NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 7th December 2021

After the events of Hard Times 2, it's time to head back into the land of Powerrr with our resident Belt Guy!

NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 7th December 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, here again with another dose of NWA Powerrr! 

Following on from Hard Times 2 this past Saturday, we now get a new season of Powerrr, and I’m sure we will have some quality action to look forward to. 

Well then, let’s get into it shall we? 

Corino and Fixers v Victor Benjamin and OGK 

The bell rings and Bradley instantly tags in. He forces Taven into the corner and tags in Legursky. Double team move from the Fixers tagging Corino in. Corino briefly controls but Taven turns the tables with a dropkick, followed by a suplex. Taven takes control and tags Bennett in, who Whips Corino into Tavens boot, then a big strike from Bennett, straight into a dropkick from Taven, Great combination!

Legursky tags himself in delivers a big lariat to Bennett. Legursky dominates the next exchanges, hitting some chops in the corner. Bradley tags in and hits a big boot, follwed by some double team offence. Bradley knocks Taven and Benjamin off the apron, then delivers some elbows to the head of Bennett. A big boot from Bradley is followed by Legursky tagging in to hit a Cannonball then tagging Corino in, who hits a Colby Crash Senton for a 2 count. Corino, now firmly in control. whips Bennett into the corner, tagging in Legursky. Legursky with a chop to the back of Bennett, followed by more chops in corner. Legursky charges at Bennet but he hets the boot up and climbs to the top rope, but his crossbody attempt is caught by Legursky. Bennet slips out though, and after a flurry of offense, he tags in the Savage Gentleman, Victor Benjamin.

Benjamin beats down Corino and hits a German suplex, before taking out Fixers. Benjamin with a high knee to Corino in the corner. He pulls Corino up to his feet, but is attacked by fixers. A double team move from the Fixers, is met by double superkicks from OGK to the back of Bradley, who tumbles out of the ring. Bennett flies over top rope at Bradley, followed by Taven. In the confusion, Corino gets a two count on Benjamin, who follows this with an uppercut and several blows. Benjamin goes for a suplex. but this proves his downfall as Corino counters it into a Sunsetter for the win! 

Winners: Colby Corino & The Fixers. 

A decent opening contest, and I'm always happy to see the OGK in action. It's a shame we didn't get to see much of Victor Benjamin, but I'm sure we will see more as time progresses.

Talky Time with May Valentine and Strictly Business... Oh, and Kyle Davis with Jax Dane too...

Backstage with everyone's favourite interviewer now as she asks Strictly Business about their mixed fortunes at NWA Hard Times 2. Chris Adonis and Kamille both got big wins, but Thom Latimer didn’t have that same luck.

Latimer says that some people might say that, but Nick Aldis was the one walking out holding on to the referee, unable to breathe easily and in pain. Technically, yes, he won, but Latimer says he took a piece of Aldis' soul, and is now in his head.  

May asks Kamille about her successfulm title defence, and Kamille says "What did you expect?" She says Melina used bad tactics, as well as biting her ear, but she still won. 

Moving on to Chris Adonis, he says he is not afraid of the boogeyman. He walked in to Hard Times as champion,  and he walked out as champion, there is no debate, he is now the most defending and greatest National Heavyweight Champion of all time. He says that Latimer will get his in time. 

Kyle Davis with "The Dane Event" Jax Dane now, and says at the PPV, he came up short and must be unhappy about that?  

Dane says he is disgusted with Anthony Mayweather's actions in distracting him, and has demanded a rematch against Mims, but the NWA Board of Directors said no. Dane says he knows it's because Billy Corgan is terrified of him, so what did he do? He offered up his Champions Series title shot to get the match. Dane says he is confident, because he is a former NWA World, North American, National and Tag Team Champion. He is going to force Billy Corgan to treat him like the legend he is. 

Over at the commentary desk, Joe Galli informs us all that NWA USA will premiere on January 8th on YouTube It will be a regular Saturday show, and will predominantly feature the NWA World's Junior Heavyweight and NWA National Heavyweight Championships.

Good news for NWA, given the amount of titles and their growing roster, a second show was necessary I believe. 

