NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 6th April 2021

It's time once again to go "into the fire" with NWA Powerrr!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 6th April 2021

What's up guys and girlsit’s “The Belt Guy” Paul here, back with another Bytesized NWA Powerrr review!  

Tonight is apparently a Tag Team Special, but with a World Television Championship match as the main event. 

Let’s get to it! 

NWA Power - Wikipedia

Stevens on commentary; Rinauro interrupts 

Aron Stevens is at the commentary table to open the show and begins telling Joe Galli and Time Storm about how he “turned over a new leaf” after losing to Nick Aldis for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. He says that he and Kratos (who is stood behind him looking like some kind of bouncer...) know the importance of the Tag Team Titles and tonight during the “Tag Team Special” they will get a look at who potential challengers to their NWA World Tag Team Titles could be, and that NWA means competition. 

Out comes Sal Rinauro. He says that he has been trying to contact Stevens all week about the Tag Team Title shot he promised him. He asks if he changed his phone number? Stevens says he remembers offering him the shot but he has no tag team partner (which is a fair point!) 

He then says that if Rinauro finds a partner and NWA sanction it then fine, the match can happen, until then, he and Kratos are going to enjoy the show backstage. With that, he and Kratos leave the ring area. 

Bit of a pointless segment in some ways. Why bring up the prospect of a tag team title match if there was never any intention for it to happen?! 

Strictly Business brings about The End. 

The first match of the night is (shockingly) a tag team match. Bram Thom Latimer (what does he do with all the time he saves not having to write “as” on the end of his first name?!) and the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Chris Adonis, take on the team of Parrow and Odinson, known as The End. 

This is a heavyweight tag team contest if ever I saw one, all four of these guys are massive. Latimer and Parrow start off by shoving each other around the ring school bully style, but then Odinson tags in and the match kicks into gear. Odinson looks decent, getting in some good offence and dominating the early proceedings. 

A very poor looking interference spot (seriously, it looked so bad. Comical, almost) leads to Strictly Business reasserting themselves, as they dominate for a spell and keep Parrow from tagging in Odinson. Eventually though after some back and forth, Parrow gets the hot tag to Odinson and the big guy gets to work taking the fight to Latimer and Adonis. Joe Galli on commentary makes a reference that Odinson is “like a wrecking ball, someone call Miley Cyrus!” (….............. I am more disappointed by this than that time I met Ken Anderson, and boy was I disappointed that day....) 

Odinson is gathering momentum and looks like he may win, but then Kamile appears and distracts Odinson and Parrow. Latimer takes advantage and pushes Parrow off the top rope to the floor, and Adonis locks in the Masterlock on Odinson, causing him to pass out and end the match. Strictly Business win. 

Thunder Rosa comes out at the end of the match and confronts Kamile for some reason, then we fade into a commercial for the Nick Aldis action figure, promoted by himself and I assume his and Mickie James’ son (For anyone who was unaware, Aldis and James are married!) 

Rosa brings the Thunder! 

Back at the interview area, a fired-up Thunder Rosa is going off on one, in Spanish, then snaps into English saying “If I have to take matters into my own hands, I have no problem doing that!” She states Kamile should be afraid and then snaps back into Spanish. 

At this point Taryn Terrell comes out (she seems familiar, wasn’t she married to a certain fella from Claymore Country once?). 

She says that she is sorry to interrupt (judging by her character and demeanour I suspect she is being disingenuous...) but tonight she is making her NWA debut. 

Terrell goes on to say that Rosa probably thinks that she has come out here to challenge her to a match, which she claims she would win (Rosa laughed, I laughed, the toaster laughed, I shot the toaster....) but sadly she is injured as she has an “owwie in her hip” (Is she 5?!) 

She goes on to say that Rosa is good, but if she wants to be great, and if she ever needs any help, she only needs to call her. 

At this, Melina comes storming out like the forgotten friend at a nightclub on a Friday night, seemingly to defend Rosa, and says if anyone is going to be there for Rosa, it’s her. 

Rosa basically shuts them both down and says she doesn’t need either of them and walks off, leaving Terrell and Melina stood there. 

Really good stuff from Rosa once again, she is the star of the NWA brand no doubt. They're setting something up here, which depsite my misgivings about Melina, I am interested to see unfold.


Trevor targets the champ! 

In a backstage interview with May Valentine, Trevor Murdoch says that being NWA National Heavyweight Champion meant everything to him, but there's a time when a man has to stand up for what's important to him, such as honour and integrity. He’s not going to back down when times get tough. He mentions what Strictly Business did to Tim Storm, taking his title and grinding him into the ground. He says that Nick Aldis has stepped into his lane and taken something from him, and as of now, he’s putting Aldis on notice, he’s coming for him! 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much from this, but Murdoch cut a pretty impassioned promo, and actually got me a little hyped up for a match between him and Aldis. I can't imagine that he will beat him, but it would be interesting to see. 

