NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 3rd August 2021

It's week two of the NWA Champions Series! Here is all the action in a handy, bytesized written form!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 3rd August 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with a bytesized round up of week two of the NWA Champions Series!

Round one concludes this week, and there are five matches to get through, as Kenzie Paige takes on Lady Frost, a superheavyweight clash as Kratos clashes with Tyrus, Crimson takes on the Masked Mystery Man, a fatal four way between the alternates of Sal Rinauro, Jeremiah Plunkett, Jordan Clearwater and Colby Corino, and the main event sees Slice Boogie take on Jax Dane.

A lot to get through, so let’s get straight to it!

Match One: Kenzie Paige v Lady Frost

This match started with a collar and elbow tie up tussle, as they pushed and pulled each other all over the ring, but after that, it was all Lady Frost.

Seriously, I don’t remember Kenzie Paige getting a single move in on her opponent. Frost used knee strikes, kicks, chops, and just about anything else to wear her opponent down.

A big fisherman’s suplex gained her a two count, before she shut down an attempted fight back by Paige. Frost hit an enzuigiri to Paige in the corner, then followed up with a devastating spin kick, followed by a moonsault.

Frost went for the pin, but pulled Paige up at two, clearly not finished with her.

No sooner did Frost pull her up, that Paige hit her with the most devastating move in wrestling, the roll up, and took the surprise win and five points for her team!

Winner: Kenzie Paige of Team Kamille/Idol

Initially, I thought this was going to be a total squash match, and the action certainly backed that up. To be fair, it pretty much was, but fair play to Kenzie for pulling out a shock win.

Match Two: Crimson v Mystery Man

This was a clash of two powerful competitors and started with a some back and forth between the two of them. I lost track a little at this point as the commentary team of Joe Galli and Tim Storm made a huge cock up when they asked Melina, who was on commentary for this match, why her and Nick Aldis picked the Mystery Man for their team. Melina remained silent, while they continued to ask her about him, until Joe Galli suddenly twigged that it was actually Crimson that they had picked for their team…

As I tuned back into the match, there was a chop battle going on. Crimson would gain the upper hand with a corner splash and then a suplex, locking in a ground headlock after a half-hearted pin attempt. The Mystery Man fought his way to his feet, but Crimson threw him back to the mat, following up with stomps. Mystery Man then countered a suplex attempt and took Crimson down with a back elbow then mounted him and delivered some shots to the head. Mystery Man locked in a headlock which nearly put Crimson to sleep, but Crimson ended up back on his feet.

Mystery Man took the opportunity to throw Crimson into the corners, but this didn’t last long as Crimson then hit an exploder suplex on Mystery Man, followed by a Death Valley driver, which sent Mystery Man to the outside. The battle continued on the outside as Crimson hit a scoop slam, then threw his opponent back into the ring. As he climbed onto the apron, Mystery Man then recovered, pulling Crimson onto the turnbuckle. Crimson pushed him down and delivered a top rope elbow for a two count.

Mystery Man fought back and delivered a powerbomb, then locked in a half crab. Crimson was mere moments away from tapping out, but the bell sounded, and the referee declared a time limit draw, earning each man three points for their team.

Time Limit Draw.

Decent match this. Both gave a good account of themselves, and I think a draw was the right result, neither one seemed likely to lose this one so a draw suits both of them.

Match Three: Sal Rinauro v Jeremiah Plunkett v Jordan Clearwater v Colby Corino

A fatal four way now between the team’s alternates. Seven points on offer fort he winner, with the person who is pinned losing their team three points.

Colby Corino is trash talking Sal Rinauro to begin, but eventually a three on one situation sends Colby Corino to the outside. Following some more strikes, Corino ended up sending Rinauro into the ring post outside.

Corino then formed a temporary alliance with Jeremiah Plunkett, as the two teamed up to take out Jordan Clearwater, hitting a double suplex. Clearwater then mounted a fightback, before Rinauro recovered and hit a double crossbody on Plunkett and Corino. Rinauro and Clearwater then hit tandem bulldogs.

