NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 28th September 2021

After a week off due to a PowerrrSurge (geddit?) The Belt Guy is back with NWA Powerrr once again!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 28th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy”, Paul, back once again with another bytesized NWA review!

Last week was an episode of PowerrrSurge, which as we all know I don’t review as they are usually short episodes with no real substance. So, naturally, last week’s episode turned out to have three matches on it!

So, a quick round up:

  • Colby Corino beat Marshe Rockett
  • Skye Blue beat Tootie Lynn and Thunderkitty in a triple threat
  • Matthew Mims beat BLK Jeez
  • Jax Dane talked to Gary Horne of the This Is NWA Podcast about how he is a former champion, that Crimson was never there for him, and he is coming for Trevor Murdoch’s NWA World Title.
  • Kamille talked to Joe Galli about why she attacked Melina, saying she doesn’t let anyone run their mouth on her, and that Melina is no threat to her.
  • Trevor Murdoch talked to Gary Horne about facing Nick Aldis for the title, their respect for each other, and who his next challenger might be, the slap fight between Crimson and Jax Dane, and how he needs to be aware of the threat of the Champions Series winners title shots.

With that up to date, lets get started on this week’s Powerrr!

Aldis Storms out!

The broadcast begins with Joe Galli, Kyle Davis, and Velvet Sky on commentary as Tim Storm is at the interviewer’s booth with Thom Latimer, Kamille and Chris Adonis.

Tim asks why they attacked Trevor Murdoch and Melina last week?

Latimer, being his usual dickhead self, says that Murdoch has been a thorn in their side for a while now, and that Strictly Business should all be wearing gold still, but mistakes happen. Latimer then gets in Storm’s face and says to never ask him questions again. He asks Tim Storm if it feels familiar to see someone outgunned, outmanned, and outnumbered, and tells him if he doesn’t like it to do something about it. Storm immediately gets into the ring and is ready to throw down with Latimer and the rest of Strictly Business, but the commentary team try to stop it, and as they are doing so, Nick Aldis comes out and gets into the ring, telling his teammates to back off and stand down.

Tim Storm looks shocked and to be honest, I don’t blame him, I am too!

Talky time with May and Melina

May Valentine now asks Melina for her thoughts on Kamille’s blindside attack on her from a couple of weeks ago. Melina says that clearly Kamille doesn’t like the truth. While she respects her as a champion, when you carry the title you have to carry yourself a certain way. She says that at some point, someone will take her out.

At this point, Chelsea Green turns up, and through her madness says she has a question for Melina; What have you done? Chelsea says that she beat everyone to win the NWA Invitational Cup, and she should be Champion. She then leaves ranting and screaming.

I feel like maybe the “Hot Mess” version of Chelsea Green would get along well with NXTUK’s Saxon Huxley…

Luke and PJ have eyes like Hawx…

First match now, as Hawx Aerie take on Colby Corino and JTG.

JTG and Luke Hawx start off and shake hands. Colby doesn’t like this and berates JTG for it, which almost costs them the match right away as Hawx goes for a roll up for two.

From here it is a slow paced, technical match up between the two men, until JTG gets a two count off of a roll up of his own. Hawx follows this up with a side headlock takedown, gaining another two count.

PJ is tagged in here as is Colby Corino, and initially Colby is in control with an enzuigiri and a heel kick both gaining two counts, but PJ battles back with a nice belly-to-belly suplex before tagging his father, Luke, back in. Hawx then hits a wicked backbreaker-shoulderbreaker-powerslam combination, gaining another two count.

Colby recovers and hits a stun gun, then stomps Hawx in the corner, before tagging JTG back in. JTG lands a scoop slam before he and Hawx take each other out with haymakers. Both JTG and Hawx tag their partners in, and PJ is able to take control, as Hawx Aerie hit their double team finish to take the win.

Is this a Cyon of things to come?...

After the break, Cyon is stood ringside with a microphone. It’s talky time!

He asks if we know what the difference is between himself and Tyrus? It’s that Tyrus needs the Television Title to justify what he has done in his career. Cyon doesn’t need the title, but he wants it more than anything, and nothing is more dangerous than a man who is self-motivated. Cyon says he knows Tyrus’ weakness is his family, but he doesn’t have any of that, he feels alive, and that the NWA is the right place to be, and on December 4th he is going to send Tyrus home to his family without the Television Title.

That’s over two months away! A lot can happen in that time… Pencil it into your calendars I guess folks!

Talky time with Team Tyrus!

I’m feeling Talky Time is gonna be a thing…

Kyle Davis asks them about what Cyon just said, and naturally Austin Idol speaks first, saying they heard the rumour, and asks if Cyon is that stupid? If he cashes in on Tyrus, it’ll be the biggest mistake of his life, as Tyrus, the Manster (remember, he’s half man, half monster…) will destroy him. Jordan Clearwater then chimes in that they are going to hurt him “111%”.

