NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 5th October 2021

The Belt Guy is here with this weeks Powerrrful round up!

NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 5th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NWA review!

This week’s show as usual starts with the commentary team only this week Austin Idol is on commentary and cuts Velvet Sky off during her intro, which its safe to say she does not like. She has made her disdain towards Idol very clear in recent weeks…

Joe Galli then informs us tonight we will have the first ever Lucha Scramble match in NWA history (essentially a triple threat elimination tag team match…), as well as Judais taking on James Storm, and somewhat surprisingly, Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis of Strictly Business taking on Tim Storm and NICK ALDIS!

Yes, the leader of Strictly Business is fighting his own team… That couldn’t possibly go wrong could it?...

Well, let’s dive in!

Talky Time with… Kamille, Trevor Murdoch and Da Pope!

Start as you mean to go on!

Kamille starts us off with Kyle Davis asking for her thoughts on the issues within Strictly Business?

Kamille says that Thom and Nick are like brothers, and family fights all the time, they’ll get over it, but she is sick of being asked about it.

Kyle switches gear and asks her about her issues with Melina, as she attacked her for no reason. Kamille says she doesn’t do anything for no reason, Melina was running her mouth about her, the NWA World Women’s Champion, when she has never been the NWA World Women’s Champion, and never will be. She talks about Melina being old enough to be called a legend, which she says is a term used loosely, and that she is going to break everyone one of Melina’s old, brittle bones.

Next up is the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

Kyle asks about Jax Dane trying to cash in his Champions Series shot on him.

Murdoch shouts about what he had to go through in order to win the title, and Jax came at him while he was weakened? He says Jax isn’t a man, he’s the biggest bitch in the room. If he wants to challenge him, do it directly. He says if you come at him and want to take the title, he will bring a fight you’ve never seen, and you might be asking for something you don’t want.

Pope comes out and embraces Trevor Murdoch. Kyle asks about Pope’s Champions Series title shot?

After some patented “Pope Talk”, he says the world, and Trevor Murdoch, will know when Pope’s coming, as he won’t use underhanded tactics. But he tells Murdoch to keep his eyes open and ears attuned, as next week on Pope, you’ll have you answer.

Joe Galli asks about Velvet Sky’s title shot, and all she says is never say never. Idol starts to ask about id she is coming out of retirement again, which velvet doesn’t answer. Joe Galli throws it to the ring for the Lucha Scramble match!

Lucha Scramble? Mecha Wolf prefers poached…

I’ll be honest. I wanted to enjoy this match, but it was a bit of a mess.

The teams were the Ill Begotten of Rush Freeman and Captain YUMA, Slice Boogie & Marshe Rockett, and the NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion.

The match started with YUMA, Boogie and Bestia 666. YUMA played to the crowd a bit, which ended in a double chop sending him out of the ring. Idol and Sky are getting into it on commentary again…

YUMA gets back into it after some more shots with a flurry of offense, but Bestia closes him down with a V-Trigger, followed by the Kinniku Buster (If you know, you know) and pins him to eliminate him. Rockett gets in and dominates Bestia, launching him out of the ring. As this is Lucha rules, this makes Mecha Wolf the legal man. He comes in and throws Rockett out of the ring, meaning Slice Boogie is legal, and he takes both of La Rebelion on briefly before they chop him. Boogie hits a nice over the top rope German Suplex, followed by a dropkick to Wolf, he then hits Brooklyn’s Edge on Bestia and eliminates him.

Freeman comes in and after Rockett becomes the legal man, hits a belly to belly on him, rolling out to make Boogie legal. Wolf then Uranage’s Boogie onto Freeman, then hits a spinning DDT on Slice Boogie to eliminate him. Freeman is in, who hits a sit out bomb, but only gets a two count. Rockett with a cutter eliminates Freeman.

It’s down to just Mecha Wolf and Marshe Rockett, as the two trade blows. Rockett with a powerslam, gets a two count, he tries for a cutter again but Wolf is holding the ropes, Wolf goes up top and hits a 450 splash, gaining the win for his team.

Here’s the problem I have with this. NWA don’t really have the time on weekly TV to make a match like this work. Everything happened far too quickly and therefore the story of the match suffered. I personally think Slice Boogie and Marshe Rockett should be the next challengers to the titles based on Boogie pinning Bestia, but that won’t happen, and it makes no sense. Whilst the match type itself is interesting, it didn’t work in this setting in my opinion.

Talky Time with Stevens and Kratos!

The former NWA World Tag Team Champions are with Kyle Davis who expresses surprise that they are still tagging together. Stevens is about to speak but Kratos takes over. He states again that he believes in brotherhood, but Stevens needs to go to that dark place. They lost the tag team titles because of him. He says Stevens has been all over the world, but he’s never fit in anywhere, and even his own father doesn’t accept him (woah!).

Kratos tells Stevens he needs to go to that place, and find peace in chaos, as that will make them unstoppable! Kratos says this place is a circus, and Stevens needs to come and sit at the lions table with him.

I’m liking the fact that Kratos is getting more involved in things, it switches up the dynamic.

Over at commentary, Austin Idol and Velvet Sky are arguing again. Joe Galli sits quietly, wondering why momma and poppa are always fighting…

Sorry, about your damn luck, Judais!

