NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 6th July 2021

It's Wednesday, you know what that means...

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 6th July 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NWA Powerrr review! 

And boy are win in for a treat this week as we get not one, but two Championship matches! 

Sal Rinauro gets his shot at the Television Championship he was supposed to have last week, and in the main event, JTG takes on Chris Adonis for the vacant NWA National Heavyweight Championship. 

Add to that, a women’s tag team match (Josh P would not be pleased!) and an NWA Lucha Rules match between Hawx Aerie and El Rudo against La Rebelion and a mystery partner, it certainly seems like it will be a stacked show! 

Anyway, enough preamble, let’s dive in! 

Is the Pope Catholic? Not sure, but he’s definitely the TV Champion! 

After the usual introduction to the show from our commentary team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky, we get straight into our first match which is Pope taking on Sal Rinauro for the NWA World Television Championship. 

From the outset, it is clear that Sal Rinauro is selling the effects of last week's attack by Colby Corino, as his left arm is practically glued to his side. The match begins and after some initial back and forth, Pope takes control with a hiptoss, followed by a suplex combo. 

Sal then fights back into it, landing a dropkick, but Pope fires back with an STO. This proves to be the beginning of the end for our pal Sal, as despite hitting a nice superkick, Pope rallies back and hits a neckbreaker followed by the Elijah Express for the win. This marks Pope’s sixth successful title defence, one more and he can challenge for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. 

At the conclusion of the match, Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, BLK Jeez and.... Austin Idol make their way to ringside and Idol runs down Pope. After a short vignette telling us a little more about the Champions Series (eight champions, twenty combatants), we go back to the interviewer's booth as Austin Idol once again starts running his mouth. 

Idol asks whether Pope will make it to lucky number seven? Tyrus says he guarantees he won't. Idol then goes off on a tangent asking wo has Pope beat? No one. He says he fought Abe Lincoln to a draw, he beat Johnny Rocket in twelve minutes (Is he ok?). 

Idol says Pope is minor league, but Tyrus is big league, and that Pope’s seventh title defence has been confirmed to be against none other than Tyrus. Kyle Davis then asks why Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez are with them? They say something about N1. No, I have no idea either. 

Idol then says there is no “I” in team, but there is in “Idol”. Mercifully, this segment is now over.  

Honestly, that entire segment made less sense to me than the Game of Thrones finale! 

Whisper it so that Josh P doesn’t get triggered... Womens tag team match... 

To be fair, this was actually a good match. 

Thunder Rosa teamed up with Skye Blue to take on Kylie Rae and former NWA World Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb (who appears to be a heel now). 

Rosa and Deeb argue to start the match before Deeb tags in Kylie Rae. We then get some good technical wrestling from Rosa and Rae before Rosa locks in a crossface. Rae fights out and Rosa tags in Skye Blue.  

Blue hits a lovely spinkick and snapmare combo, and the two women then trade roll up attempts, until Rae hits Blue with a knee TO THE FACE!!! 

Rae is in control now and has Blue in the Gory stretch, but she counters into a roll up for a two count. Rae tags Deeb back in who instantly begins to dominate Blue, catapulting her into the bottom rope neck first. Deeb then stretches Blue, tagging Rae in, but Blue somehow escapes a suplex attempt and tags Rosa in. 

Rosa is cleaning house until Deeb grabs her ankle from the outside, then from the resulting confrontation snaps Rosa into the ropes. Blue tags in, and after a superkick and Russian leg sweep from Rae, she locks in her submission finisher, the Charity case, and Blue taps out as Rosa chases Deeb backstage. 

Josh P definitely should not watch this match, I’m not sure his mind could take it... 

Yes sir, I can (Slice) Boogie... 

Backstage with May Valentine and the War Kings now, as we are going to have “the talk” that Jax Dane alluded to last week. Jax mate, I think Crimson knows all about the birds and the bees... 

Jax says they have been brothers for a long time, they’ve stood shoulder to shoulder... it was just a couple of text messages... he doesn’t know how to tell Crimson this... It was just a few text messages... (is he having an affair?!) 

Jax says he doesn't want Crimson to get angry, because he’s crazy when he is angry. Crimson seems to indicate he won't, so Jax signals to bring someone out. 

Out comes Slice Boogie, who stands next to Jax. Crimson points at him and says “Him? No...” and walks off. 

Always awkward when there's another man involved... 

Does Kratos love Valentine’s? He May do... 

Yep. I know. That was truly awful. But I don’t care. 

Kratos is talking to May Valentine (I’m just now realising, wasn’t May Valentine a character in Yu-Gi-Oh??). 