Kyle comments that isn’t even a real number (scathing), before BLK Jeez takes over and says that the fact he is insinuating means he must be a loser (I don’t know what he’s insinuating either…) just like everyone in this building tonight. Gotta love that cheap heat! BLK Jeez says there is just one thing waiting for Cyon: Pain.

Tyrus says he has been called many things. A Big mouth, a bully, a great man, ruthless, but fool is a new one. He tells Cyon at the last PPV he stole his glory. When he looked into his eyes, he saw something familiar. He thinks he knows him, and Cyon obviously knows him, so bring it on. At the end of the match, Tyrus will take the TV Title and his identity.

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky discuss Cyon’s challenge while Tim Storm settles back into commentary. Velvet reiterates that she cannot stand Austin Idol… I feel like there’s a meme in that somewhere…

Allysin looks a little Frosty…

Allysin Kay takes on Jennacide now, and if Jennacide wins (which let’s face it, she will) then her and Paola Blaze get a tag team title match.

The match begins with shoving from both ladies, and a lot of to and fro, before Allysin Kay briefly takes control, only for that to end with her going shoulder first into the ring post.

Jennacide works over Kay’s arm, locking in a Fujiwara armbar, but Kay counters it into a pin for a two count. The two women then brawl some more, but this ends when Jennacide once again locks in an armbar, then transitions to an elevated armbar, followed by a suplex.

A chop battle then ensues before Kay hits a stunner then a clothesline for two, but her next move botches as she slipped on landing and then completely messed up a stunner. Jennacide fights back with a chokeslam, but Kay pops up and hits a powerbomb.

Just as it looks like Kay is fully in control, Lady Frost appears and distracts Kay, which gives Jennacide all the time she needed to roll Kay up and grab the tights for the three count. Taryn Terrell then appears celebrating with Lady Frost. Has she joined their merry band?

Colour me shocked, who would have thought that Jennacide would somehow win this match?!

Talky time with La Rebelion

May is with the NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion, who say it doesn’t matter who wins the tag team tournament, the result will be the same. They trash talk the teams left in the tournament before saying that they bring prestige and honour to the titles and how they will take them back to Mexico. They call themselves the best tag team of all time, before their promo continues in Spanish.

Sadly, my Spanish isn’t nearly as good as my French when it comes to translating NXTUK’s Amale, but I did hear them name drop AEW…

Judais whips up a Storm…

Second Storm pun of the show, you have to love it!

James Storm was due to face off with Judais, but this match ended in a no contest before it even really begun as neither man would listen to the referee, leaving him no option but to throw out the match.

So incensed by this was James Storm, that he PUSHED THE REFEREE OVER! (Paolo Di Canio got an 11-match ban for that… If you know, you know…) But all James Storm got was an attempted chokeslam from Judais which he easily counters with punches and forces Judais and the Sinister Minister to leave the ringside area.

Sorry about your damn luck, Judais!

Triple Threat Tag Team Turmoil!

Perfect use of alliteration!

This match consisted of The End (Parrow and Odinson), facing off against the team of Crimson and Jeremiah Plunkett, as well as Pope and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

Parrow, Plunkett and Murdoch start the match off and Murdoch goes for the win early on with a crossbody from the top rope onto Plunkett after knocking Parrow outside. Murdoch appeared to injure his knee though so couldn’t take advantage of the situation to score the pin, instead tagging in Pope.

From here it was pretty much as you would expect most triple threat matches to go, the standard comeback offense from The End before they inevitably were taken care of as Pope hit the Elijah Express on Plunkett to secure the win. As the match ended and Trevor Murdoch struggled in the ring, Jax Dane came running down, referee in tow. He was going to cash in his Champions Series title show right now!

But before he could even get in the ring, Crimson knocked him out, stopping any chance Dane had of pulling off a shock victory.

The show closed with Murdoch being helped to the back. Either he is really injured, or he is selling it brilliantly. I suspect the latter…

And that brings us to the end of this week’s show. Overall a fairly good one with some interesting developments. It seems that the Champions Series title shots can be used just like Money in the Bank, which is interesting, but then that makes me wonder if Murdoch used his to win the title from Nick Aldis at NWA73 or if it was just coneveniently forgotten about? Also, since Jennacide was on the winning team, why is she going after the Women's Tag Team Titles when she has a guaranteed match for the World Title whenever she wants? Maybe Billy Corgan needs to whip this book out again...

Join us again on Friday for NXTUK, and as ever I will be back with NWA Powerrr next Tuesday!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!