NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 20th April 2021

Time to unleash the Powerrr!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 20th April 2021

What's up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA Powerrr review! 

But before we get into this week's episode allow me first to address the overhyped, overstated and frankly colossal waste of time that NWA PowerrrSurge was. 

I’ll sum it up for you in bullet points below and then we’ll move on, sound good? Awesome. 

  • Half hour show recapping the last four weeks (poorly).
  • “Exclusive” content appeared to be just May Valentine sitting with Joe Galli at the announce desk and talking to anyone who came out for a promo spot. I will give props to Mike Parrow, he was pretty good to listen to but Kamille and Aldis seemed to just reiterate the same spiel. 
  • A single match between Matthew Mims and Jeremiah Plunkett which was nothing special. Mims won. 
  • Oh, and of course, AUSTIN IDOL GOT HIS AD IN THERE AGAIN!!! 

So that pretty much wraps that up! In my opinion, total waste of time. Let's move on to this week's Powerrr which, thankfully, was miles better. 

Dial M for Murdoch... Trevor Murdoch. 

The show opens with Kyle Davis and Trevor Murdoch at the interviewer's booth. And essentially Murdoch is there to call out Chris Adonis. He says that when Adonis arrived in NWA he welcomed him with open arms, yet all Adonis has done is try to put him into an early retirement. He says he wants a match with Adonis and he will agree to any stipulation to get it done He says Adonis should come out and talk to him like a man. 

Out comes... You guessed it, the “National Treasure” Nick Aldis, who basically says that Murdoch is talking shit, that he welcomed everyone to the NWA and gets no respect. When Murdoch implied that Aldis was at fault for him losing his National Title to Adonis, Aldis simply said “Look in the mirror”. He says that Murdoch should know when he is being played, but he has a proposition. Murdoch isn't Championship material, so tonight Aldis himself will wrestle in the main event, and if Murdoch can stay out of his business, he may find himself in line for the Ten Pounds of Gold. Murdoch calls his bluff asking if he is offering him a title match. Aldis says “Don’t show up tonight, then we’ll talk”. 

Solid opening segment. Murdoch is clearly being built as a star, which in the retro set world of NWA he absolutely could be. Aldis is clearly the star of the promotion and likely will be for some time, but I hope there is some sort of payoff coming to this angle. 

Oh boy! It’s Austin Idol’s Universal Wrestling College ad time everybody... Let me know when it's over, I’m off to go and smack myself in the head with a shoe until he’s gone... 

A little Slice of Boogie 

Promo time everybody, and May Valentine is stood with Slice Boogie. He talks about the tag team match he had a couple weeks back where he pinned former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane. Boogie calls out Dane, saying he wants to take him on. May asks if he has a time frame in mind? 

Boogie says “Anytime, anywhere...”  

Love that he had to be prompted to throw that priceless little nugget in there! 

Rinauro gets one over on Kratos! 

First match of the night now, and it’s the NWA World Tag Team Champions of Aron Stevens and Kratos, against Sal Rinauro and “To Be Determined”. No seriously. 

Sal says his partner is on their way, but the match starts as essentially a 2-on-1 handicap match. Predictably, Stevens dominates early on. He tags in Kratos, who gets to work dissecting Sal. About halfway through the match some dude called Danny Deals walks out (who? Apparently, he is a manager?) and it is heavily implied he is Sal’s tag partner. However, Kratos throws him around the arena like he’s Jack Starz duffel bag, and he is soon out of the equation. Stevens looks uneasy as Kratos continues to kick seven shades of shit out of Sal, but not as uneasy as Tim Storm clearly is on commentary, as he interjects himself into the match by distracting Kratos. 

Kratos takes a swing which Storm dodges, then fires back with a swing of his own, which stuns Kratos enough for Sal Rinauro to roll him up for a surprise victory! It turns out this is Sal’s first ever win in NWA. Wow... 

Stevens and Kratos argue once again, they’re clearly not on the same page anymore and seem likely to be losing the titles and splitting soon. 

Aldis action figure ad now. That’s all there is to say about that really... 

As we get back to the action, Joe Galli and Velvet Sky are praising Tim Storm, who has returned to the announce desk, for going to Sal Rinauro’s aid. 

It’s Pope time Daddy!! (Oh my God, I hate myself...) 

Once again over at the interviewer's booth, Kyle Davis is with the NWA Television Champion, Pope, but also Tyrus and....sigh.... Austin Idol, are there too. 

Pope says he has nothing but respect for all people who step foot in the ring, but that Tyrus has followed Pope everywhere. He asks Tyrus what his motivation is. 

