NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 27th April 2021

It's Tuesday,you know what that means! It's NWA Powerrr time!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 27th April 2021

What's up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA Powerrr review! 

Bit of a stacked show tonight! Sal Rinauro is due to take on Kratos, following on from his surprise win last week, Pope defends his Television title against Tyrus (who will probably have Austin Idol with him...), and Thunder Rosa will face off with Kamille in a “Summit Meeting” (eh?). 

So, let's get to it! 

Aldis pokes the bear... 

The night starts with Nick Aldis, the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, coming out to the booth (Wow, he almost never does this....) 

Aldis says he has something to address. Something about being an eleven out of ten, and that he may not dive or flip, but no one can match his level of drip, “you know what I mean, Jellybean?” (What?!) 

Aldis says he hopes now that Trevor Murdoch understands that he is the dealer, and that he holds all the cards. 

He says that it's time to address Trevor Murdoch getting a rematch for the National Title, held by Chris Adonis. Kyle Davis says it seems like Nick Aldis doesn’t want Murdoch in NWA given their actions. 

Aldis just rips on Kyle for about thirty seconds, dishing out insults, then gets back to the matter at hand. He “respectfully” calls out Trevor Murdoch, as he has a suggestion. Murdoch comes down to the booth, and says the only reason he is not kicking Aldis’ ass is because he doesn’t want to cost himself future opportunities. But he has something to say. He says ever since coming to NWA, Aldis has called him stupid, that he makes poor decisions, and that he is not championship material. 

Murdoch says he’s given his life to this business. He’s stood up to Aldis every week, and now he’s calling him out? All he wants to hear out of Aldis is an apology. 

Aldis says he is sorry he didn’t put him in his place sooner. He proposes a six-man tag team match tonight versus Latimer, Adonis and one other to be confirmed. If Murdoch wins, he gets a rematch for the National Title. But if he loses, he is suspended for thirty days, WITHOUT PAY! (OH MY GOD!!!). 

Murdoch says it seems like Aldis is backtracking now that he is focusing on him instead of Adonis, and trying to duck him. Aldis says that’s not the case. He reiterates the stipulations for the six-man tag match. Murdoch accepts, and warns Aldis to watch. The match is set for tonight. 

And now my bestest buddy Austin Idol is back with his wrestling school ad. Wake me when that’s over... 

Sal Rinauro v Kratos (hahahahaha....) 

Amazingly, Rinauro starts the match strong and annihilates Kratos with a 450 shooting star northern lights frog phoenix splash and pins Kratos in twelve seconds for the win! 

….. No, I’m kidding. Obviously. What actually happens is after an initial roll up attempt, Kratos dominates the match. He’s beating Rinauro harder than relentlessly when May Valentine and Danny deals try to make the save. Deals get a chokeslam for his troubles, then Kratos continually stomps Rinauro until the referee calls for the bell, declaring the match a NO CONTEST! (Twice in a row! James will be pleased...) 

Aron Stevens comes out to try and stop Kratos, who gets out of the ring and walks over to the announce table where he confronts Tim Storm taunting and goading him. Storm faces him, despite Joe Galli and Velvet Sky trying to stop him, as Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis come down to the ring and say that they have selected Kratos as their third man for tonight's six-man tag. Kratos accepts. 

Aldis action figure ad time. Wonderful. 

Time for a Slice (Boogie) of Dane 

Boogie starts off by talking up his clothes. No, really. Boogie says he beat Jax in his NWA debut match. He says he then beat Dane and Crimson in a tag team match on Powerrr. He mocks Dane’s ability to count and says he’s is 2-0, and third times the charm. 

Dane says he’s right, but he wants to make something extremely clear, he doesn’t need to call attention to himself as what he does in the ring does his talking. 

He says he has a Chihuahua at home just like Slice; All bark, no bite. (Oh snap...) But he gives him credit, he pulled his bullshit on him and Crimson and got the win, but he will protect his brother Crimson. He says Slice is right, third time is the charm, but be careful what you wish for, because Godzilla destroys everything in his path. 

I really have nothing else to say to that, let's just move on.... 

Pope v Tyrus – NWA Television Championship match 

Out comes Tyrus, with Idol in tow. Idol goes to the commentary table and after some serious verbal diarrhoea (seriously, he spouts some real shit) he says that “This isn’t NWA Powerrr, its IdolMania!” (God, I hate this guy...) 

