NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 30th March 2021

Paul is back with another Bytesized NWA Powerrr review.

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 30th March 2021

With the return of NWA Powerrr to our television screens last week, one of the most prestigious brands and championships in Pro Wrestling is back! 

So here we go, with a bytesized review of the latest episode of NWA Powerrr! 

Aldis and more... 

The show begins as it did last week with the introduction of the announce team. Velvet Sky is far too quiet on the mic for my liking, she needs to step it up a few decibels in my opinion. After being introduced to the announce team, we head over to ring announcer/interviewer/general dogsbody Kyle Davis, who is with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis. 

Aldis says he has kept it quiet until now but he has an affliction. (Yeah, you’re from Norfolk mate, no cure for that!)  

With a complete look of smugness and almost no hint of sarcasm, he says he only knows how to win. At Back for the Attack, despite Aron Steven’s gallant effort, he got “The big dubya”, and last week in the six-man tag, he got “the big dubya” again! 

Davis points out that it was Chris Adonis who picked up the win, and does this mean he is a member of “Strictly Business”? 

Aldis barely gets a chance to reply before the NWA National Champion, Trevor Murdoch comes out. I could go into great detail here, but to be honest, the long and short of it is, Murdoch challenges Adonis to a no DQ match for the NWA National Heavyweight Title tonight. Aldis says that he should learn never to interrupt the champion, but since they were both trained by Harley Race, he will offer him some advice. The number one rule in pro wrestling; Never turn your back on your opponent. 

With that Chris Adonis attacks and beats down Murdoch to the point where his neck is reinjured. Murdoch is helped backstage while the commentators lament Adonis’ actions and wonder whether Murdoch will be able to compete tonight. (I sense a title change coming...) 

Oh f*ck me, Ric Flair’s stunt double is back again plugging his wrestling college.... 

Tag Team Championship match set for next week 

During a backstage promo with NWA World Tag Team Champions, Kratos and Aron Stevens, May Valentine asks Aron if it is hard to focus right now given his recent loss. Aron says he makes no excuses, Nick Aldis beat him fair and square, but he left a better man. He is dedicating the rest of his career to Joseph Hudson, who recently passed away. He and Kratos both know the responsibility they have towards keeping the history and lineage of these titles going. May asks if it is difficult to be optimistic right now, but before Aron can really give an answer, Sal Rinauro wanders into the shot. 

He says Aron is right, he knew Joseph too, and since he is not getting any younger, he figured there was no harm in asking for a Tag Team Title match. Aron says anytime. Rinauro instantly challenges them to a match on next week's show. Aron says ok, but make sure he wears his big boy pants, because this is the NWA, before Kratos chimes in with “GET OUT!” (Oooh, you’re hard). 

Well, well, well, what have we here? It’s Slice (Oogie) Boogie! 

Coming into this match on the back of his “undefeated” streak, Slice Boogie takes on Jeremiah Plunkett in the opening match of the show. 

I have to be honest; I have never heard two wrestling names quite like these two! In any case the match starts, and it's clear from the get go that Slice Boogie is dominating proceedings. Despite (in my opinion) his odd ring name, Slice Boogie is actually really impressive in the ring. He's quite slick and his offence comes across well. Hard to get a read on Jeremiah Plunkett though as he didn’t get too much offense in, but what he did looked fairly decent. 

The end came when Boogie hit Plunkett with a piledriver for the win, and took his undefeated streak to 2-0. 

Tyrus, the Great American Smash! 

Oh God not this guy again! I’ve been watching NWA for two weeks, and I already hate Austin Idol! He comes out for commentary in this match as Tyrus makes his debut against Matthew Mils. 

Austin Idol informs us that Tyrus is known as the Great American Smash (G.A.S..... Kind of ironic....) and also that he is half man and half monster, so he calls him a manster! (Kill me now...) 

Moving on to the match, and it is mostly all Tyrus dominating Mils. Matthew Mils is no small guy, he’s a large looking fella, but against the former funkasaurus, most men look pretty small, I guess. 

Mils does manage to get some offence in, and manages a brief fightback, but this match was only ever going to end one way. 

Tyrus hits a big slam on Mils, and goes for the pin, but he pulls him up at two, apparently, he’s not quite done with Mils! 

