWA.

I’m sure there will be a lot of other things happening as well so let’s get down to it.

And we start off with…

PROMO TIME (!!!) With El Rudo and Jamie Stanley…

Sigh… more promo time to start the show…

So first off, I misheard his name last week, it is Jamie Stanley, not JB…

May Valentine asks them what the odds are of them facing Kratos and Stevens in the tag team tournament?

El Rudo, clearly thinking she said something else, goes off on a tangent about himself, they call him the man of the year, your husband’s number one fear, the prince of lying and denying, and when the sun comes up, he always leaves them crying (wow…)

He says he’s been all over the world and beat some of the best, but he is here in the NWA, which is on fire in the tag team division, and he found the best tag team partner and coolest guy in the locker room. Business is about to pick up.

Jamie Stanley says business has already picked up as not only did he find the coolest, but he also found the most handsome, talented, charismatic, and humble man in the game. He feels invincible tonight. May says they didn’t answer her question, but Rudo takes the mic and says it doesn’t matter what question she asked, they are the future of the tag team division, whoever they put in front of them, they are going to beat, then they are going to go out on the town, and swipe right until their thumbs fall off. It’s about to get lit.

Wow… just, wow…

Over at commentary, Joe Galli and Tim Storm are joined by the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch. He says he’s a big ball of joy, and he is happy to be here to represent the company. Joe tells Murdoch that Nick Aldis will close the show tonight with an update on his future, and Murdoch says he is interested to hear what he has to say. He’s reached out to Nick by email, but received no response, so it will be news to him as well.

The End is nigh for Clearwater and Cyon…

Tag Team action now, as Parrow and Odinson of The End jump Jordan Clearwater and Cyon before the match even starts!

Parrow and Odinson dominate for some time in front of ZERO FANS (where did they all go?!)

Austin Idol comes out and Velvet Sky makes it clear she is sickened by him. I feel ya Velvet, I feel ya…

The End continue to dominate Clearwater, with a double team move, Cyon (another name I got wrong last week…) is nowhere in sight as Odinson continues to beat down Clearwater. Parrow comes in and puts Clearwater in the Boston Crab, and Odinson hits a leg drop across the back of Clearwater’s head! Cyon breaks up the submission and comes in and subdues Parrow. Clearwater comes back in and continues to control Parrow, then Cyon comes back in and hit two big boots, then a northern lights suplex. Clearwater is back in and taunts Parrow, who stares straight through him. Clearwater tries to suplex Parrow but is unsuccessful until Cyon comes in to help and they hit a double suplex.

Clearwater hits Odinson at ringside which gives Parrow an opening for a clothesline. He gets the hot tag to Odinson, who comes in and cleans house with european uppercuts, neckbreaker and then a knee drop TO THE FACE!!! of Cyon.

Cyon gets the tag to Clearwater, who asks for Odinson’s spray bottle, but this is a mistake as Odinson launches Clearwater into the corner, then brings in Parrow for a chokeslam, then the Hell on Earth (Electric Chair Drop/European Uppercut) for the win.

PROMO TIME AGAIN!!! With Hawx Aerie…

NWA loving promos these last two weeks!

May asks PJ how they feel about going into the next round against Colby Corino. PJ says he and his father have waited for an opportunity like this. He says Colby is a great athlete, but he cuts corners by cheating. That’s not what he does, he does it the right way with honour and respect. They are going to be the first father and son NWA Tag Team Champions.

May asks the same question to Luke Hawx.

He says they are here because NWA stands for respect, which the Corino’s know nothing about. Colby is just like his father Steve, they cheat and cut corners. He says when they start something, they finish it.

Judais in, Judais in my mind!

It’s now time for the NWA Powerrr debut of Judais against my guy, Jeremiah Plunkett.

And what we then see is an absolute squash match. Jeremiah barely gets any offence in, as Judais picks him apart. After beating him around the ring he hits a big boot in the corner, then hits a one-armed overhead slam. Judais then hits the Razor’s Edge for the dominant win.

Father James Mitchell says they are not done and tells him to do it again. Out comes James Storm who gets into the ring and confronts the Sinister Minister and his protégé. Storm says something about stop playing with Shetland ponies and try out this Clydesdale (I have no idea either…) it seems he is challenging Judais.