The match itself is.... how to put this nicely.... let's just say it was “interesting”. 

It was a slow, plodding match that never seemed to get going. Whether that’s because Tyrus and Pope are not well suited as opponents or because the 6:05 time limit stunts any potential for a halfway decent match I don’t know, but in any case, despite some Idol interference, Pope was able to turn the tide and retain the TV Title. 

To be fair, I’ve made that sound better than it was. Tyrus choked Pope out on the outside and the match ended as a time limit draw after Idol interfered again. It was a tough one to stay interested in. I mean seriously, I’ve had better matches with my six-year-old daughter and all she does is jump on me and kick me in the nuts! 

And that’s what this match felt like; a kick in the nuts... 

Hats off to Velvet Sky though. She got really animated while arguing with Idol on commentary. It’s the first interesting thing she’s said or done in weeks. I love Velvet Sky as a performer, but as a commentator for me she is not quite coming across right so far. But the stuff with Idol was gold, more of that please Velvet! 

Summit big goes down in the Women's Division... 

Speaking of women, May Valentine is at the interviewer's booth and introduces Thunder Rosa. 

She notes that NWA want a peaceful conclusion to this issue between her and Kamille, and so they have asked them both to pick someone to advocate for them (presumably neither can have Paul Heyman, which is a shame...) 

Rosa kicks off a little, but eventually picks Melina (shocker), while Kamille comes out and picks Taryn Terrell (as apparently, she was the only one left backstage...) 

Melina starts off by saying no hype is needed for Rosa, she is as good as everyone says she is, and it seems like Kamille is making trouble, which Rosa is happy to continue fighting back against. Melina asks what her problem is with Rosa and why she interfered in her match last week? 

Terrell says that Kamille is legit, and that everything Melina said is true of Kamille, not Rosa. She says that Rosa is jealous of Kamille being number one contender to Serena Deeb’s Womens Title (a title that I will be going in depth in on my latest article series, check out part one here right now if you haven't already!) 

Melina says something along the lines of “Hold on there, sweetcheeksMaybe you weren't listening” (I’m paraphrasing), and repeats her question. She says Rosa will always be a champion so why won't Kamille face her for the number one contendership again? 

Terrell says Kamille attacked Rosa because she wanted to, and that she will face Rosa again, but only on her terms, which she will outline next week. 

The women then start to brawl, which is broken up by May Valentine and Kyle Davis. Wow... 

Main Event – Team Aldis v Team Murdoch six-man tag team match. 

“Team Aldis” out first, and they stand in the ring as they await their opponents. Murdoch is out first, followed by.... Aron Stevens! Wow! I genuinely didn’t see that coming! Then out comes a beaten Sal Rinauro, but he is quickly replaced by Tim Storm, who is now in his ring gear and ready to fight! 

After all six men brawl around the ringside area for a couple of minutes the match begins, and it's pretty much your standard six-man tag. A lot of quick tags in and out and some back-and-forth action until Chris Adonis gains control after countering a move by Aron Stevens. 

At this point Team Aldis isolate Stevens, but it should be noted that Kratos doesn’t fight Stevens here. Twice Stevens goes for the tag but is dragged back, before getting the hot tag to Storm on the third attempt. 

Storm is cleaning house, but just as he is getting the upper hand, Sal Rinauro inexplicably gets on the ring apron. Storm is talking to him to get him to leave the ring area, and that’s all the distraction Adonis needs to hit Storm with a Full Nelson Slam for the win. 

Murdoch is now suspended for thirty days without pay! How on earth will he survive?! 

I guess he’ll have to live off of those WWE royalties for a bit... 

Team Aldis mock him at ringside while Aron Stevens lays on the ground beaten as Kratos laughs at him. I’m sensing some dissention in the ranks of the tag team champions... 

And that about wraps up this week NWA Powerrr! 

have to be honest, this was probably one of the better showings in recent weeks, although I lost track of what was happening in the main event a little. 

With NWA announcing a PPV for June 6th, I suspect Trevor Murdoch will return just in time for a title shot against the “National Treasure” Nick Aldis, but for now, we won't see him until the end of May. So sad. 

It looks like there is some decent build happening going into the PPV, so I look forward to seeing that unfold over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for joining me for this week's review, and as ever feel free to leave your comments! 

I’ll be back on Thursday with a new NXTUK Bytesized review! 

Until then, catch you later!