NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 23rd November 2021

It's the go home show before Hard Times 2! Read on to get all the action...

NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 23rd November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA Powerrr review! 

Tonight, it’s the go home show before NWA Hard Times 2, and there should be some good action tonight. Pope is set to take on NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chris Adonis, Colby Corino and JTG taking on El Rudo and Jamie Stanley, as well as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch teaming with Crimson to take on Jax Dane and Jeremiah Plunkett. 

Should be a good one, let's get into it! 

Billy Corgan is on commentary again tonight with Joe Galli and Velvet Sky, and he is praising his commentary team in a bored, monotone voice... Joe Galli then runs down the upcoming matches. 

Is that white smoke?! The Pope has selected a new opponent!

We kick off with Chris Adonis taking on Former NWA World TV Champion, Da Pope. 

Pope comes out and goes to the interviewer's booth, he says he has a Powerrr announcement. The phone call he received when he was on commentary last time out, was someone asking for a favour. Apparently its someone needing to handle some business... “Strictly Business” ... 

Out comes Nick Aldis and the match is on! 

Aldis comes out and dominates his shell-shocked opponent, stomping him in the corner, followed by ramming his head into the corners, and uppercuts. Adonis uses a thumb to the eye to turn the tides but Aldis takes him down with a Thesz press. 

As Aldis goes to the top rope, Thom Latimer appears on the rampway and distracts Aldis long enough for Adonis to dropkick him to the arena floor. Adonis goes after Aldis and throws him into the guardrail, following up with a vicious chop before dropping an elbow back in the ring. 

Adonis continues with elbow strikes, softening Aldis up for the Masterlock, then chokes him with the bottom rope. Adonis is dominating the former World Champion, grounding him with a headlock. Aldis gets free and takes down Adonis with a belly to back suplex. Aldis gains the momentum, ending with a flying lariat. He charges Adonis in the corner, but is countered, but as Adonis runs at him, he hits a Michinoku Driver. Aldis goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop for two.  

Latimer then distracts Aldis, leading to a Masterlock attempt from Adonis, but Nick backs him into the corner to free himself. Adonis boots him in the face, then goes for a top rope move, but Aldis catches him and transitions into the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf. Adonis tries to get to the ropes but he can’t do it and so he taps out. Aldis’ eyes were locked on Latimer the whole time, and he tries to goad him into the ring, but Kamille comes out and stops Latimer from doing so. 

Billy Corgan is at the interviewer's booth and tells us he is sick of Thom Latimer and calls him out to the ring. He says either get in the ring or get fired. He gives him the count of five to get in the ring. He told them to get someone out here to kick his ass. 

Out comes Jaden Roller...hahahahaha!!! 

Latimer Rolls over Jaden

Latimer starts off with a hard clothesline, staring at Corgan. Big gut wrench suplexes on Jaden. Latimer then throws Jaden into the bottom rope several times. He then throws Jaden into the corner. Latimer rolls out and sits on the ring apron kicking his legs. 

Latimer stalks Jaden, but is distracted by the fans chanting “You suck!”. It doesn’t bother him for long though as he hits a gut buster on the top rope. Latimer then heads towards Corgan at commentary, with the referee directing Latimer back to the ring. 

It costs him as Jaden fires up and gets some offence in, with a series of forearm shots, and transitions into a backslide attempt, but Latimer reverses it into a piledriver. This heartthrob is flatlining. 

Latimer then pins Jaden with one finger for the win. Latimer walks backstage looking pleased with himself. What an energetic start to Powerrr this week! 

Talky time with Tyrus and... Cyon?

After a rundown of the card for Hard Times, which looks incredible, we head back to the ring, as May Valentine interviews Tyrus and Cyon. 

Tyrus takes the mic and asks if this is really what he wants to do? Throw his opportunity away and put his health and life in peril? 

Cyon says on behalf of himself, his friends, family and everyone in attendance, he is so sorry. 

Austin Idol says he’s not convinced, but Tyrus says let's hear the man out. 

Cyon continues as he says he is 112% sorry.... 116% sorry.... Wait a minute, this seems familiar.... 

Tyrus says he’s almost there to forgive him, if he goes 120%. 

Cyon says he is 130% sorry, and wants his forgiveness. Tyrus says ok and walks off... 

It then transpires that its Jordan Clearwater underneath the mask. Looks like they’re trying to belittle Cyon ahead of Hard Times. This was really well done! 

Kenzie keeps her distance from the Taryn-tula and wins!

Apparently, Taryn has asked for a special stipulation for this match against Kenzie Paige. 

It’s a Social Distance match... 

Taryn heads to the interview booth and explains that as they are in Illinois and they have a mask mandate, she wants to be respectful. This match will be covid friendly and will be socially distanced... 

They’re not even in Illinois... They’re in St Louis... 

Kenzie looks confused, and rightly so. Taryn is putting a mask on, and throws one at Kenzie. Taryn pulls out a tape measure, to make sure they stay six feet apart... 

The referee rings the bell, and Taryn tells Kenzie to call her combo. They “lock up” and she "throws" Taryn into the corner.  

I’m sorry I can’t take this seriously! They are doing all the moves but DISTANCED! It’s mental, but also hilarious! 

Oh, hang on... Taryn has just sprayed sanitiser in Kenzie’s face, and Kenzie rips off her mask and goes after Taryn. Taryn bails out of the ring and runs to the interviewer's booth, throwing water in her own face, then screaming something unintelligible into the mic. She then says it's time for Kenzie to go, and starts screaming bye into the mic. Taryn gets counted out and loses, but refuses to accept it as Kenzie is declared the winner... 


