NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 14th September 2021

Its that time of the week again; NWA Powerrr.

NWA Powerrr Bytesize: 14th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “Kin….” Oh wait, I’m no longer the King…. It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA review!

Fresh from losing my crown to my younger brother, we get straight back on the proverbial horse that is NWA Powerrr.

Tonight, we have a quarter final match in the Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament, as well as the confrontation between the former War Kings, Jax Dane and Crimson.

But we are kicking off the show tonight with Kyle Davis and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

Murdoch makes a statement!

Trevor Murdoch is with Kyle Davis at the interviewer’s booth, and says he has something on his mind. He calls out Nick Aldis, who makes his way to the ring.

Trevor thanks him for coming out and says that they went to war over the NWA World Title, and they both said and did things that maybe they wouldn’t usually do. They both had the pleasure of learning from Harley Race what a champion should be, and Nick ticks all of those boxes. If Harley were here, he would say “Good job Kid.”

Murdoch then hands over to Nick who he says has earned the right to have his say

Nick says that in 2007, a skinny kid from England scraped together the £30 a night he earned on the indies to fly out to Missouri, as he had the opportunity to learn from Harley Race. He says that what surprised him was that the one of the WWE Tag Team Champions spent some of his off time, of which there was very little, to work out at the school with the trainees and talk with them. That man was Trevor Murdoch, and he never forgot that.

Nick says when they met up at Harley’s funeral, he asked Trevor why he was not wrestling anymore? Nick says he asked Trevor to come down to an NWA taping, as the NWA was different, as the NWA celebrated real men fighting for respect, and that NWA treats the business and the title with the respect it deserves. Nick says that Trevor deserves his opportunity to lead the NWA, but if he can offer one piece of advice, it will be the hardest but most rewarding experience of his life, and to treasure it as he did, as being the World Champion was the honour of his life. Nick starts to leave, and Trevor offers the handshake, which Nick accepts.

Nice opening segment.

Kratos gives the Rude Dudes a rude awakening

Aron Stevens starts off the match, as he and Rudo then trade some back and forth early exchanges. Kratos then tags himself in and drops Rudo with a body drop. Rudo tags in Jamie Stanley, but Kratos hits a pounce almost immediately.

Kratos tags in Aron Stevens, who is looking pretty downbeat, and this translates into the ring as Stanley takes control of him quickly. Kratos tags back in, and after a gutwrench suplex and a vertical suplex, he pins Stanley for the three count. Stevens and Kratos advance to the semis.

They head to the interviewer’s booth, where May asks how they are feeling? Stevens says nothing, but Kratos gets the mic as May asks about how their relationship is?

Kratos says at this moment, everyone expected them to split and go their separate ways, but where he’s from, he believes in brotherhood and loyalty. Kratos says he will always have Stevens’ back no matter what, and that is because he sees something in him. He sees him backstage being a general and taking initiative, but he also sees his insecurity. He reminds Stevens that he is a killer and tells him its time to let it out.

Stevens says that the last person to speak to him like that was his trainer Killer Kowalski, and he knows he has a decision to make.

Storm Zero hits Judais

Looks like its all about promos again this week. James Storm and Judais with Father James Mitchell are facing off. Storm says its like the Wild West here, which suits him fine seeing as he’s the Cowboy. Long story short, he challenges Judais to any kind of match he wants, as long as he puts up his National Title opportunity.

The Sinister Minister calls Storm a “stupid redneck”, and says no, he knows what he is doing, and they will not give him what he wants, as they are focused on the National Championship. He does acknowledge though that there is no way forward for them until they eliminate him.

Storm says he is a proud redneck and tells Judais to pull Mitchell’s hand out of his ass and stop being his puppet. Storm gets irate here and is shouting, saying that many things change, but one thing never does and that is that he is still the Cowboy!

Marti Belle blazes a trail…

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky are joined on commentary by Melina and the bell rings for the next match while they are still talking, with Melina discussing her dislike of Kamille.

In what was a really quick match with mostly striking from both competitors, Marti Belle took Paola Blaze, where if Blaze won, she would earn a Women’s Tag Team Title match for her and Jennacide.

It was a back-and-forth contest, with a lot of striking as well as an intervention by Jennacide, but Marti Belle was able to hit a discus lariat and follow it up with her Hells Belle’s pedigree for the win.

Next thing you know, Kamille has blindsided Melina on commentary! She lays in a few shots before walking off and leaving Melina laying.

Promo time with absolutely everybody!

Multiple promos now, so I will bullet point each one.

  • Pope – Everyone is asking when he will cash in his title shot. He respects Trevor Murdoch as a man, father and champion, and Murdoch knows he’s coming.
  • Colby Corino – Takes the mic from JTG and says he is angry as Hawx Aerie said the Corino’s have no respect, but he is suited up tonight for them as he mourns their career.
  • Chelsea Green – Chelsea is asked how she feels after not winning the Women’s title? She goes off on one big time, the Hot Mess is back…
  • Kiera Hogan – Kiera is concerned with Mickie James’ comments during her match last week, feeling they were disrespectful. She says Micki means a lot to her, so she wants to know what she meant.

So many promos….

The water is muddy for Jeremiah but Clear for Jordan…

Next up is a Television Title triple threat contenders match. Jeremiah Plunkett, Jordan Clearwater and Cyon face off. And from the start it’s a two-on-one against Plunkett.

Plunkett does hit a powerslam on Jordan, but after a northern lights suplex from Cyon to Jordan Clearwater, Idol punches him with brass knuckles while the referee is distracted, allowing Jordan Clearwater to pick up the win and the opportunity against Tyrus for the TV Title.

I really don’t understand this. They are in a stable it seems but they’re fighting each other? Seems odd. I get they’re trying to give Tyrus easy title defences to reach the magic seven, but still…

Main event time! Crimson v Jax D……What the hell is this?!

It’s now time for the main event which is being advertised as a Humiliation Showdown.

And it’s not a match, it’s a slapfight…

They are actually having a high school style slap fight. Trevor Murdoch is the special judge apparently…

Jax Dane slaps first, followed by Crimson and they both hit hard. As Jax lines up his second slap, he cheap shots Crimson and then the brawl begins.

Out comes Strictly Business of Latimer and Adonis to beat down Murdoch, then Pope comes in for the save, followed by Judais, then James Storm.

It’s an all-out brawl between everyone, and there’s a brief face off between Trevor Murdoch and Jax Dane before Crimson jumps Dane and reignites their brawl.

And that was how the show ended. That was a poor end to the show in my opinion.

However, there were NO UNIVERSAL WRESTLING COLLEGE ads this week! I mean we did get Carshield but...

More unpredictability from NWA this week but I am not overly happy with the main event. Next week is PowerrrSurge so there will be no review, but I will be back with NWA Powerrr in two weeks.

Until then, if you haven’t seen NWA Empowerrr or NWA 73, consider catching those as they were great shows, and I will see you next time.