Tyrus, who respectfully thanks Pope for his time (no really, he does) says that while he makes some good points, he doesn’t agree that he has followed Pope. Tyrus says he is a trailblazer (Not a Manster then?!) and that he sees Pope as a brother. However, it has always bothered him that Pope was never “The Guy”. But Tyrus concedes that while he was off becoming a star, Pope became “The Man” (Becky Lynch might have something to say about that...)  and that it was inspiring. But the problem is, the TV title belongs to Austin Idol (An interesting point of view seeing as Idol held the title three times for a combined total of 36 DAYS!!!) 

Tyrus says that Pope is in his way. He’s going to take the TV Title. 

Pope says he doesn’t care what Tyrus says, he never claimed to be a good man, but if he wants a shot at the gold, he has to earn it like everyone else, like he had to fight for what he has. Pope says he isn't afraid of Tyrus. Tyrus responds by saying “If that’s the way you want it, so be it”, or words to that effect. 

A match for the TV Title’s number one contendership is about to start, and Tyrus decides to add himself to this match. No one seems to stop him. I wonder what's going to happen here (Sarcasm, for those who struggle with context in written form...).

 Marshe Rockett v Matt Cross v Tyrus. 

…. Yep. Tyrus wins. He’s number one contender. Shocker. 

He steals the win from Matt Cross after he hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press on Rockett. Tyrus threw Cross out and stole the pin. 

Let’s be honest, we all saw that coming right? 

The National Champion speaks! 

Backstage with our good friend May Valentine again and this time she has The NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Chris Adonis, and Strictly Business’ Thom Latimer with her. She questions Adonis about what Murdoch said earlier tonight? 

Adonis responds by saying that he won’t be giving Murdoch a title match, and how many times does he have to beat him before he gets the message. May reminds him he has only beaten him once, then the former Mr Charlotte Flair, Latimer, pipes up saying that Adonis is under no obligation to give him the match. As for Strictly Business, they have their eyes set on the Tag Team Titles, as that is what Nick Aldis wants, and want Aldis wants, Aldis gets. He ends the segment by saying if Murdoch tries to involve himself in tonight's match, they will be waiting. 

Gripping stuff right there... 

Kamille’s unbeaten run continues... 

In a surprisingly hard fought and well-matched bout, Kamille was able to overcome the challenge of Jennacide.  

The early exchanges would be a stalemate, but a test of strength lead to Kamille taking the upper hand after taking a cheap shot. Jennacide responded by slamming Kamille, which had apparently not happened before! 

Kamille slams her back, and we then get some pretty good back and forth action with some near falls and a false finish thrown in.  

Kamille looks a little shaken (but not stirred) and is almost caught out by Jennacide, but she counters it into a spear. Jennacide however kicks out at two, meaning that Kamille is forced to hit a second spear which ends up getting her the victory. After this match, Melina comes out and gets in Kamille’s face, saying this proves that she isn't indestructible. Kamille destroys her with a spear (go on Kamille!) which of course sparks Thunder Rosa to come out and talk some trash. 

All in allpretty good stuff here. Jennacide looked impressive, and I can see them building her up. She has quite a unique look about her, but it will be hard for her to dislodge Kamille and Thunder Rosa as the faces of the NWA Womens Division. 

I did laugh a little when Melina was speared. I’ve never liked her so I did enjoy that! 

Main eve.... huh? 

Main event time, as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, is set to go one on one with Jordan Clearwater. Nick Aldis’ ring entrance lasted longer than the match, as no sooner did the bell ring than Murdoch comes scrambling out of the curtain closely followed by Adonis and Latimer. Murdoch briefly has the upper hand, but eventually the numbers game wins and he is on the receiving end of a 3 on 1 beatdown. To the delight of RR Crew member, James, the match is declared a NO CONTEST! Clearly Murdoch wasn’t listening to what Aldis said at all earlier in the night... 

The show ends with Strictly Business (and Chris Adonis) standing tall over a beaten down Trevor Murdoch. 

So once again, a decent showing from NWA Powerrr. There are some parts that, for me, don’t work too well, and while I understand they are trying to go for the retro look, I think it harms the product a little and they could do with modernising just a little. 

In ring action was ok tonight, nothing amazing, but nothing offensive either. NWA are clearly trying to get back on track, so here’s to hoping they can do so very soon. 

That brings us to the end of another Bytesized review! What did you think of this week's show? As ever leave your comments below. 

Thanks for reading, and I will be back on Friday with the latest NXTUK Bytesized review!