Another rundown of more of the Hard Times card before we head back to the ring with JTG and Colby Corino taking on the Rude Dudes. 

The Rude Dudes get a rude awakening...

JTG and Rudo start off, and eventually JTG backs Rudo into the corner, but Rudo delivers a knee to the gut to take control. JTG turns the tide and hits a face buster onto his knee. Rudo tags in Stanley, with JTG instantly taking control. He goes for the Brookyln’s Edge, but Corino pulls Stanley down and tags himself in, nailing Stanley with an Angle slam, then a front flip slam. Corino tries to keep Stanley under control, but Stanley is able to make the tag and Rudo takes Corino down, following up with a back suplex. 

Stanley is back in and they double team Corino in the corner. Stanley scoop slams Corino, following up with a cocky pin, then an elbow drop. Rudo back in, and Corino starts to fight back. He thinks better of tagging JTG in, which costs him as Rudo takes him down. Rudo goes for a suplex but Corino rolls him up. Stanley breaks up the pin and stomps Corino. It seems he tagged himself in. 

Rudo and Stanley are double teaming Corino in the corner, with Rudo hitting an axe handle in the corner, Corino tries to fight out but gets hit with a pop up powerbomb. Rudo whips Corino into the ropes, and JTG makes the tag, blindsiding the Rude Dudes. JTG takes control and hits some big moves. The match breaks down as all four men fight in the ring before Corino flies over the top ropes at Rudo, leading to JTG hitting the Brooklyn’s Edge on Stanley for the win.  

Billy Corgan mentions on commentary that there were shenanigans involved... 

Watch it, Billy! That’s our line! 

More Hard Times rundown follows now, and we get the rest of the card for the PPV. In exciting news, Doug Williams is due to take on Colby Corino! Doug is a legend of British Wrestling, so this will be a real treat.

Talky time with Jax Dane

Jax Dane is at the interviewer's booth.  

Jax is not happy. It’s the same guy everywhere he goes; Crimson. He’s trying to climb to the top of the mountain and Crimson is a rock in his shoe. It's frustrating, because everyone knows who he is. He is a former NWA World, National, North American and Tag Team Champion. But he is a current Champions Series winner, and can cash in any time he wants.  

But it seems like they’re trying to take that from him. They don’t have the guts to strip him of it, so they try to steal it. He doesn’t know much about Strictly Business, but maybe there's something to this Corgan Conspiracy. 

Kyle Davis informs Jax that he has just been told if he is pinned in his upcoming tag team match, he will lose his Champions Series title opportunity. Jax reiterates the Corgan Conspiracy. Kyle says he doesn't think that’s what is happening. He attacked Crimson, tried to run in on Murdoch, and he now has to put up or shut up. 

Jax says he was 30 seconds away from being World Champion again until Crimson pulled him off the apron and blindsided him. Kyle reiterates the stipulation and sends him to the ring. 

Murdoch S-Danes Plunkett Crimson!

The match begins with Jax and Crimson, but Jax quickly tags in Plunkett. Crimson with a shoulder tackle takes Plunkett down. He tries to ram his head into the turnbuckle, but Plunkett counters. He goes up top but ends up getting thrown across the ring by Crimson. Crimson in control for a spell here before tagging in Murdoch. 

Double back elbow to Plunkett. Murdoch pulls him to his feet, but Plunkett hits a forearm, then slips over. He gets back up and runs straight into a spinebuster. Murdoch follows up with three scoop slams. They trade blows in the corner, with Murdoch hitting a series of chops. Then a Russian leg sweep with Murdoch getting a two count.  

Mercifully, Plunkett makes the tag to Jax, who begins stomping and headbutting Murdoch. Murdoch fires back but Jax shuts him down with a boot. Jax tags in Plunkett, and they go for a double team move, but Murdoch counters, and Jax rolls out of the ring. Murdoch drags Plunkett to his corner and tags in Crimson. 

Plunkett is isolated in the corner with Crimson hammering down blows. Crimson sets up for a suplex, but Plunkett fights out then digs his fingers into the eyes of Crimson.  

Plunkett with a hard right hand, gets a two count. Crimson staggers to the corner, and starts trading blows with Crimson. He back elbows Plunkett, and the distraction allows Jax to crotch Crimson on the bottom of the ring post. Jax and Plunkett stomp away at Crimson, with Plunkett then locking in a rear chin lock. Crimson fights out with a jawbreaker, but Plunkett tags Jax in. Jax tries to take the advantage, but Crimson turns the tide, throwing Jax into the corners, then two ring posts. Top rope elbow drop from Crimson, with Plunkett breaking the pin attempt. 

Crimson throws Plunkett out of the ring, and Jax tries to take advantage with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crimson however, claps his arms around Jax's head, stunning him, and attempts the Sunset driver, but Jax gets free and tags Plunkett. Jax then decides he’s done and leaves the ringside area. Crimson gives chase as Murdoch and Plunkett continue the match. Murdoch with a lariat, then a body slam. He heads up top and hits his patented bulldog, then pins Plunkett for the win. Murdoch celebrates with his title as the show ends. 

All in all, a decent episode going into Hard Times, but there was no real build up for the event, and this for me is a running theme with NWA. Aside from the main title matches, there is no build or reasoning for the other matches on the card.  

When you consider that this PPV will have twelve matches, more build up is necessary to get people invested, and I personally don’t think that has happened here. 

That’s all from me, thanks for reading, and I’ll be back on Friday with NXTUK!