Sal would hit a combination of moves on Clearwater, ending with a stunner. Clearwater avoided another attack from Rinauro and hit him with a spinebuster for a two count. Corino broke up the pin with a nice spin kick to Clearwater, and hit a Samoan drop on Rinauro, followed by a standing 360 Senton.

Plunkett broke up the pin, and Corino mouthed off at Plunkett. They traded blows, before Plunkett faked out Corino and hit a nice DDT for the win, and seven points for Team Aldis.

Winner: Jeremiah Plunkett of Team Aldis/Melina

I enjoyed this match. Corino is a great heel, clearly learning from his dad, who we all know is an evil man. Big win for Team Aldis courtesy of upcoming Real Rasslin podcast guest Jeremiah Plunkett, keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Match Four: Kratos v Tyrus

This match took AGES to get going. The referee seemed to be attracting a lot of attention from both competitors. About two minutes had passed before anything happened, even then it was just the two big men colliding in the middle of the ring and staring at each other.

Eventually, Tyrus took Kratos down with an arm drag (yes, an arm drag), but Kratos returned fire with forearm blows and stomps to a grounded Tyrus.

Tyrus would then dominate for a spell, but it soon became a bit more back and forth with both men hitting clotheslines on each other. Suddenly out of nowhere, Tyrus hit an elbow strike, and somehow picked up the win. Everyone was confused, even the referee as he eventually declared Tyrus the winner.

Winner: Tyrus of Team Aron/Taryn (Joe Galli just loves to say it!)

I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this match. The confusion at the end did not help matters, but Aron Stevens at ringside was pretty funny until he got ejected. It was quite a slow match, which again didn’t help me get into it.

This concluded Block A, with both teams winning nine points. As a result of this, the tie break was decided by whichever team won their matches in the shortest amount of time, which was Team Kamille/Idol.

Match Five: Slice Boogie v Jax Dane

Main event time, and this proved to be a pretty good back and forth battle between two powerful guys.

There was a lot of shoving to start the match, but Boogie started things off with a headlock, before Jax fought back with some shoulder tackles. Boogie begged off with his head outside the ropes following this, allowing him to deliver a poke to the eyes of Jax while the referee was distracted.

Boogie hit some hard kicks, but Jax recovered from the eye poke pretty quickly and hit a huge belly to belly suplex, sending Boogie out of the ring. Boogie took his time getting back in the ring, hanging Jax in the ropes, before delivering an axe kick on the apron. Stomps and elbows followed, as Boogie controlled the match for a spell.

Boogie hit a nice neckbreaker for a two count, sparking a fight back from Jax as they traded blows in the corner. Boogie though climbed to the top and hit a dropkick to the knee of Jax for a two count.

On the ground, Boogie locked in a headlock, but Jax fought his way to a vertical base, hitting a huge headbutt. Jax followed up, after some corner offence from Boogie, with a big overhead belly to belly suplex, then a corner splash. Jax got Boogie up on his shoulders, but Boogie got free and went to the corner. As Jax charged in, Boogie moved out the way and Jax hit the ring post.

Boogie would attempt to capitalise with a Gotch neutraliser, but Jax countered this and then hit a huge lariat for the win!

Winner: Jax Dane of Team Pope/Velvet Sky

Really good main event match. Both men came out of this looking good, and as a result of the win, Team Pope advances to next week’s final round where they will take on Team Kamille.

The final standings look like this.

And that brings us to the end of this week’s episode. Some good in ring action, and I love that this tournament is treated like a big deal as there are no distractions, no promos, just pure wrestling action.

I am looking forward to seeing who comes out on top next week, I have a feeling it will be Team Pope to set up a Pope v Aldis clash at NWA 73. I could be wrong, but that’s the feeling I have.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you all later in the week with our next bytesize round up of NXTUK!