NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 23rd March 2021

The National Wrestling Alliance has returned, and you can find a summary of all the action here!

NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 23rd March 2021

As the world begins to recover from the Pandemic that has blighted our lives for the past twelve months, so to does the Pro Wrestling scene around the world. This week saw the return of NWA Powerrr with a new deal on FITE TV. As someone who has a keen interest in the NWA due in no small part to its rich history, this excited me no end.

And what better way to aid its rebirth by covering it on our hallowed pages in a handy, bytesized way? This will contain spoiler and comedic thoughts throughout.

With that said, this is the NWA Powerrr Bytesized review!

First impressions

For those who have never watched NWA before, the set up for the shows is a fitting tribute to the ways of old. If you were to switch this on without knowing (like I did) then you could be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into a time warp and been transported back 50 years!

From the outset, everything from the intro music and on set décor, to the velvet curtains, to even the ring lettering, are straight out of the 1970’s. Seriously, its quite the image. But it works, and it’s a refreshing change of pace for a company to honour their foundations in such a way. Another thing that I found strange at first is that the wrestlers come out to the ring with no ring music. As someone who has never heard a wrestler enter a ring or arena without music it was very surreal to watch happen, but NWA doesn’t do things the conventional way. Or rather, they do, but the original conventional way before everything was reinvented. In any case, lets get to the action!

Strictly talking Business with… Strictly Business

The show kicks off with an introduction to the commentary team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky. We are then taken to the stage interviewer, Kyle Davis, as he prepares to talk to Thom Latimer, Kamile and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis.

Davis begins asking about the six-man tag match later in the show and asking who their third man will be, but before anything can really be said, Thom Latimer launches into a tirade against the NWA Television Champion, Da Pope (D’angelo Dinero for everybody out there!).

He basically just rips into him and gives the usual spiel that he will take the title from him, he can’t beat him, blah blah blah… Davis seems to cut him off abruptly and they quickly ad lib that, before Davis goes to Kamile, who basically tells us she wants the NWA World Women’s Title. Thom Latimer then cuts back in like a deranged person and calls out Pope again, warning Davis not to cut him off again (cue the David Brent “Oooh, you’re hard” memes) before Nick Aldis comes in and says “Don’t try to calm this man down, you don’t put a saddle on a Mustang”. (Uh, ok…)

Aldis states that he proved that he is a major player by convincing FITE TV to sign up with NWA. The assault of NWA National Champion Trevor Murdoch is mentioned, and Aldis says they had nothing to do with it. He then brags that his group will all be champions soon. Davis then says Kamile has a match next and they throw it to the ring.

Kamile v Alex Gracia

Short and sweet squash match here. Gracia gets in a little offence, but Kamile is dominant overall and actually causes Gracia’s nose to bleed. Kamile finishes Gracia off with two (fairly poor looking) spears and gets the win.

Straight forward stuff here. Kamile looks dominant and rightly so as the #1 Contender to the World Women’s Title, but those spears, to me at least, looked pretty dreadful. Maybe it was the selling, I don’t know, but they were not at all convincing. Shame really as Kamile really looks the part.

Da Pope talks about…. stuff?

Kyle Davis asks Pope for his thoughts on the upcoming three-way match.

Pope then goes off on a tangent about how he retained the TV Title, albeit by a time limit draw. Pope says he’s going to “Keep on keepin’ on”

Davis reminds Pope that if he retains the TV Title seven times, he can forfeit the TV Title for a shot at the World’s Heavyweight Title under the “Seven Rule”. Pope, who is saying “Daddy” far too often for my liking, says that is his plan so long as the “Big Pope Upstairs” allows it. He then bigs up the three guys in the ring who will be battling it out for a shot at the TV Title, saying any one of them could be the next challenger.

Suddenly, Ric Flair’s stunt double, Austin Idol, comes out and talks up the ability of Tyrus, who is with him, and is his new client.

This Austin Idol fella could do with a volume switch, he’s practically shouting. I’ve legit had to turn my volume down to understand the mad b*stard. Tyrus then takes over and says if Pope has any questions, direct them to his manager, Idol.

Well, that was essentially pointless. Nothing of note came out of that other than my new intense dislike for Austin “Don’t-call-me-Ric-Flair” Idol, and Pope’s excessive use of the word “daddy”. A commercial for Austin Idol’s wrestling school then plays, and honestly, he’s no less annoying!

Matt Cross v Marshe Rockett v Fred Rosser

Pope takes Velvet Sky’s place at commentary for this match. If his commentary is anything like the last promo it will make about as much sense as the Great Khali’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech will!