Thom Latimer v Miguel Robles 

Squash match anyone? Latimer starts by throwing Robles down, then a Kick to the midsection after he gets back up. LAtimer nonchalantly goes for the piledriver, but Robles transitions to a jack knife cover for a one count. This pisses LAtimer off, and after a hard lariat and some vicious corner strikes, he throws Robles out of the corner twice. A Corner spear, Spinebuster and Stomps is followed by three Gutwrench suplexes before Robles is thrown into ropes.

Suplex. Pop up powerbomb. Piledriver. Pin. Latimer is not messing around!

Winner: Thom Latimer 

Wow. Latimer really kicked it into high gear after the pin attempt. After the match he just walked backstage without any fanfare. This is a different side to Latimer for sure...

Jennacide v Paola Blaze 

After a break, where we are one again treated to a Universal Wrestling College ad courtesy of Austin Idol (...), we are taken back to the ring for this "match". Apparently Jennacide is unhappy with Paola becasue she thought cashing in her Champions Series shot for the Women's Tag Titles wa a bad idea...

It seems Blaze doesn’t want to fight Jennacide. she offers a handshake, which Jennacide seems to accept, but squeezes her hand hard. Jennacide with an Armlock, then successive knees to the midsection. A nice Judo throw from Jennacide for a two count. An elbow and kick from Blaze gives her the opportunity to roll out of the ring.

Jennacide gives chase, and as Blaze gets back in the ring she attempts a cossbody, but Jennacide catches her and hits a beautiful fall away slam for a two count. Jennacide locks in the arm submisson, and again Blaze says doesn’t want to fight. 

However, fight she does, and after a flurry of (really terrible looking) punches, she runs the ropes, straight into a big boot from Jennacide. Jennacide with the arm wrench, but Blaze counters into a roll up for a two count, then applies the sleeper hold.

She might as well have not bothered though, as Jennacide backs her into the corner. Blaze kicks Jennacide away and attempts the top rope crossbody again, Jennacide rolls through buit so does Blaze for a two count. Jennacide hits a huge chokeslam, but Natalia Markova comes out and distracts her!. Blaze with a surprise roll up but onlygets a two count. Jennacide annihilates Blaze with a massive back suplex for the three count. 

Winner: Jennacide

Not much to shout about here. Standard tag team break up match. Taryn Terrell was ringside throughout and essentially brought nothing to the table. Lets move on shall we?

Talky Time with May Valentine. the Hex, La Rebelion and Homicide. 

May says they all had wins at Hard Times 2 and wants to get there reactions.

Homicide says he's good, and he's goingn to win the title. that's it. That's the entire input from Homicide here... 

La Rebelion's Mecha Wolf speaks Spanish initially, then says they had one of the best matches of the night and retained the titles, so they feel great. 

Marti Belle says they feel Hexcellent. Allysin Kays that they  had to fend off three teams, which she felt was a little Hexcessive, but they’re fighting champions, and champions for a reason.

Thrilling stuff.

Talky Time with Tyrus

Kyle Davis brings Tyrus out, and he asks "Why the long faces?"

Tyrus says it's always nice when the team comes together. And when you agree to a no disqualifiaction match with the greatest TV Champion ever, and monster, and dare he say, genius, it's not just him.

Tyrus says it's important to teach accountability. He address BLK Jeez the "Executive Enforcer, dressing the part, looking good and can fly."  

Speaking of Fly, Jordan Clearwater shows the world that this is what happens when you give 310%. Everyone wants a piece of Jordan Clearwater (who is rocking a very yellow Ric Flair inspired robe). 

Kyle says he was going to ask how he felt his performance was at Hard Times but he already answered that, and Tyrus berates the fans in attendance for distracting Kyle. He says he is in a good mood and wants Kyle to continue. 

Kyle says that is very kind of him and then says Cyon has asked for a moment of his time. Tyrus and his gang of cronies are initially hesitant, but he gives the OK and Cyon comes out. 

Cyon says he is here to say thank you. For allowing him to learn something about himself. He chose Tyrus for a reason. The TV title was a motivation, but Tyrus was the goal. He knew that standing up to the tallest and toughest guy in the locker room would teach him a lesson. He's still here and still standing. No one knows what its like having a father who was NWA Champion and never taught him the lessons he needed, so he sought them out through guys like Tyrus. Cyon says he knows he is woed nothing in this sport, but he asks for a rematch, and will do anything to prove worthy. 