Mitchell gets on the mic and says that he and Storm go back a long way, they left a lot of blood on the floor, but it seems he has a death wish, and its appropriate he is suited and booted as he looks like he’s dressed for a funeral.

Storm says as his favourite singer once said, “Maybe I am”, but he’ll leave them to decide whose funeral it’s going to be. He then drops the mic and rolls on out of there.

Talk about putting the “fun” into funeral…

Also, the fans were inexplicably back for this one…


PROMO TIME!!!!!!!!! With Crimson and Jax Dane…

I’m glad I’m not doing shots for each promo because if I was, I would still be drunk as f**k from last week!

Crimson starts us off by saying that he and Dane go back a long way. Jax stops him and say he knows why he’s out here, its pro wrestling 101. He wants his Champions Series title shot, since he blames him for his shortcomings. Jax says he is a former North American, National, World Tag Team and World Champion, and he’s going to add more to the collection, so his title shot is not up for grabs.

Crimson says that for having such a big ass head, he has a narrow mind. It bothers him what he did to him at NWA73, as does the fact he walks around listening to Jax run his mouth about his past accomplishments like they matter today. He’s delusional, and is so proud of his upcoming title shot, like he’s a big winner, but everyone else sees him as the world’s luckiest loser. He was one of the last picks that just got lucky enough to get picked to the winning team. He says he will screw up his title shot just like everything else, but he won’t be there to pick up the pieces.

Jax says “What do you want?”. Crimson says he wants to humiliate him, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Jax says there is nothing he can do that will humiliate him. Crimson says he loves the confidence, because its booked. Next week its Crimson v Jax Dane in the main event of Powerrr. Jax says this is bullsh*t, and Kyle throws it back to the announce desk.

Kylie’s all Smiley as she beats up Tootie.

Women’s action now and another Powerrr debut, this time for Tootie Lynn, as she takes on “Smiley” Kylie Rae.

The match begins with a tentative handshake, then some good back and forth grappling. Tootie eventually takes control, but Rae backs her into a corner, shouting for a clean break, then back elbows Tootie.

Rae locks in a modified stretch, but as Tootie is fighting out of it, Rae gets her in a Celtic cross hold, then starts ramming her head into the turnbuckle. That was innovative, I’ll give her that!

Tootie manages to fight out and hit an arm drag, then follows up with a back elbow and some kicks. She hit Rae with a nice shotgun dropkick for a two count, and follows up with a crossface attempt, but Rae reverses it into her own “Charity Case” Crossface and Tootie taps out giving Kylie Rae the win.


IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S……Promo time….

This time at the interviewer’s booth is the stable of Austin Idol (yay -.-), the NWA World Television Champion Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez.

Kyle Davis starts off by suggesting that maybe last week’s title defence by Tyrus was not “on the level”.

BLK Jeez takes offence and asks if he is saying it was rigged? He says everyone needs to understand that they are thinking men, they’re all about the money and gold. Tyrus takes over and says that Idol is upset, and he understands why. He says Jeez accosted and attacked him while his gear was still on, but he understands the hustle.

Idol says he doesn’t appreciate Kyle accusing them of manipulating the situation. He says Jeez stepped out of line and got a little overconfident. Jeez admits that’s the case, but Idol says they’re all good. Clearwater says he might have lost the tag team match tonight, but he gave 100%, and always does, but Cyon gave maybe 65%, but it doesn’t matter because they’re still golden. Kyle says he now has to send it back to the announce desk.

The commentary team says they feel sorry for Kyle as he is still being berated by Idol’s crew, and Velvet says Austin Idol makes her skin crawl. Joe Galli sends it back to the ring for more tag team action!

Mims and Sal are Big Strong Pals and Slice up the competition!

Mims and Rockett start this match with some back and forth holds, with headlocks seemingly the order of the day. Boogie distracts Mims and Rockett goes for the roll up, getting a two count.

After another brief exchange, Rockett misses a dropkick which earns him a big splash from Mims. Sal is tagged in and tries to suplex Mims onto Rockett, but he is too big, so Mims picks up Sal and suplexes him onto Rockett (I’m calling that the Sal-Plex!) The pin attempt gets a two count.