May asks Kratos how it feels to be Tag Team Champion? Kratos says it's awful. He has to carry this big heavy belt everywhere, and it never matches his outfits, so he’s the laughing stock of his family. His kids don’t respect him, even his dog turns his nose up at him. The day he loses the title will be the happiest of his life and he can begin to rebuild his life. 

Ok, all of that is lies. Because let’s face it, it’s a stupid question! Being a Champion is AWESOME! Why do you think I collect so many belts?! 

Kratos says it's great, but it's nothing new. He wins gold wherever he goes. He was hired by Aron Stevens to do a job, and that job is to win. 

May asks how things are with Aron Stevens? Kratos says all the matters is winning. May asks if he respects Aron Stevens? Kratos says respect is earned, and although he may not agree with how Stevens does things, he sort of likes him, but respect is definitely earned. 

La Rebelion lives on! 

Lucha Rules match now. Hawx Aerie and El Rudo are out first, then Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 make their way out. Who will their mystery partner be I wonder? Heath Slater? Aleister Black? Jim Duggan? Hell, maybe it's Real Rasslin’s very own El Wigglador! We haven't heard from him in a while... 

Sadly. It was none of those people, but it was satisfying none the less; Homicide! The former Ring of Honor World Champion made his return to NWA Powerrr after several months (or even years) away. 

Now, I have to admit, I find six-man tag matches very difficult to follow at times, so let’s just skip to the ending. After a lot of back and forth, and a good display by PJ Hawx, Homicide took out Pj and Rudo at ringside with a suicide dive and La Rebelion hit the Mark of the Beat on Luke Hawx for the 1-2-3.  

Homicide looked good in this match. He dominated PJ Hawx in their interactions, but PPJ for me did a great job of being the main foil in this match until the end. There were the usual shenanigans involved from La Rebelion, such as a three-on-one assault on PJ early in the match, but overall, I think the right team won. It looks like they are going after the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Aron Stevens believes so too, as he was on commentary for this one, replacing Velvet Sky. 

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match: JTG v Chris Adonis 

I won’t lie, I was pumped up for this one! And it seems JTG was too as he came out full of energy. 

The two men started off by feeling each other out and getting an idea of each other strategy, trading holds and submission moves to wear each other down. 

Adonis then hit a cheap shot and raked his back after the referee separated them in the corner, and tried to go on the offensive, but JTG shut him down quick with an uppercut, then slammed him face first into the canvas. That’ll rattle a few teeth... 

Adonis wasn’t down long though as he hit a sidewalk slam on JTG, then a double underhook suplex. At this point, Adonis took control and employed the usual dirty tactics, such as raking the eyes, then locked in a chinlock to wear JTG down more.  

JTG was able to fight out and hit a sunset flip for a two count, before Adonis once again took him down with a clothesline, then a scoop slam. This seems to fire JTG up though as he then hit several hard strikes followed by a clothesline, which had both men down on the canvas for a count of seven, before JTG hit two more clotheslines followed by a sweet looking neckbreaker. 

JTG then hit another neckbreaker, which he smoothly transitioned into from a suplex set up, and gained a two count. He then laid in some hard knee strikes, but Adonis quickly countered this into the Masterlock. 

This is where it all went wrong. With JTG on the verge of passing out, Fred Rosser appeared and threw in the towel for JTG, meaning that Chris Adonis was declared the winner and the new NWA National Heavyweight Championship, regaining the title he vacated a few weeks ago, making the whole thing kind of pointless... 

Rosser was then spoken to by Trevor Murdoch who was on commentary, again replacing Velvet Sky (She only ever seems to do half a show recently...) 

Rosser said he had to do it, JTG is his boy, and he doesn’t like seeing people struggle. Murdoch says he understands but given the importance of the match, JTG should be the one to decide when to throw in the towel. He asks Rosser how he things JTG will take this? 

Rosser says he thinks that JTG will appreciate what he did for him as he gets to fight another day, but the look on JTG’s face suggests otherwise... 

And that ends this week's NWA Powerrr. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Initially, the ending of the main event annoyed me, but actually, looking back on it, this is going to set up a very interesting feud between Fred Rosser and JTG hopefully, and that’s something I can get behind. Good job Mr Corgan.

The story between Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa rumbles on, with Kylie Rae being low key built up in the background, and I am even interested to see if Pope can get his lucky seventh win against Tyrus! 

Two weeks of no Strictly Business too. Might have to bring out the old "missing" posters again...

Overall, some really great stuff from NWA this week and they seem to be hitting their stride again now. 

And with that, that brings us to the end of this week's bytesized NWA Powerrr review. What did you think of the show? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all on Friday for another bytesized NXT UK review!