War Kings Boogie all over Slice & Mims 

Next up is former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane and Crimson taking on Slice Boogie and Matthew Mims. 

Dane and Crimson start strong, dominating early proceedings. They hit a double team move and get a two count, but that’s where things take a turn. Boogie takes out Dane, who ends up lying motionless outside the ring (side note: Boogie looks VERY generic. I hadn’t noticed this the last couple of weeks, but he could definitely do with livening his attire up a little). 

Crimson continues to fight by himself, as his opponents tag in and out, and even takes the both down with a double clothesline at one point, but he takes his eyes off of Boogie and turns his back on him, allowing Boogie to take him out with a chop block. Boogie hits an elbow drop off of the second rope but only gets a one count. 

Crimson reasserts himself and hits a spinebuster on Mims, Dane is still out of it on the floor as Crimson hits a Death Valley Driver on Mims, but Boogie breaks up the pin attempt at two. Crimson gets Boogie on the top rope, but Mims takes advantage of the numbers game and rolls Crimson up for the win. After this, a dejected looking Crimson goes to help Dane. 

Good win for Mims and Boogie, but what a way to derail a former champion like Dane. One shot from a guy who has barely been on the roster five minutes and he’s seeing stars? Come on now... 

Aldis takes the mic 

After a short video package encouraging everyone to buy the Back for the Attack replay, Nick Aldis is at the interview table, and apparently has an announcement to make. He teases that Strictly Business could be looking for new members. He talks about being the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion for over 900 days, and though he is good, he wants to be great. He announces that Strictly Business are recruiting, and that there could be multiple spots available. He says no one’s spot is guaranteed, and that extends to everyone. 

Not much to say about this. It got the job done I guess, but it was nothing special. 

Da Pope has No Days Off! 

Main event time, and Fred Rosser gets his chance at Da Pope for the NWA World Television Championship. If Pope can retain, he will be four wins away from cashing in his “Lucky seven” shot for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. 

Before the match begins, the commentary team, which has Velvet Sky back with them (which I almost missed as she is quiet as a mouse. Seriously Velvet, be louder!), informs us all that this bout has a time limit of six minutes and five seconds. 


Wait what?! Hang on... 

*researches ridiculous time limit* 

Ok, so this is apparently a thing!  

On the December 17 episode of NWA's weekly flagship program, NWA Power, it was revealed that all NWA World Television Championship tournament matches would have a 6 minute, 5 second time limit. The time limit was an homage to the 6:05 PM start time of NWA Power as well as a tribute to the original start time for NWA's World Championship Wrestling that ran from the 1970s to 1992. 

Thank you, Wikipedia! 

So, it seems that they have carried on this time limit thing. Its unique I guess, though not necessarily in a good way... 

Fred Rosser starts the match strong, but eventually it settles into a more back and forth affair. Pope tries an uppercut, which Rosser avoids, but then Pope takes out Rosser with a combination of a hip toss, short arm clothesline, atomic drop, then fist drop. Pope goes up top for a crossbody, but misses, and Rosser nails him with a Spear. Rosser gets a foothold back in the match, and we see some more back and forth action, until Rosser catches Pope with a lungbuster. Pope is a wiley ol’ cat though, and rolls out of the ring to prevent the pin. Rosser tosses him back in (Easy there King Kyle, put those coins away...) and gets a two count. Rosser throws Pope into the corner and goes for a shot in the corner. Pope avoids this and hits his patented uppercut, following up with double knees TO THE FACE! Ok not really, to the back... 

Pope gets the win after this with 20 seconds left on the clock to retain the NWA World Television Championship. Given the short amount of time they were working with, this was actually a pretty good match, and I can see myself becoming a fan of the time limit as it adds a level of urgency and intensity for the challenger.

After this, Tyrus and …......uuuuugggghhhhhhh......... Austin Idol, come out and clap mockingly for Pope. They imply that they are coming for Pope’s Television title as the show ends with an announcement that next week will be the debut episode of NWA Powerrr Surge, with loads of exclusive new content. 

So that was NWA Powerrr for another week. In comparison to the previous weeks shows, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the others, but there was still some decent action. In NWA at least, the lack of a true crowd actually seems to detracts more from the product than other shows have experienced in my opinion. Maybe it's just me as I still ge tused to a new brand, but hopefully all that will change soon. 

Thanks for joining me for another NWA Powerrr bytesized review, and I’ll see you next time! 

 Quick Results

  • Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis bt The End
  • Slice Boogie & Matthew Mims bt War Kings
  • Da Pope bt Fred Rosser to retain the NWA World Television Championship