Tyrus toys with him a little longer (clearly, he was never taught to not play with his food), before putting him away with a big chokeslam for the win. 

I think I have had enough of Austin Idol now.... 

Pope v Fred Rosser for the TV Title up ne.... Oh, wait.... 

Well, we were supposed to have Fred Rosser taking on Pope for the NWA Television Championship, but that has now apparently been bumped to next week to facilitate the Trevor Murdoch v Chris Adonis title match. Great. Was genuinely looking forward to this one! 

A short promo then ensues. Rosser mentions being a Prime Time Player, and says he has spent 19 years running this business (Really? When?) and that Pope is not ready for him. 

Pope says a whole lot of nothing really, he regales us with a story of when he used to travel with Rosser, and Pope remembers when a little teeny-weeny Fred came up to Pope backstage and asked for some advice. He says if he can give him one piece of advice, he says “Well I’m tellin’ you one thing Daddy, when you hop in that ring with Pope, you better be ready to jink and jive, cos I’m bringin’ that work, Daddy!” 


Ladies' “Exhibition” match 

I’m not quite sure why it’s being referred to as an exhibition match, but either way we have Thunder Rosa teaming with Alex Gracia against Skye Blue and Jennacide (This woman is huge!). Melina is on commentary for this match. You may remember last week she offered to “always be there” for Rosa. 

Starting off are Thunder Rosa and Skye Blue, and to be fair it’s a fairly decent back and forth match. Rosa gets the majority of the offence but Blue gets enough in that it doesn’t look like a squash. Gracia is tagged in and after a spell of domination, Blue takes control. Eventually, Jennacide is tagged in, and Gracia tries valiantly to fight against Jennacide, but she no sells her offence, before taking her out. Blue tags back in, some good heel work from Blue and Jennacide, before some truly awful selling by Blue from some weak looking body shots from GraciaGracia eventually manages to get the hot tag, and is in there with Jennacide. Outside the ring, Blue takes out Gracia, and as the camera goes back to the ring, we see Kamile has entered the ring and spears Rosa, causing a DQ! Melina runs down to help Rosa who has been dumped out of the ring while she and Kamile trash talk. Kamile turns round and stares down Jennacide as the segment ends. 

Well, that was entirely pointless! Kamile is the number one contender to the Womens World title, but neither Rosa nor Melina is the current champion, so what was the point?! 

Oh f*ck me! Ric Flair’s long-lost brother is back again! Make it stop!!! 

The Adonis is the Master of Murdoch 

Main event time, and Nick Aldis joins the commentary team for this one. He and Tim Storm have a little altercation about how Nick beat him for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title, before they focus on the match that’s about to start. 

Adonis comes out first, followed by the Champion, Murdoch. It’s still weird to me that they enter with no music, and damn that NWA National Heavyweight Title is ugly! It looks like it was drawn by a 4-year-old and then thrown on to the most misshapen piece of scrap leather they could find! 

Well anyway, the match begins and instantly Adonis targets the neck of Murdoch. Murdoch is up against it right from the off, as Adonis dominated him. Murdoch does manage some brief moments of offence, but it’s clear the injury is holding him back. Adonis chokes Murdoch with the neck brace before ripping it off, all perfectly legal in a no DQ match.  

Adonis locks in the Masterlock (Yes, it is the man formerly known as Chris Masters for those who don’t know!) and ragdolls Murdoch around before hitting a Full Nelson Slam. Adonis then picks up Murdoch and locks in the Masterlock again, making Murdoch pass out. The referee drops his arm three times (first time I’ve seen that happen in years!) and calls for the bell. We have a NEW NWA National Heavyweight Champion! 

Trainers and referees surround Murdoch as Adonis demands his title. He celebrates with Bram and Kamile of Strictly Business while Aldis on commentary notes that Adonis is an associate of theirs, and will only be a full member of Strictly Business when he sees fit. 

And that’s it. That’s the end of another episode of NWA Powerrr. 

It’s a tricky show to get into as it feels so retro, and despite my love of pro wrestling history, I find it hard to watch older matches (I’m nothing if not complex!) That said, it is definitely growing on me. Some bright spots on this show, but please, for the love of all things good, cut down on the amount of Austin Idol we are subjected to! 

Thanks for reading, and join me next week for another Bytesized NWA Powerrr review!