Tyrus says there is something in his eyes, and that he knows him. He reiterates "Anything?" Tyrus says he needs to talk to his counsel, and that he’ll get back to him. 

I should mention at this time that MLW Reviewer, Joshhausen, was watching this with me, and upon seeing the Ice-T CarShield ad, you could see his inner stress melt away due to the calming presence of the Icy One... Thanks, Ice-T!

Talky Time with Nick Aldis and Mickie James 

After that tranquil ad break, Kyle Davis has Nick Aldis and Mickie James with him. He says they had one hell of a night at Hard Times.

Mickie says it was one heck of a night.  She wants to thank Kiera Hogan for giving everything, she had been looking forward to the match, and for it to happen in NWA was magical. She thanks the fans for their support, and Kiera is going to be huge. If you want a shot, her door is always open. 

Kyle then says to Nick he came out on top against Thom Latimer.

Nick says before he gets tot hhtat when he looks at Mickie, he doesnt just see the woman he loves, or a Hall of Fame wrestler, he sees a Hall of Fame wife and mother. The fact that she is willing to take on anyone, anywhere, anytime, shows she is the G.O.A.T. 

In case Latimer needs reminding, friends come and go, but families are forever, and winning is his family business. He reminds us that he is dressed to compete, and as such has requested a match. When he thinks of the NWA, he thinks of two things, the Ten Pounds of Gold, which he will take back when he's ready, and world class tag team wrestling. He's conquered one side, but not the other. He has a bag on the desk and say he knows everyone wants to know "Whats in the bag?"

He requests the presence of someone who has been a part of his career since day one, someone whose style and class is unparallelled and is the ambassador of British Wrestling. He mentions some of the best tag teams in history and wants to get close to that, and so he wants to reunite the British Invasion. Mickie pulls out some British Invasion jackets, and Nick says he wants their team back.

Doug Williams comes out and says it's an honor and privilege to finally be in the NWA, as it has been a long time coming. Nick and himself achieved unparallelled success as two time tag team champions, and went on to even greater success as singles competitors. Williams says their tag team was in the past, but there are so many great tag teams in the NWA, he wants the opportunity to win tag team gold once again, and who better to do that with than Nick Aldis?

Williams says It’s a no brainer, and the British Invasion are back! 

Jax Dane v Mims 

Anthony Mayweather (formerly Crimson) is on commentary for this one.

As the bell rings, Dane rolls out of the ring and stares directly at Mayweather. He gets back in the ring and he and Mims lock up, with Dane forcing him into the corner. Dane with a kick to the midsection, then throws Mims into ropes, hitting a shoulder tackle. Dane charges Mims in the corner, but Mims gets his boot up, then moves, putting Dane in the corner. Mims with a flurrymof strikes,  then a headbutt. Dane rolls out of the ring again. Dane pulls Mims out of the ring, smf slams his leg into the apron. Dane then pulls Mims into ringpost ribs first.

Back in the ring, Dane with a series of stomps to Mims, then rakes his eyes. Dane follows this with more stomps in the corner, then a snapmare into a neck wrench. Mims fights his way up to his feet and hits some elbows and two more headbutts. Mims splashes Dane in the corner, but Dane rakes the eyes again, then hits a Samoan drop. Dane hits "Pop the trunk", which is a hard lariat, and gets the three count.

Winner: Jax Dane

A short match which reasserts Jax Dane as a threat to the main event scene. Short and sweet with nothing overtly offensive.

Unlike this damn Austin Idol advert for the second time!

Talky Time with Hawx Aerie

Backstage with our girl May Valentine again, and she asks Luke and PJ how they feel about their performance in the gauntlet match at Hard Times? 

PJ says; "we didn’t get the win. But did our best". At some point they will win the Junior Heavyweight and Tag Team Titles

May asks if they are worried about facing each other? PJ says no they are not, and they will cross that bridge when they come to it. May is about to ask how they feel about their match with British Invasion tonight when a cawing sound is heard and into shot walks JTG and Dirty Dango.