As Rockett is getting to his feet, Sal applies a headlock, but Rockett just stands up fully, comically lifting Sal off the ground! Danny Deals tries to interfere but thinks better of it, so Rockett tags Slice Boogie in. Sal with an arm drag, takes Boogie down, Sal then avoids him for a spell then hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. He goes for it a second time, but Boogie is wise to it this time and catches Sal, then hits a Razor’s Edge into the turnbuckle, followed by a dropkick from Rockett. Again, the pin attempt gets a two count.

With Sal in the corner, Rockett charges him but Sal gets his boots up, then runs at him, ending in a big back body drop to Sal. Rockett then tags in Boogie and hangs Sal in the ropes so that Boogie can hit a Book End. Boogie tries to nonchalantly pin Sal, but obviously it doesn’t work. Boogie taunts Mims, giving Sal the moment he needs to fight out, and after Boogie attempts a body drop, Sal lands it and tags in Mims!

Mims cleans house, and Sal with a crossbody from the top takes out both men. Sal Dropkicks Rockett out of the ring, then hits a Springboard Stunner for a two count. Mims tags back in, and after Boogie hits a backbreaker on Sal, Mims hits a big back suplex on Boogie for the win.

Promo Time with Blaze and Belle…

Kyle Davis tries to get a conversation started between the two women, but it soon breaks down into them speaking in their own respective language and devolves once again into Shouty Chaos!

Kyle tells them that there will be singles matches between Blaze and Belle, and Jennacide against Kay, and just one win will give them a tag team title opportunity.

Aldis talk of the future…

Get it? Aldis… All this…. Oh, ok I’ll move on!

We are treated to a recap video of Nick Aldis’ 1,044 days reign as Champion. Clips include him beating Cody for the belt at NWA70, his battles with Trevor Murdoch and much more.

Kyle introduces the former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, and Nick comes out with Strictly Business in tow.

Kyle says the last time they had interaction Aldis punched him in the face, and he’s feeling a type of way about that. Aldis says Kyle has every right to feel that way about it.

Nick says he’s a corporate stooge, a yes man, and has a punchable face, but he admits he was out of line and he apologises. He then shakes Kyle’s hand. Nick then talks about Billy Corgan, he never thought he would see the day they stood nose to nose dropping f-bombs, but it happened at NWA73. But over the years, they’ve built something pretty cool.

He says if anyone has taken issue with his actions the last few months, they have every right, but consider this; for 1,044 days he was the linear, legitimate, universally, and historically recognised Champion of the world. For 1,044 days he had to do media appearances, get up early for radio shots, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, he had a big target on his back, and he had to hear what people thought he should do, or Billy Corgan or NWA should do. Nick says maybe these people should try being a platinum selling Rockstar or the World’s Champion and then tell him what he should do.

He carried the lineage, legacy and tradition of NWA and carried the legacy of Dory Funk Jr, Jack Brisco, Terry Funk, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Harley Race, and did his best to put his name in that list of people who belong, and whether you agree or not, he doesn’t care because he’s the greatest Champion of the modern era.

Nick then addresses Trevor Murdoch. He said they are like oil and water, the understatement of the century. They may not be on each other Christmas card list, but at NWA73, he was the better man. So now he has the target, the media appearances, the pressure of carrying the company, and then every man in the back is gunning for him.

Nick says the ten pounds of gold is the most prestigious title in the business, and he hopes Trevor knows what he holds in his hands. He says he has fallen off the horse before, and he knows how to get back on, and he has every intention of doing so. Strap in and enjoy the ride because the real work has just begun. He promises the fans that he will be the Real World’s Champion again because winning is the family business.

Mickie James joins him at this point. He says winning is what we do, this is a championship household, but more importantly this is the NWA, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And that ends this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

Safe to say, this was not the more relaxed show I hoped for, but there was a lot of good stuff in there.

I loved seeing The End move on in the tag team tournament, they’re a quality team and could easily win it. Nice to see Tootie Lynn give a good account of herself as well, and Nick’s promo at the end to me at least, hinted towards a face turn for the head of Strictly Business, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Thanks again for joining me for this weeks Powerrr review, and I’ll see you all on Friday for NXTUK!