Early exchanges see Rosser and Cross team up against the bigger Rockett, but he regains control fairly quickly. Some back-and-forth action between the three then begins, and carries on for some time. Eventually, Rosser is able to take control of the match, but Cross reasserts himself when Rosser gets him on the top rope. Cross attempts a shooting star press to a prone Rosser, but Rosser gets out of the way. Cross rolls through the attempt, which was pretty impressive, and knocks Rockett off the apron, but this momentary distraction is all Rosser needs to nail Cross with the Gut Check for the win.

Good to see the former Darren Young in action, he looked pretty good. Matt Cross is always superb, and this Marshe Rockett looks decent. A lot of good in this match.

Slice Boogie bigs himself up

Boogie talks about his big win at the Back for the Attack PPV with May Valentine backstage. He says he is undefeated (the PPV was his debut match, former Real Rasslin podcast guest Leonie Rose would surely approve of this…) May asks who he has his eyes on next? He says he’s not going to pick anybody; he’ll fight anyone. He then looks her up and down and says what is she doing later? She says that inappropriate, and then throws it back to the commentary team.

Wow… Just wow…

Mike Parrow v Jordan Clearwater

Mike Parrow debuts in another glorified squash match. Clearwater, who looks like a 90’s Backstreet Boy reject, gets very little offence in, before commentator Joe Galli comments that Parrow “plants him with a clothesline”. Sounds great, but it was actually a chokeslam… I mean come on! Learn the bloody moves! The two couldn’t be more different!

Clearwater lands a (heavily botched) neckbreaker and a one count from the resulting pin attempt, but Parrow then hits a modified sit out piledriver for the win.

Parrow looks like your typical big guy wrestler, but he looked fairly good. I can see him being a National Championship contender fairly soon.

Its now back to Kyle Davis at the newly dubbed (by me) Interview Table…

Come for the Thunder, stay for the Rosa…

Kyle Davis brings out Thunder Rosa, and mentions her main event match with Britt Baker at AEW, and how she almost beat Kamile at the PPV. Rosa states that she wants to get her NWA World Women’s title back. Davis says he wants to introduce someone who is a former champion in their own right, but then Rosa says she wasn’t finished (promos in NWA are weird man…) She says when she was champion, she represented the company with honour, unlike what someone like Kamile would do, which disgusts her.

Davis says he has someone to introduce who won’t bring disgust, Melina (Oh sweet Jesus….)

Out comes Melina, who, in the quietest voice possible (seriously it’s like she’s whispering into the mic), she says she has been watching Rosa and she wants to help her. Rosa basically says thanks but no thanks. Melina reiterates her offer, but Rosa says, respectfully, she wants to look forward, and Melina is the past, and she doesn’t need her help.

So that’s that. Melina didn’t look too thrilled there at the end, so I suspect there will be more developments there in the coming weeks. I disliked Melina in her WWE days, and nothing has really changed, I still don’t like her. But she’s a fairly big name, and she could help the NWA in that respect.

Rosa, of course, is an absolute star. While the promo didn’t come across entirely great, she has presence and that is enough to carry a promo sometimes. Davis then says it’s time for the main event.

Main Event: Aron Stevens, Kratos & Da Pope v Strictly Business & Chris Adonis

“The Masterpiece” Chris Adonis is revealed to be the third man for Strictly Business, while Pope is teaming with the NWA World Tag Team Champions Kratos & Aron Stevens.

It seems Stevens and Kratos were heel previously, but since the tragic passing of Jocephus (may he rest in peace), Stevens seems to be going through a change of heart, much to the annoyance of Kratos.

Stevens starts the match against Adonis, and the two tie up, Stevens plays fair while Adonis is in the ropes which annoys Kratos, and this leads to the beatdown of Stevens. The two battle back and forth before Adonis gets the upper hand and tags in Latimer. At this point the heels are in control, and it takes some time before Stevens is able to battle back and tag in Pope. Pope cleans house and takes control, and hits a double DDT on Adonis and Latimer.  Latimer tries to bring a chair into the ring but Pope stops him. Kratos takes it upon himself to enter the ring and wipe out Adonis, Latimer responds by hitting a… cartwheel spear?... on Kratos. Stevens then lays Latimer out with a Thesz press, then superkicks Aldis to break up a submission attempt on Pope. Pope looks like he is about to win when Kratos tags himself in, and grabs a chair. He’s about to lay out Adonis with the chair but Stevens takes it away from him, and in the ensuing distraction, Kratos is rolled up and pinned by Adonis for the win. Stevens says they don’t need to cheat to win, then walks off after handing Kratos his Tag Team Title, which brings an end to the first show on FITE TV.

Overall, a decent first show back. Some good stuff, and some pretty bad, but they’ll find their rhythm soon enough. There’s an awful lot of promise in NWA, and I think in time it will end up rising back to some semblance of its original promise. It has a long way to go, but the signs are encouraging.

Thanks for reading, and join me next week when go back to NWA for another Bytesized review!