It’s time for Judais and James Storm to clash (And Storm is definitely wrestling on this show… again, if you know, you know…)

The match begins with Judais dominating Storm, who can’t seem to get out of the blocks. Storm is able to eventually muster up some fight back, but the two end up outside the ring throwing each other into the stairs.

“The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell then interjects himself and tries to distract James Storm, and it works as Judais is able to hip toss Storm to the floor.

Back in the ring, Judais hits storm with a fall away slam, then after some stomps to the legs, fish hooks his mouth. Storm fires up and fights back but gets a lariat from Judais, who attempts to set him up for a Razor’s Edge, but Storm slips out and hits the Last Call superkick and steals the win!

Judais gets back up quite quickly. But Storm walks off brushing his hands off, his work is done.

Bit confused by this one to be honest. It feels like they just cut off all of Judais’ momentum, which for someone who is next in line for the National Title seems odd.

Talky Time with Kylie Rae, Lady Frost and Allysin Kay!

May Valentine is here now and asks for the opinions of Lady Frost and Kylie Rae ahead of their match.

Kylie wants to go first, and it’s the usual Kylie Rae stuff. She’s happy, she’s excited, she’s got a lot to prove, Lady Frost is super cool blah blah blah…

Lady Frost says she is cool, calm, and collected, as usual, when Allysin Kay comes out and tells her there will be repercussions for her actions last week costing her the match against Jennacide, and she’s lucky that Kay is confronting her in the ring rather than backstage.

Kylie Rae starts jumping up and down saying “What about me?”

Kay says if she wants these hands, she can have them too, as the match has been made.

Kylie says sure, lets make it a triple threat, and so we head to the ring…

It’s a frosty reception for Allysin, but at least Kylie is all Smiley…

Frost lets Kay and Kylie start the match, and after some back and forth, Kay hits a sidewalk slam on Kylie. At this point, Frost jumps on her back, leaving Kay open to a superkick from Kylie.

With Kay outside, Kylie backs frost into the corner and hits a European uppercut, but Frost soon takes control and hits a standing moonsault on Kylie. Kay comes back in and takes Frost out with a deadlift German suplex, but gets stunned (literally, she used a stunner) by Kylie Rae, who then locks in the Charity Case.

Kay fights out and lands a Samoan drop on Kylie, as Frost climbs to the top rope. Kay stalks her but gets another superkick from Kylie, and Kay hits the ropes, knocking Frost down. Kylie Rae wastes no time as she quickly locks in the Charity Case and Frost taps almost instantly. Kylie Rae wins once again!

Interesting subtle build for Kylie Rae. She always seems to be in matches between other feuding women, and then somehow always gets the win. I wonder what the plan is here?

Talky Time with Sal Rinauro, Mims and Hawx Aerie!

Kyle Davis is with two of the semi-finalists in the Tag Team Title Tournament, Luke Hawx starts off, saying NWA is about wrestling, then pays compliments to Sal and Mims, as well as himself and his son PJ.

He was clearly going to say more, But Danny Deals takes over spouting some nonsense. Suddenly Tyrus arrives on the scene and chases everyone off, including Kyle, and says he wants May Valentine. So, I guess now it’s…

Talky Time with Team Tyrus!

Tyrus has his merry band of twats come out, as well as Austin Idol who leaves commentary, much to the relief of Velvet Sky.

Tyrus says he knows everyone is complaining about his title defences, he says people need to understand that they are competitive people. He then addresses the masked man, Cyon. He says that he knows him, but he doesn’t know from where, but he talks about cashing in his title shot on him? Tyrus dismisses it, and belittles the crowd, before saying that Cyon shouldn’t make the same mistakes as the last guy who held the TV Title. The next challenger for the title is coming from his own camp. Tyrus then bigs up Jordan Clearwater and passes him the mic. Jordan says that they all know he gives 130%, and that they all strive for competition. Tyrus says “May the best man win”.

As if Tyrus isn’t going to completely annihilate him!

There’s a Storm coming for Strictly Business…

Main event time, as Tim Storm and Nick Aldis take on Thom Latimer and the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Chris Adonis of Strictly Business.

This is surprising as Nick Aldis is the leader of Strictly Business and has recently feuded with Tim Storm.

Aldis and Adonis start the match and after some back and forth, Aldis tags Storm in. Storm hits suplexes on Adonis and Latimer, but following this, the Strictly Business duo dominated Storm for some time, hitting some double team moves as well as wearing down his leg.

Midway through the match, Adonis had Storm in an ankle lock, but he managed to break free and hit a big boot, followed by a neckbreaker. Storm used this opening to tag in Aldis, who took down Latimer with some clotheslines followed by a Thesz Press, then a Michinoku driver for a two count.

Latimer tried to fight back and ascended the ropes, seating himself on Aldis’ shoulders in an attempt to roll through and pin, but Aldis stopped this by sitting on Latimer’s shoulders and securing the win.

Following the match, Aldis offered the handshake to Latimer in an attempt to make peace, and after some reluctance, Latimer accepted. He and Aldis then embraced before Aldis told Latimer to make peace with Tim Storm too, which again after some initial reluctance he did.

As all three men embraced in the ring, Chris Adonis attacked Storm from behind with a chair, before Latimer did the same to NICK ALDIS!

Latimer and Adonis then laid the beat down to Storm and Aldis with chairs, before turning their attention solely to Aldis. Latimer hit two successive piledrivers on Aldis, before planting him with a third directly onto a steel chair!